City of Witches Chapter 207

Before Regret (2)

༺ Before Regret (2) ༻



  The room was filled with an unusual warmth, almost as if it came seeping from the moonlight.


  Inside, two figures entwined their tongues.


  Neither of them took the lead, or tried to be more aggressive than each other.


  They pulled each other close, snuggling their bodies together, trying to find out how close they could clasp their lips together, nibbling each other in the process. 




  Sharon held onto Siwoo, embracing him, as if hanging onto him with her naked body.


  She wasn’t sure where she should put her hands, so she tentatively explored his waist before pulling him closer by pushing his neck.


  Almost instinctively, she laid her hand on his chest, gently, as her other hand grasped his wrist.


  Every sensation that she felt was new to her.


  Her heart pounded, as if she had just gone through a marathon.


  Finally understanding the words, ‘heart on the verge of bursting’ expression that she had only read about in books.




  Siwoo’s hand gently squeezed Sharon’s slender waist.


  His fingertips softly glided over her smooth sides, savoring the elasticity of those parts.


  Her body twisted in response.


  Normally, she’d only feel ticklish, but at this moment, it wasn’t the case.


  Especially not when they were in the middle of such a passionate kiss.


  Instead of feeling ticklish, she felt that the places his touch grazed heated up.


  The scorching, yet pleasant sensation eventually enveloped her bare body.


  His warm, thick palm caressed her hips gently before moving toward her plump buttocks.


  Then it traveled around, back to her hips, to her ample thighs, then moved up to encircle the lower part of her breasts.


  Feeling the unobstructed touches, Sharon came to a realization.


  ‘Ah…I’m showing him every part of my body…’


  Even the places that she’d only ever touch during baths or during her alone time were being explored by him.


  The feeling gave her immense joy, along with a hint of embarrassment.




  Suddenly, she felt something that caught her completely off guard.


  A sticky liquid started gushing out from her hidden parts.


  It overflowed, squeezing through the tight petals between her crotch before dripping onto his rod.


  This was none other than the love juice that always gave her a headache after she gave Siwoo a blowjob.


  ‘Is it because I’m feeling something down there…?’


  Below, Siwoo’s exposed rod pressed firmly against her lower body. There wasn’t even a single thin fabric that separated it from her skin.


  She vividly pictured its swollen head, pulsating veins and stiff shaft.


  The grandeur and masculine beauty of his manhood was etched clearly in her mind.




  Finally, they concluded their long, passionate kiss.


  It felt as if they had done every possible kissing technique for over ten minutes.




  Sharon called out, a mix of embarrassment, awkwardness and fear was there within her voice.


  After they broke off their kiss, Siwoo pulled Sharon’s waist closer with one hand.


  Then, with his free hand, he firmly grasped her bouncy breasts, moving his lips to the tip of her firm peaks.




  With its beautiful curve, Sharon’s waist tightened and arched backward like the hull of a ship.


  He playfully nibbled and sucked on her sensitive nipples, teasing them with the tip of his tongue.


  With each touch, her waist shivered, as if a pleasant shock coursed through her.


  Her heart raced, and her body quivered in response to the newfound sensation.




  She felt her strength begin to leave her body, as she nearly toppled backward. But she managed to cling to Siwoo’s head.


  Her soft breasts gently brushed against his face as her nipples grew firmer in his mouth.


  It felt like her breasts were being sipped on.


  A surge of arousal tingled in her lower stomach.


  The atmosphere and the proximity between her and Siwoo weren’t the only thing that stirred this arousal.


  It also came from the physical pleasure and bodily response that rose up from the stimulation of her erogenous zones.


  “S-Siwoo— Haang—!”


  She clung to his head tightly, trying to cover her mouth.


  Because she didn’t want her feeble moans to escape her lips completely.


  She trembled as a sense of fear coursed through her body.


  At first, she expected this would go just like what she had seen in romance movies, but it wasn’t the case at all.


  In those movies, the pair of lovers would come together with a gentle and playful background music.


  They’d exchange glances, as sweet as honey, while softly caressing each other’s bodies.


  However, what she was experiencing was far cry from those scenes.


  First, it was rougher than she had anticipated.


  It was also more vulgars in ways she had never expected.


  And it was more lewd and intuitive than she had imagined.


  Despite that, the pleasure she felt as she made direct contact with Siwoo’s bare flesh was unquestionable.


  The passionate kiss they shared only added to the enjoyment.


  Yet, witnessing Siwoo gripping and sucking on her breasts, as if trying to devour them sparked an unknown fear in her.


  It felt as if he’d eat her alive, completely different from the gentle Siwoo that she was familiar with.


  “Ahn… Siwoo…more—!”


  But she persisted.


  Because she didn’t want to stop.


  Besides, she trusted him.


  Her trust was strong enough for her to endure any fear that arose from him taking the lead in the action.




  Suddenly, he flipped her over, gently laying her on the bed.


  With a half-spin in the air, her body landed on the bed with a gentle thud.


  She cupped her chest with her hands, gazing up at him. Fear, anticipation and desire welled up in her eyes.


  Meanwhile, Siwoo was taking in her naked body that was without any blemish.


  This was the same Sharon that he had always considered as only a friend just a while ago. Lying on the bed, she had turned into an alluring woman.


  “D-Don’t look at me like that…i-it’s embarrassing…”


  She pressed her thighs tightly together, trying to cover her pussy.


  Her arms were wrapped around herself as she tried to hide her breasts.


  Like ripe peaches, her cheeks flushed.


  Her lips protruded slightly as she tried to hide her embarrassment, but from his eyes, it was as if she was begging for another kiss instead.


  Witnessing her stunning beauty made Siwoo’s head spin.


  But, it wasn’t the time yet. He resisted the impulse to pounce on her, and instead he replied to her with a joke.


  “You’re so pretty, I can’t help it.”


  He was way past the phase of considering whether this was the right thing to do or not.


  “…You’re so sneaky…say stuff like that when it matters…”


  “What do you mean?”


  “…You kept saying things that made me speechless…it’s annoying…”


  “I didn’t mean to, sorry…”


  “Why are you apologizing? Just look at me properly…”


  He realized it once again.


  That the woman on the bed, laid completely bare, was none other than Sharon.


  The brave, lively, and kind witch who was always willing to lend him a hand even in the most difficult of situations.


  She was someone who he had always seen as a friend.


  But now, she was practically asking him to devour her.


  Despite her fear, she willingly surrendered her body to him.


  He noticed her trembling shoulders.


  It was clear that she was pushing herself too hard.


  He was still worried, though. Over the fact that their relationship might not end up in the way he desired. He was worried that even after a close call with death, both of them didn’t end up feeling the intense emotion necessary for them to gain a deeper connection with each other.


  “W-Why are you staring blankly like that…? A-Are you not going to do it, after all…?”


  “No…it’s just…are you sure you’re okay with this?”


  At his question, she raised her eyebrows sharply.


  This was the first time he had ever seen her pouting expression ever since they were living together.


  Her plump lips protruded even more than usual.


  “…You’re too much.”


  In front of his bewildered face, she moved the hands that were covering her chest, as if she had made up her mind.


  Then, she discreetly spread her thighs that she kept tightly closed.


  At that moment, her crotch finally came to his view.


  One could call this sight a vagina unboxing.




  As her legs were spread apart, her inner thighs glistened, as if they were coated with a layer of shiny paint.


  Her wet juice flowed like a spring, trickling down to her tightly closed anus.


  Due to the amount of the nectar, her trembling thighs were soaked, to the point that it couldn’t hold any more of them.


  Siwoo’s eyes traced the source of all the liquid, settling on Sharon’s swollen flesh that was tightly closed.


  Her labia majora was plump with excitement.


  As her legs spread wide open, there was a soft sound, like a gentle sigh that escaped her parted lips.


  Light pink mucous membrane, that was usually tightly closed, was now stretched open, wide enough for a finger to barely fit.


  There, her clitoris stood proudly, adorning the dress-like labia with its cuteness.


  Half of it was modestly tucked away, but he could still see its considerable size.


  With every heavy breath from her, her lower lips wiggled, as if beckoning him to enter.


  “C-Can you see now…? I-I’m ready…and I won’t regret it, I promise…”


  Feeling embarrassed, she tried to avoid Siwoo’s gaze.


  It was as if she had transformed into an animal, trying to entice its mate.


  She offered up her most private parts, something that she should’ve kept hidden, and never to be shown to someone else.


  Her face heated up as shame surged through every inch of her body. There was also fear that Siwoo might look at her with disdain mixed in.


  “H-Hurry up…put it in…”


  When she gave a sneaky glance and mumbled those words, something clicked within Siwoo.


  He then took his fully erect manhood and gently inserted it between her pink slit.






  He had felt the heat when they hugged and kissed earlier, but this part of hers felt especially hot even after considering that.




  Though he had just lightly inserted the tip of his rod, Sharon’s breath already turned rough.


  She quickly clasped her hands in front of her chest, as if she was praying.


  Not only that, she even nibbled on one of her fingers, making her look even more adorable than she already was.


  “Can you lift your hips a little?”


  “…Like this?”


  “I should probably put a pillow under your hips instead.”


  “W-Would that work…?”


  Due to her nervousness, the angle wasn’t quite right.


  From his time with Yebin, Siwoo knew that adding a pillow under her hips would make things more comfortable for both of them.


  So, he quickly did just that.


  As her waist made a gentle arch, her pussy became even more visible.


  “Y-You can see everything like this—!”


  “Well, it’ll feel less painful this way for upi.”


  “R-Really…? Y-You aren’t lying to me, right…?”


  Unable to bear the embarrassment, Sharon finally pulled up her blanket.


  Then, she nestled half of her face into it, like a kid, clinging to her favorite blanket.


  Meanwhile, thinking everything was ready, Siwoo slowly moved his hips forward.


  His glans slowly entered her tight opening.


  Only a fourth of his glans entered the hole, but he could already tell…


  That Sharon didn’t need any more foreplay.




  His rod slid smoothly through her quivering flesh, and her wet juices immediately flowed out of the tight hole.


  Slowly, and steadily, Siwoo guided himself into her.






  Finally, all his glans entered her inner folds.


  At that moment, Siwoo couldn’t help but express his awe.


  He didn’t know if it was because this was their first time, or it was because doing it with her just felt naturally satisfying.


  His rod was experiencing the kind of pressure that was so different compared to the ones that he received from the twins’ anus.


  It was more gentle, and more moist…


  As if her inner walls were welcoming him, they gently caressed his glans, providing an intense pleasure for him.


  Meanwhile, Sharon was experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  This was the first and last time that she’d be losing her virginity.


  More time passed, and Siwoo felt more satisfaction toward the act, to the point that he could feel an urge to just ejaculate right there and then.


  Her vagina tightened its grip around his penis in a sticky, lascivious hold.


  The bumpy ridges of her inner wall was unlike the clinginess of Yebin’s. If Yebin’s felt like they were gripping his rod, refusing to let go, Sharon’s felt like they were massaging it, sliding along with it.


  He pushed his rod a bit more, through a thin membrane that obstructed his progress.




  At that moment, a short yelp escaped Sharon’s lips.


  “I-It hurts…!”


  She tightly shut her eyes, biting her lips hard.


  What he just broke through was her hymen.


  It didn’t take long for Siwoo to recognize that.


  This was the proof that he had taken her virginity.


  The evidence of his intrusion to her most private parts, forcefully parting the narrow crevice and tearing through the fragile membrane.


  “Are you okay? If it hurts that much, do you want me to stop?”


  If anything, her response only gave him the urge to thrust his rod all the way in.


  The urge to tear through her fragile hymen apart.


  But, he suppressed that impulse and instead asked her that question.


  She shook her head.


  “N-No! D-Don’t stop…!”


  She forcefully wrapped her legs around his back.


  As if trying to tell him not to pull away directly with her body.


  Urging him to continue.


  She wrapped her white legs around his waist, resembling two snakes in the middle of a mating ritual.


  Then, with all her strength, she pulled his waist toward her.




City of Witches

City of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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