City of Witches Chapter 3

Slave of Witch City (3)

༺ Slave of Witch City (3) ༻


Amelia began to go through the twins’ assignments.


Was she even reading them? Since her ruby-adorned red quill pen glided across the pages at an extremely fast pace.


At that moment, the eyes of the twins also turned to Amelia.


In Siwoo’s opinion, the apprentice witches were prime examples of the Witches’ obsession and madness toward magic.


The Witch of Creation was said to be able to conjure something out of nothing.


Every Witch lived in hopes of reaching her level, a realm which was nothing short of being a God.


Just as one would expect after seeing Amelia, who despite existing for over 150 years still possessed a young and beautiful appearance, witches had already gained eternal youth after receiving their ‘Brand’.


However, just because they had an infinite lifespan, did not mean that they were able to develop indefinitely as well.


Some Witches would soon be forced to face an insurmountable wall in their progress, forever stuck in their own perpetual cycle.


After failing countless times for hundreds of years, numerous Witches, even the most stubborn ones had to eventually admit their defeat.


They had to accept the fact that it was impossible for a single individual to be able to make any achievement that could ever rival the achievement made by the Witch of Creation. 


Normally, most people who had some common sense would simply give up at this point. However, witches were a group of people who lacked that common sense to begin with.


After realizing the inevitable truth, they had finally decided.


If they were trying to achieve a feat that was impossible to try in just one life, they would just try again in their next life.


They would start by looking for somebody who had a completely different mindset and talent from themselves. Once they found themselves a suitable successor, then they would pass down their research, allowing the successor to continue the research in their predecessor’s stead.


Inside every Witch’s Brand carried several generation’s worth of precious research their predecessor was working on.


It was thanks to the Apprentice Witches, such as Odile and Odette, that the witches’ brand was able to be accepted and the research of the predecessor would be able to be passed down to their disciple.


It wasn’t only the life of others that were disregarded by witches in the pursuit of magic.


To people like them, even something like their own life would become nothing more than a tool necessary to complete their magic.


Amelia stacked the papers together after having finally checked every single one.


“Now then, come here and take back your graded assignments.”


Amelia returned both assignments in less than 15 minutes.


She didn’t pay much attention to the exact score given to an assignment.


According to Amelia’s theory, magic was not something that could ever be specifically graded.


“As I always say, the corrections that I have made are only one possibility. Don’t ever give up and just accept the solution as it is, but rather continue to constantly reflect on it and question that solution.”


  ““We understand, Professor!””


Surprisingly, the strict Amelia was actually pretty good at teaching.


Whenever she taught a class, the first thing she always did was acknowledge the possibility of an alternate path existing apart from her own.


When you consider just how prideful witches got when it came to their magic, this attitude was extremely flexible.


Along with the sounds of paper rustling, the twins, who had already received their assignment back, started to quickly check through Amelia’s corrections as if they were competing with each other.


Looking at the speed at which they were reading through their assignments, they obviously weren’t able to properly process the information.


No matter how talented the two girls were, they were still too young to completely copy the advanced technique of Amelia, a mature witch.


“My score’s 71. Odette, what did you get?”


“I got a 59. Looks like it’s my win today, sis!”


“You’re lying! It’s impossible for our scores to be that different!”


Odile was in disbelief as she checked the papers that Odette had given her with a smug look on her face.


“The number isn’t the only thing that matters! Look, in mine only one line got corrected, but in yours there’s an entire paragraph that got corrected. See?”


“Yeah, but wasn’t it clear that we bet on the number of corrections?”


Suddenly, Amelia’s fingers twitched.


Her exhausted expression made it look like she was in desperate need of a cigarette right now.


However, now wasn’t the time for Amelia to start smoking.


Instead, she slammed her hands on her desk to silence the ongoing quarrel.


“Be quiet!”


“Uh- I’m sorry. Odette started it, though!”


“I’m sorry, Professor… My sister is a bit immature.”


Amelia waited for the chaos to subside without a word.


After everything had finally settled down, she then immediately started the class without bothering to mention anything about the assignment beforehand.


“There’s something that I want to ask you before I begin. Is it possible for a man to possess mana?”


Every class that Amelia taught began with a question like this.


Confused, Odile and Odette began discussing among themselves.


“The answer is no, right? Isn’t that why it’s only women that ever become witches?”


“That has to be it.”


“But even if men don’t have any mana, why can’t they just inherit a brand instead?”


The moment the topic of men got introduced, the twins got excited as they began to immerse themselves within Amelia’s lecture.


“Well, isn’t the reason because they’re stupid?”


“Ah- no offense to Assistant Siwoo.”


The lively pair of twins turned towards Siwoo with wistful expressions on their faces. 


Despite the distractions, Amelia’s lecture itself was still interesting to listen to.


As a high-ranking Witch, she was able to clearly point out the essence of the subject.


“As it is discussed in many myths, the mother who bore the world was the Goddess. The mainstream symbols and systems are used as the basis for modern magic. Modern magic is a set of conceptual symbol systems that contain mana.”


“And while men have the ability to create life, they are not able to harbor the life that they create.”


“Similarly, unlike women, they can directly generate mana within their body. However, they are unable to handle the Brand and its foreign mana.”


Odile and Odette both nodded in understanding at the same time.


“However, that does not completely exclude men from the study of magic. If we Witches were able to generate mana directly within our bodies like men, it would be an innovative discovery that would overturn our current standards of magic theory.”


“Then, is this class going to be learning about the manifestation of mana?”


“Correct. But in order to do that, we need to first check the correlation between a man’s bodily fluid and mana. Anything more than that would be too difficult at your current level.”


Siwoo felt that the time had finally come. Then, Amelia commanded him in an impassive tone.


“Take off your clothes, Assistant.”




The moment that he had been dreading had finally arrived.


The whole time he’d been present in the classroom, Siwoo was treated no differently than a simple training aid.


A training aid that received several curious glances towards his genitals that he was being forced to reveal.


After taking off the lab coat he wore, Siwoo’s completely bare form was revealed. The thin lap coat was already so skimpy, to the point that it took him less than five seconds to take off. Well, that’s why the coat was designed that way in the first place.






Despite having seen it more than a few times already, the twins stared at Siwoo’s bare physique with twinkling eyes.


It was a unique sex education lesson for this pair of twins who had been raised in a greenhouse-like environment, their paths already set to become witches from birth.


Siwoo had a body that could be described as an average adult male, being neither particularly fat nor muscular.


On top of that, his little brother down there was large enough to stand out regardless of what position it was in.


Plus, he hasn’t even gotten erect yet.


Fortunately enough, nobody had mentioned his size anyways.


“How is it always so shiny every time I see it?”


Currently, besides his head, not a single strand of hair existed on Siwoo’s body.


This was because, while acting as a teaching aid, all hair must be removed from the body so that students are more able to clearly identify the ‘subjects’. The hair removal process was done by bathing oneself in a strange liquid. 


Siwoo kept his head facing downwards and grudgingly cooperated with the experiment with his hands clasped behind his back.


They weren’t the type of people to listen, rather they would ask him to thank them for cleaning his hair off.


“Stop getting distracted, focus.”


Maybe it was because of his earlier conversation with Takasho??


For some reason, Siwoo felt like Amelia, whom he had thought was entirely incapable of making any kind of facial expression, now seemed to have a tinge of redness on her cheeks.


“Men have the ability to exert mana by their own will, but it is during ejaculation that the most violent mana generation occurs. It is so easy to spot that even beginners like you wouldn’t even need a precision instrument.”


Amelia began lifting Siwoo’s sleeping brother with a long, slender stick.


Right now, she was quite literally treating a man’s flaccid dick like a dried radish at the produce aisle.


“The generation of mana is closely related to the state of mental elevation. And the act of ‘sowing seeds’, which is engraved on a man’s instinct, evokes an instinctive exaltation. Today, we are going to observe it.”


The way she explained made it sound more complicated than it really was.


In simpler terms, his dick would be masturbated until he ejaculated. If the test subject was a pervert like Takasho, they would definitely enjoy it, but Siwoo wasn’t that type of person.


When Siwoo got his semen collected for the first time in order to make a magic reagent, he felt so much shame that he couldn’t sleep for a week straight.


After ensuring that the twins were ready to begin, Amelia began placing a silver pendulum and chalkboard on top of her desk.


She began by drawing a magic circle using chalk on the black chalkboard.


Despite its seemingly ordinary appearance, however, the chalk she was using was not just an ordinary piece of chalk.


It was a piece of Magic Chalk, commonly used as a material for drawing magic circles. It was made by mixing lime stone powder with gold powder as well as some special reagents that helped increase the conduction of mana. 


Of course, it was an expensive item that a slave like Siwoo couldn’t even dream of buying, especially seeing how even that small piece being used right now had cost more than a year’s worth of his salary.


A few moments later, the previously blank space of the chalkboard had been instantly filled with runes, geometric shapes and lines.


Somehow, in that short amount of time Amelia was able to draw all of those straight lines and curves perfectly by hand without using any kind of tool. She then placed the pendulum, that was hanging from a tripod, on the completed magic circle.


“This right here is a very simple magic circle that is able to detect the generation of mana. You can properly understand the structure, right?”


“Yes, Professor.”


“Are you going to make him ejaculate now?”


It definitely wasn’t a very complicated magic circle, as even Siwoo, a normal human, knew how it worked. As such, there was no way that the twins wouldn’t be able to understand it.


Once the circle is activated, the pendulum would begin to swing back and forth once it detects mana being generated from an outside source.


The width of the pendulum’s swing would be determined by the magnitude of the generated mana it had detected.


As expected, the twins only had to glance at the magic circle to completely understand how it worked.


Rather, they were much more eager to see my semen spurting out as soon as possible.


Trying to empty his thought as preparation, a certain calmness began to spread in Siwoo’s mind.


He didn’t even know if he could last even one round because of how exhausted he felt, but he will still try to hold on anyway. 


After he finished clearing his mind, he continued to wait for Amelia’s signal.


Once she sent the cue, Siwoo had to start masturbating in front of these three women.


“Yes, but we will proceed a bit differently from the experiments we have done so far.”




After rolling up her sleeves, Amelia’s white hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed the hilt of Siwoo’s sword.


She began silently fiddling with his soft member, ignoring the clear look of embarrassment on Siwoo’s face. 


“Until now, the ejaculation was self-induced by the Janitor, no, Assistant Shin Siwoo. But today, however, I will be the one to demonstrate how to induce ejaculation.”


“Can we do it too?”


“I want to try too!”


The twins started loudly exclaiming while sticking their upper bodies out over their desks, to the point where it almost looked as though they would die from excitement.


This sudden development completely stunned Siwoo, having expected to be doing it himself. Additionally, as he continued to feel Amelia’s touch on his crotch, blood had already began to rush towards the lower part of his body.


  “First, watch my demonstration.”


“Hey, Associate Professor Amelia…?”


Over the years of slavery, Siwoo had learned the importance of remaining silent about any absurdity that occurred.


However, even he felt that Amelia’s sudden action was way too much.


Siwoo’s gaze suddenly met with her bright, blue eyes.


Her gaze was just as indifferent as it always was, however, Siwoo once again could feel a subtle, unknown emotion hidden deep within.


“Is there a problem?”


“Umm, I can do it myself.”


“That’s a matter for me to decide.”


After rejecting him instantly, Amelia’s hand slowly began to move once more.





City of Witches

City of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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