City of Witches Chapter 209

Before Regret (4)

༺ Before Regret (4) ༻



  When she ejaculated, Sharon could hear a loud throb from her chest that she clasped without realizing it.


  Both her body and Siwoo’s, coated with sweat, touched against each other.


  Their dripping sweat made their skins feel smooth, but strangely enough, they didn’t feel disgusted by it.




  Siwoo’s cock was still buried deeply inside Sharon, and he could clearly feel the clenching of her inner walls, an usual post-orgasm phenomenon.


  Just when he thought that something was missing…


  It happened…


  “Haa–! Ahh…ahh! S-Siwoo—! W-What is this—?!”


  Sharon, who was still hugging Siwoo due to her body going limp, asked urgently.


  This was because she could feel mana coming from Siwoo’s cock permeating through her defenseless womb.


  Because of his excitement over seeing Sharon’s fascinating body, Siwoo completely forgot to tell her this.


  She was about to push him away, but he managed to calm her down in time.


  “Ah, it’s fine, just stay still. This is a normal thing.”


  In normal cases, something like this wasn’t exactly a good thing.


  Witches’ spiritual bodies were sensitive to mana, especially their womb, because that was where their brand was placed.


  Most of the time, if one’s womb was injected by pure mana like this, it wouldn’t result in anything good.


  “O-Okay–! Haah—!”


  Even considering that, as soon as she heard Siwoo’s words, Sharon stopped resisting.


  She completely trusted that he wouldn’t hurt her.


  Meanwhile, his mana that seeped inside her womb voraciously absorbed all the mana that were stored there.


  The process brought out a great amount of pleasure that her body couldn’t help but tremble.


  “A-Ahh…! Ahhh! S-Siwoo! T-This—!”


  Her body began to writhe.


  She dug her sharp nails onto Siwoo’s back, while her heels, shaking wildly, hit Siwoo’s sides.


  Of course, she wasn’t trying to push him away or anything.


  The pleasure she felt was just too overwhelming to the point that she became unable to control her body.


  “Ahh— Mmh—!”


  After all that, she bit onto his shoulder.


  Through her half-dazed state, she still realized that if she didn’t bite onto something, she’d let out a scream so loud that all their neighbors would know that she and Siwoo were having a sex.




  Meanwhile, Siwoo’s dick had completely absorbed her mana.


  Then, it amplified her mana a few times before returning it to her, shooting it directly into her womb again.




  Feeling the strange sensation, she put even more strength into her bite, to the point that Siwoo’s shoulder started to bleed.


  Mana kept on pouring inside her.


  Pure, unadulterated mana passed through her womb, endlessly, accompanied by an indescribable pleasure.


  At that moment, her brand began to glow.


  Originally, she should have inherited twenty strokes worth of brand.


  But, because of the incomplete inheritance process, she could only use seventeen of them.


  The three strokes, extending to the far right like tea leaves, were inaccessible.


  She couldn’t use anything that was contained in those strokes, nor could she inject her mana to activate it.


  But, one of those three leaves that refused to budge no matter how hard she tried, suddenly resonated with the overflowing mana.


  She felt the sensation clearly, her mouth gaped open, but she was unable to let out a single sound.




  An enormous wave of mana filled her womb, and at that moment, ‘Ain’ was formed before her eyes.


  The stimulus she received was so intense that she didn’t even need to concentrate to form it.


  A huge structure was floating in the middle of the black space that spread out endlessly.


  Its shape was like that of a scale with four plates.


  Like a diamond, four plates were placed in all four cardinal directions, letting out glows with each glow having different colors.


  This scale was the great legacy of the ‘Evergreen’ that had lasted for generations.


  Until now, the balance of the scale was off.


  Sharon had not inherited the last part of the structure, rendering one of the scales frozen, as if it was struck by a petrification curse.


  Above the structure, there was a huge amount of transparent mana.


  Normally, she’d need to gather them for months before this much mana could be assembled. But this time, all those mana were being poured down into the structure like a waterfall.


  Into the scale that refused to budge even after she took various elixirs that were said to be beneficial for her body, and when she did countless research to make it move. Little by little, the scale began to move.


  At that moment, her consciousness returned to reality.




  After a brief period of time, she opened her eyes wide.


  “W-What was that…?”


  “Were you surprised? I shoulda told you in advance, sorry.”


  “No, no, that isn’t important here! What did you just do?”


  Siwoo didn’t even know how to explain to her.


  Not only was this the second time he had experienced this phenomenon, the only thing he knew was that all the magical power he drew from a witch’s womb into his dick would be amplified several times before being returned.


  Yebin said that it felt good, but that was all, and she didn’t seem to care much about it, so he had been dismissing it as a perk of being a male witch.


  But, Sharon’s reaction was different…and unusual…


  “I-I just felt something…ah!”


  With excitement, Sharon looked as if she was about to get up, but that was when she realized that she was still connected with Siwoo.


  “Should I get out of the way first?”




  Siwoo then pulled out his still erect cock.


  It seemed like it was yearning for more, but Sharon didn’t seem to be in the mood for that…




  Even though Siwoo was just pulling his cock out, Sharon’s body was still sensitive. She started shaking all over as she let out a strange voice.




  The entrance of her pussy was redder than he first saw it.


  Her lower mouth was drenched with love juice, its entrance opened slightly, a small amount of semen leaked out of it.


  It was tinged with a shade of pink, just like a ripe scallion.


  Seeing it made him feel disappointed that this would be the end.


  It left him wanting to go for another round.


  After they were done wiping each other’s private areas with a towel, Siwoo proceeded to explain everything that he knew.


  “So, it’s like this…”


  But, it wasn’t like there was much to explain.


  Whenever he had sex and ejaculated, he’d suck some mana, amplify them and return them back.


  He didn’t know the cause, the details of the process, or the reason, though it was certain that it wouldn’t be harmful to anyone.


  Despite his poor explanation, though, Sharon looked visibly excited.


  “T-The moment you injected the mana inside me, i-it reacted! My brand reacted!” 




  “Previously, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to react!”


  Such a thing was indeed, something to celebrate for.


  The reason why she was kicked out of Gehenna, shouldering a massive debt, was because of an accident during an experiment to restore her brand.


  Siwoo had seen how she spared her time studying magic to do exactly that even in the middle of her debt-ridden life.


  Not to mention that magic was the sole reason for a witch’s existence. Some of them even dared to gamble their lives just to improve their magic. Therefore, Sharon’s excitement was completely justified.


  “I really thought I would never be able to restore it…all this time, I always thought that I’m a disappointment to my master because of this…it feels like a dream…”


  “Thank God you found a clue now.”


  Although she didn’t know exactly why such a phenomenon occurred, she still expressed her elation to the point that tears welled up in her eyes.


  Siwoo couldn’t really relate with that, though…


  Because, the moment she said ‘it reacted’, it sounded like she was announcing that she had a baby in her belly and the baby moved healthily…


  In any case, the lewd atmosphere between them had disappeared, but he didn’t mind it anymore.


  Since she looked so happy, he figured that he should just clap his hands and congratulated her.


  “Thank you, Siwoo! Really, thank you so much!”


  “Y-Yeah, d-don’t mind it…”


  At that moment, Sharon pounced on him and hugged him tightly.


  She rubbed her cheek against his. From how excited she looked, he wouldn’t be surprised if she were to start jumping and dancing now.


  Then, something seemed to come to her mind as her body froze, and she directed her gaze at him.


  “S-Siwoo…s-sorry to ask this of you, but…c-can we do it one more time…?’




  “I’m not trying to take advantage of you or anything! Just now, I was too surprised to do anything, but I have a feeling that if we were to do it again, I can restore part of my brand! Also, I’ll try to find out what exactly is the cause of this while we’re at it…”


  ‘What…? Does that mean…?’


  ‘She wants us to do it again…?’


  “I know it’ll be hard on you since you’ve ejaculated already, but, you still…”


  With a seductive gesture, she grabbed Siwoo’s dick that still hadn’t completely settled down yet.


  Normally, she was a considerate person, but it seemed like what had just transpired made her unable to think clearly.


  However, Siwoo understood her situation, and he was more than willing to help her in this regard.


  Sure, one could say it was for restoring her brand, but at the end of the day, it was still sex.


  Besides, he was craving for more anyway.


  “I-It’ll be hard to put in if it’s like this, right…?”


  Because of the conversation they had prior to this…


  His dick was in the state of half a boner.


  So, Sharon gently stroked it, trying to get it up again while blushing heavily.


  “You should lay down.”




  “Since I’m the one who asks for it…I’ll take the responsibility of making your dick bigger with my mouth…”


  “Good idea.”


  And so, he made himself comfortable and laid down. As for Sharon, she brought her face closer to his crotch, like a cat about to pounce on something.


  She swept her hair and placed it behind her ear so that it wouldn’t fall down in the middle. Then, she opened her alluring red lips and took his cock in. 






  Even when some time passed after his previous ejaculation, his cock was still sensitive.


  Her mouth gave him enough pleasure normally, but in his current state, the way she twirled her tongue on his glans sent him over the heaven.


  It had been a while since the last time she gave him a blowjob. There was a glint in her eyes as she saw his cock growing bigger in real time after all the care she had given it.


  And the sight looked so alluring.


  To the point that he started leaking pre-cum because of it.


  “Puha! I see that you like that a lot~ Look, it grows so big~”


  Not caring how her saliva dropped onto her hand, Sharon grabbed his cock and traced the pre-cum that gathered like morning dew with her tongue.


  The tip of her tongue poked the entrance of his urethra, giving him a tingling sensation.


  This was one of the ‘services’ that she provided him, so she knew full well how much he liked it.


  “Haah…this feels so lewd…this isn’t the first time we’ve done this, but somehow, this feels more lewd than usual…”


  At first, she had only done this purely for the sake of restoring her brand.


  But she quickly realized that this would escalate into something more. What was supposed to be a foreplay in the name of magic research had turned into an opening to another amazing round of sex.


  Her crotch became all tingly, and she couldn’t even think about restoring her brand anymore. At the moment, her head was only filled with Siwoo’s cock.


  She remembered the feeling of ecstasy that she experienced during the act with him prior to this.


  “I-I’ll put it in now…c-can you stay like this…?”


  She got on top of him.


  Then, she leaned her upper body forward, making her chest dangle down, giving the stimulation needed for Siwoo’s cock to grow even harder.

  In that position, she spread the opening to her vagina open while adjusting the position of his glans so that it could easily enter the opening she provided.


  It made him wonder if there was something even more delightful to see than this scene. 


  She knelt on one knee, while the other one was in a squatted position.


  Then, she gently rubbed his glans against the entrance of her vagina, before slipping it in.




  The semen and love juice that remained inside her hole made a rather loud sound as his cock made his way inside.


  Sharon bit her lip, and slowly lowered her waist.


  This time, his cock made its way inside more smoothly than before.




  And so, the pair became connected once again.


  Only after Siwoo’s dick settled nicely inside her that Sharon started to move her hips.





City of Witches

City of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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