City of Witches Chapter 119

A Happy Daily Life (4)

༺ A Happy Daily Life (4) ༻



  The cabin had no dining room.


  There wasn’t even enough space for a kitchen, let alone for placing a separate dining table. It was also impossible to place it in the garden because there was another building that was built there.


  “Shall we have our baths together?”




  Siwoo, who was sitting at the desk in front of the fireplace while having his dinner, spewed out the prune juice that he was drinking in a comical manner.


  “Cough! Cough!”


  Thanks to Amelia’s telekinesis and wonderful reflexes, not a single drop of the juice was spilled out. Instead, she directed it toward an empty bowl.


  Siwoo’s reaction was natural.


  ‘What did she mean? She wants us to take a bath together so suddenly?’




  “When I used to stay here, I often took a bath together with my master. I want to do the same thing with you.”


  Amelia said in a calm voice.


  If his body continued to grow and he regained more of his memories, proposing this idea would create an awkward situation for both of them. That was why Amelia chose this exact moment to propose the idea.


  What she wanted to do was to spend happy moments with him before it was too late.


  Hearing her words, Siwoo became flustered.


  While he had prior experience with the twins before, when he went to the public bathhouse together with them, it was still hard for him to welcome the idea of him taking a bath with a member of the opposite sex.


  After observing his reaction, Amelia continued.


  “Of course, I’ll be wearing my underwear. You’ll wear yours too, Siwoo.”


  The crown that Siwoo made for her earlier was still resting above her head.


  Water trickled from the broken flower stem and soaked her blonde hair, but she ignored it and chose to not remove it from her head.


  “I’m fine with that…”


  Upon hearing that they’d be wearing their underwear, Siwoo became relieved.


  Amelia responded with a soft smile and a nod.


  “Okay, I’ll heat up the water. Get ready and come out after you’re done.”




  She then stepped outside and made her way towards the annex.


  From inside that small structure that resembled a warehouse, she retrieved a large wooden barrel and lit a fire to warm water inside it.


  If there were people around her, she wouldn’t even think of doing this.


  However, the tall oyster trees surrounded the area like a protective screen and this wasn’t the kind of place that people would stumble into.


  She then pulled the wooden barrel, now filled with warm water, to the front yard. Siwoo, who was wearing a robe to ward off the breeze, followed her closely behind.


  “Will we be taking our baths here?”


  “Yes. Do you want to go in first?”


  Siwoo took off his robe and gave it to Amelia.


  Since she didn’t see much difference between wearing a swimsuit and underwear, Amelia didn’t feel overly self-conscious about this.


  Siwoo stepped onto the wooden barrel and went inside.


  Although it was still spring, the night was quite chilly. But, as soon as he immersed himself in the warm water, a comforting warmth and drowsiness washed over him.”


  “Wait a moment.”


  Amelia neatly folded his robe and placed it on the grassy lawn before starting to take off hers.


  Seeing this, Siwoo’s face started to redden as he forcefully averted his gaze.


  Amelia untied the ribbon around her waist and swiftly changed into her underwear.


  She was wearing a white lingerie, the least revealing underwear among the ones that she had.


  Amelia walked casually into the wooden barrel and plopped inside.




  The sound of splashing water echoed through the quiet forest.


  Due to the wooden barrel’s small size, the two of them would have no choice but to have their skin touched if they were to enter it together.


  Siwoo’s attention was drawn to Amelia’s upper body, which was laid bare for him to see as the water only covered her body up to her waist.


  A white bra was the only piece of fabric that enveloped her supple and well-rounded breasts. Her exposed collarbone exuded the air of elegance.


  With her hair tied up, her alluring neckline became prominent.


  Her waist was perfect, like a masterpiece that was crafted by a master sculptor.


  “Try not to sit in such an uncomfortable position. Just relax and sit comfortably.”


  Noticing how he was hunching over, Amelia said that to him in a soothing tone.


  “But then, my body will touch yours, Ms. Amelia…”


  “We’ve been doing that every night. Our bodies were practically glued to each other when we were sleeping.”


  Amelia held the urge to say something in the lines of, ‘The difference is that we wore our clothes.’


  After hearing her words, Siwoo straightened his posture.


  He could feel their smooth skin touching each other.


  Once he adjusted his posture to be more comfortable, Amelia finally pressed her buttocks against the bottom of the barrel.


  Compared to Siwoo, who had his body submerged up to his chin, Amelia had hers up to her chest.


  “Do you mind closing your eyes for a moment?”


  “Sorry? Okay.”


  Hearing her request, Siwoo obediently closed his eyes.




  Like performing a magic trick, Amelia snapped her fingers before speaking to Siwoo.


  “You can open your eyes now.”


  At first Siwoo tried to slowly open his eyes, but he instantly widened it in surprise.




  The soft, ambient light that was emanating from the cabin disappeared.


  In the middle of the serene forest, far from the bustling city, the cabin was the only thing that provided light in this place. But now that its light had faded, the surroundings had turned pitch black.




  “I-It’s so pretty, Ms. Amelia…”


  The warm scarlet glow of the cabin was replaced by a shimmering silver radiance that surrounded the barrel.


  Encircled by the majestic oyster trees, decorated by the sky that was filled with blue stars.


  Siwoo tilted his head back, captivated by the stars that appeared to endlessly cascade.


  “It feels like there are too many to count…”


  The cloudless night sky resembled a polished obsidian as it emanated a soft glow.


  “I really wanted to show this to you.”


  It wasn’t a flashy nor extravagant desire, she merely wanted to experience this scene together with Siwoo.


  At that moment, Siwoo’s outstretched foot unintentionally pressed against Amelia’s inner thigh.


  Because of the cramped space, the slightest movements they made cause their body to touch.




  “It’s fine. I’ll make some space for you.”


  After saying those words, Amelia, who had her body submerged up to her neck at this point, leaned her upper body slightly backward.


  As a consequence, when her upper body resurfaced, ripples formed in the water.




  The sight made Siwoo forget about the stars he had just seen. Instead, he stared at Amelia, with his mouth slightly agape.


  Sensing his intense stare, Amelia glanced down and realized that he was gawking at her cleavage.


  There was something that Amelia had been mistaken about.


  The fact that underwear and swimsuits were two different kinds of outfits.


  Swimsuits generally were quite thick, therefore they wouldn’t change even when soaked in the water. Underwear on the other hand, was made of material that would easily absorb water. Thanks to this, her bra clung to her chest tightly, revealing her fair complexion and white skin.


  And there was another reason why Siwoo’s pupils became dilated as he stared at her chest.


  From her nipples down to her areolas, he could faintly see them through the white fabric.


  “I-I’m sorry.”


  He quickly averted his gaze.


  Amelia wasn’t offended by him, instead she found his reaction cute.


  She previously thought that if she were in an official relationship with him, she’d probably feel a little discomfort by his gaze.


  But, in reality, she felt calm.


  She knew that she was practically showing her bare upper body to him, but she didn’t feel a speck of embarrassment.


  Her heart was pounding fast, but she didn’t feel the need to cover her body up or forcing him to avert his gaze.


  It was a strange feeling for her.


  ‘Is it because of his childish appearance?’


  ‘Or maybe there’s something that has changed in my heart?’


  “Come closer, I’ll wash your body.”


  Amelia gently scooped the water with her hand and gently wiped Siwoo’s face, who had his eyes tightly closed.


  Then, she carefully wrapped his head with a small towel she had prepared beforehand.


  She could have done all this in an instant with magic.


  But, the realization that these slow and inefficient actions could hold a previous value made her refrain from using it.


  The two of them then washed their bodies together until the lukewarm water turned cold.






  Siwoo tried to soothe his flushed face by taking sips of the cold milk Amelia brought.


  Because he had spent quite a long time in the water, his fingertips had become wrinkled.


  He was too careless in thinking that bathing together with Amelia in their underwear would be fine.


  The vague outline that her underwear showed managed to stimulate his imagination, resulting in him having to endure taking a bath with his legs crossed.


  ‘Thank you, Siwoo.’


  As he put down the empty milk bottle and wiped his hair with a towel, he suddenly remembered the events that had taken place this morning.


  Amelia’s smile, glowing like a radiant golden flower, momentarily entranced him.


  Surprisingly, it made his heart skip a beat.


  His lips became twitched, as if he were about to burst into laughter.


  “Come to your senses.”


  He slapped his cheeks with his hands.


  But, her bright face still lingered in his mind.


  In addition, seeing her chest, which he had only known through the sensation that his hands felt, added more details to his recollection.


  -Knock knock


  Suddenly, he heard a knocking sound.


  Amelia’s voice came from the other side of the door.


  “Do you want to sleep together today too, Siwoo?”


  “Yes. I’ll join you shortly after I change my clothes.”




  Their exchange was brief, yet he felt an inexplicable sensation in his body.


  Whenever he slept with her, she’d let him touch her breasts to his heart’s content.


  As the notion of spending the night together crossed his mind, he also recalled her expression from yesterday.


  To a young man who had just developed an interest in the opposite sex, these kinds of things were a little too provocative.


  The sight of Amelia, who had always given him the kind and innocent atmosphere, trembling every time he teased her nipple stirred a peculiar sense of feeling in him.


  ‘Will she let me do that again tonight?’


  Siwoo felt a tingling sensation in his lower body, not due to his pent-up sexual desire, but due to his intense curiosity.


  After changing into a beige pajamas that Amelia bought for him, Siwoo knocked on her door with a pounding heart.


  “Come in.”


  As he opened the creaky wooden door, he discovered a triangular window, aligned with the shape of the roof.


  Amelia was nestled in a blanket, leaning her back against a pillow. The arrangement of the bed made it seem like the previously stated window served as its headboard.


  Siwoo could see her delicate hair glistened underneath the moonlight.


  “Are you still afraid of sleeping by yourself, Siwoo?”


  “N-No, it’s nothing like that…”


  Facing this kind of situation, there was no way that Siwoo would act like a moron and say, ‘I enjoy sleeping with you, Ms. Amelia,’ out loud.


  Seeing his hesitation, Amelia flashed a smile at him.






  “Why did you look at my breasts earlier?”




  “You know, when we were taking a bath together?”


  Amelia’s direct question left him in deep thought.


  Regardless of their relationship it was still impolite for him to gawk at her body like that.


  That was why he had been trying to suppress his desire to gaze towards her chest. But, it seemed like Amelia had noticed it all along.


  “U-Um, that’s…”


  This left Siwoo uncertain about what to do.


  Seeing this, Amelia shook her head before reassuring him, who seemed to be afraid to face her wrath.


  “I’m not angry.”




  Standing beside Amelia, Siwoo clasped his hands together and lowered his head, trying to hide his face.


  The fact that she had noticed his gaze left him feeling embarrassed.


  “Can you be honest with me?”




  After another moment of hesitation and a realization that Amelia wasn’t angry at him, he cautiously spoke.


  “I-I wanted to look… I-It wasn’t intentional… M-My eyes were drawn to it without me realizing it…”


  “It’s okay. Like I said, I’m not upset. You can raise your head, Siwoo.”


  Her gentle and understanding tone seemed to calm his flustered state. Siwoo mustered the courage to slowly raise his head.


  Amelia was still sitting with her back against the pillow. The gaze that she casted towards him was warm.


  “Thank you for giving me such a beautiful flower crown.”


  “Y-Yes. I-I’ll make another one for you next time.”


  “I’m looking forward to it.”


  Seeing the anticipation in her gaze made him feel embarrassed and scratched his head.


  Their conversation died down at that, resulting in a slightly awkward atmosphere.


  Amelia cleared her throat and gazed directly at Siwoo’s eyes before opening her mouth.


  “I know this isn’t something that should happen.”




  Siwoo heard the sound of a blanket being lifted.


  Amelia raised the blanket that had been covering her body, allowing it to fall down while still maintaining her seated position.


  At the same time, her bare upper body was revealed.


  Unlike before when Siwoo could only see a glimpse of her chest through her wet underwear, he could see everything now.


  Her breasts were exposed without a single fabric hindering Siwoo’s sight.


  As Amelia shyly covered her mouth, the peach-shaped breasts swayed subtly.


  “Still, I want to fulfill your desire.”




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