The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 63

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  His body was weak.


  But from this feeling of weakness, the wounded man knew he had managed to survive.




  The wounded man analyzed his surroundings.


  His vision was still blurry and unfocused, so he couldn’t recognize the person by his bedside. However, he knew this unknown figure was not his wife.


  Because this person didn’t have either green hair or golden eyes.


  “The doctors warned me that you would suffer some side effects. But with time you will recover.”


  That voice was quite familiar, yet unexpected.


  “Lord Brother……”


  “Yes, it’s me….”


  If Lord Brother is here, then it means that at least one week has passed.


  No wonder my body feels weak……


  How long have I been unconscious……?


  “2 weeks…..You slept for 14 days.”




  “Heh….You still can’t mask your questions very well, brother.”


  Jeremiah’s faint laugh echoed in the room.


  But I couldn’t share his joy.


  “I…..I apologize.”


  Although I was considered the ‘Black sheep of Brutein’ he was still the family head.


  Because of this, my actions are a blatant disrespect to Brutein and to his authority as the head.


  A simple apology won’t fix this, but I will find a way to make up to him.






  “Have you ever received a birthday gift?”




  “Since you were a child you learned to never expect anything from your family. That is the truth is it not?”




  “24 years, 24 birthdays…….It has been a long time indeed.”


  Jeremiah tenderly rested his hand on my head.


  “It’s fine to act foolish once in a while. You don’t need to hold all of this burden by yourself. I’m your older brother and you…..You are still my little brother. We are both sons of Brutein, we are bound by blood… We are family.”



  “I know it’s long past the time for you to hear those words…. However, know that you shall always have a place where you can be yourself. For we are family.”




  “And as the Head of the Family, and as your older brother……It’s my sacred duty to protect you from harm.”




  I’m not your brother…..I’m not ‘Ferzen.’


  It would be correct to assume that I’m a third entity created by the merging of Seo-Jin and Ferzen.


  But even then……


  Ferzen’s childhood memories flooded my mind.


  “Well… not that I don’t appreciate your silence… But can’t you say something for your brother?”






  A spontaneous laughter erupted from my lips.


  And for the first time since I woke up in this body……


  I cried.


  As I continued to shed my first tears, I quietly opened my mouth.






  “Please…… Please help me……”


  “Of course, what kind of older brother would I be if I denied my cute little brother’s plea?”


  Jeremiah Von Schweig Brutein.


  My Brother……



  Uttered those words while looking straight into my eyes.


  Yes, even if I was cursed to walk the path of a villain……


  The only thing I would never lose was my family.



* * * * *





  And Ferzen.


  After sharing an emotional moment……


  Both brothers started dealing with the situation at hand.


  “I have informed his Majesty the Emperor that Brutein will participate in the succession dispute by using Louerg as a proxy.”




  “Louerg will become the central power of the north. But in order to accomplish this, the First Prince of the Roverium Kingdom must ascend to the throne.”


  Ferzen paused to consider his brother’s words.


  “Prince Inas won’t be executed?”


  No matter how much Ciel Midford claims that his actions were of his own volition, the Ernes Empire had the grounds to simply ignore him and execute both Ciel and Prince Inas.


  The Empire even had the ‘just cause’ to push for the executions……


  However, according to Jeremiah’s words, it seemed that Prince Inas would avoid his fate, and this left Ferzen deeply puzzled.


  Because rather than handing their pawn to the Elmark empire, if Prince Inas was executed the remaining Prince would remain under the control of the Ernes Empire.


  “It was simply meant to be.”


  “What do you mean……What happened?”


  “Ciel Midford…… He brought the Alfreds in.”




  “After the Alfreds discovered your little play with Prince Inas, they pressured Ciel Midford to commit suicide in order to prevent Brutein from using Louerg as a proxy for the succession dispute…… And the Alfred Family requested for a reading on Ciel’s would-be corpse.”


  “Sigh…… A desperate move to prove his loyalty I assume?”


  Ciel Midford’s plan was simple.


  By having a warlock minister his corpse, he would be able to receive his memories as a form of feedback.


  However, the Empire shattered this plan.


  Because Ciel Midford would be beheaded. 


  And there is no way to receive feedback from a headless corpse.


  That is why no Warlock controlled a corpse with a damaged brain or a lacking head.


  However, Ciel Midford used a reasonable claim to rope the Alfreds in.


  So if Ciel Midford were to be beheaded, the Alfred family would have a good claim to use against Brutein.


  ‘In this case……’


  I had to kill him in a way that didn’t damage the corpse……


  Ciel Midford should meet his end by poison, and not by being beheaded.


  Hanging was meaningless since an Auror Knight can’t be killed by this method.


  Truly, an end fitting a protagonist who was willing to play the role of a paragon of virtue.




  As Ferzen continued to ponder, he glanced at his wound and frowned.


  He couldn’t help but ponder if a scar would remain on his body…….


  So with these worries in mind, he lifted his patient gown.




  “Are you surprised?”


  “Yes…… I must admit that I didn’t expect this……”


  On his chest, two perfectly symmetrical scars presented themselves……


  “It was a little troublesome but I managed to bring some doctors from Brutein.”




  “Well if hadn’t done this, I’m sure you would find a way to carve the other side of your chest as soon as you woke up….. I can even imagine you doing this.”


  Jeremiah spoke with a tone of humor in his voice and he rose from his seat and patted Ferzen’s shoulder.


  “It seems that I am in your debt brother……”


  “Nonsense, I simply did my duty as your elder brother. Well, I should get going…… Your wife has been anxiously peeking at us for a while now……”


  “It was nice to see you, Brother.”


  “Indeed it was…… We should talk more often in the future.”


  Jeremiah turned around and opened the hospital room’s door.


  Then, Euphemia who was peeking from beyond the door yelped in surprise but was met with a playful smile from Jeremiah as he continued to walk.






  Now as the couple was left alone in the hospital room, Ferzen looked at his wife who was fidgeting nervously under his gaze.




 The hospital bed creaked as he moved.


  Although his body was weakened, he could still move to an extent, so even with a little pain in his chest, he managed to sit on his bed as Euphemia approached him.






  “Ciel Midford’s execution is inevitable.”


  Euphemia slowly nodded her head at Ferzen’s words, as a sorrowful expression formed on her face.


  The young woman……


  Was already aware that, at this point, she couldn’t even beg for Ciel Midford’s life.


  In fact, even if Ferzen gave her such a choice……


  She wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted to save him.


  Because if Ciel Midford’s life was spared and if he tried to repeat his attempt at her husband’s life……


  Euphemia would not be able to bear the consequences of her mercy.


  Was it truly such a dreadful wish for them to go their separate ways……? She wondered.


  Ciel Midford already made his choice and crossed the point of no return.


  Therefore, all that Euphemia can do for him now……


  Was to mourn for him.


  His feelings for her became a burden.


  And this burden was something painful for Euphemia.


  “So you were already aware.”








  “Did you talk to him?”




  “When he dies, will you take your life as well?”


  When she heard those words, Euphemia slowly raised her head and looked at his crimson eyes.


  Then slowly, she shook her head.




  As he confirmed her stance, Ferzen pulled Euphemia into his embrace.


  Her bosom was squeezed against his wounded chest.


  “For as long as I remained unconscious, you remained by my side.”




  “And even through the fear of my death, you stayed with me.”




  “Euphemia, you were the one who made this choice.”




  “You will always be my wife.”




  “And one day you will bear my descendant.”




  “And I shall become your solace in this world.”




  “You…… are mine.”




  When Ferzen once again held her leash, Euphemia felt a strange familiarity coursing her entire being.


  If a married couple is the union of two people who tread the same path…… Then there would be no exaggeration in thinking that Ferzen and Euphemia are now the closest a couple can be.



* * * * *



  1 A.M.


  Ferzen slowly brushed Euphemia’s hair, as he whispered in her ear.


  “It’s late……”




  “You must be exhausted. Shall we lay together once again? This bed has more than enough room for both of us.”


  Without hesitation, Euphemia approached the bed and lay next to Ferzen.


  I didn’t know I missed her this much……


  As Ferzen breathed in her sweet scent, he started loosening her robes, grabbing her bosom and caressing it with love and care.




  In this hospital room, her bosom was exposed and being toyed with……


  But Euphemia accepted his touch without resistance.


  Despite having her nipples teased in such a lewd manner, the young woman only produced a shy moan.


  “Euphemia…… Do you remember what you said to me before the start of the duel?”




  “Then repeat it to me once more.”


  For a moment Euphemia hesitated as his request was something very shameful for a lady, but……




  When Ferzen pinched her pink nipples, the young woman opened her mouth as a shiver coursed through her body.


  “……When we go back…… You can embrace me as much as you want.”


  “That was not all.”


  “I….I want to bear you heir……”




  “Y-your seed… I want it….. I want to be filled by it……”




  “I want your kisses. Y-you can even press down on my navel……”


  When Euphemia finished speaking, Ferzen couldn’t help but smile proudly.


  “My wife has become such a lewd woman.”




  “Don’t you think so too?”


  There was no way Euphemia would be able to answer his question.


  So, the ashamed wife looked away from her husband.


  “I’m not… Lewd….I’m no— Ah!”




  Her rant was cut short, as Ferzen suddenly kissed her exposed neck.


  Surprised by his initiative, Euphemia retreated, but Ferzen held her in place as he calmly lifted her skirt and touched her navel.


  The reaction was instantaneous.




  Ferzen couldn’t help but snicker at this.


  “You say such things……But your body betrays you, Euphemia.”


  This was the simple yet undeniable portrayal of her current condition.




  And Ferzen’s hands continued to tease her navel, Euphemia moaned shamefully.


  Every time this happened, as she moaned and trembled, the bed would produce loud creaking noises.


  But when Ferzen licked her neck, Euphemia could already feel that her underwear was getting wet.




  Not waiting to let Ferzen know about her current plight, Euphemia tried to close her legs……




 But she only managed to make the bead creak even more.




  As the pressure above her womb increased, Euphemia buried her face in Ferzen’s nape as her body trembled.




  However, when Ferzen’s hand traveled between her legs, touching her soaked underwear, Euphemia held her breath.




  Beyond this hospital room, the history continued to be written.


  And with Ciel Midford’s impending doom, Euphemia, as the root of this situation couldn’t bury the guilt she was feeling as she continued to moan under Ferzen’s ministrations, so she tried to stop him.




  “Mnn…….! Hungg~~~”


  But Ferzen didn’t approve of her guilt towards his nemesis, so with a renowned vigor, he slid her soaked underwear side and plunged his digits inside her sensitive folds.


  “Hmmm! Ahhh~~~ Hnggggg……….”


  This way, she couldn’t deny the pleasure she was feeling.


  Ferzen’s fingers repeatedly teased her insides, reaching multiple sensitive spots at once.





  The air was knocked off her lungs, as the intense sexual pleasure muddled her mind.




  In sequence, Ferzen kissed her as Euphemia closed her eyes and tried to meet his tongue in a clumsy manner.


  It was her own way of pleading for clemency.




  Her pleas fell on deft ears.


  Ferzen roughly violated her mouth, reveling in his hunger.


  And as their rough kiss continued, Euphemia decided that she would rather drown in her pleasure than wallow in her guilt……


  So she surrendered to him.




  Euphemia spread her legs in a vulgar manner, exposing her womanhood to him.






  In response to her display, Ferzen resumed his fingering as Euphemia’s pink flesh clenched around his digits.






  But when Ferzen pulled his finger, a string of sticky liquid coiled around it, accompanied by an obscene and shameful sound.


  Euphemia was no doubt embarrassed, as her face was now crimson…….


  “Ah……! N-No….Not there….D-don’t……”


  Ferzen who was stroking her beautiful womanhood traced a finger drenched in her juices around her other hole.


  For Ferzen, no place of Euphemia’s body was repulsive, or out of limits. For Euphemia however, this was not the case, as she immediately grabbed his hand and expressed her displeasure as much as her leash allow it to.




  So he playfully traced his way towards her womanhood again……


  “T-that….Don’t touch there…..It feels stra-strange……”






  How could a crying face look so adorable?


  Ferzen plunged his fingers inside her once more in order to grant her a sweet climax.


    “Ahng~~~~Ah! Hmmmmm”






  Perhaps because her legs were wide open, Euphemia’s body spasmed in Ferzen’s arms and she leaned into him.


  The young woman’s mind was devoid of any sort of guilt and troubles in this instant, and as such she tiredly closed her eyes.


  “Sleep……You did well.”


  Ferzen, who covered them both with blankets, patted her sensitive flesh as he whispered into her ear.


  But to his surprise, Euphemia sulkily grumbled as if she was sleep-talking.








  It’s been 5 months since Euphemia was tamed by Ferzen.


  And during this process, her navel, to be exact, the location above her womb, became an erogenous zone.


  But that was not all……


  That same place also became a symbol of submission and acted as a trigger for her taming.




  It was such a cute wish, that Ferzen would never be able to refuse.




  Not long after that……


  Euphemia’s chest rose and fell, indicating that she was already deeply asleep.


  And for a long period of time, Ferzen simply observed his wife, as he also fell asleep.



* * * * *


「On the second day after Ferzen regained conscience.」



  The execution of the treacherous knight, Ciel Midford, was held.





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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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