City of Witches Chapter 18

Border Town (3)

༺ Border Town (3) ༻




  Amelia roamed the shop as Siwoo was temporarily free, signaling the beginning of his shopping spree.


  She was an aristocrat, who also happened to be a witch. 


  Thus, it made sense that she wouldn’t have the same concept of money as compared to the everyday citizen.


  Her declaration of “pick what you want” would still hold true even if Siwoo purchased the most exorbitant priced item in the store. 


  Hell, she would even pay it in full without breaking a sweat.


  However, that didn’t mean that Siwoo could simply pick the costliest item in the store.


 He considered what would cause him the least number of troubles. If he bought the costliest item in the store, others might mistake his actions as him utilizing an opportunity to take advantage of Amelia’s kindness.


 On the other hand, if he chose to buy the cheaper items in the store, it could be misconstrued by others as him looking down on the nobility, which would inadvertently cause Amelia to be implicated.


  Siwoo felt burdened by the choices laid out before him.




  His thoughts cleared as out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a pair of Calvin Klein underwear sitting on the shelf in front of him.


  It was sold in packs of 5 and there wasn’t a price tag that would’ve indicated its price.


  It was exactly what he had been looking for.


  The city hall only distributed 3 pairs of underwear every year, and even then, they were made of a roughly textured material that often chafed his skin. 


  Siwoo was deep in thought and hadn’t realized that someone had snuck up upon him.


  “Oo… That’s a good choice.”


  The voice seemed to belong to the manager of the blue snake Junction.


  She looked to be in her 30s and the makeup around her eye drew the attention of everyone that looked in her direction.


  But what was glaringly obvious to Siwoo was her midsection, her sweatshirt holding onto dear life.


  Smoke floated around her, and her resplendent beauty seemed like it had left several guys with broken hearts.


  Her chest almost grazed past Siwoo’s hand due to the close proximity of their bodies.


  “Is that so?”


  “It’s one of our best-sellers.”


  “By the way, where’d you bring Amelia to?”


  It would’ve been more profitable for the store if its manager was the one guiding the wealthy witch around.


  Thus, it didn’t make sense for her to appear beside him at that moment.


  “She already finished her shopping and is now sitting in the reception. I really wasn’t expecting her to be a smoker. She doesn’t look the type after all.”


  “You didn’t say anything strange, did you?”


  “Don’t worry.”


  The manager smiled as she patted Siwoo’s shoulders, almost as if she was brushing the dust off his shoulders.


  Siwoo’s heart fluttered a little and if one were to look closely into his heart, one would find at least three to four cupid arrows embedded deep into its tissue.


  “Can I ask you something?”


 “Go ahead, I’ll answer the best I can…”


  “Are you a paramour?”




  In the dictionary, it was a word that often meant male concubines.


  It was a word foreign to Siwoo and he did not understand it until after he arrived at Gehenna.


  The term ‘lover’ was more appropriate than paramour because, of course, no witch had ever been married. But still, in Gehenna, a witch’s lover would typically be referred to as paramour.


  Even to Siwoo, the phrase ‘Paramour’ is a little more humiliating as compared to the phrase ‘Ching-Chong-Chang’, a racist expression one might say when coming across an Asian.


  “I’m not.”


  He decided to ignore it as the manager didn’t seem to harbor any malice towards him but although he had only been called ‘paramour’ twice, he still felt humiliated by it.




  The manager leaned closer.


  Her chest which had previously lingered above his arm was now fully pressed into it.


  It felt like Siwoo had sunk his hands into a soft pillow, the warmth enveloping him.


  Siwoo looked at the manager, perplexed.


  “You’re a slave, right? What’s your name?”


  “Erm… Excuse me, but what are you going to do if someone sees us like this?”


  The obvious attempts to flirt made Siwoo uncomfortable, as he slowly pulled away from the manager.


  Siwoo, who had been conditioned by the twins, and Amelia had developed a habit of being wary around beautiful women.


  “What do you mean? I’m simply asking for your name. Would it be politer for me to tell you mine first? I’m Larissa, the branch manager of Blue Snake Junction.” 


  “…I’m Shin Siwoo, a slave managed by City Hall.” 


  Brown flowing hair along with pale blue eyes.


  Paired with her long limbs, and a set of voluptuous breasts that didn’t suit her slim figure.


  It finally clicked for Siwoo upon hearing her name.


 The reason behind her massive ‘assets’ was probably due to her Russian lineage.


  Larissa stretched a hand out for a handshake, which Siwoo shook without a moment of hesitation.


  Larissa’s slightly bent fingers stroked across Siwoo’s palm.


  Her fingers felt ticklish, and more importantly, was quite a flirtatious act. 


  Siwoo hurriedly let go of her hand and tried to get rid of the sensation by repeatedly opening and closing his hands.


  Larissa looked at his actions, her lips slightly raised.


  “You truly know nothing, do you? How long have you been in Gehena?”


  Her smile seemed to grow more mysterious as she heard of Siwoo’s five-year tenure.


  It looked like the smile of a predator eyeing their prey.


  “Would you like to shake my hand again?”


  As they did so, she repeated the action, where she would bend her fingers inward to scratch the palm of Siwoo’s hand.


  “When someone scratches your palm when they shake your hand…”


  Siwoo was suddenly pushed up against a shelf as Larissa slowly whispered into his ear.


  “It means, ‘I got wet just from the thought of fucking you.’”


  Siwoo was caught off guard by the unexpected sexual remark along with the sensations that assaulted his hand.


  Larissa nibbled on Siwoo’s ear before increasing the distance between them.


  “Ah? How did this escalate so quickly?”


  Siwoo couldn’t understand the situation that he had been placed in.


  He had come to the store before to purchase cigarettes for Amelia the other day, and all she did was give him an odd look. It hadn’t seemed like she had been sexually attracted to him.


  They didn’t even know his name!


  ”It must be true that you don’t have a typical relationship with that witch. It doesn’t make sense how one of those arrogant witches would buy a present for a slave?”


  Larissa proceeds to unzip her sweatshirt, revealing a white sleeveless top that covered her upper body, wrapping around her round chest.


  Siwoo was entranced by the swaying motions of her bosom, fully exposed in all their glory. Her bosom and those alluring pointed nipples were like a magnet softly inviting Siwoo’s hands.


  ”By the look of things, you’re not a witch, are you? You’re more like… a high-ranking official. I do often wonder how it would taste if I made love with a man that managed to catch a witch’s eye.”


  To summarize, Larissa is a promiscuous woman and Siwoo piqued her interest since she believed a witch like Amelia was eyeing him.


  A man’s worth seems to increase in this world if they are loved by a witch.


  Let alone Amelia, Siwoo had no idea what goes through the thought processes of women and the things they hide in their hearts.


  He who had been consistently attracting ladies was quite perplexed by the situation.


  “It won’t matter even if we take our sweet time. I distracted her with a bunch of cookies and a hot cup of tea. It wouldn’t hurt to fool around for half an hour, would it?”


  Larissa’s hand sneaked under Siwoo’s coat. 


  Her long delicate fingers wormed their way toward Siwoo’s nipples where she started rubbing circles around them.


  “Let’s give the noble witch some time alone with her tea, while we adults have some fun.”


  Siwoo was at a loss for words.


  Words could not begin to describe the insanity of the situation.


  No matter how Siwoo tried to deny it, he still understood what Larissa meant by having some adult fun.


  Larissa amped up her assault on Siwoo’s body in response to the muffled response from Siwoo.


  ”Do you even care about that witch, really? Despite the fact that I am of lesser social standing than she is. I’m convinced that I’m one step ahead of her when it comes to… Other departments.”


  The melons dangled within her white shirt as she reached a hand onto her breasts and began slightly shaking it.




  Siwoo’s member that had been calm and unresponsive, suddenly flinched.


  As she had claimed, her G Cup breasts were truly ginormous, easily dwarfing the size of Amelia’s.


  Larissa pulled her sweatshirt over her head without a word.


  Her tits were so large, in fact, that Siwoo wondered if it would even fit in his palm.


  It held an irresistible charm that no man could overcome.


  Siwoo eventually succumbed to the urge and began exploring every nook and cranny of her chest with his mouth wide open.


  Milky white skin coupled with those delicate pink mountains.


  It reminded him of the tits on a Russian white model he had seen on media.


  Indeed, the holy scriptures did not lie.


  “I touched yours, so it’s only fair for you to touch mine.””


  Interestingly, although it was Larissa offering up her bosom to be touched, Siwoo was the one who started blushing.


  In situations like this, Siwoo was supposed to be assertive. However, he had no idea how to act in front of such a bold proposal.


  However, the mystical power that the swaying boobs contained was beyond imagination.


  Almost as if a switch was flicked, Siwoo’s hands reached out and started fondling her breasts without hesitation.


  Siwoo’s fingers sank deeply into her flesh as he squeezed, the suppleness of the tits pushing his fingers out with an equal force.


  The massive melons possessed a considerable amount of weight behind them.


  There was a suppleness to her erected mountain peaks that was pleasant to the touch.


  “It’s quite awkward, holding them at this angle. Do you mind if I use both of my hands?”


  Larissa giggled as if it were tickling when Siwoo’s hand squeezed her tits.


  He was unable to resist the urge.


  Honestly, it felt awesome.


  Almost as if she was used to it, Larissa’s hand snaked down Siwoo’s pants as he absent-mindedly played with her chest.




  “Ooo… You’re bigger than I thought! You’d think someone as cute as you would have a cute package to go along with it as well.”


  Larissa’s lips parted as she used her tongue to moisten her luscious red lips as she began stroking Siwoo’s rod.


  Although there was little space for movement in his underwear, it received far more pleasure than he had ever experienced before. 


  “Come here.”


  “Wait a minute…!”


  Larissa pulled Siwoo towards her as she leaned onto a shelf. In a single tug, Siwoo’s pants fell to the ground. She then proceeded to part her lips, swallowing his manhood in its entirety.


  He had come to the store without properly showering, and after having walked around, it had accumulated a faint sweat odor. Yet Larissa didn’t seem to pay it any mind as she unhesitantly began going down on him.


-Huk, Hurlock, Holock


  Sloppy, wet sounds started emanating from her mouth.


  Siwoo made a futile attempt to stop her, but all resistance was for naught, as his resistance collapsed the moment his cock entered the deep caverns of her mouth.


  His legs felt like jelly, forcing him to lean onto a nearby wall for support.


  “Holok… Holok…!”


  Larissa possessed a surprising amount of skill in sucking dick. She knew of the perfect   pressure and intensity, utilizing her soft hot tongue to caress his member.


  Siwoo truly believed that he wouldn’t be able to last longer than 10 seconds under these conditions.


  Still, he was a proud male in his element and it would hurt his pride if he showed any sign of weakness.


  He barely held himself together as he began to enjoy the experience Larissa’s tongue brought.




  “Sis, what time do you think it is now?”


  “Do you have any idea how many times you’ve repeated that question?”


  ”Of course! It’s the 55th time I’m asking this.”


  Odil and Odette were waiting for Siwoo at a hidden mansion in Tarot Town.


  They had arranged to meet together at 3 pm. However, it was already 5 pm.


  Odil and Odette sat side by side, their shoulders touching. They were sitting on a bed and sullen looks hung from their faces.


  They had spent their time wandering around Tarot Town, exploring the place.


  The twins had been waiting on Siwoo for the past four hours ever since they reached the mansion at 1 pm.


  “Is he not coming?”


  “Although the assistant can be clumsy, he isn’t one to lie.”


  “Come on, don’t you think we should go outside and have a little fun? Hm?”


  “If you want to have fun, go out by yourself. I’ll be here waiting by myself.”


  Odette pouted her lips as she slumped onto the bed.


  It was the long awaited break from their boring magic classes and Odette was irritated by the fact that she had wasted half a day waiting for Siwoo.


  “By the way, sis? What would we do if our Master found out about our little prank?”


  “What do you mean what will we do?”


  ”Well… Assistant Siwoo is both a man and a slave… I’d bet Master will get really angry at us…”


  Odil thought for a moment.


  In the beginning, she wouldn’t have cared if a slave died.


  But Assistant Siwoo was the exception to the rule.


  They had formed a close relationship after several private talks and over their heated discussion in magic.


  That was only Odil’s opinion though.


  “We just have to help him then. I’m sure our teacher would be pleased to hear that a slave managed to discover how to utilize mana. It’d be an interesting sight for sure.”


  “But wouldn’t it be better for us if we blamed everything on the assistant- Ouch!”


  Odil gently smacked her sister’s forehead


  “We are witches and noble aristocrats of society and as such, we have our obligations to follow! Are you going to simply snitch on the assistant because you’re afraid of our teacher’s scolding?”


  Odette silently sobbed as she wrapped her arms around her head.


  It seemed that Odette was still a little too immature.


  ”Hng… I understand… But why’d you have to get so aggressive?”


  “It’s because you’re too naive for your age.”


  As the saying went, we have to take responsibility for our actions.


  And since Siwoo had broken his promise today…


  “He must be held accountable for that too.”




  Siwoo felt a chill run down his spine as he received the best blowjob of his life.





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