Transmigrated Into A Tragic Romance Fantasy Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Debate

༺ Debate ༻





  Just when I was thinking about introducing myself or dealing with the sudden question, a reprieve saved me.


  “Ah……I apologize for my rudeness.”


  Fortunately, the Duchess retracted her previous question and invited me to sit with a polite gesture.


  ‘Hm, to think she would intervene personally, just to prevent my escape…’


  She must be here since I’ve deviated from the original plot.


  Nonetheless, I wondered if the Grand Duke himself would be the one visiting due to Gelwood’s insistence, but……


  ‘I didn’t expect her.’


  In the novel, Logan Winterfell is unaware of the humiliation his daughter had suffered in the Royal Academy.


  Even Gelwood of the half-dragon race, for all his gifts, didn’t know.


  Because Lumia went to great lengths to conceal this fact.


  At least, up to the free chapters, only a maid named ‘Marien’ knew of Lumia’s suffering.


  Therefore, while the news of the least impressive candidate’s withdrawal shouldn’t be a welcomed thing, it wouldn’t be the end of the world as well.


  However, a problem arose from the fact that His Grace delegated such a decision to his daughter.


  ‘Plan B is set and ready to go.’


  It is as they say, a wise man will always prepare for the worst-case scenario.


  Plan A was simple – They would accept my withdrawal and I would be out of here.


  In case plan A fails, initiate plan B when they reject my withdrawal.


  Lumia Winterfell.


  Fitting a protagonist from a female-centered genre, she was both gentle and shrewd.


  After graduating from the Academy she became immersed in alchemy and magical studies, even managing to forget those past three years filled with torment.


  So, if approached correctly, there shouldn’t be many problems when dealing with her, since I know what she had planned to do with the villainous quartet.


  “It is of no trouble, really. I should be apologizing to you instead since I wouldn’t be able to provide you an adequate answer simply because I didn’t grasp the context.”


  As I said this, I took the opposite seat from her.


  I was aware that any sort of meeting between the candidates and the Duchess was strictly forbidden before the cohabitation to prevent favoritism or bias.


  That’s why I hoped this meeting wouldn’t be known to the Idiot Trio as I addressed Lumia.


  “You must be here because I declared my withdrawal.”


  Even with her mask, I could still see her eyes.


  They were akin to blue gems glinting in the darkness.


  While the rest of the world may think she was ugly or disfigured, I had seen her face in the official illustrations of the Novel.


  So, it was only natural that the face behind such a mask would take shape in my mind.


  “Indeed. That is why I’m here. And because I was curious.”


  “About what?”


  “The real reason for your withdrawal.”


  “……I believe I already told Advisor Gelwood, hasn’t he informed you?”


  “That he did.”




  “On what grounds did you determine yourself to be unqualified? Are you implying there is a flaw in my Family’s analysis or decision-making?”


  “Haha-! How could that be? It was I who realized an error in my ways.”


  “…What do you mean?”


  “I mean that my belief I would be suitable for the Third Northern Duchess and my decision to participate in the Betrothal Contest was flawed.”




  The eyes behind that mask bore holes into me.


  Lumia was also a woman of incredible insight.


  Though not on par with Gelwood, as an accomplished researcher, she should be trying to understand the reasons leading to my withdrawal.


  Observation and analysis are her bread and butter, so I have no doubts she must be trying to peer into my thoughts at this moment.


  But I didn’t avoid her gaze.


  There was no reason to run from her scrutiny.


  It was what Elden Raphelion would do after all, but Jun-Woo would have found this somewhat unpleasant.


  When someone tries to look into your house from the windows, it’s an instinct to close them, merely a natural response.


  But I also understand Lumia’s position.


  She would be undoubtedly curious about the reason for my withdrawal, the reason for my change of heart, and she would seek to unveil this mystery through her expertise.


  It was in her nature to act like this.


  That’s why I didn’t express any sort of displeasure to her.


  Such was the karma of a transmigrator who possessed a villainous character.


  The perpetrator had no right to show his displeasure in front of the victim.


  After a moment, she opened her mouth, presenting the initial results of her analysis.


  “I had no idea you were such an eloquent speaker.”


  “That is an overstatement.”


  “So, is that your reason for withdrawing?”


  “Yes. Because I am a villain.”


  “…Are you serious?”




  “I am serious.”


  The candidate known as Elden Raphelion is but a madman not worthy of being by her side, someone who lacks the qualifications of being part of her family, and finally, he is someone who under no circumstances, has what it takes to become the head of her household.


  Elden Raphelion is a man who could never be loved by anyone.


  Lumia began to tap her index finger on the sofa’s armrest.




  That’s a habit often depicted in the novel.


  Usually, she would do this when she found an interesting subject to experiment on or when said experiment yielded favorable results.


  Given the current situation, the former was likely the reason.


  Lumia’s interest in me is something I wished to avoid at all costs, yet, it was bound to be inevitable from the moment I declared my withdrawal, and from the moment I entered this room.


  In her eyes, I’m the worst kind of scum, a villain more hateful than the Devil himself.


  Also, it would be impossible for me, an ordinary salaryman, to play the role of a villain like him. Any attempt to do so would only breed suspicion instead of interest.


  Besides, as the daughter of the Grand Duke, she stood at the absolute peak of the social hierarchy, only below the King.


  Therefore, it would be prudent of me to maintain my current stance than to behave improperly and face a severe reprimand.


  And eventually,


  ‘It would be only a matter of showing my true self.’


  This was one of the stepping stones necessary for plan B.


  “So you believe yourself to be a Villain. Have you committed many wrongs then?”


  “I have.”






  Perhaps that was a bit too direct?


  “Ah…Well. Doesn’t everyone make mistakes in their lives?”


  “Even so, no sane individual would flee from the perfect opportunity to rebuild their fallen house.”


  “It’s not fleeing. I am merely returning to my proper place.”




  Silence ensued once more.


  Tap, tap, tap-.


  After a few seconds, the fingers that had been assaulting the armrest stopped.


  Following this, Lumia opened her mouth.


  “So, if I’m understanding this correctly, you’re giving up your best chance of rebuilding your house just because of your past mistakes?”


  ……Did she give up on her roundabout approach and choose a direct confrontation?


  I answered without hesitation, as I thought her behavior was similar to that of a researcher who pursued various paths to achieve their desired result.






  Her response was instantaneous.




  “I don’t believe that’s the real reason you’ve given up on this opportunity.”


  “For someone who has just met me today, you seem to know me an awful lot, My Duchess.”


  Lumia paused for a moment, then she crossed her legs.


  That was another habit I was ‘well’ aware of.


  She would do this when her experiments didn’t go as planned.


  However, Lumia was a determined researcher, and wouldn’t give up on the first roadblock.


  She would continue to dig deeper until an answer was found.


  And just like that, a fierce verbal battle ensued.


  “You don’t appear as the type who would give up so easily.”


  “Appearances can be deceiving.”


  “Ah, but appearances are important, aren’t they?”


  “I like to think that what’s beneath is what counts.”


  “How could you consider something unseen more important?”


  “Precisely because they aren’t visible that they are important, it’s something to be cautious of.”


  “Are you implying I should be cautious right now?”


  “Haha-. How would I dare to lecture the wise Duchess?”


  “Then, do enlighten me, Sir Elden Raphelion, why do you believe me to be wise when this is our first meeting?”


  “Please, consider it as flattering of someone insignificant.”


  “Why would someone who is trying to withdraw from the betrothal contest flatter me? Or perhaps this is all part of your plan?”


  “Not at all. I am simply advocating your greatness as the lady of a Grand Ducal house.”


  “Aren’t you a rather experienced flatterer?”


  “It’s an excellent survival tactic used by the weak in a world ruled by the powerful.”


  “Isn’t flattery the tool of liars and deceivers?”


  “If you think so, then I apologize.”


  “No. I didn’t come here to receive an apology….!”


  Realizing her agitation, Lumia suddenly stopped as she was being swept along in our debate.


  Being perceptive didn’t mean omnipotence.


  At the end of the day, perception was merely an ability to see through things. It was something very different from being skilled in social interactions.


  While the Idiot Trio might get carried away in her games, this wouldn’t work for someone like me, who was desperately trying to avoid the tragic ending.


  Moreover, Lumia spent most of her life in isolation, so it was difficult for her to develop social skills or leadership.


  She hadn’t been exposed to the social aspects most noble ladies have.


  So it’s natural that she would be swept away in a conversation she wasn’t prepared for, since she had lived her whole life more used to speaking her mind, than concealing her thoughts.


  Of course, there was nothing to be gained from provoking the protagonist, and I certainly didn’t expect to be the one leading the conversation like that.


  And even if this piqued her interest, then it wasn’t my problem.


  Because Plan B was still going strong.




  Lumia’s tapping stopped.


  Then, she rose from her seat.


  And then…


  “This is most curious indeed.”


  She said, making her way out of the room.


  So, I followed her and asked,


  “This means that my withdrawal is approved?”




  A sweet chuckle escaped the lips hidden in that mask as Lumia left the room.


  “We shall meet again, Sir Elden.”


  Leaving only a farewell that felt more like a question and an answer.




  I do wonder if this chill that arose from such a chuckle is because I made a grievous mistake, or if I’ve become her primary object of curiosity.


  Maybe both?

Transmigrated Into A Tragic Romance Fantasy

Transmigrated Into A Tragic Romance Fantasy

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I was curious about what a female-oriented tragic romantic fantasy was like, so I skimmed through only the free chapters. And then… “…Ha.” I found myself transmigrated into one of the main male characters, destined for tears of regret, exhaustion, and obsession. So, the first thing that had to be done was… "I, Elden Raphelion, hereby declare my withdrawal from the competition for the betrothal of the Third Northern Duchess." To escape this tragedy.


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