City of Witches Chapter 30

Mommy Sophia (2)

༺ Mommy Sophia (2) ༻




  It was often difficult to decide which course to take when reason and instinct clashed against each other.


  For example, Siwoo’s mind was racing through instances when he knew that he should’ve averted his eyes. And yet, he was unable to bring himself to turn his eyes away from the sight in front of him.


  It was late at night and only the light from the glowing mana lamp that Sophia had brought illuminated the dark room.


  Moreover, it kept the room bright enough for him to enjoy the genuinely erotic scene that had unfolded before his eyes.


  Sophia, who had unfastened her robe, was proudly jutting out her chest as if to show off her alluring breasts.


  Her face was devoid of any signs of embarrassment, and there wasn’t an ounce of shame present on her face when making such a daring gesture.


  She took her time, savoring Siwoo’s gaze on her body—most likely her busty chest—while making obscene motions and a sultry face.


  And, given how she was making such motions, she could only do so if she was proud of her appearance and had complete confidence in her ability to stimulate any man’s desire.


  Would it be more appropriate to say that she had tits that were on the verge of bursting out of her dress to better convey how large they were?


  If he had to be more precise, her tits were large enough to be compared to a melon that had been sliced in half and glued to her chest.


  Witches were endowed with attractive figures. Sophia had lovely pink nipples and perfectly proportioned breasts which didn’t sag, and he could see that she too was a witch’s descendant.


  “What do you think about them?”


  “Oh, they’re quite large.”


  “Anything else?”


  “They’re also beautiful.”


  In fact, “#big breasts” wasn’t listed in Siwoo’s category of interests.


  Even though he had seen actresses in porn sway their massive tits about, he still couldn’t fully indulge in his fantasies about having sex with big-breasted women because of the two thoughts which shackled his sanity in place.


  ‘Will I ever come across someone with such large breasts?’


  The first and most realistic of the two was the issue of finding a well-endowed woman.


  If he were to describe his second issue with large breasts, it would be a physical one since large breasts would droop a little and look unattractive when not covered up.


  However, the thing in front of him checked all the right boxes in his pursuit of the ideal busty woman.


  “Are you sure they’re beautiful?”


  Sophia gazed at him with an alluring smile, a coy grin forming on her lips as she walked straight in his direction.


  She had been standing a few paces ahead of Siwoo, showing off her lascivious body whilst facing him directly earlier.


  Her eyes were focused on him the entire time as she walked forward.


  Sophia’s stride exuded confidence as she approached Siwoo as if she was taking a normal stroll down the park. Swaying her hips left and right, her light purple hair which reached her hips, fluttered in the wind as she moved slowly and seductively toward him.


  Meanwhile, her ample bosom was creating waves as it jiggled up and down with her every step.


  Siwoo was mesmerized by her coquettish figure’s beguiling movement and couldn’t help but be drawn to her.




  Men were drawn to Sophia because of her seductive charm and flirty personality.

She exuded the characteristics of a temptress, and therefore, it was accurate to describe her as such.


  Sophia came to a halt right in front of him and then inched her hand around her back.


  He was close enough to her body that he felt the urge to take a closer look at her breasts, but he resisted the urge and quickly shut his eyes.


  “Why did you close your eyes?”


  “…I’m sorry.”


  “You’re feeling shy, aren’t you? It’s been a long time since I saw a man with no experience.”


  Sophia spoke in a hushed, faint voice, whispering seductively in his ear as if he were listening to some naughty ASMR.


  She was leaning so close to him that he could smell the sweet, creamy fragrance wafting from her body.


  His dick had been tortured to the point of cramping due to the actions of Larissa and Amelia. Now, it throbbed for a third time due to Sophia’s seduction.


  “Come here,”


  Sophia took hold of Siwoo’s wrist and pulled him closer.


  They sat side by side on the bed, as they had earlier in Amelia’s room during their conversation.


  If there was anything different about the way they had sat before, it was that their thighs were fairly close and seemed to be sticking to one another.


  He would be able to see her white, enormous, and exposed chest even if he just slightly side-shifted his eyes.


  “Would you refuse me if I asked you to serve me at night?”


  Sophia leaned very close to Siwoo’s ear and whispered softly as her chin rested on his shoulder.


  She had already placed her lovely, slender hands on his thighs.


  “No, ma’am. I won’t.”




  “Because it’s an order from Lady Sophia.”


  “Are you serious? Really?”


  Sophia’s hand slowly moved up from where it had been resting on his thigh.


  She placed her hands directly on his inner thighs.


  The distance between her hand and his dick was so close that all it would’ve took was her moving her hand by a centimeter to graze it.


  “To be honest, I have a debt to pay you back. I’ll forgive you, even if you treat me roughly, but just for tonight.”


  “What do you mean by roughly?”


  “Well, you can blindfold me,spank my ass. Alternatively, you can pinch my nipples and smear me for being a lecherous witch.”




  A vivid image flashed through Siwoo’s mind in response to Sophia’s words.


  Sophia, a witch, was allowing him to treat her like a maid and to rub her big breasts to his heart’s content.


  “Today, Siwoo will be my master and I, his slave. That’s how you can view it today.”


  Before he knew what was happening, she was calling his name with affection and a hint of embarrassment, but he must’ve been mistaken.


  In this instance, Sophia had been taking the initiative whilst Siwoo was on the verge of embarrassment.


  “Are you really not turning me down to serve at night because it’s an order?”




  “Then why?”


  “It’s because Lady Sophia is beautiful.”


  Men were instinctively attracted to and in love with beautiful women.


  It made no difference whether he was a slave or not.


  “Then why did you turn down Amelia’s proposal five years ago? Didn’t Amelia look beautiful?”


  He pondered why she was even bringing that up in this situation.


  Siwoo turned to face Sophia, who was clinging to him and who was wearing a curious expression.


  Her face was positioned just above his shoulder, causing their lips to nearly touch.


  “Regarding the event from five years ago, there was a misunderstanding. Amelia was trying to recruit me as an assistant, not to serve her at night…”


  “Well, I know that. But even though you were aware that it was about serving her at night, you still declined. I’ve always been curious about the cause of your rejection.”


  Siwoo wasn’t a eunuch.


  He liked pretty girls and wanted to have regular sex.


  The reason he refused to attend to Amelia at night was from the scary stories that had been told to him by the slave trader before he was even assigned to the Academy.


  When the slave traders had apprehended Siwoo, they bound him and placed him on a ship traveling for Gehenna with the other abducted slaves. For some reason, the slave traders were bored on the route. And they began to tell the frightening stories of the witches to Siwoo, who was sitting there absentmindedly wearing shackles.


  As a result, from the moment he was sold to the city hall, his fear of witches reached the MAX, which resulted in his rejection of Amelia’s offer.


  When Amelia had approached him and made the offer, he was in a rush and had no idea of the implications of the offer.His gut told him not to go, so he unconsciously declined in the spur of the moment.


  Naturally, he forgot all about the offer she had made to him after that.


  After hearing Siwoo’s explanation, with a pfft Sophia laughed out loud, her spit splattering all over his cheek.


  “Haha! Oh, I’m sorry…That’s a very, very unexpected answer.”


  Siwoo, didn’t understand why she was overreacting in such a way, and continued to watch as Sophia, who had been laughing for a long time, carefully wiped the spit away from his face.


  “You’re such a coward and an idiot. Now I finally understand. You’re just like Amelia.”


  Every time she said something, Sophia would attempt to have him get along with Amelia.


  She kept the same smile on her face as she stared at him.


  “You now know that Amelia isn’t such a bad witch. Would you serve her at night if she told you?”


  After Sophia questioned him, Siwoo thought back to the previous event with Amelia.


  Siwoo’s resentment for Amelia had been at its peak until a few days ago.


  He had expected her to be more reasonable, but she was unexpectedly petty, which was why she was so harsh with him.


  But Amelia changed little by little.


  He could tell just by observing her recent behaviors.


  She recently tried to converse with him in an odd way. After arriving in the border town, she treated him to chicken skewers for no obvious reason and spared the slave at the dock at Siwoo’s request.


  It was also true that Amelia wasn’t as cruel as she once was and that his expectations were broken when a person he anticipated to be cruel and uncaring turned out to be nice and friendly.


  However, thinking back on the situation from the past few years, Siwoo couldn’t say for certain if he would be able to forgive her yet.


  Siwoo still felt strands of lingering hatred toward Amelia.




  Sophia opened her mouth as she noticed Siwoo’s face becoming gravely worried.


  “I apologize; I came here to give you a present, but I’ve instead rambled on about unrelated things.”


  “No, I had a good time, too.”


  “Why are you acting as if we’re done? We haven’t moved to the main part yet. You promised to serve me at night, didn’t you?”




  “I don’t think Siwoo can speak frankly about such matters because he’s a virgin. Fufufu… But there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll help you a little. So, would you like to close your eyes?”


  Why did she suddenly tell him to close his eyes?


  That thought ran through Siwoo’s mind as he gently closed his eyes. As soon as he did, however, a soft sensation enveloped his lips.


  It was Sophia’s tongue that had deftly slithered into his mouth and wrapped its way around his tongue.


  Her lips were considerably thicker and chewier than Odil’s, and they were delightfully pressed against his as a flow of sweet yet sticky saliva entered his mouth.




  The kiss was short.


  Sophia’s body backed away as the atmosphere reached its breaking point.


  “How do you feel?”


  “I-I feel… Good. Well, yes…”


  It was impossible to resist kissing such a beautiful woman.


  Three seconds later, however, it would seem like Sophia wasn’t asking about kissing.


  Siwoo felt a dizzy sensation and his head turned woozy almost as if he had just downed a shot of soju.


  All of a sudden, his heart started beating faster, and it felt as if the blood was rushing to his lower body.


  “It feels good, doesn’t it? My saliva contains an aphrodisiac essence in it.”


  “What does that mean… Cough…!”


  His already hardened member was becoming painfully stiff, and it began to hurt as soon as the drug kicked in.


  “I’m the ‘Witch of the Beast’. It’s one of the self-essence magics I’ve created to make it simple for the causal individuals to mate with each other.”


  Despite feeling dizzy, Siwoo’s eyes were fixed closely on Sophia’s, and almost as if his vision had been sharpened, he could see every inch of her body. 


  It would seem like Sophia’s aphrodisiac essence had improved his eyesight as he could now clearly see, even in the dark.


  “Come on, stop being so stubborn. Why don’t you try touching them first?”


  Sophia sat on Siwoo’s lap, her mouth pouting in a way that made her look adorable.


  She then gathered her breasts with her arms and gently shook them, like a seductress.


  Her nipples protruded upward, and her breasts formed a stunning cleavage resembling well-aged bread dough.


  “You really wanted to touch it, didn’t you?


  That was Sophia’s well-kept trick for exposing people’s true desires.


  She grabbed Siwoo’s hand and placed it on her breast.


  Touching Amelia’s natural breasts was also pleasant, but they paled in comparison to Sophia’s.


  In contrast to Amelia’s suppleness, Sophia’s breasts were overwhelmingly soft.


  Even though he had merely lifted it, the weight of Sophia’s chest crushed even the likes of Larissa’s which he had touched earlier.


  “Well done, you’re a good boy, aren’t you?”


  Sophia was enjoying the feeling of her hand stroking Siwoo’s head; it was almost like she was soothing a baby.


  She was petting in a way that gave the impression that she was playing with a cute puppy rather than a man.


  “It tickles~ You can squeeze it a little harder…”


  Siwoo tightened the pressure on Sophia’s chest as he started to feel parched.


  The sensation was out of this world.


  With this emotion, he would have obeyed Sophia for the rest of his life for a mere touch of her breasts.


  He was unaware whether the thoughts that were coming to his mind were due to the aphrodisiac.


  “Now, do you want to suck the nipples?”


  Sophia raised her breast and placed her nipple directly into Siwoo’s mouth.


  The effect of the aphrodisiac was excellent.




  Sophia let out a soft moan.


  Siwoo rubbed his cheeks against her plump breast as he sucked on the nipple without a shred of hesitation.


  “Not like that, you have to relax and suck it in slowly. Try rolling your tongue over it.”


  He instinctively obeyed her instructions.


  Siwoo tried to be calmer with his actions as he slowly licked her nipples with his tongue.


  “Huh, yes, like that… That’s what you have to do to make a woman feel good. Do you get it?”




  Siwoo replied in a drowsy tone.


  “Come on, get up. Take off your pants.”


  Sophia got up from Siwoo’s lap and stripped Siwoo,  who was now standing absentmindedly, of his  pants.


  As soon as she took off his pants, a big dick that was pointing up to the heavens and dripping with pre-cum that sprang like spring bounced off.Siwoo’s dick sprung up and pointed to the sky as soon as it was free of its constraints. Pre-cum dripped from his tip as it bobbed up and down like a spring.


“Ooh… It’s big!”


  Sophia nodded meaningfully.


  “The more of this you have, the better you have to prepare a lady for sex. It will be painful for her to take it without prior preparation. Got it? You must begin by lightly caressing her chest, like you learned before. Keep in mind.”


  “Yes, Ms. Sophia,”


  Having no idea why Sophia was saying what she was saying, Siwoo nodded.


  The aphrodisiac that Sophia had used was incredibly potent.


  “Well, let’s call it a day. I’ll give you a present.”


  Sophia dropped to Siwoo’s feet as the words left her lips.



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