Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero Chapter 22

Chapter 22 - Club Advisor (2)

༺ Club Advisor (2) ༻



  Rose von Kruger is a 4th-year magic major in the Diamond White class and the President of the swimming club.


  And lately, Rose and the other female members of the swimming club have been sharing a common concern.


  The swimming club has not only become predominantly female, but it has also become a completely forbidden area for men.


  Of course, the swimming club wasn’t always like this. Just a few years ago, the club had a large number of male students, enough to be divided into separate men’s and women’s swimming clubs.


  However, due to a series of unfortunate accidents, incidents, and coincidences, many of the male upperclassmen left the club, causing the number of seniors to decrease, and the existing male club members either left or became ghost members who only had their names listed.


  As time passed, the men’s swimming club disappeared, leaving only the women’s swimming club, which eventually changed its name to just the “swimming club.”


  Up until this point, the female students in the swimming club didn’t have any particular thoughts on the matter.


  Although it was unfortunate that the men’s swimming club was disbanded, some students were actually happy about it because they could use the swimming pool more widely, and they thought new male members would continue to join the club anyway.


  They assumed that everything would eventually return to normal. However, that turned out to be a huge misconception.


  Genuine male students who came to swim felt burdened by the all-female environment and quit the club on their own accord, and most of the men who still tried to join the club had impure intentions, being more interested in the girls’ bodies than in swimming.


  While there had always been some newcomers with impure intentions even when the men’s swimming club existed, those people were dealt with internally, so there was no need to worry about them until now.


  However, now that the female President had to deal with these newcomers, management became more difficult, and ultimately, they had no choice but to reject them all out of fear that they would have a negative impact on the existing club.


  To make matters worse, after rumors spread that the swimming club was full of female students, a pervert broke into the changing room and stole swimsuits, making the swimming club building a completely forbidden area for men.


  People tend to miss things once they’re gone, and in the swimming club’s case, it was the presence of male members.


  So when a man finally joined the club, and an extremely handsome one at that, the eyes of the female swimming club members went wild.


  “Hurry up, hurry! It’s not a joke!”


  “I mean, how handsome can he be…?”


  “He’s not just handsome, he’s insanely good-looking! Like a sculpture, with a face the size of a fist and full features….”


  “Alright, alright, I got it! I’m on my way right now.”


  Unable to resist the urging of her 3rd-year junior, Dorothy, from the Garnet Red class and a strong candidate for the next President, Rose left the President’s office and headed toward the main pool.


  To be honest, she was curious and wanted to see the handsome guy herself, but Rose didn’t have high expectations. The female swimming club members’ hunger for male company wasn’t just a recent development.


  Their standards had been steadily lowering, to the point where they’d accept someone as long as he had all the facial features in the right places and a decent personality.


  However, Rose, being a noble, had recently been active in social circles with high-class individuals, and she had even seen the famous hero and first prince of the empire in person at a ball. Her standards for men were not as low as those of her club members.


  Therefore, she remained somewhat skeptical until she saw the man in person.


  Upon arriving at the main pool, she saw a man surrounded by female swimming club members. When Rose laid eyes on his face, she was so surprised that her mouth involuntarily fell open.


  “Wow, that’s insane…”


  The shock was so great that she unknowingly uttered an improper remark, quite unbecoming of a noble.


  This must be what it feels like to have one’s eyes opened. Rose had met many handsome men in her life, but she could confidently say that none of them could captivate attention as much as the man before her.


  Was it because of his good looks? Of course, his face was good-looking. However, attractiveness isn’t solely determined by facial features. No matter how handsome a face, everyone has some flaws, such as being a bit short, having narrow shoulders, or having a slightly large head.


  In this sense, the man before her was perfect. He had a tall stature, broad shoulders, neatly drawn eyebrows, a straight nose, a chiseled jawline, and deep, captivating eyes. Overall, his proportions were flawless. There wasn’t a single aspect that seemed lacking, no matter where she looked.


  Though there may be men who are more handsome than that man, but Rose thought absentmindedly that there probably wouldn’t be any man as close to perfection as him.


  “How is it? I was right, wasn’t I?”






  “Ah? Oh! Uh, well… He’s quite good-looking.”


  Although she was surprised, she was the president of this club. She couldn’t show such a foolish appearance in front of the members.


  She calmly maintained her composure while fixing her disheveled hair, dusted off her uniform to smooth out any wrinkles, and approached the man among the club members with a confident and dignified walk she had learned from high society.


  “Excuse me. Are you here to serve as the swimming club advisor?”


  The man, who had been standing with a troubled expression among the chattering female students, turned his gaze toward Rose.


  He politely extended his hand to Rose as if to request a handshake.


  “I’m Eon Graham, in charge of Opal Black.”


  As Rose shook his hand, she caught a glimpse of his arm muscles and thought to herself, ‘He must have quite the muscles underneath…’


  “I’m Rose von Kruger, the president of the swimming club. It’s an honor to meet the famous Opal Black instructor.”


  “Today, I’m not here to serve as an advisor. I’d like to observe the club if that’s alright. It’s fine to decline if it’s inconvenient.”


  Huh? Club observation? That’s different from what I heard.


  Rose glanced at Dorothy with a questioning look and noticed the desperate looks from the club members behind Eon.


  Ah, they want me to keep him here, huh?


  An unspoken agreement was reached between the president and the members, and Rose nodded her head and said. 


  “Inconvenient? Not at all. Observing shouldn’t be difficult. We’ll provide you with a swimsuit, so please change inside and join us.”


  “Do I need to change as well?”


  “If you’re observing the swimming club, it’s faster to try it out yourself. There’s also something to be learned from experiencing it firsthand.”


  “I see. Then I’ll do that.”


  Fortunately, there were leftover swimsuits from former male members. As Eon received the swimsuit and entered the long-unused male changing room, the club members quietly cheered.


  “President, nice!”


  “Sis! You’re the best!”


  “Phew… It’s not like that, okay? I just wanted to show Eon more about the swimming club as a president. It’s just a rational decision.”


  “Who cares about the reason? The result is what matters.”


  The club members all stared intently at the entrance to the male changing room with the eyes of predators targeting their prey.


  Let it be known that the swimming club wasn’t always like this. Just a few years ago, it was a very normal club.


  Since they weren’t participating in any competitions, the purpose of the club was merely a hobby. Some female students genuinely enjoyed swimming, while others chose swimming to build their stamina and maintain their physique.




  However, indeed.


  How can a person always be pure?


  Dreaming of a budding romance with a handsome senior or a cute junior they happened to meet in a club chosen without any ulterior motives is a natural thought for anyone, be it a woman or a man.


  The swimming club members were no different. Even if they joined because they loved swimming, having a handsome male instructor teach them swimming personally would be much better.


  Some of the club members must have imagined learning to swim from a good-looking and well-built male senior, or personally teaching a cute male junior to swim one-on-one.


  There’s a big difference between not dating and not being able to date. Thinking that there was no possibility at all, the female swimming club members became desperate for male attention.


  Just then, the door to the men’s changing room burst open.


  All of the club members’ eyes turned towards the entrance of the changing room, and as if they were looking at a sculpture in an art museum, natural exclamations of admiration flowed.




  “Oh my.”


  “Wow, this is insane…”


  As Rose had imagined, under Eon’s chiseled, handsome face, there were delicate and solid muscles all over his body without an ounce of fat.


  From his sturdy collarbone and broad, firm chest to the sharply defined contours of his sculpted abs… Compared to the battle-major male students who had unnecessarily overtrained their muscles, Eon’s body had compressed muscles refined by practical experience.


  On his body, long, deep scars were etched in various places on his torso, but those scars actually served to accentuate Eon’s masculinity.


  Eon had a stiff expression on his face, as it was his first time wearing this kind of revealing clothing.


  “I put it on, but if the scars are unsightly…”


  “No, not at all. They’re not like that.”


  Rather, they liked it.


  That was the common thought that crossed every club member’s mind.


  Then, one of the club members cautiously approached Rose and said,


  “Um, president?”


  “Yes? What is it?”


  “A guest has arrived outside, and I think you should go see them…”


  What? Right now? At such a good time?


  Rose’s beautiful face crumpled. However, as the president, she couldn’t ignore the guest who had come to visit the swimming club.


  Rose left Eon and exited the main pool. While cursing the unexpected guest in her mind, she maintained a perfect expression, like a true aristocrat, and opened the entrance door.


  There, a middle-aged male instructor with a buttery face stood.


  “Ah! Finally, you’re here. Haha! Just in time, a fellow Diamond White student. I am the Diamond White first-year instructor, Cylon von Akeron. I heard that the swimming club needed a new advisor-“


  “Sorry. We’ve already found a new advisor.”


  Rose quickly closed the door.


  Instructor Akeron desperately grabbed the door.


  “Why are you doing this? You might hurt my hand.”


  “No, what are you talking about? I definitely heard that the swimming club didn’t have an advisor until I was about to leave-“


  “We just decided on one. So, please leave now. I apologize.”


  “Wait, just a moment-!”




  Rose locked the door.




  Where did that pig come from…


  She felt like she saw something she shouldn’t have. She needed to purify her eyes quickly.


  When Rose returned to the main pool, the other female students, who had changed into swimsuits in the short time she was gone, were clinging to Eon’s arm.


  “Do you swim well, Instructor Eon?”


  “Basic level, I suppose.”


  “Wow! That’s amazing! I still haven’t gotten the hang of the basics. If it’s okay with you… could you teach me step by step by my side?”


  “It’s not that difficult. But you seem to be a little too close.”


  “Oh dear. That’s because I want to be close to the instructor.”


  At that sight, Rose felt the urge to grab the back of her neck.


  Dorothy! You’re a complete fish in the water!


  As the next club president, how could that be a lie?


  “Hey! Stop flirting and… Kyaa!?”


  Just as Rose was about to approach Eon, she slipped on a puddle and fell into the water with a splash.




  Rose realized she had fallen into the water.


  However, it wasn’t a big deal. As the swimming club president, it was a bit, no, quite embarrassing to show Eon that she had slipped and fallen into the pool, but she just needed to swim back up.


  Feeling embarrassed, she tried to swim out of the water when suddenly her thigh cramped up and wouldn’t move properly.


  ‘Ugh! Just my luck, a cramp…!’


  It made sense for her muscles to be shocked since she fell into the water without warming up. She calmly pulled her big toe back hard as a first aid measure. This would make the cramp go away soon. She just needed to wait a little.


  However, she didn’t have enough oxygen to wait for that moment. She hadn’t had time to take a breath before falling in. Rose clenched her cramped leg and continued to sink towards the bottom.


  ‘I can’t breathe…!’


  Just when she thought she was really in trouble.


  Someone grabbed Rose’s arm and pulled her up to the surface in an instant.


  “Puhaat! Cough, cough! Haa….”


  She thought she would run out of breath. Who saved me?


  When Rose raised her head to thank the person who helped her, she saw Eon’s face looking down at her intently.


  Water droplets flowing down his wet hair and jawline, and his deep golden eyes.


  She was breathless for a different reason.


  “Are you okay?”


  “Ah, yes… I’m fine….”


  At that moment, Rose realized for the first time in her life how sexy a wet man could be.






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Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero

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