City of Witches Chapter 4

Slave of Witch City (4)

༺ Slave of Witch City (4) ༻


  After having induced ejaculation via stimulation of the male genital by hand, the next thing to do would be to observe whether or not mana was generated from the process.


  In fact, any witch who personally induces the ejaculation would end up getting the same result as a witch who simply sits back and observes the process.


Siwoo still had no clue what Amelia was thinking, but the fact that this was the first time he had ever felt the icy touch of her hands on his crotch had ended up distracting him. 


“Remember, it’s important to first make the shaft big enough to hold with your hands before starting the stimulation process.”


  Before this class, Siwoo would never have thought that Amelia, a person who had always given him trouble ever since he became a slave, would someday be touching him like this.


  Holding onto his shaft, Amelia’s fingers began dancing around the tip and then started to directly begin rubbing the head.


  “Gently caress the tip with your fingers and stimulate the glans by pushing on it with your thumb.”




  As a matter of fact, Siwoo didn’t like Amelia at all.


  Of course, he doesn’t enjoy being jerked off in front of an audience either.


  However, it was impossible to deny the fact that her hand was making him feel good.


  Against Siwoo’s will, blood began to rush towards his lower region. His groin became more and more sensitive as his shaft gradually began to swell.




  “The pendulum just moved! Even though he hasn’t even ejaculated yet!”


  As soon as Siwoo’s soldier had finished straightening up for war, the pendulum on the chalkboard started vibrating towards him.


  “Didn’t I already explain what triggers the generation of mana? Men can easily generate mana just from feeling a bit excited. In that case, however, the amount produced is insignificantly small.”


  While Siwoo’s dragon had already been awakened and was now showing off its true majesty, Amelia suddenly expressed an opinion that was unusually rare, even for witches.


  “To be able to get hard even in a situation such as this. Men are such pitiful creatures.”


  Amelia finally removed her hand from Siwoo’s erect thing for a moment.


  Once a man’s member is finally erect, it suddenly becomes much harder to cool down than before.


  Obviously, Siwoo’s sword, which boasts a size larger than most of the Asian population, was still able to stand upright and raging hard, even though Amelia’s hand was no longer touching it. 


  “Assistant Shin Siwoo, are you aroused right now?”


  Theirs was a relationship that had been forcibly dragged around for 5 years.


  It would not be a misunderstanding to say that a hint of teasing lingered in Amelia’s voice.


  Basically, the point behind what she was asking him right now was…


  ‘Look at you getting so excited with just a bit of touching. Don’t you remember when you refused to serve me that night?’


  How utterly humiliating.


  Amelia wasn’t doing this just for the simple reason of ‘demonstrating’ how to induce ejaculation.


  Just as Siwoo knew Amelia well, she also knew Siwoo quite well.


  She knew that he felt extreme shame whilst doing this and had deliberately led things along in order to create this type of situation.


  “No comment.”


  Amelia, who normally would have commented on his retort, had instead pressed Siwoo in a completely different way.


  She began rubbing in a circle with her thumb and index finger, as she started moving her hand back and forth on his erect shaft.


  The sounds of dry skin rubbing against each other could be heard permeating the room.


  Amelia used a delicate amount of strength as she smoothly rubbed Siwoo’s cock without applying any sort of lubrication.


  Additionally, while watching Siwoo’s reaction, she began persistently stimulating any sensitive areas that she could find.


  “Kkeuk… kkeueuk…”


  While Siwoo was trying to resist the pleasure by keeping a straight face, the twins had repeatedly expressed their admiration, as if they were watching some rare event take place.


  Perhaps it was because of their awkward posture, but Amelia suddenly put one hand onto Siwoo’s shoulder and quickly accelerated her speed.


  Every time her bright blonde hair swayed alongside her movements, the pleasant scent of luxurious perfume and body odor mixed together and tickled the tip of Siwoo’s nose.


  The vibration of the pendulum, which was insignificant at first, had finally begun to gradually increase in intensity.


  Amelia took a peek at Siwoo’s current distorted appearance.


  Relishing in his suffering, Amelia briefly rolled back her eyes and savored every moment of it.


  The sound of her breathing was also becoming harsher the faster her movements became.


  “Why aren’t you answering? Doesn’t it feel good?”


  Amelia mercilessly whispered into his ear once more in an unusually emotional voice.


  Unfortunately for her, the emotion Siwoo showed was a sense of superiority.


  Despite already knowing how pointless it was, Siwoo continued to persevere. 


  He knew that if he were to give in at a time like this, he would just be falling straight into her trap.


  Frustrated, Amelia clicked her tongue when she noticed that Siwoo was biting his tongue in order to keep himself from ejaculating.


  “Stop being stubborn and finish already. My arm is starting to get tired.”


  Amelia quietly whispered directly into his ear. Her voice was so quiet that even the twins wouldn’t be able to notice, as she slowly began tightening her grip.


  As expected, her precise grip had brought with it an irresistible amount of pleasure.




  Even though only 15 minutes had passed since they began, as a result of not touching himself for two months, he was already finding it difficult to hold on.


  Together with his frequent lack of relieving himself, the intense pleasure he felt had finally resulted in the volcano erupting white magma.


  “Woah! Woah!”


  “It’s coming out!”


—Splurt! Splurt! Splurt!


  Siwoo couldn’t stop himself from cumming as he felt wave after wave of intense pleasure assault all of his senses.


  However, making Siwoo cum just once wasn’t nearly enough for Amelia.


  She wouldn’t be satisfied until not even a drop of semen was left remaining within his body.


  After having intensely ejaculated to the point that even his tailbone started to hurt, Siwoo fell into a deep depression. The embarrassment and shame that he felt alongside that were an added bonus.


  “Were each of you able to see that? The moment that he ejaculated, a large amount of mana had been generated as well.”


  “Yes, yes!”


  “Professor Amelia, can we try it this time?”


  The relentless sight of a swaying pendulum was the only thing that Siwoo could see just as he wanted to just crouch down and soothe all of the bitterness he was feeling.


  Not caring of the torment that he felt, the twins were ready to jump out of their desks to start the second experiment right away.


  Amelia took out her pocket watch as she wiped her fingers clean with a handkerchief.


  “Due to time constraints, we’ll have to end the lesson here for today. The Janitor may now return to work.”


  “No way!”


  “We want to try it too!”


  Amelia, who had just finished collecting the rest of the semen that she had caught with her magic just before it could touch the ground, finally calmed down the twins and continued the rest of the lesson without sparing Siwoo a single glance.


  After a few moments of standing around idly, Siwoo threw away any feelings of disappointment and fled from the 2nd academy building with his lab coat still on.


  Looking like he was half-asleep, Siwoo was now on his way towards the library.


  While he expected to be forced to publicly masturbate under the guise of semen extraction, he never would have thought that he would be given a direct handjob from Amelia and be forced to put on such a humiliating show.


  “Fuck my life… I feel so empty inside.”


  Seeing how rainy it was today, he began to smoke a cigarette.


  Though he seriously hated to admit it, the handjob did feel good. Just as Amelia said, there were parts of it that made Siwoo feel excited.


  After all, how many times would one ever be given a handjob by a beauty whom they’ve never even held hands with?


  Even while knowing that, no matter how hard he tried to think otherwise, Siwoo’s face couldn’t help but start burning when he thought about being jerked off and cumming into Amelia’s hand. 


  At times like this, Siwoo wished he could have Takasho’s thick skin and pervertedness.


  If it were him, Takasho would have bragged about Amelia, famous for her coldness, personally jerking him off.


  What was even more disturbing was the thought that this might just be the beginning of Amelia’s revenge.


  Siwoo could only pray that Amelia, whom at this point he had already rejected twice, was finally able to cool down with just this much.


  However, now was not the time to be worrying about trivial matters such as this.


  Siwoo would have time to worry once he finished his task of organizing the library.


  The Magic Library, located at the South of Trinity Academy, had always boasted about being the largest facility within the entire Academy Building. It was said that on opening day, so many people had come that not a single book was left on the shelves.


  Despite this fact, when it comes to the 21st century, very few witches ever bothered to visit this place.


  As time went on, the witches’ continued to raise the rank of their ‘realm’ and no longer had any use for any of the basic magic books being kept inside.


  Nowadays, it was only when a witch or apprentice witch ever came across a confusing formula that they would ever visit this lonely library.


  If not, it would never have been possible for one person to manage such a large facility by himself.




  After changing into his work clothes, Siwoo ate a piece of hardened bread for a late lunch.


  Usually, the only things that a slave’s meal ever consisted of was either a piece of barley bread that had less taste than a sponge or a small bowl of some heavily diluted oat porridge.


  Even so, Siwoo had already passed the point of despair a long time ago.


  At this point, he just took meals as nothing more than nutritional supplements.


  “Alright, time to clean up.”


  After finishing off his meal in less than three minutes, Siwoo started by organizing the books left on the table.


  No matter how rarely this library was visited, whenever a witch began rummaging through the books, at least dozens of them would end up being used. Even today, at least 1,000 books were piled up on the table.


  Despite that, cleaning the library was Siwoo’s favorite task to do.


  Nobody was there to watch him or tell him what to do. Plus, after he was finished cleaning up, he could even head over to a corner hidden in the library and close his eyes for a nap.


  Above all….


  “Ah, so that’s how you answer this problem.”


  Hidden behind the bookshelf, Siwoo grabbed the book he was in the middle of reading the day before and began turning the pages.


  The books kept within the library were all basic books that witches considered to be insignificant, but to a normal human like him, they were akin to deep oceans that hid all kinds of information within their depths.


  Just by reading through these magic books in his spare time, he had already absorbed the thesis and basic magic knowledge that were left behind by witches that existed hundreds of years ago.


  Meaning that just after three years of self-study, Siwoo, who didn’t even know that magic existed until he was kidnapped here, now had the ability to interpret and draw magic formulas, albeit clumsily.


  After a while, Siwoo suddenly took a folded piece of paper out from his pocket and quickly began writing down notes, putting it back in the pocket once he was done.


  Siwoo had been bothered by a problem for two weeks already, but thanks to this new formula he just learned, his head finally felt clear.


  If not for the joy that small learnings like this gave him, he would have left as soon as he finished cleaning.


  Today’s harvest was sufficient.


  So after finishing his remaining work as well as cleaning Amelia’s research laboratory, he would finally be able to return to his accommodation and try to use the new theory that he had just learned today in order to break through his mental block.


  “Well, there’s no guarantee that life wouldn’t just give out a surprise fuck you out of nowhere.”


  Even then, nothing would get better if you just got depressed all on your own.


  Siwoo only ever had one goal in his mind.


  Escape this wretched city by drawing a magic circle that could communicate with modern society.


  It was for that purpose that he had been studying magic on his own for so long.


  Just thinking about going back to Korea and eating some chicken with a cold beer always made him feel even more depressed about his current situation.


  Siwoo proceeded to collect all of the books that were cluttered on top of the table, placed them back inside their proper shelves, and then finished by wiping down the bookshelf with a damp cloth, to prevent dust from spreading as he cleaned. 


  Another part of Siwoo’s job was to inspect and replace the preservation formulas that were installed onto the Witch Stone as a part of the book’s maintenance.


  By the time he finally finished, the sun had already begun to set.


  Siwoo felt his back ache after he climbed down from the bookshelf ladder, having returned the books to their places and finished cleaning.


  Siwoo’s daily routine was to wake up at 6 in the morning, start the day by cleaning the garden, and then end at 6 in the evening.


  Normally, after he was done he would then go back to his dorm, jot down magic formulas and fall asleep. Today, however, he had to clean Amelia’s research laboratory.


  In the end, Siwoo left his gloomy heart behind him and began walking towards the research laboratory.





City of Witches

City of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and enslaved in the City of Witches. He became the only male Witch in the world.


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