The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 58

Ciel Midford (4)

 ༺ Ciel Midford (4) ༻ 



  “Is that all, Yuriel?”




  Although she was curious about Ferzen’s presence at the banquet, she knew he wouldn’t answer her even if she asked him.


  Because, for the Alfred family, the worst-case scenario would be if Brutein used the name of Louerg to intervene in the succession dispute.


  But since Yuriel couldn’t know his motives, she had no choice but to keep a close watch on him.


  “Yuriel, your frivolous behavior amazes me, did you come here just to lecture me about my moral conduct?”


  At this point, Yuriel started to question her life decisions……


  “Don’t be mistaken, Yuriel. For I am not interested in those lumps of flesh of yours. But since no one would ever dare to lecture you, I shall bear this burden on behalf of everyone’s mental health.”




  Ironically, Ferzen wasn’t entirely wrong in his statement. And after saying his piece, he left the terrace alongside Euphemia.


  But, at that moment.




  Someone who was standing at the door collided with Euphemia.


  The glass door leading to the terrace was built in a way that those on either side could see beyond it, therefore, this collision may be due to Euphemia’s convoluted thoughts or…… due to the other person standing beyond the door.




  The man who had bumped into Euphemia held a wine glass. He was The Second Prince of the Roverium Kingdom and because of the collision, the wine spilled and tainted their clothes.


  Since the First Prince was sponsored by the Alfred Family, it wasn’t unusual for him to be in the vicinity of Yuriel.


  However, Ferzen understood the intention behind this incident, as both men had agreed upon in their secret meeting.


  Ferzen also focused on the wine glass.


  Although some wine was spilled, the glass was still half full.


  As he had thought, the glass was filled to the brim with wine before this collision.


  The Second Prince must have planned this confrontation from the moment Ferzen and Euphemia had fled to the terrace.




  Euphemia tried to speak, but she held her tongue.


  At first, the young woman would have apologized for her mishaps, but Ferzen’s words that she would only have to humble herself in front of the Emperor and him alone echoed in her mind.


  Euphemia panicked as she had no idea what to do in this scenario, while the Second Prince remained still without doing anything……


  The tension was rising.


  Had this been a normal situation, Euphemia would have apologized already, but now Ferzen’s words took priority.


  But when she saw Ciel standing close to the man in front of her, Euphemia realized that he was Ciel’s Lord — The Second Prince of the Roverium Kingdom.


  So she pulled her leash.


  Risking defying his orders.


  She tried to apologize, but……





  In this unnerving silence, the regal vest of the Second Prince which was snow-white was now dyed with a vivid purple stain.


  And due to the fabric of his vest, some wine that wasn’t absorbed dripped onto the floor.


  At the same time, the Second Prince opened his mouth.


  “I’ve heard tales of the Empire’s arrogance…….But isn’t it an exaggeration to refuse to offer even a simple apology in this situation?”


  Although this wasn’t his initial plan, seeing Euphemia’s refusal to apologize, the Second Prince of Roverium decided to go with the flow.


  And Ferzen who had put his hands on Euphemia’s shoulders……


  “My wife was indeed careless. However, wasn’t the Prince standing too close to the door? Since both parties are in the wrong here, let us bury this incident. I will compensate for the damage to your clothes with the most luxurious vest Azelia can prepare.”


  Glady played his role.



* * * * *



  The Second Prince couldn’t help but admire Ferzen’s sophisticated sarcasm as they started their little play.


  “Don’t worry, something this trivial won’t even make a dent in my pockets. Ah! I see now. This dress is also something from Azelia, is it not?…… After all no there’s no way your wife would wear something from a lesser brand.”


  “It was a mistake on our part.”


  “Even though you have admitted to your mistake, you didn’t apologize. Tsk, just like a pig wearing a pearl necklace. Do you think you can use this excuse just so that you can put the blame on me as well?”




  “Is it that difficult for you to offer a simple apology for your mistakes? Does it feel like you are dirting your pride by doing this? Or could it be that the Ernes Empire is so mighty that it can now dictate who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Some judge you are.”


  As the commotion grew, the aristocrats in the banquet hall turned their heads towards them.


  Yuriel, who was still on the terrace collecting herself, also approached them as the discussion became heated.


  “Don’t you think you are getting ahead of yourself?”


  “Ahead of myself?……Ha! You surely jest. How should I respond when you, a Brutein, the cornerstone of the Empire is showing such disgraceful behavior? Do enlighten me on how I am ahead of myself.”




  “Even though I am but a humble prince from a small Kingdom, I know what honor is. And I shall not cower before this injustice and prejudice. In my eyes, you aren’t a prestigious aristocrat but simply a foolish and arrogant man.”


  Although she didn’t hear the whole thing, Yuriel paled as the Second Prince uttered those words.


  She briefly wondered if that man was crazy, but as she began to piece the clues together, a vague picture was drawn in her mind.


  Yuriel was by no means a stupid woman, so she quickly realized that the Second Prince was trying to incite Ferzen.


  ‘But there’s no way he doesn’t know this already.’


  So, the situation would resolve itself if Ferzen stayed calm.




  “You, a Brutein, the ones who are the foundation for the crown. Your actions here are tainting the very thing your family swore to defend! You are a blight to this Empire. Prove to me that you are the man that you pretend to be. Show me with your actions rather than words.”


  The Second Prince’s words were akin to an arrow hitting a dragon’s reverse scale.


  Before he even finished his sentence, Yuriel went towards Ferzen’s side and held his left arm.


  Brutein’s loyalty towards the Empire was legendary, and if someone were to challenge this belief……


  Would the Second Son of Brutein remain calm?


  If Brutein used the name of ‘Louerg’ to interfere in the succession dispute, then their flawless history would be no more.


  And if Ferzen was acting of his own volition, then he would be persecuted by the Imperial Family.


  But aside from all of this, Yuriel was afraid.


  If because of this, The First Prince who was sponsored by the Alfred Family deflected to the Elmark Empire, and she did nothing to prevent it……


  She would surely be severely punished by the Elders of the Alfred Family.


  Yuriel didn’t know if her elder brother, who had inherited the position of the family head was here, so she desperately held Ferzen’s left arm to stop the situation from escalating even further.


  And Euphemia who was also by his side.


  Held his right arm, even while trembling.


  But Ferzen gently shook their hands off him, and took off the glove in his left hand……




  And threw it on the Second Prince’s left cheek, producing a loud sound.


  But of course, he didn’t stop there.


  Ferzen took off the glove in his right hand……




  And threw it on the Second Prince’s right cheek.




  Looking at the gloves on the ground and at the Second Prince’s red cheeks, Ferzen opened his mouth.


 “Inas Del Prussian Roverium.”




  “Take responsibility for your words.”


  Inas the Second Prince of Roverium chuckled.


  After this, if his elder brother, who had the support of the Ernes Empire ascended to the throne, he would surely die.


  But that was fine.


  By raising the stakes of the succession dispute like this, he would be able to bring even more benefits to his kingdom.


  But it’s not that he wasn’t afraid.


  It’s just that his fear wouldn’t help him accomplish anything.


  However, Inas believed.


  That from the blood that would be shed today, and from the blood that would be shed in the future.


  A free Roverium would be born.


  And with the weight of the blood-soaked crown, his descendants would never commit the same mistakes as their predecessors.


  For the future of his kingdom, he would gladly be remembered as a fool.


  But they would remember one thing!


  “Of course, I shall show it to you……”


  That Inas Del Prussian Roverium!


  “The meaning of true honor.”


  Was never a coward.



* * * * *





  From a distance, Empress Gremory observed the current dispute with keen interest.


  And now with his role being complete……


  Inas Del Prussian Roverium left the stage.


  And a new lead was going to take his place on the grand stage.

  The die of history has been cast.


  The last chapter of this play was about to unfold.






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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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