City of Witches Chapter 208

Before Regret (3)

༺ Before Regret (3) ༻



  Seeing Sharon’s reaction, seemingly in more pain than expected, Siwoo was a little hesitant to push his rod deeper into her.


  It was the pair of legs that locked on his waist tightly that got rid of his hesitation.


  Since his glans were already inside, he only needed to push in a little more for half of his rod to enter her tight wall.


  Even so, that was still more than Sharon could handle.


  In the first place, she had no experience with penetration. Even when she masturbated, she never went that far. She expected that she could take his large rod with ease, but the truth couldn’t be any more different.


  An intense pain struck her body, making all her limbs frozen stiff.




  A cat-like yelp came out of her mouth as she rolled her eyes upwards.




  Meanwhile, Siwoo, who managed to penetrate midway through, felt a stiff resistance.


  It was his first time opening such a tight inner wall.


  The pressure was so intense that it actually hurt his cock.


  Sharon’s inner wall was soft, but there were stiff protrusions here and there.


  It felt like he was inserting his rod into a custom-made onahole instead of a vagina.


  Having experiencing this much pleasure, he wondered what would it feel like if he were to start fucking her for real now.




  Meanwhile, Sharon was biting her lips tightly, her body twitched as she felt the sensation of his rod penetrating her insides.


  It was clear that such a reaction didn’t come from pleasure, but pain.


  Her mouth was half-open and she was unable to move a single muscle. Noticing this, Siwoo pulled his waist slightly, trying to help her ease some of her pain.


  But as he tried to do that, Sharon immediately tightened her grip around his waist again.


  “S-S-Siwoo…w-wait…a-a moment…”


  “Does it hurt? I’ll be more gentle, okay? That’s why you shouldn’t pull me in suddenly like that…”


  “I-It doesn’t hurt…b-but, let me stay like this…for a second…haah…haah…”


  Her body trembled as she took in a few deep breaths.


  She’d definitely get angry if he were to say this out loud, but she looked really cute and adorable like this.


  Due to the sweat appearing on her forehead, her bangs became disheveled. The bridge of her nose wrinkled due to the pain she felt, and her cheeks kept on moving, following the rhythm of her heavy breathing.


  Such a sight would arouse any men who laid their eyes on her.


  But Siwoo held that urge, patiently waiting for her to calm down while holding out his current awkward position.


  “I-I think…w-we can continue now…”


  She glanced at Siwoo with an exhausted expression.


  Her voluptuous chest that had been moving frantically, had calmed down a little now.


  “I can move now?”


  “Y-Yes—! Ahhng!”


  Then, Siwoo’s monstrous cock continued its way to penetrate her tight walls.


  Sharon’s body shook in response as she hurriedly grabbed his arm.


  “I-I’m fine…s-so, j-just continue…”


  She didn’t even leave any chance for him to consider going easy on her.


  Seeing her in such pain did leave Siwoo worried.


  But his worries crumpled away little by little over time.




  As Siwoo slowly put his dick in, 0.5 cm every ten seconds, finally the pleasure of an intercourse spread through Sharon’s brain.


  Her toes could be seen, wiggling from side to side.


  She moved her arms to cover her chest at one point, maybe trying to hide it from Siwoo’s sight, but it was for vain as her trembling body kept making her chest slip out of her arms anyway.




  Siwoo wasn’t pushing his rod in without caring for her well-being, though. Whenever he found her struggling with the pain, he’d pull his waist back a little before pushing it slowly again.




  And he ended up repeating that process a few times.


  Sharon’s wet inner walls also moved as he moved, gently following the movement of his rod, as if trying to massage it.


  Everytime that happened, it felt as if his rod was being attacked from all sides.


  Maybe this was how a witch pussy worked?


  Or was it just Sharon’s pussy that was special?


  Her inner walls kept on attacking his rod, as if trying to squeeze him dry as they yearned for the male seeds that were stored in his balls.


  “Ngh…haah! I-Is it all in…? Ahn…!”


  Sharon’s wet eyes peeked at Siwoo’s side.


  Even after the initial pain had passed, her fear still remained.


  Of course, she wasn’t oblivious to the movement that her inner walls made as they clung to Siwoo’s cock, refusing to let go.


  She could also clearly feel the hard sensation of his rod that was embedded deep within her stomach.


  Those two sensations combined, giving her shivers that ran down her spine.


  A new kind of pleasure spread from her lower abdomen throughout her whole body.


  “No, I’ll put them all in now.”


  “I-It isn’t all in—?! Ahh!”


  After he felt that he eased up her inner wall enough, Siwoo began to push forward again.


  In fact, he had just inserted a little bit more than half of his full length.


  -Squelch, squelch!


  With that, an obscene sound, as if it was a water bottle with barely any water in it being shaken, echoed inside the room.


  He had been doing this patiently.


  All this while, he had been resisting the urge to just push his whole rod inside her hole.


  The slow, agonizing push made him feel like he was a snail.




  It wasn’t all that bad, though.


  While going through that agonizing grind, he was still able to enjoy Sharon’s gasps and moans, as her cheeks got redder and redder by the seconds.


  The same woman who had always asked him, ‘What shall we eat for breakfast today~?’ energetically, was now writhing in both pain and pleasure beneath him.


  She often massaged his shoulders while they were watching a movie, and now she was doing the same thing to his cock.


  He had always thought that they were equals, but now she was completely in his mercy as he turned her into a proper woman.


  Such immoral thoughts appeared in his mind, making him feel a little guilty.


  But, it was a fact that the gap between her usual appearance and her current appearance lit a fire in his heart.


  -Creak, creak!


  -Squelch, squelch!


  “A-ahh…! Ahh! Aang!”


  The sound of the creaking bed became louder.


  Followed by the lewd sound that came from Sharon’s crotch that was becoming louder as well.


  Even her moans grew louder at this point.


  But there was no trace of her feeling any pain anymore.


  Rather, she had been moving her hips, following Siwoo’s lead, as she quietly wrapped her legs on Siwoo’s waist again.


  “T-This feels…s-so strange! Haa…haa…aang!”


  Finally, the tip of his cock reached the deepest part of her vagina.


  The place where the wall of her cervix was waiting for him.


  At this point, Siwoo was no longer able to hold back his lust.


  With all his might, he pushed his waist forward, slamming the tip of his rod right onto Sharon’s cervix, as if trying to stamp it with its shape.




  Sharon let out a sweet scream in response, but instead of pushing him away, she hugged him tightly.


  Compared to Yebin’s, her insides were more narrow and deeper.


  Maybe it was because she was taller than her.


  In any case, she managed to take in almost the full length of his rod with ease.


  If he were to push any deeper, he’d go through her cervix and knock on the door to her uterus. When he poked around, it did feel like it would fit his cock perfectly, as if it was a custom-made cock-sleeve.


  “Ahh…uuhh…my head…dizzy…”


  Seeing her reaction, it was hard to believe that this was the first time she had ever got her cervix penetrated. 


  Because she looked way too seductive, as if she was trying to invite him in even deeper.


  “Haah…b-but, y-you’ve put everything in now, r-right…?”


  “Yes. Good job taking it all in.”




  In response, she let out a bright smile before opening her arms wide. It made him wonder what made her so happy.


  There were tears running down her cheeks as she closed her eyes tightly.


  “N-Now…h-hug me…”


  Previously, he couldn’t even hug her even if he wanted to due to the awkward position he was in. But, now that he had pushed most of his cock in, he could comply with her wish with ease.


  Siwoo lowered his upper body, and Sharon immediately clung into him like a sloth.


  He still had to pay attention to his hips movements though.


  Rather, he had to pay extreme attention to it because one wrong move, and his partner would pay the price for it.


  He laid down her body on the bed, letting her rest for a moment.


  The soft sensation of her body was comparable to a 50 billion won cushion.


  Not only did it feel soft to the touch, the pleasure he felt was also prominent, as if it could wipe away all the troubles he felt.


  “Sigh…it’s weird… I’m trying to stay still, but my insides keep on twitching…well, I guess that isn’t a bad thing for you?”


  “How do you feel?”


  “W-Why are you asking something like that?! O-Of course I…I-I feel…”


  She spoke shyly before extending her tongue, looking for a kiss.


  It didn’t need a genius to tell that she pretty much enjoyed kissing him.




  Everytime their tongue met, Siwoo could feel Sharon’s pussy tightening its grip on his cock.


  Not only that, when he bit the tip of her tongue, her inner mouth would also ‘bit’ the tip of his glans, as if going for revenge.




  In the middle of their kiss, Sharon suddenly pulled back.


  There was a hint of embarrassment in her mint-colored eyes.


  This was because Siwoo suddenly moved his hips forward, as if trying to push in deeper again.


  “Aang—! W-Wait—! C-Can’t you wait until…w-we finished…kissing…?”


  “Or we can just do both at the same time.”


  “B-But—! Ahh!”


  Siwoo thought that he had endured enough.


  It was time for him to thoroughly enjoy her pussy.


  Because of the pillow beneath her hips, Sharon’s waist was arched slightly.


  As Siwoo moved his hips, her body also moved up and down, as did her enticing looking breasts.


  Her legs that had been clinging to Siwoo’s waist, lost their strength and dropped their grip.


  No matter how hard she tried, a woman was still a woman. They yielded in front of the unimaginable pleasure that they felt.


  And Sharon was no different in that regard.


  “I-If you do it like that—! Haah! Ahh! T-There! Ahhh…!”


  Sharon twisted her body, letting out sweet moans that she’d definitely wouldn’t let out normally out of embarrassment.


  Whether it was because Siwoo stopped holding back anymore, or because of their position, each movement they made was large.


  Siwoo would pull his waist to the point that his glans popped up from inside her before slamming it inside almost immediately. Meanwhile Sharon was indulging herself in the act, relishing in the pleasure that she felt as Siwoo explored every inch of her pussy with his large cock.


  “Y-Yes—! T-There! K-Keep going! Haang…!”


  There were times when she’d shake her head, trying to resist the unfamiliar pleasure.


  But her efforts were in vain as his large rod would penetrate the deepest part of her body again, making her mind go blank. She even suspected that his erect rod was filled with a paralyzing poison.


  She couldn’t think clearly anymore. Her eyes could only see whites, as if she was struck by lightning.


  -Plap, plap, plap!


  “Hngg—! Ahh…haaang! S-Slow down…!”


  Of course she didn’t actually want him to slow down.


  If she really wanted to, she’d demand it in a more firm tone, not beg for it foolishly like this.


  What she really wanted was for him to pound her harder.


  To thrust in deeper.


  She wanted to become one with him.


  But, at the same time, she was afraid.


  She grew afraid of getting used to this strange pleasure she felt for the first time.


  -Squelch, squelch, squelch!


  “Ahh! Y-Yours…i-is…s-so thick…!”


  Her face was deep red from the heat and pleasure she received.


  Sticky saliva flowed out of the corner of her mouth that was open to the point that Siwoo could see her small tongue.


  Vulgar moans came out of her mouth every time he thrusted his cock in.


  He had to admit that observing her reactions felt better than watching porn on his phone.


  “Shh, quiet…I forgot to turn on the music box.”


  “W-What?! Ahh! W-Why did you just say that now–?! Mmh! Mm—!”


  Her long eyelashes trembled in shock.


  Frustrated moans and hot breath leaked through the hand that she used to block her mouth.


  ‘I hate you.’


  The voice that she let out, her current appearance…


  Someone other than Siwoo might see it…


  But, for some reason, he didn’t seem too concerned about this.


  On the contrary, he increased his speed.


  -Plap, plap, plap!


  “Mmh! Hmff! Hmmaahh! Aaang!”


  No matter how hard she tried to keep her mouth closed, it was no use.


  She even tried to bite her lips, to stop her voice from leaking, but…


  It was no use.


  Because the pleasure she felt was so amazing that it was impossible for her to not make any noise.


  From the beginning, it was a useless endeavor.


  “Ah…ah! S-Something…i-is coming!”


  All those buildups gradually filled her cup of pleasure, and finally, it was about to break out.


  She could feel it. Just another drop of pleasure, and everything would overflow out of the cup.




  Siwoo shoved his cock into the deepest part of her stomach.


  That was enough to serve as the final trigger for both of them.




  Without realizing it, Sharon had stopped breathing.


  For a second, the room was enveloped in silence, the calm before the storm. Almost immediately, everything burst out. The silence was replaced by the peak of their climaxes.


  “Aaaang! S-Siwoo! Siwoo!! A-Ahhh!”


  Goosebumps appeared all over her skin.


  Sharon could feel the inside of her stomach squirming violently.


  Her hips and back were lifted in an arch.


  The tip of her toes went stiff, as if they were experiencing a cramp. At the same time, her cervix felt like it was being shot by a water gun.


  Siwoo’s cock kept pouring semen into her pussy, showing no mercy at all.


  “W-Wait—! S-Stop! A-Ahhhh!”


  She desperately tried to cover her mouth with her hands, but all her efforts became useless when Siwoo moved his waist again.


  As his cock moved back and forth repeatedly, squirting the white liquid, a hot sensation spread through her womb.


  That was when she realized that he was releasing his seeds inside her body, stimulating a different kind of pleasure that she’d normally never experience..




  Siwoo reached out his hand, grabbing her delectable breasts.


  He gripped it hard and pulled it, almost yanking it. It was to the point that Sharon could feel the pain clearly amidst the pleasure she felt. 


  As he did that, he kept on pouring his semen inside, every last drop of it.


  -Spurt, spurt, spurt!






  After his cock squeezed everything out, Sharon’s inner wall stopped wriggling after a while.


  To Siwoo, the feeling that the ejaculation brought was out of this world. His balls felt like they were completely empty now.


  It even made him wonder if he ever had cummed this much.




  Their bodies, now covered in sweat, were stacked on top of each other.




City of Witches

City of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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