Upki Girl Chapter 6

Don't stake your life on singing!

    ༺ Don’t stake your life on singing! ༻   


  What’s this…?
  There were no special techniques, no high notes.
  She ignored the original R&B ballad’s atmosphere and sang it as simply and purely as a children’s song. But it didn’t feel childish at all. Each pronunciation clearly contained the emotions she wanted to convey.
  The song was over, but the echo lingered.
  I’m no expert, so I can’t assess her vocal skills, but even I knew she possessed a voice that drew people in.
  Her facial expressions and body language while singing were not awkward, they displayed skill.
  If it were up to me, even without an aura, Yoo Eun-Bit would have 100% passed.
  That’s my personal judgment thus far, but I wonder how the experts heard it.

  Stealing a glance, everyone was just silently nodding.
  I’ve witnessed the evaluations of over 200 participants before, but this reaction was a first.
  Is it somewhat ambiguous?
  Or are they also feeling the lingering emotion like me?
  Seemingly having organized his thoughts, CEO Yeom broke the silence first.

  “Well, I listened carefully… Um…”
  “Thank you…”

  Yoo Eun-Bit looked at each judge one by one, gauging their reactions.
  She exuded confidence when dancing without any basis, but after singing well, she showed signs of being nervous.
  Her gaze, scanning from left to right, finally met mine at the end.
  Her gaze was different than when she looked at the people before me. Her eyes shimmered like a child hoping for praise. Was she trying to act familiar because she recognized me first?
  I gave her a slight nod, indicating that she did well.
  At that, a smile lingered at the corners of Yoo Eun-Bit’s mouth, and she hastily curled her lips inward to hide her expression. Like an office worker in a secret office romance at a company dinner… Wait a minute.
  I somehow felt like I’d unwittingly become her guardian. What was this atmosphere?

  “Have you learned to sing somewhere before?”
  At CEO Yeom’s question, Yoo Eun-Bit shook her head as if she was being accused of wrongdoing she hadn’t committed.
  “No, not at all.”
  “Then how did you start singing?”
  “I just loved singing from when I was young, so I used to sing a lot at home.”
  “Hmm, but you don’t have any bad habits? Your voice seems naturally good…”
  Choi Hoonmin-Hyung muttered as if surprised, and Yoo Eun-Bit asked worriedly.
  “What’s a… bad habit?”
  “It’s a bad habit when singing.”
  It seemed like the first time Hoonmin-Hyungnim had spoken directly to a participant.
  Yoo Eun-Bit murmured worriedly.
  “So, did I sing wrong…?”
  “No, it means you sang clearly and well. Usually, those who practice alone tend to follow the original singing style or interpret it their own way, which makes it weird. But you sang with just your voice. Genuine, not over the top. Like your song.”

  Even if she didn’t realize it, it seemed like a great compliment.

  I heard from Hyundong earlier, that idol vocals prefer a clean and honest singing style.
  Due to the characteristics of large groups, a universal tone that can blend in with everyone is preferred over a standout voice, and vocals without bad habits or techniques are easier to train. Techniques can be taught later.

  However, Yoo Eun-Bit only nodded due to the atmosphere, her expression showing that she didn’t quite understand the meaning.
  He praised her, but why couldn’t she understand?
  Hoonmin-Hyung continued his explanation.
  “You haven’t heard much praise about your singing, have you?”
  “That’s because you sing too comfortably, it would sound ordinary to the average ear. How high is it?”
  Everyone burst out laughing, except for Yoo Eun-Bit.
  Uhm, and me.
  Yoo Eun-Bit, blushing, corrected herself.
  This led to an even bigger laugh.
  What was the joke here? At what point was I supposed to laugh?
  Feeling like I was the only one who missed the joke, I laughed along with everyone else.
  Yeom Daesoo corrected her, explaining that he was asking about her key range in music, not her height.
  Ah, so that was it. I apologized in my mind for laughing without understanding.

  “Do you have a rap prepared? You said earlier you could rap too.”

  Yoo Eun-Bit nodded confidently.
  I got a cheap vibe from that full-of-fighting spirit nod.
  It felt like she was going to be really bad at it.

  “Let’s hear it then.”
  When Hyundong flicked his finger to give the signal, Yoo Eun-Bit also flicked her finger toward the empty space behind her as if there was a DJ booth there.
  “Okay, DJ. Drop the beat.”
  Snickers erupted from the production team.
  With a shameless expression, Eun-Bit began to keep the rhythm, making hip-hop gestures.
  “Ck, ck. Uhuh, uhuh, YO. I’m the maestro to heal wounded souls, U. Eun. Bit.”

  From the intro, her pronunciation was twisted and it fell apart.
  It was clear she was a disaster.
  I clenched my hands and feet tightly so as not to cringe too easily.
  Finally, the actual rap began.

  “Where’s the person to heal my wounds, oh ma, in the pot I’m gonna flip it up, love and people are too harsh. I’m scared of being alone, I’m afraid I’ll grow old!”

  Hey, hey, that’s not it!
  Stop it right now!
  As expected, it was a complete song with a sprinkle of rap and a sense of embarrassment for the audience.

  Seeming to have heard enough, CEO Yeom raised his hand to stop the performance.

  “Heh, heh, heh, yes, I’ve heard enough.”
  “Well, she’s cute.”

  Seemingly realizing the reaction was not what she had expected, Yoo Eun-Bit quickly switched gears.
  “I’m good at taekgyeon, would you like to see it as my special talent?”
  “A true all-around entertainer.”
  “Yes, yes, if you have anything prepared, show us everything.”

  She spread her legs shoulder-width apart and took her stance.
  She alternately stretched out her feet, as if lifting them from the outside to the inside.

  “Eekh, aehh, eekh, aehh.”

  With disregard for the laughing, this time in reverse.
  While lifting her foot from inside to outside.

  “Eekh, aehh, eekh, aehh.”

  “Kekekek, what the, what’s that?”
  “Did you actually learn taekgyeon? It seems a bit clumsy?”
  “Huh? Oh, maybe because I learned it from YouTube…?”
  “She said she learned from YouTube. This is crazy, kekeke.”

  Laughter erupted like a nuclear bomb.
  It was the loudest laughter I heard all day.
  Hyundong collapsed under the chair, clutching his stomach.

  “Ha ha ha ha ha, she’s crazy!”

  Yoo Eun-Bit was a girl who was loved for whatever she did. Even if she hadn’t sung well, she would have advanced to the second round on the charm she showed alone.
  I thought the purple light I saw from her might be the ultimate charm, like the charm of that Empress in one piece.
  What was that charm aura of her called again?
  The Love-Love fruit.
  Whatever it was, she was unanimously accepted and successfully attracted the full and unprecedented attention of the production directors.
  They poured questions onto her: whether she was interested in becoming an idol, what she was thinking of doing about her trainee life if she passed the audition given that her home was in Jeju, whether there was any opposition from her family, and so on.
  Yoo Eun-Bit, with an expression like that of Choi Baedal heading to break off a horn, declared her ambition.

  “I’m fine with being an idol. As long as I can stand on stage, I will dilligently do anything you ask of me. I’ve completely made up my mind with my grandmother.”
  “What do you mean by ‘made up your mind’?”

  “I’ve decided not to go back until I become a singer.”

  That was indeed everyone’s expression.
  CEO Yeom asked.

  “You mentioned earlier that there was a mistake in your birth registration and that you’re nineteen, does that mean you’re nineteen according to your ID? You’re actually twenty when counting from birth.”
  “Then you’re a senior in high school. What about your school?”
  “I dropped out before the holidays.”
  “She started later than other trainees, so she’s going all in to become a singer now.”
  “Oh, dear girl…”

  Sighs of lament burst out from here and there.
  They all hastily gave advice as if they were dealing with their own students.

  “I understand what you’re thinking, but that’s really not the way.”
  “You at least have to graduate from high school.”
  “Please, don’t stake your life on singing. You don’t have to go that far.”

  But they all must have noticed it vaguely.
  That she was the type of person who wouldn’t listen to advice.
  I noticed it a long time ago.
  As expected, she asked with an expression as if to say, ‘What’s the problem?’

  “But did I pass?”
  Although the results were individually notified, CEO Yeom asked with a sigh, as if that wasn’t the main issue.
  “Well, you passed… But do you have a place to stay in Seoul?”
  “Do you have a place to stay in Seoul?”
  She then jerked backward like a cat startled by something and asked in response, trembling.
  “Huh? Don’t they provide accommodations for audition participants?”
  “Huh? Who said that? We never said anything like that.”
  “An internet Q&A forum did.”
  “What kind of forum? Naver Knowledge iN?”
  “What are you talking about.”
  “I asked, and they said the company provides everything…”

  The girl, who didn’t have a smartphone, logged into a computer in the practice room and directly showed the question and answer she posted.

  Q: I’m a high school senior and aspiring singer living in Jeju Island. I’m planning to participate in an audition called “Find Your Dream” held by Heungeol Sound. I plan to stay in Seoul until the final results are out, but do I need to arrange my own accommodation? It wasn’t specified in the notice, and since it’s my first audition and my first time going to Seoul, I’m not sure what to do ;-;

  A: Hello. I will answer as a professional auditioner who has attended more than 3,000 auditions in both Korea and abroad. Every audition provides accommodation for participants from Jeju Island and remote areas. It’s set by the ‘National Audition Act’, and the company has to pay a fine if they don’t follow it. It applies during the final audition period, so just go comfortably. Transportation and meal expenses are also refunded later, so take the most expensive option. When moving around in Seoul, always take a taxi, think about your health and choose a good hotel. Personally, I recommend the Shilla Hotel. I hope you pass and achieve your dream^^
  ┕ Lol, this guy’s crazy
  ┕ Lol, ‘National Audition Act’
  ┕ What kind of professional auditioner is he? Lol
  ┕ No, he’s a devil
  ┕ OP, you have to take off your shoes when you board the plane. I almost got taken away by Interpol because I didn’t comply when I first boarded a plane 😭😭
  ┕ Seriously, I know someone who got tasered and detained for two days for wearing shoes with mud on them when boarding
  ┕ OP, the comments above are all jokes ^^ ;-; Please add me as a friend on my blog. There’s a lot of audition-related information. I hope you get good results.

  She couldn’t have possibly believed this.
  Please tell me she’s not that naive.
  Yu Eun-Bit’s face turned ashen.

  “Um… I didn’t see the comments underneath…”

  No, no.
  You’re missing the point from the start.
  It’s not the comments that are the problem, the answer itself is toxic waste.
  It’s obviously written to troll.
  It’s your fault for taking it at face value.
  I think it’s rather fortunate she didn’t see the comments. If she had, she would have taken off her shoes when boarding the plane.

  “Sigh, I give up.”
  “I’ll go out and smoke a cigarette.”
  “I’ll go in first.”
  “Ah, right. Luju, you have a blind date this evening.”
  “Luju? Again? Another blind date?”
  “Ah, why? It’s been a while since I had one.”

  What more needs to be said?
  After confirming the true nature of participant number 374, they each left a word as if they didn’t want to be involved any longer and dispersed in all directions.
  When I regained my senses, only Yu Eun-Bit and I were left guarding the computer.
  She was scrolling up and down, checking other comments with an unbelieving expression.

  “Kim Yoonho, aren’t you going to smoke?”
  “Ah, you go first.”

  I just couldn’t bring myself to leave.
  It’s because Yu Eun-Bit’s face looked genuinely hurt.
  She looked like a puppy that had been abandoned by its owner.

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