City of Witches Chapter 12

Twin Witches (6)

༺ Twin Witches (6) ༻






  In the face of a predetermined form of fate, human power might fall short, even going as far as to seem utterly weak and helpless. 


  As a human himself, Siwoo also couldn’t help but agree with that remark. He had once thought that his path forward had been carved out for him by the Almighty themself. Alas! At this moment, that thought could only make him repeatedly lament the cruel irony of fate at its fullest. 


  Before he was brought here, to the city of witches known as Gehenna, Siwoo was hailed as a promising mathematical talent.


  He had graduated early from a high school with a science background. The school was a prestigious and far-reaching institution that allowed most of the students, who graduated with grace, to directly enter a prestigious university or even a prestigious overseas university if they wished so.


  Taking advantage of his talent and the benefits his school granted him, he entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the one situated in America, after being recommended by a professor at the university of MIT, who had noticed Siwoo’s talent from an early age.


  An interview request came in, requesting him to attend and present himself to obtain the opportunity to enroll in MIT. The news had been so awe-inspiring and widespread that it was even published in the newspaper that he was a, once in a century, mathematical genius born in Korea.


  He participated in the daily university activities while also winning multiple international math contests alongside his academics. He even went on to write a thesis on the essential singularity that was published in an academic journal, amassing him great fame.


  In fact, his thesis got so much recognition that he received his master’s degree early and then went on to serve in the military as a sergeant from the age of 21 to 23. After finishing his time in the military he set his mind on preparing himself for his doctorate.


  Relieved from his arduous military duties, he boarded the plane back home with the pleasant and joyous thoughts of being able to return to his mathematical research without any cliques to distract him from his calling in life. Sadly, the plane just had to land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, crashing mid-flight.


  When he finally woke up from his state of unconsciousness, he found out that he was now in Gehenna, the city of witches, kidnapped and held captive until further notice. Ultimately, this led him into becoming sold as a slave of the city hall. 


  For the next five years, like an insignificant cog in the wheel that had to work nonstop to keep said wheel functioning, he carried out all the duties thrown at him whether he liked it or not. 


  The way his life was moving, he was sure that he would drop dead one of these days around. He had to do something, anything to keep himself alive, to break himself free from that cruel fate. Thus, for the next three years, he indulged himself in the study of magical arts in his spare time, after being done every day with the soul-crushing period of work, banking on the slightest chance that this would let him escape Gehenna, from the clutches of these preposterous witches.


  To his surprise and joy, magic had a lot of similarities with math and geometry. He could only attribute this to being extremely lucky.


  If he had to give an example of the similarities then, the first thing that came to mind was the application of linear integrals in the formula for the calculation of the law of mana conservation. And even some prominent infinite series such as the Taylor series and the Fourier series were also used in the study of magical arts. These formulas were used to calculate, and then in turn regulate, the variables that hindered the generation and application of mana.


  Fortunately, the complex mathematical analysis path that Siwoo majored in had a lot in common with the major magic formulas of this world, so he was able to complete the metaphorical ark toward his long-cherished escape, from this fucked up place, at a remarkable speed.


  If he held on and pushed his research into the magical arts for another year or so, he was certain that he would have engineered a way out of this damn place…


  But now…




  He just couldn’t believe that he was about to face a death crisis, that too when he was so close to his goal, due to being discovered by these wicked twin witches, well apprentice witches to be exact.


  Siwoo recited the dull national anthem of his motherland over and over again in his head as he watched, and most certainly felt, Odil clinging to his torso while twirling her small and soft tongue around his, trying her best to arouse him.


  Sometimes he couldn’t help but admit, human patience was truly an amazing thing.


  He couldn’t believe, for the life of him, that he was restraining himself, restraining his urges and his arousal, while being kissed by such a pretty girl.


  “What do you think, Odette? Did it get bigger?”


  “Nope, not even a bit. It’s still the same.”


  Odette, who was constantly glaring at Siwoo’s manhood, with sparkling eyes of curiosity, shook her head disappointingly at Odil’s inquiry, finally coming down from his belly the next instance.


  “We caressed it and even kissed him as illustrated in the book, but his…thing is the same as before. It’s not growing no matter what we do. “


  “Didn’t I already say that there are days like this? When it just won’t stand up no matter what you do? If you’re done then, I would like to wear my pants now, so please untie these bindings already.”


  This situation just took the perfect turn for Siwoo.


  He would be immensely grateful if the two dastardly bitches lost their interest in this subject, and by extension ‘him’.


  Odette, who was still reading the instruction manual at the time, suddenly tapped Odil on the shoulder. Her eyes were still glued to the manual.


“Sis… Take a look at this.”


  Even Odil, who was far more playful than Odette in comparison, completely halted on her tracks when she finally witnessed the contents of the page that Odette had just pointed out.


  There was a rather naked and astonishing scene illustrated in that particular page of the book.


  On the page, there lay a man, completely naked and placed in a standing position with a woman kneeling right under him; her face near his crotch.


  It was the illustration of a woman opening her mouth and sucking the male organ with said mouth. In layman’s terms, she was giving the man a blowjob.








  There was a sudden bout of awkward silence stretching between the twins and Siwoo.


  Odil, Odette, and Siwoo the three of them chose to keep their lips shut for the time being, not willing to utter a single word.


  Getting head right after barely enduring a kiss with all his perseverance?


  How in hell was he supposed to stand that?


  Undoubtedly, his cock would become erect at breakneck speed, he was sure of it. In his mind, he could already imagine the fierce reaction of his little brother piquing the interest of the dastardly twins.


  Besides, all things considered, that book was just an intro manual for teaching about sex to naughty virgins.


  There was not even a single iota of guarantee that the immature twins would not give into the mood and not follow through with the instructions of the manual.


  “Ms. Odette, you know that piss leaks out from the male genitalia, right? Thus, it should be clear that this organ of mine is extremely filthy and infested with various kinds of germs.”




  It was hard to convince Odil.


  So he had to target Odette.


 “Yes, I think that guideline is following an outdated trend, things simply don’t happen that way anymore. Believe me when I say this, I am deeply concerned that Miss Odette, who will be the backbone of Gehenna in the near future, will fall ill because of me.”


  Noting the serious tone of Siwoo’s voice, the naive Odil listened to his bullshit with rapt attention.


  His treachery wasn’t able to be effective, however, as Odil suddenty came up with a brilliant idea.


  “Odette! Why don’t we try this then?”


  And that great idea of hers turned out to become Siwoo’s bane as all his hopes for escaping were thoroughly crushed.




  The hole where the piss leaked out from was called the urethra.


  Simply put, not putting the glans part directly into the mouth should keep them safe from any harm.


  Meanwhile, the outside layer of the genital could be disinfected well by using magic that kills germs.


  Even if they were to fall ill, on the off chance, chanting a healing spell would guarantee a full recovery for them.


  Based on these above four reasons, the decision Odil reached was quite simple.


  If she just licked around the shaft, avoiding the glans, with her tongue then there would be no risk factors in this act.


  “You’re really gonna believe the content of this book? I’m warning you guys! You’ll come to regret it!”


  “Be quiet, Mr. Assistant.”


  “Yes, yes, please be quiet, Mr. Assistant”


  No matter how desperately Siwoo tried to convince the dastardly duo, the twins, already determined to see things through, had no heart to listen to any of his words.


  After all, Amelia wouldn’t have had a constant headache plaguing her, in dealing with the witch duo, if the twins were servile enough to obey the orders of a mere slave.


  The end result was that two girls were now staring heatedly at his dangling manhood as the mischievous twins used Siwoo’s thighs like cushions to rest their hands on.


  He felt a stinging gaze, almost burning holes through his dick with its intensity, while a tickling breath brushed past his hanging balls.


  “Odette, let’s do it at the same time.”


  “Unn, sis.”


  After exchanging glances, the two girls took deep breaths and extended their tongues slowly in simultaneous and fully synchronized motion.


  It was worth mentioning that Siwoo had to keep his balls and manhood well shaved and clean, as he had to be naked for most of the biological experiments that he had to take part in as Amelia’s assistant. That same smooth and hairless buddy of his was now being enveloped in a warm and soft texture, not unlike that of a slowly crawling slugs.




  Siwoo took in a shuddering breath.


  At first, it merely tickled. But that feeling didn’t last for long….


  Soon, he felt as though someone was scraping the libido right out of him with a poker. A tingling sensation ran along, starting from his lower half and slowly traveling up to his underbelly, belly, and other parts.


  His poor member, which was finally calming down from all the accumulated stress forced on it by all the stimuli, flinched immediately the moment the twins’ tongues landed along its shaft.




  “It moved! It moved!”


  Odil and Odette were both taken aback at the same time by the sudden movement. But, they were delighted all the same due to finally attaining the reaction they sought from Siwoo’s schlong.


  “It’s written here that it would be better if you suck the scrotum from time to time as if you were softly kissing it with your lips.”


  Odil, who already had the kissing experience, was the first to go for his balls.


  She opened her crimson-hued lips and held the balls captive inside her luscious mouth as she kept twisting her tongue around; steadily tightening her hold around the balls.


  Odette, being a live witness to her sister’s skillful demonstration, went for the other side while keeping her nose shut tight.


  That was how the twins’ double fellatio started.


  The very fact that a noble witch was caressing his balls like a harlot aroused him further.


  An immoral feeling rose inside of him as the two sisters, who looked like carbon copies of each other, ministered his cock at the same time.


  The warmth of their mouths made him shiver with absolute delight.


  Siwoo’s endurance crumbled instantly from the relentless sucking of the duo.


  His lower half was probably going to melt and turn to mush at this rate.


  Throbbing in stimulation, his dick began growing as Siwoo felt that all the blood in his body was rushing to his cock… 


  The twins were so in sync that when they started speaking simultaneously, no one would be able to distinguish their voices apart. The same happened now as both of them moved their lips to speak.


  “It’s working!”


  “It got bigger!”


  The treacherous rod, who cared not for its master’s wishes and thoughts, throbbed excitedly as if asking for more and more stimuli. 


  Siwoo closed his eyes in defeat and acceptance.


  He didn’t give a damn anymore.


  He decided that it would be better if he might as well just enjoy the ride while he can. 


  Honestly, how many times had he been harassed and abused in this wretched city? He had lost count by now.


  He would just consider this to be a wonderful and refreshing experience and leave it at that.


  He just stopped giving a damn? So, what if he got caught? At most, he would just die. Simple. 


  “I don’t give a damn anymore.”


  Settling with that resolution, he felt himself being more at ease..


  The hellish reality, where he had to endure erections under various forms of stimulation with shame and utter agony, was simply turned into a heaven of stimulating and pleasant feelings that he never thought he’d be able to receive or even afford to receive in this damned world.


  This reminded him of the incident eponymously known as Grand Master Wonhyo’s “skull and tomb” incident.1[T/N: Wonhyo’s Philosophy If one has been brought up to fear skulls and tombs, stumbling into a tomb and finding a skull will be interpreted as a bad experience; but this is only interpretation, not reality.]



  “Next, Slurp. What’s written next? Sluuurp...!”


  Odil read the book again while Odette kept on ministering Siwoo as she thoroughly licked the hot and hard pole to keep the dastardly thing from getting limp. She was doing her level best to avoid that outcome.


  “When a man’s pleasure reaches a certain level or surpasses it, semen is discharged from the male body… This is the fluid that enters the female body and makes babies, right?”


  “Sluurp…. But we are unable to conceive anyways, so just read ahead and tell me what’s next!”


  Odil, who was explaining the contents of the book, which was pretty much common knowledge to him, started speaking again but there was something different to it this time around.


  The oh-so-noble Odil, who he thought to be the height of elegance and nobility, started spouting profanities as she read the next part of the damned book.


  “Just what the fuck is this crazy shit? What?”


  “Why? What happened, sister?”


  Odette, gazing happily, a smile etched on her small face, at the desperate-looking Siwoo, couldn’t help but glance at the book when she heard the foul words coming out of her sister’s mouth. Her expression of pure shock mirrored her sister’s the following moment.


  On the page, there was a full-fledged discussion written in elegant words about the sexual intercourse methods between men and women. Accompanying the writing was an enlarged sketch of a man and woman’s sexual union displayed in detail. Even the overlapping and union of two bodies were drawn in full detail.


  The first shock that came to them was the fact that a woman had to take off her clothes and reveal all the shameful bits to their partner. The shock that followed came from the knowledge that the female had to put that long and hard thing inside the gap between their legs.


  They often wondered, just why was there a crack between their legs, along their pelvis… Surely, they now understood the reasoning behind it… 


  “…This is a bit…”


  “…Sis, I’m feeling nauseous.”


  Odil’s complexion turned into a dark shade of blue. Odette, sitting next to her, didn’t feel any better as a sense of nausea filled her mind and body. 


  Of course, they had no intention of having coitus with him.


  Even so, they still wanted to learn all the know-hows related to this subject. Unfortunately, the truth they chanced upon was simply too shocking.


  “After inserting the erect male penis into the female vagina secreted and lubed by love fluids, the male begins pistoning in and out of the female genitalia. At the end of the session, the fluid ejaculated from the male body, also known as sperm, mainly carries the equivalent of baby seeds. When this baby seed is planted on the uterus and meets the female egg in the ovary, the egg is thus fertilized and goes through the growth process. Approximately 36 weeks later, a baby is thus born.


  Siwoo, who was about to let go of the string of reason, barely caught those wavering strings of his mind when the stimulation stopped all of a sudden.


  “Now you know, right? The process of making love is very lewd and raunchy. That’s why you have to do it with your loved ones only. Not a mere slave like me.”


  Apparently, they understood how ejaculation worked, but they didn’t know anything about mating.


  Seeing Odil and Odette in great shock, he thought that they could be coaxed into letting him escape from this situation.


  “May I go now? It’s getting colder and I don’t want to catch a cold by being naked like this.”


  They held an emergency meeting in front of his eyes, whispering to one another about their next steps.


  “What should we do, sis? We can’t show our naked bodies to Mr. Assistant. It’s just too embarrassing.”




  They have learned from their Master that a woman’s naked body was a very important part of themselves and should never be shown to men.


  Even if the target was Shin Siwoo, who was merely a slave, that knowledge still held true.


  “We can’t help it then.”


  Odil sighed deeply, feeling the dejection settle within herself as she spoke the next words.


  “Let’s just end this for today.”


  “It’s a wise decision, madam!”


  Siwoo, who was released from his bondage, was delighted to finally get out of this situation and hurriedly tried to wear his underwear that had been hanging over the bend of his ankles.


  The twins’ saliva was still glistening around his wet balls, making him feel uncomfortable. But considering their beauty, the feeling of discomfort was reduced by a lot with that single thought.




  Just before Siwoo could pull his shabby underwear up, Odil stopped him to a halt.


  “It’s a pity that it has to end like this. But still, I really wanted to see you shooting out your semen.”


  “I agree too.”


  “You always flinch every time you cum, but I’ve always wondered what it feels like to make you cum like that..”


  He never had direct penetration sex, but he would die anyway if it became known that they used a man, which unfortunately had to be him, to have sex lessons in this mansion.


  The conclusion he reached was that…it would be better to receive a handjob, from the twins, and let his dick cool down rather than to try and go out with a raging erection in his pants. That would just diminish his chances of survival.


  Maybe they could even do it with their mouths as they did it just before.


  With a very Takasho-like thought, Siwoo quickly lowered his underwear again.


  “That’s a good idea!”


  Odil closed the book and approached Siwoo.


  “All right, then I take it that you have no objection…”


  “Ms. Odil, how about this? There’s a way to watch a man’s moment of ejaculation very closely and clearly. Would you like to know about it?”


  “Hoo? Why are you suddenly being so active about this?”


  “The sooner all of this is over, the sooner I can return to my accommodation. I just want to get this over with.”


  Siwoo looked up and lied shamelessly.


  If he was going to be taken advantage of and had to die no matter what he did or whichever path he chose, then it would be far more beneficial for him to just savor the moment for as long as he could.


  With that dastardly thought in mind, Siwoo stuck his cock out freely without letting any shame hold him back anymore.



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    [T/N: Wonhyo’s Philosophy If one has been brought up to fear skulls and tombs, stumbling into a tomb and finding a skull will be interpreted as a bad experience; but this is only interpretation, not reality.]
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