City of Witches Chapter 120

A Happy Daily Life (5)

༺ A Happy Daily Life (5) ༻



  Like usual, Siwoo laid down beside Amelia.


  Both of them stared at each other’s eyes as they faced each other.


  Unlike usual, there was a noticeable difference in one of them; Amelia had taken off her clothes.


  Because they were lying sideways, her already plump breasts became more pronounced as they bared themselves in front of Siwoo’s face.


  “C-Can I touch them…?”


  “Of course.”


  This was the second time Siwoo was seeing a woman’s bare chest up close.


  He could clearly see the cherry colored nipples in the center, encircled by the delicate, pink areolas.


  Siwoo carefully stretched out his hand and cupped Amelia’s chest.






  Both of them let out an exclamation. Both in their own unique ways, each carrying a different meaning.


  For Siwoo, it was an unexpectedly blissful sensation as he felt the elasticity of Amelia’s chest with his hand.


  Meanwhile, for Amelia, it was her excitement stemming from the anticipation of having her chest being firmly held by him.


  As Siwoo moved his hand, Amelia’s breasts swayed. With each gentle squeeze he made, their shapes changed.


  He raised his gaze and looked at Amelia.


  She looked at him back with her blue-colored eyes. Her face was flushed with a rosy hue.


  “Do you like it?”




  Siwoo nodded repeatedly in response to Amelia’s question.


  Her breasts were so warm and soft that he didn’t want to let go of them.


  As he closely observed the changing shape of her breasts while gently kneading them, Amelia quietly closed her eyes.


  ‘Is this the right thing to do?’


  ‘Is this really okay?’


  Amelia thought so, but those thoughts gradually faded away.


  ‘I’ll think about it later.’


  At this moment, her only concern was to let him do whatever he wanted.


  Siwoo, who had been playing with her breasts freely under the gentle starlight that seeped through the window, paused briefly.


  Then, using the tip of his finger, he gently pinched her nipple.


  The soft, jelly-like bud twisted at his touch.




  At that very moment, Amelia’s lips parted as she released a satisfied sigh.


  The sound she made wasn’t loud.


  It was as loud as a soft whimper of a drowsy cat.


  However, she still reacted more sensitively than usual.


  She felt a significantly different sensation when her chest was being touched directly compared to when she was still dressed in her nightgown.




  Amelia unconsciously raised her arm and bit down her wrist.


  She had a feeling that strange sounds would leak out of her mouth if she didn’t do this.


  Her heart was pounding.




  Meanwhile, Siwoo continued to play with her nipples.


  At times, he’d gently trace circles around them, drawing a perfect loop. Other times, he’d twist them between his fingers while observing her reaction.


  Amelia tossed and turned restlessly.


  Siwoo surmised that she wasn’t doing it consciously.


  His gentle and caring master closed her eyes tightly while letting out her moans. Even so, her movements still bear elegance and grace, resembling that of a princess from a fairy tale.




  As he lightly pinched her nipple with the top of his finger nail, Amelia opened her eyes while making a loud moan.


  Her serene eyes, which had always filled with affection, were now clouded with confusion.


  She avoided making eye contact with him as her gaze wandered.


  It wasn’t the first time he had heard her moan before, but it was the first time that she let out a moan this loud. This caused him to worry and ask her a question.


  “Does it hurt?”


  Amelia took a breath before responding.


  But her breathing sounded rather heavy, it was as if she had just climbed a set of long stairs.


  “No… I’m fine…”


  When Siwoo dug his nails into her nipples, she felt pain.


  The sensation reminded her of being pricked by a sharp needle.


  However, she made that loud sound not only because of the pain she felt.


  It was also because of the tingling sensation that followed the numbing pain.


  The stimulation it gave aroused her.


  She found the sensation quite peculiar.


  Her legs moved uncontrollably and her entire body heated up, as if she had caught a fever.


  This was the first time she had ever felt this kind of feeling.


  Amelia swallowed her saliva, which had turned sticky, and spoke.


  “It’s alright… You can continue…”


  Her body, which had become tense before she knew it, relaxed after she said that.


  She surrendered herself to Siwoo’s whims and closed her eyes due to embarrassment.


  In her mind, she couldn’t bear to meet his gaze while wearing such an expression on her face.


  The tone she used when she gave Siwoo permission might sound the same as usual, but there was a subtle hint of plea in it.


  ‘Does Ms. Amelia feel pleasure from this as well?’


  Normally, he’d start to get sleepy around this time, but it was different today.


  He wanted to see more of her reactions.


  Siwoo then delved a little closer into the vulnerable Amelia’s embrace.


  He didn’t know if his action was rooted from his courage, mischievousness or curiosity.


  Nevertheless, he opened his mouth and bit down her trembling nipple.


  After taking it in his mouth, he flicked his tongue against it.




  The reaction she gave out was the most intense one so far.


  She let out a louder sound than before while pushing Siwoo’s shoulders away in surprise.


  Being defenseless, Siwoo’s body was shoved back.


  This sequence of events made both of them stare at each other in surprise.


  Amelia then covered her chest in embarrassment while Siwoo belatedly realized what he had done.


  “A-Ah… Um…”


  “S-Sorry, did I startle you? Come here.”


  Amelia moved closer to Siwoo, who was frozen stiff and hugged him tightly.


  She had no intention of pushing him away in that manner at all.


  After all, she had openly expressed her willingness to fulfill his desire just a while ago.


  The reason why she shoved him away was because of her surprise after feeling that unfamiliar sensation, not because she was repulsed by the action he made.


  Still, this was an unusual situation.


  A member of the opposite sex had sucked on her breasts without asking for permission, yet she didn’t feel any resentment towards him.


  “T-That wasn’t my intention, Ms. Amelia…”


  “No, it’s fine. It’s not your fault it’s okay… I was just… A little surprised…”


  “Still… I-I’m sorry…”


  Amelia wondered, what exactly could she say to him, who seemed to be at a loss as he apologized desperately to her?


  She held him tightly in her arms for a long time. 


  “I didn’t know that you’d hate it that much, Ms. Amelia…”


  “It’s fine, I don’t hate it.”


  “I-I’m sorry… I won’t do it again…”


  No matter how many times she tried to comfort him, she still couldn’t erase his surprise.


  It left her confused, unable to do or say anything to him.


  Then, when she was stroking him gently, she realized that she needed a different approach to resolve the situation.


  “Look up here, Siwoo, lift your head and look at me.”


  Seeing him on the brink of tears while apologizing earnestly, Amelia felt her heart sink.


  She raised her upper body and spoke to him.


  “…Ms. Amelia…”


  “I wouldn’t hate you, Siwoo. Ever. Now, lay down your head here.”


  Amelia knelt down and lightly tapped her thighs.


  She lifted his head, offering her thigh as a cushion in place of a pillow.


  It reminded Siwoo of the thigh pillow he had received in the carriage.


  However, there was a difference from back then; the fact that there weren’t any clothes covering her breasts and her thighs.


  “I was just surprised. Everything is fine. You can do whatever you want, Siwoo.”


  Amelia took hold of her own breast with one hand and pressed it against his lips.


  She placed her erect nipple in front of his mouth, as if trying to breastfeed him.




  “Yes. Trust me. If you want to do it with your mouth, feel free to do it. It’ll be more comfortable to do it in this position.”


  Amelia then lowered her upper body to make it easier for him to suck on her breasts.


  He hesitated briefly before taking her nipple in his mouth.




  Despite her determination to hold back any oncoming moans, a shiver ran down her body as Siwoo’s tongue made contact with her nipple.


  While observing her response closely, Siwoo cautiously sucked on her nipple while exploring it gently with his tongue.




  Amelia hastily covered her mouth with her hand.


  She was about to let out a vulgar moan.


  Noticing her reaction, Siwoo stopped moving as he gazed at her anxiously.


  In response, Amelia mustered a smile and tried to reassure him.


  “See? I-It’s nothing… I was simply taken by surprise.”


  Her thighs became stiff and her voice trembled slightly. This side of Amelia was unfamiliar to Siwoo.


  However, he decided to place his trust in her, accepting her lies and proceeding without making any more fuss.


  “You can use more pressure on it…”


  With a gentle stroke to Siwoo’s head and a slight tilt of her waist, Amelia positioned herself lower.


  Her warm breasts were pressed against Siwoo’s cheek as his mouth was filled with her erect bud.


  At this point, Siwoo was thinking about stopping, but an inexplicable force urged him to continue.


  It was as if a switch had been flipped in his mind.


  Before long, even those kinds of thoughts dissipated due to the intensity of their intimate acts.






  Amelia quivered and covered her mouth as she offered her breasts to Siwoo.


  She could feel her body growing hotter by the moment.


  Due to her knees being pressed together, she keenly felt the wetness between her tightly closed thighs.


  A ticklish feeling was accumulating in her lower abdomen.


  She couldn’t explain what kind of feeling it was, but she didn’t find it detestable or anything.


  Instead, she felt bewildered after experiencing this sensation for the first time in her life.


  Siwoo, who was initially filled with energy thanks to his unique sense of arousal, became relaxed as his craving for maternal affection had been fulfilled.


  However, Amelia was too busy to notice this due to her trying so hard to straighten her body and suppress the noises that came out of her lips.


  When she had finally come to her senses, Siwoo was already sleeping peacefully.




  Only then was Amelia able to catch her breath.


  Observing his innocent face as he slumbered, she soothed the turmoil within her heart.


  Amidst that, a faint whisper reached her ears.


  Within it was a hint of disappointment.


  ‘If only it went on for a little longer.’ 


  Her body shuddered at the thought of her surrendering to such desires.


  ‘Am I just satisfying my own desires? Am I not supposed to fulfill his wishes?’


  A pang of shame washed over her.


  She gently placed Siwoo’s head onto a pillow and covered him with a blanket.


  To Amelia, who was familiar with sexual pleasure, she treated it as something irreverent.


  Yet, it was the exact thing that she was yearning for at the moment.


  She gently caressed her nipples, which were still standing erect and glistening with Siwoo’s saliva.


  It was a rather explicit way to clean them.


  Then, she began to pinch them with her fingers, just like what Siwoo had done.


  “Ahh! Ahh!”


  Initially, it was a mere attempt to ease her lingering dissatisfaction.


  However, with each touch of her fingertips, she felt a fulfilling sensation.


  As she tenderly caressed her own chest, she experienced a pleasure that was devoid of any guilt.




  Fearing that her moans might wake Siwoo up, she suppressed them. Her waist began to tremble uncontrollably as she continued to touch her breasts.


  She could feel the pleasure steadily building up, nearly reaching its limit.


  Its intensity threatened to overflow that limit at any moment.


  At this, she felt fear but at the same time, she felt a sense of excitement.


  ‘What is this feeling?’


  ‘What is going to happen to my body?’


  Despite facing the fear of the unknown, she couldn’t bring herself to stop.




  “Haah…! Nggh…! Ahhh!”


  As her head became dizzy and her vision turned white.


  Her waist started writhing uncontrollably.


  A copious amount of love juice burst out of her vagina, drenching the panties she was wearing. For a while, it twitched without her touching it, pouring even more liquid out.


  Amidst the waves of climax that lasted for nearly a minute, her body quivered intermittently.




  ‘Is this an orgasm?’


  After experiencing her first climax, Amelia gazed at her own body with a blank look.


  Her bodily fluids permeated her panties, trickling down her thighs and dampening the bed sheets.


  The undeniable evidence of her arousal was there.


  In that instance, her face turned red.


  She felt terribly ashamed after realizing that she climaxed through nipple teasing that she had done to herself, without engaging in a normal sexual intercourse.


  Hurriedly, she cleaned herself up using magic before getting dressed.


  She returned to the bed where Siwoo was sleeping and laid her body down.


  Though a considerable amount of time had passed, she still felt dizzy.


  Having experienced such pleasure for the first time, she yearned for more.


  But at the same time, she felt ashamed over the fact that she attained it through a nipple stimulation.


  Tormented by distress and anguish, she found it difficult to fall asleep that night.




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