Upki Girl Chapter 1

Girl groups are pretty

    ༺ Girl groups are pretty ༻   


Every year, between 40 and 70 idol groups debut, consisting of both male and female groups.

Amongst them, how many would still be active 2 years later?

Maybe 10% at the very best?  

If you take into consideration the number of idol groups that debut every year, then surviving was nothing short of a hellish task.


Then what about the remaining 90% who had to quit because they couldn’t make it?

A few would search for a career in the acting or entertainment industry, but most would simply wake up from their reveries and return to their ordinary lives.

What was truly regrettable was the fate of the latter. 

It would be better for everyone involved if the untalented and unskilled bunch gave up early, but some of them truly had it in them to become big stars. 

If you were to look at any idol group produced by any ‘sensible’ entertainment company then you were almost certain to find at least one child with the potential to become a star.    


How can I be so sure? 


Because I can see it. 

I’m not talking about an abstract feeling like a hunch or intuition, I could see a literal halo of light above anyone who had the talent to be an entertainer.


I often fantasized because of this ability of mine.

What if I use this ability to create my own girl group?

I would create the ‘Avengirls/Girlvengers’, where every member of the group would be centerpiece-worthy, they would all have great faces and bodies, and be able to handle everything whether it be singing, dancing, acting, or entertaining.     

Why a girl group specifically?  


Aren’t girl groups pretty?    


Upki Girl

Upki Girl

업어 키운 걸그룹
Score 8.3
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Aura of a star, I can see it. Let’s foster a proper Girl Group!


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