City of Witches Chapter 19

Border Town (4)

༺ Border Town (4) ༻




  According to the ramblings of Takasho, no matter how unattractive a man was.


  There will come, at least once in their life, a phase of their life where there will be plenty of ladies chasing after him.


  Siwoo had laughed it off, thinking that Takasho was simply spouting shit from his mouth without any real credibility, but nowadays, he began to wonder if he was the fool and if what Takasho mentioned was accurate.


  It started out with the twins, then Amelia, then Larissa, someone whom he had never before met in in life until now.


  He’d been suffering in servitude for the past 5 years and only now did women start to flock around him.


  “You can moan if you want. Either way, she’s too far to hear them.”


  “That’s enough from you.”


  Larissa knelt at Siwoo’s feet, looking up on Siwoo. Her messy hair tucked behind her ears.


  She had merely teased his cock with her tongue and yet the pleasure that he had experienced was on a whole another level.


  The symbol of femininity hung from her chest, gravity pulling it down, it swayed in hypnotic motions as she bobbed her head, his member in her mouth.


  “Let’s try something new… How’s this? Does it feel better?”


  His manhood glistened in the light as Larissa held it in her hands. Pulling back his foreskin, a rosebud-like member revealed itself in all its glory. 


  Larissa’s tongue poked out and inserted itself between the gaps of his foreskin and his raw member.


– Slurp, sluurp, sluuurp, slurp!


  Siwoo was forced to increase the pressure in his legs as they threatened to give way.


  It was a different technique as compared to Odil and Odette’s sloppy fellatio.


  ”Why’s your nether regions so hairless and smooth?”


  Larissa asked as she devoured his sacks, running her hot tongue around Siwoo’s rod.


  She seemed indifferent to the fact that his cock was covered in saliva.


  Siwoo felt like he was watching an AV actress perform her craft in real life, each and every action she took was natural and performed without an ounce of hesitation.


– Squeak squeak


  Siwoo felt like he was about to cum. His cock, glistening in saliva and filled with pre-cum, anxiously twitched in her hands


  The urethra of his cock continued to ooze clear liquid.


  He hurriedly opened his mouth in an attempt to formulate an excuse.


  ”I- I don’t usually finish that fast…”


  “Huh. You know what, it’s truly fascinating seeing you’re so hairless, it’s almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom.”


  ”Not to mention the size of this thing,” Larissa snorted.


  An overwhelming urge to splatter his baby batter all over her face overcame Siwoo as Larissa licked her lips. The red tongue rubbing over her red, luscious lips.


  No one could deny that she was an extremely desirable young woman. One who was capable of stimulating a man’s deepest desires.


  “Come on… We don’t have much time, do we? I can’t wait to get a taste of your homemade mayo.”


  Smirking, Larissa twirled the head of his penis around her nipple.


  Siwoo attempted to shut Larissa up but faltered after experiencing the intense stimulation building up in his nether regions.


  “Phew… Let’s wrap this up. We don’t have much time left.”  


  She boldly stood up; her naked body exposed to the elements for all to see and bent over a nearby shelf.


  Her garments were left around her heels, revealing her plump butt cheeks in all their glory. 




  Siwoo was lost for words. His gaze was drawn to her cheeks, so perfectly round and plump that they hid her other hole behind the mound of flesh.


  “What are you waiting for? You want this, don’t you?”


  Larissa parted her butt, exposing her femininity in all its glory, glistening from the stimulation.


  Siwoo felt the urge to succumb to his temptations, but managed to barely wrestle control from his inner thoughts.


  Amelia stood fewer than 50 steps away from their location.



  Siwoo was aware that Amelia held a soft spot for him and realized that it wouldn’t be wise to be caught in the act if her subtle actions were a hint of her romantic interest in him. 


  He had no idea what the consequences of his actions might entail if she had found out that he had refused to yield to her even after 5 years of constant torture, and yet he would casually fuck another woman he had met not more than once before.


  “Why the hesitation?”


  Larissa began grinding herself onto Siwoo’s erect cock, coating it in layers of her love juice.


  The combination of both her bush as well as her sweltering flesh clung to his cock, creating a symphony of unique sounds. 


  As if molten lava was being poured out, the warmth emanating from her entrance teased his sensitive shaft, one that had become warmer and stickier than any other part of a female body.


  “Do you like witches?”


  “No way.”


  Siwoo, whose thoughts were a mess, snarled angrily at the thought of liking a witch.


  It was undeniable that Amelia held a charm to her, but that didn’t mean that Siwoo harbored any romantic feelings towards the witch.


  The only emotions that Siwoo held toward her were a mix between respect, fear, and resentment.


  “Do you truly believe that a witch is capable of loving a slave?”




  “I’m asking because you look so foolish and naïve.”


  Larissa muttered whilst licking her lips.


  “Your head must be in the clouds if you truly believe that a witch can love you. From my experience, as a woman that has been born and raised here in Gehenna, the power they hold is terrifying. Humans can only play with humans just like how witches should only play with witches.”


  Siwoo couldn’t decide whether Larissa was saying this out of genuine concern or simply to put him in the mood for some quick sex.


  Larissa, however, wore a solemn look on her face.


  “The higher rank a witch is, the worse the danger. You do know what they do to a paramour after they’re finished with them, don’t you?”


  Her words held the truth of the world. Something only those that have come into contact with the dark reality of the world would understand.




  A single word that frightened Siwoo so much that his lust was temporarily stifled.




  “You ask why? Well, it’s because even among witches, the aristocrats are special.”


  “How’d you even find out she’s a noble?”


  “You learn to recognize the signs. Plenty of witches frequent my store every day.”


  Larissa stopped to catch her breath.


  “Compared to normal witches, aristocrats are far more arrogant and demanding. Do you believe that a noble will keep a man, hell anyone for that matter, alive if they knew of their sexual preference or embarrassing sides? Who knows what he’d say when he’s let loose into the real world.”


  “But… Amelia isn’t the type of person to do that…”


  Siwoo had unknowingly come to the defense of Amelia.


  Although some witches do act the way Larissa characterizes witches, Amelia was different.


  Yes, she did have a childish, petty personality and even a cranky personality but Siwoo didn’t believe that Amelia was as bad as Larissa made her out to be.

Larissa smirked at the way Siwoo’s personality abruptly changed.


  “It’s funny.”


  She muttered under her breath as she organized herself and put her clothes back on.


  Larissa was plenty aware that Siwoo no longer had the motivation to continue.


  “Being aware of their situation, whilst being aware is just sympathy covered in distractions. How tragic.”




  “I’m talking about the paramour. A century ago, the relationship between witches and “exiles” was a perfect example of that, but these days they say that things are different.”


  “Are you implying that everything was a lie?”


  Larissa held up the underwear that Siwoo was searching for and placed it in his hands.


  “Maybe? Either way, you won’t be able to do anything you desire if you’re always afraid of her. Will you look at that?”


  Larissa grabbed a hold of Siwoo’s rigid rod, squeezing it before continuing.


  “If you have the time later, stop by whenever you’re free. I’ll let you experience heaven with my tits.”


  Larissa squeezed her breasts together, jiggling them in a seductive manner.


  Siwoo pondered if they should’ve just fucked and slightly regretted his decision.


  Tidying themselves up, the both of them stepped between the shelves and returned to the counter.


  A little dining table had been set up close to the shelves, there Amelia sat sipping on a cup of tea.


  It was way closer than Siwoo imagined.


  Fortunately there was a distance between her and the shelf. Had they had been a little louder, Amelia would’ve heard the commotion.


  “Did you find something?”


  “Yeah, I will take this.”


  Despite not doing anything immoral. It was still hard for Siwoo to look at Amelia. Perhaps it was due to the shame he felt. 


  Siwoo brought out the pair of Calvin Klein underwear from a paper bag.


  Amelia replied without batting an eye.


  “Pack it.”


  “Yes, ma’am. I’ll make sure to pack it with the utmost care. It’s a part of the service experience of purchasing a high-end item after all.”


  Larissa bowed her head as her eyes darted towards the area of Siwoo’s manhood.




  Amelia was confused by the exchange, whilst Siwoo struggled to remain calm.


  The shopping trip finally concluded with the trip being paid for by Amelia.




  Amelia and Siwoo stood side by side as they retraced their steps on the familiar path they took before.


  The rain had stopped when they left the store and so there was no need for an umbrella between them.


  Their shoulders never met as Siwoo was lagging a step behind her.


  “Ms. Assistant Professor, I know I’m late in saying this, but thank you so much for this gift.”


  Amelia remained quiet, irritating Siwoo, who took the opportunity to start a conversation.


  He had noticed that Amelia wanted to chat from the way her eyes occasionally shifted in his direction from time to time.


  Even if she wasn’t aware of what she was doing at the moment, it was obvious to any third party looking in.


  She seemed eager to feign her serenity.


  Amelia took her time to respond to Siwoo. Taking approximately 3 seconds for her to turn and look at Siwoo.


  Amelia replied, sounding quite pleased.


  “It appears that the gift I gave you was not for naught.”


  It seemed to reference Siwoo’s behavior, which had become less hostile.


  Although he felt a little burdened by something, Siwoo had no intention of telling her about it.


  “I was foolish in the past. As I mentioned before, I was blind to your kindness and your magnanimity resulting in my recklessness.”


  Siwoo believed that he would receive another gift if he buttered her up.


  It seemed like saving Amelia from the collapsing tent today was a good decision.


  Would it be possible for the future to continue being so comfortable?


  Amelia continued her walk, not bothering to provide a proper response.


  It seemed as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders as Amelia took lighter steps.


  In any case, Siwoo felt a soreness in his nether regions that had been aching ever since what happened in the store.


  His balls felt swollen from being unable to properly expel his load after getting hard.


  Amelia’s seductive butt swayed in the air in front of him. 


  Her calves were slick and did not appear to possess any fats. Her thin dress pressed up against her body and a subtle outline of her panties could be seen through the fabric.


  The scene in front of him overlapped with the situation with Larissa.


  The issue at hand was that Siwoo could still feel his manhood continue to throb in his pants.


  Silently gripping his nether regions in an attempt to relieve the pressure, he followed behind Amelia.


  Arriving at the platform, Siwoo’s fantasy of going home and jacking off after a long time abruptly came to an end when a piece of information struck him.


  “Huh? You mean… We can’t use the portal today?”


  “It’s a routine maintenance check, something you’d know if you opened your ears and listened. Tsk, tsk, tsk.”


  What it meant was that the portal would be unavailable for the next 12 hours due to maintenance and inspections.


  Siwoo, who had been waved off by the receptionist, returned with the bag of gold coins.


  “Ms. Assistant Professor, it appears that the portal is closed for maintenance for the next 12 hours. We won’t be able to use the portal today.”


  It was a funny sight, Siwoo looked like a lover who had planned an elaborate date only to have missed the last train back home and who was forced to report the bad news to his counterpart.


  “Hm… Shall we arrange a carriage then?”


  Amelia appeared unfazed by the situation.


  “Never mind, Lenormand Town is too far of a destination for a carriage anyways.” 


  After all, it wouldn’t matter even if they booked a carriage. The portal would’ve been opened by then.


  Siwoo felt absolutely stumped.


  He couldn’t stay here for 12 hours.


  “What should we do?”


  “I know a friend who owns a villa nearby.”


  Siwoo was surprised in more ways than one.


  The first of which was that Amelia had a friend despite her horrendous communication skills.


  Second of all, there would be a villa owned by a witch in a small time village like this one.


  And last, of all, the fact that Amelia, who was known for her fussiness, decided to stay in Border Town without having to ponder it for a moment.


  She had the capability to arrive back at the academy in about an hour or so if she relied on her magic and yet she made the decision to remain in this dingy village.


  Siwoo tailed behind Amelia as he scratched his head in confusion.


  Despite the unique situation, Amelia seemed to still be in a good mood. Her steps held the same weight as before.





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