Transmigrated Into A Tragic Romance Fantasy Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Answer

༺ Answer ༻



  ‘That should be enough to keep her quiet.’


  After threatening(?) the maid who looked strangely familiar, I found myself walking alone in the hallway.


  The only reason I even whispered into her ears was because I didn’t wish to disappoint that emotional old butler of mine, while also ensuring no annoying rumors would begin to spread.


  While I wished to be a little kinder to her, when administering discipline one must be strict.


  ‘Besides, it’s all within my character to act like a scumbag, isn’t it?’


  While the right thing to do was to personally take care of the young maid, it wasn’t strictly wrong to abuse this society’s culture to resolve this problem.


  If I had taken the maid to the infirmary, I would risk gaining the reputation of a cowardly man who exploits a poor maid, or worse, they could think I was a hypocrite for trying to get a nice score for the competition after saying I would withdraw.


  That’s why making Rendler take care of this was the correct decision.


  Having a bad reputation can be useful, but a dishonorable reputation is unacceptable.




  ‘Ah, I just want to lie down on my bed.’


  From waking up inside the world from a novel, declaring my withdrawal from the contest, meeting the trio of regrettable characters, and now this incident with a maid…It has been a tiring day.


  And to think all of this started because I skimmed past the free chapters of a novel named [If You Wish to be My Husband, Get on Your Knees and Beg.] and went to sleep.


  Waking up as a character right before the start of the cohabitation.


  Like every other transmigrator in novels, I had no time to get acquaintanced with this world or to carefully plan for something.


  So it’s no surprise that today has been a tiring day.


  ‘By the way…’


  Who in the world sent me here?


  Honestly, the fact I got transmigrated didn’t bother me.


  While I was scared of being dropped into an unknown world, this development was rather welcomed since I had no attachments to my old world.


  The thing that is bothering me is simply because I got transmigrated as if some godly entity said ‘You see that guy? Let’s screw him over.’


  I don’t recall ever offending some godly entity nor did I even trash-talk the author.


  My life was utterly ordinary, it was neither dramatic nor exciting.


  ‘Wasn’t there a trend about transmigrating ordinary citizens into crazy novels?’


  Stomp, Stomp-.


  While I was lost in such trivial musings, I ended up walking toward the area where the final candidates’ housings were located.


  It was in the western wing of the Grand Duke’s Castle, where four separate housings for the candidates were heavily guarded.


  The guards patrolled the area 24 hours a day and only those whom the Grand Duke or the participants allowed could enter.


  So, this meant that this area was mostly frequented by the candidates’ servants.


  The reason behind this arrangement was simple.


  It was to prevent secret agreements from being made.


  One of the rules of this contest was such that any interactions between the final candidates were to happen under the watchful eye of an evaluator.


  If a participant was to violate this rule, then he would receive a warning. The more warnings one accumulated, the farther he would be from victory.


  Therefore, each separate house where the candidates resided was also guarded and monitored by the Grand Duke’s guards.


  These locations served as both a private space and a sanctuary.


  Since there was no surveillance inside them, the vigilance posted on the entry served as a preemptive measure.


  Of course, one might question whether a mere couple of guards would do, but human beings were still animals at the end of the day. So the psychological effect of a barricade still worked.




  Imagine how surprised I, who was aware of these rules, was.




  Because Gelwood, the Grand Duke’s advisor, was waiting for me as soon as I entered the house designated for the Raphelion family.


  “There you are, Lord Elden. You are rather late.”


  The fact I was overjoyed to see his face, despite knowing the man for less than a day, was probably because he had brought the ‘answer’ to my wish.


  While a Count’s son and the Grand Duke’s advisor might be of similar social status, in the aristocratic hierarchy, I, as a noble, held a much higher rank than him.


  As such, he couldn’t summon me just to deliver an answer.


  However, his presence here indicated that we would be discussing a matter of high importance. Which was likely pertaining to the ‘answer’.


  Please, let it be about that.


  I greeted him politely hoping that by tomorrow morning, I could depart towards the South, where the Raphelion Country was located.


  “Honestly, I didn’t expect you here, advisor, since you appeared to be busy handling your official duties.”


  “Haha-. Neither did I. Allow me to ask you something, Lord Elden. How was your meeting with the other candidates?”


  He already knew about that.


  He was aware of every single word said at that meeting.


  The organizers of this contest were able to watch the evaluations through magical artifacts worn by the evaluators.


  Though this was a secret of course.


  Moreover, Gelwood, in the latter parts of the free chapters, was described to possess an insight second to none.


  Another secret not made public was that Gelwood was born from the union of an Imperial Advisor and a High Dragon.


  Therefore, it would be meaningless to hide anything from him.


  Others might not know this, but armed with the novel’s knowledge, I was well aware of his origins.


  A poor attempt to hide things from him would only make him curious.


  Well, to be fair.


  ‘Even if I were to be honest, it would still pique his curiosity.’


  Since it was a foregone conclusion that whatever answer I gave would stimulate his curiosity, I decided to share my feelings in a roundabout way.


  “It was a tiring affair.”


  Gelwood chuckled with an interested glint in his eyes.


  “Haha-. Tiring you say.”


  Then he gestured toward the entrance of my abode and said,


  “Shall we talk while we walk?”




  Following Gelwood’s lead, we ascended the stairs, towards a floor known as the ‘Master’s Rescind’.


  One might think that his visit was a sign of my imminent freedom. But the opposite was more likely.


  After all, if my withdrawal had been approved, there would be no more need for such courtesies.


  As we walked, his hesitation in breaching this topic suggested that my desired answer wouldn’t be delivered.


  ‘……Time for plan B, then.’


  Of course, I had a plan in case my withdrawal was rejected, so there was no need to despair.


  This simply meant that the easiest and fastest way of escaping had failed.


  As soon as we reached the upper portion of the staircase, Gelwood, who had been quiet until now, spoke.


  “Did you enjoy your meal, Lord Elden? If I am not mistaken, that was your first meal provided by the Ducal house.”


  “It was superb. I would not mind eating a meal of such quality every day.”


  “Haha-. Can I take this as you wish to retract your withdrawal?”




  As if.


  Even if a Royal Cook prepared my meals every single day, I would still decline it, should the price I had to pay be getting entangled with the Heroine.


  So, instead of replying, I simply smiled at him, while Gelwood asked another question.


  “I find your silence intriguing, do you not wish to ask?”


  “Are you referring to the ‘Answer’ you’ve promised me?”




  We had reached the highest level now.


  This was a place where only the Head Butler and a few select servants were allowed to enter. A place reserved for private discussions.




  What kind of an ‘answer’ would I receive to warrant such a ceremony?


  After all, even a great dish will lose its taste when overcooked.


  Still, not wanting to press him, I reasoned that Gelwood must have a reason for doing all of this.


  “I wonder where your urgency went.”


  “Haha-. This is rather curious……”


  “What might it be?”


  “The sole heir of Raphelion is known for his impatience, for being unable to bear a question left unanswered.”


  ……Sadly, Lee Jun-Woo, a modern Korean man, had cultivated a strong sense of patience.


  It was something essential for all salary-men.


  The fact I possessed this body doesn’t mean I am capable of replicating every personality trace he had.


  Fact was, I neither wished to live a wastrel’s life nor did I wish to pretend to be one till the end.


  “I am trying to cultivate my patience.”


  So, I answered the first thing that came to mind, while enduring Gelwood’s gaze wash over me.


  Ignoring him, I simply looked ahead as we walked.


  Anyone who knew of the mysterious power contained in those eyes would avoid his gaze.


  “Then, I’ll pray that your wish is fulfilled.”


  “Is that so? Do enlighten me then, where are we going?”


  Even though we had reached the last floor, and there were no prying ears around, Gelwood continued venturing deeper into the residence without answering me.


  “We have arrived.”


  Finally, Gelwood’s steps halted.


  In front of us stood a door, marked as a reception room.


  At the same time, I felt an indescribable dread from it.


  “I promised you an answer.”


  “That you did.”


  Gelwood then opened the door and gestured inside.


  “There’s someone inside waiting to meet you.”


  “……Who might it be?”


  As I hesitated to enter, a smile spread across his face, as the ominous feeling I had solidified.


  “Your ‘answer’.”


  I cautiously looked inside the room.


  There, next to the sofa,


  Stood a woman, wearing a mask.




  At the same time, Elden Raphelion came face to face with his ‘answer’.


  The voice of a young woman echoed in the upper levels of the Second Grand Ducal Castle.


  “My Lady~!”


  A voice calling for the one she served.


  It was the voice of a maid, who hurried back to her Lady, after being caught up in an emergency.


  “My Lady~? Where are you~!”


  Yet, the maid received not a single reply.


  At this hour, her Lady should be sitting at her bedside, reading a book, but she was nowhere to be seen.


  “Hmm-. Where has she gone?”


  The maid stepped out in the hallway.


  This entire floor served as the Third Northern Duchess’ sanctuary.


  A secluded place where few could traverse.


  Thus, it was completely silent.


  “Is she in the study……?”


  Since her Lady spends most of her days researching alchemy, practicing magic, or even reading treatises until the late hours, the maid began heading towards the study.


  Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap-.


  The maid walked with the support of a crutch.


  Indeed, this was the same maid that had received Elden’s warning earlier in the day.




Transmigrated Into A Tragic Romance Fantasy

Transmigrated Into A Tragic Romance Fantasy

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Korean
I was curious about what a female-oriented tragic romantic fantasy was like, so I skimmed through only the free chapters. And then… “…Ha.” I found myself transmigrated into one of the main male characters, destined for tears of regret, exhaustion, and obsession. So, the first thing that had to be done was… "I, Elden Raphelion, hereby declare my withdrawal from the competition for the betrothal of the Third Northern Duchess." To escape this tragedy.


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