Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - Club Advisor (1)

༺ Club Advisor (1) ༻



  Rumors spread throughout the school that I had caused all the students to faint during the first class.


  It was a bit unfair to me. After all, Marian and Elizabeth had walked out just fine.


  I had taken care not to hurt anyone, and the healing priest I called later only used a spell to wake them up and said there was nothing else to do before leaving.


  No one was hurt, and everyone learned a lesson.


  I thought I did pretty well for my first class.


  However, rumors tend to be exaggerated, and I was soon regarded as a devilish instructor who tortured students during the first class among the first-year students.


  Could it be that they assumed Marian and Elizabeth also fainted since they were the last ones standing among the students who had fainted earlier?


  Instructor Lirya was shocked and told me, “You shouldn’t hit your students to the point they end up fainting!” 


  Even Dean Heinkel discreetly called me to his office and, while handing me a cup of tea with an expression that said ‘There’s no right answer to education, but this is a bit…’, urged me to restrain myself.


  It’s not even the graduating class yet, and if students continue to faint in every class, no one would want to attend. Already more than half of them expressed their intention to drop out of the class.


  However, canceling a class already registered is impossible during the semester unless there is a very special case, so all those requests were rejected.


  But it wouldn’t be good if the students kept refusing the class, so Dean Heinkel repeatedly urged me to restrain myself, and I reluctantly nodded.


  These young ones can’t even endure that much. Do they lack spirit nowadays…?


  Anyway, Instructor Akeron, whom I expected to be the most annoying in the faculty room, surprisingly avoided my gaze.


  I thought he still harbored ill feelings towards me, as he had played tricks on his own students, but maybe he changed his mind after hearing the rumor that I could even make the Imperial Princess faint.


  It was a clear misunderstanding, but it was better than starting a needless fight, so I decided to leave it be.


  I returned to my seat and pondered over the future direction of my classes.


  I learned from this lesson that I shouldn’t make students faint by hitting them. My military habits still lingered, and I might have been a bit too rough.


  Let’s follow Instructor Lirya’s advice and refrain from making students faint. It would be extremely cumbersome to have a healing priest come and go for every class when it’s time to wake them up.


  In other words, it would be okay as long as I don’t make them faint.


  In the end, there wasn’t much change in the class content.




  The Philion Imperial Academy is a cradle for talented students.


  The Empire and the Imperial Family spare no support for Philion Academy to provide the best education to outstanding talents gathered from all over the continent, nurturing them into important human resources contributing to the Empire.


  Students receive elite education tailored to their aptitudes, blooming their talents, and after graduation, they spread throughout the Empire in various fields such as the Imperial Knights, the Imperial Army, and the Magic Tower.


  Even if they don’t contribute to the Empire after graduation, it doesn’t matter. The fact remains that they were educated in the Empire using the Empire’s fortune, and having even excellent talents from other countries educated in the Empire’s land ultimately serves the Empire.


  Thanks to such an educational policy, there is no place on this continent untouched by the Empire’s influence, except for the Magic Continent.


  Naturally, the Empire does not want the immensely supported talents to grow into cruel killing machines, swinging swords only within the Academy, but rather expects them to interact with various people, experience diverse cultures, learn about the world, and grow into well-rounded individuals.


  Therefore, the Philion Academy actively encourages club activities for its students.


  I knew this fact, but I couldn’t help but be taken aback when Instructor Lirya brought up the topic of clubs after the day’s classes were over.


  “…A club advisor, you say?”


  “Yes! I think it’s about time for Instructor Graham to decide on one as well.”


  Being suddenly asked to become a club advisor was not only surprising but also frankly unappealing to me.


  After all, I was someone who had been distant from such cultural activities.


  “Can I not do it?”


  Instructor Lirya crossed her arms and propped her chin, as if to say it would be difficult.


  “Well, sometimes there are cases where instructors are in charge of graduation classes or teaching specialized courses and simply don’t have the time. However, Instructor Graham doesn’t fall into either category, so wouldn’t it be better to take on the responsibility if possible?”




  It’s not mandatory. But most of the academy’s instructors have a club to advise. It wouldn’t look good if I were the only one to refuse without a special reason.


  As with the military, there are aspects of group life. If one person finds it bothersome and drops out, others may also lose interest, and eventually, no one wants to take on the role of an advisor. This goes against the academy’s policy of encouraging club activities.


  If this is part of an instructor’s duties, I should do it, even if it’s a bit of a hassle.


  “Which club will I be in charge of, then?”


  “Actually, some positions became available because the previous advisors either graduated or retired. I brought a list. Would you like to take a look?”


  I checked the club list that Instructor Lirya handed over.


  Swimming club, drama club, travel club, newspaper club, tennis club… Occult club? What’s this?


  More club names were listed below.


  “You can choose any club you’d like to advise from this list, or you can become an advisor for a newly established club. Of course, there are other instructors who haven’t yet taken on a club advisory role, so you’ll need to consult with the club president as well.”


  “I understand. By the way, which club are you in charge of, Instructor Lirya?”


  “Me? Oh, I’m in charge of the literature club.”


  Instructor Lirya appeared noticeably flustered by my innocuous question and offered an unsolicited explanation.


  “They’re all good kids. They’re just a little peculiar, unique… to be honest, kind of scary… They always have conversations I can’t understand, which makes it a bit difficult to approach them, but they’re not bad kids when you get to know them.”


  “I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.”


  “It’s nothing! The literature club is a very normal club!”


  Instructor Lirya concluded with a forced, rigid smile. I sensed that I shouldn’t pry any further into this matter.


  I pretended I didn’t hear anything and smoothly changed the subject.


  “So, should I visit each club on the list?”


  “Yes, yes! That would be a good idea!”


  Instructor Lirya took a deep breath to calm herself down. The mere thought of the literature club seemed to have inflicted serious psychological damage.


  What kind of club is it?


  “Phew… You don’t have to visit all of them, just a few will do. Popular clubs here would be the swimming club and the drama club.”


  “If they’re popular clubs, I might get rejected.”


  Instructor Lirya smiled enigmatically at my words.


  “I doubt that. You’re Instructor Graham; I’m sure you’ll be welcomed.”


  As one would expect from its size, Philion Academy had a separate area for clubs, and most of the club buildings were located within that area.


  I took the tram around the campus, got off at the stop, and headed towards the entrance of the only indoor swimming pool in the club area.


  According to Instructor Lirya, there was only one swimming club on campus, and they exclusively used the entire building for their activities. Philion Academy, true to its reputation of not sparing support for talented individuals, had impressive club facilities.




  I made it here, but…


  Can I just go in?


  The stares from the students going back and forth from the swimming pool were incredibly intense. And if my eyes weren’t mistaken, only female students were around this area. Oddly, I couldn’t see a single male student.


  I felt like I came to a place where I shouldn’t be.


  I was unsure if it was really okay to go in, so I hesitated at the entrance for a moment. I noticed a female student in her school uniform, with a cautious look in her eyes, watching me from inside the pool entrance.


  A red emblem with the number 3 was embroidered on her outer garment, symbolizing Garnet Red.


  “Excuse me! Men aren’t allowed… Huh?”


  The female student walked towards me with a somewhat threatening demeanor, as if she were warning me. But when she recognized my face and attire, her expression turned to surprise. She slowed her pace and cautiously approached me.


  “Um… I’m sorry, but who are you?”


  Her voice was a mix of curiosity and caution.


  In order to prove that I wasn’t a suspicious person, I calmly showed her my instructor’s badge and said:


  “I’m Eon Graham, the instructor in charge of the Opal Black class. Is this the swimming club building?”


  “Oh my.”


  The female student’s eyes widened.


  “By any chance… are you here to take on the role of the swimming club advisor?”


  I slowly shook my head.


  I hadn’t decided if I would take charge of the swimming club yet.


  It would be premature to decide which club to advise without knowing what an advisor is supposed to do.


  I thought I should first observe how the club operates and decide from there.


  “No, I just wanted to observe. Is that fine? I haven’t decided on which club to advise yet.”


  “Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my… oh my.”


  The female student covered her mouth delicately and stared at my face for a while, then quickly scanned my body from bottom to top with a glint in her eyes.


  Her gaze was so swift that I almost doubted my sharp senses.


  Before I could even think about the meaning behind her gaze, the female student opened her mouth with a dreamy expression.









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Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
After experiencing heartbreak from being abandoned he enlisted in the military. And then, he became a war hero.


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