City of Witches Chapter 31

Mommy Sophia (3)

༺ Mommy Sophia (3) ༻





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  A witch, belonging to Gehenna’s ruling class and one who possessed numerous magical abilities, was now kneeling before a slave.


  In truth, the perception of modern people may not regard such a scenario as a major concern, but it seemed a little different for Siwoo— someone who had lived in Gehenna’s feudal system for the past five years.


  A witch kneeling before a slave was unimaginable and even considered blasphemous in the eyes of the everyday day Gehenna inhabitant.


  As the situation had become so dire, his head, dizzy from the effects of the aphrodisiac, began clearing up to some extent when he was able to realize just what Sophia was doing right now. 


  “Lady Sophia… You shouldn’t be doing something like this.”


  Ignoring Siwoo’s words, Sophia placed her hands onto his lap and gently raised her head to look at him.


  She slightly raised her fox-shaped eyebrows and continued to stare at him, pretending to not understand what he was trying to say. 


  “What do you mean?”


  “I’m a slave and you’re…”


  “Didn’t I already tell you that today Siwoo is my master? Don’t you want me to serve you? Just spread your legs and enjoy the experience.” 


  Opening Siwoo’s tightly clasped knees, Sophia swiftly slipped in between the gap.


  She then carefully observed Siwoo’s erect dick as her tits were now resting on his thighs.


  “Fumu, of course, I don’t think it has been affected by any STDs either. The size is good too, so this one’s definitely a pass.” 


  “What do you mean… pass?”


  “Hmm? Oh, it’s nothing.”


  Sophia moved her breasts closer to Siwoo’s groin and wrapped his rod in between their pillowy softness. 




  Immediately, Siwoo’s hips trembled and his dick twitched frantically as though he was about to ejaculate into her soft, warm, and cushiony breasts that gently wrapped around his dick.


  He had never imagined that a pleasure of this caliber could exist in this world. The fact that something like this existed ignited his desire to explore this sensation further. 


  “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a dick that couldn’t be completely covered by my breasts like this. Give me a minute.”


  As Sophia uttered a short spell, the dry skin of Siwoo’s dick, wrapped between her delightful breasts, suddenly began to moisten.


  Sophia had used mana to draw the moisture from the air and condense it into water which she then instantly transformed into scented oil with the use of alchemy. 


  His penis became slippery, allowing it to move back and forth between the smooth and delicate skin of her breasts like a loach.


  Using her hands, she tightly squeezed her voluminous breasts, increasing the friction of his slick dick between her breasts.


  “For now, this should be enough. Is it okay if I move now?”


  “Oh, fuck!”


  Sophia used her hands to apply more pressure to her breasts, which were tightly enveloping his dick and smothering it inside its pillowy embrace, and proceeded to titfuck him by rubbing his dick up and down.


  The glans of his throbbing shaft repeatedly appeared and disappeared between the white valley of her massive lumps of fat. 


  As Sophia clasped her breasts with her hands, her nipples became clearly visible through the gap of her fingers. 


  The oval-shaped boobs bounced rhythmically, as though their sole purpose of existence were to squeeze all of the semen out from Siwoo’s balls.


  “Do you like it? It feels good, right?”


  Seeing the sight of Siwoo receiving such an intense feeling of pressure from her titfuck. Sophia felt an incredible amount of arousal and excitement. 













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  Squelch— Squelch— Squelch— Squelch— 


  Sophia’s breasts were smacking against his thighs, creating a thumping noise whenever they collided. As she boldly shook her melons with more and more force, the banging sounds also grew louder and louder.


  Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze!


  The clapping sounds were closely accompanied by the sticky noises of his oily dick being rubbed by her delicate breasts.


  “You can cum if you can’t hold back the urge, you know… Where would you like to cum?”


  “Ah…anywhere… I think I’m gonna shoot right now!”


  Siwoo felt his mind going completely blank from the tremendous amount of pleasure he received from Sophia’s skill, which was at least 10 times more pleasurable than masturbating alone.


  “Oh my god!”


  He couldn’t hold himself back any longer, and his seed gushed out of his urethra in torrents of viscous white fluid.


  The seed came out so vigorously that he could literally feel his testicles throbbing because of how strong the momentum was.


  He had been holding back from ejaculating during the whole day for various reasons, and suddenly the stimulation she provided him was so intense that it was nigh impossible for him to resist the outflow of the semen that had made its way forcibly through the urethra.


  Sophia buried the glans in between her breasts as Siwoo kept on ejaculating.


  The semen, however, began flowing out from the crevice between Sophia’s cleavage and started spilling all over her chest, forming a literal valley of viscous white fluid.


  It even went as far as to reach below the neck and even her collarbones due to the pressure of his ejaculation. 


  “Haa…haa…haa…” (breathing heavily)


  “Good boy~”


  He was receiving a fantastic post-ejaculation service from Sophia. 


  After a lengthier ejaculation than usual, Siwoo indulged in the afterglow as Sophia gently caressed the semen-drenched dick with her breast. 


  Every time his sensitive glans were stimulated by her voluptuous breasts, his entire body felt a momentary bout of intense pleasure wash over it. 


  His erect dick flinched once more, and the remaining semen was forced out of his urethra by the intense squeezing of her breasts, not leaving a drop of it inside..


  “You were planning to sleep with that much spunk piled up in your balls??”


  Sophia was slowly rubbing Siwoo’s slick, semen-covered dick while he savored  the post-nut-clarity state while looking up at the ceiling with an exhausted face.


  His waist started to reflexively jolt as he continued to feel pleasure from the stimulation applied to his dick immediately after the ejaculation.


  Siwoo eventually regained some of his sanity after a while.


  “Thank you. Could you please go on?”


  Siwoo had already coated half of her plump and voluptuous chest with his semen by the time he had regained his sanity. For the time being, Siwoo could only convey his gratitude for the mind-blowing titfuck that he received from her.


  Eventually, the odor of semen, which was almost identical to the strong smell of chestnut blossoms, began to spread throughout the room.


  “Did it really feel that good?”


  But Sophia’s service was not over yet.


  She applied even more pressure as she stroked the shaft’s tip with her voluminous peaks, squeezing so hard that her titties appeared to be completely glued to his shaft.


  It would have been better if he had just told her how horny he was and how much he wanted to cum. 


  He wanted to feel the sensation of semen rushing through the urethra once more,  pouring all his jizz upon Sophia’s white skin and staining it with his cloudy seed.


  He wanted to experience that pleasant feeling all over again. 


  “Well, if Amelia hadn’t been slobbering for you, I would have eaten you already.”


  He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he was unable to clearly hear what Sophia was muttering to herself in a rather sad tone. 




  With Sophia’s chant, the semen that had been messily scattered all over her chest vanished in the blink of an eye. The oil that she had used to lather Siwoo’s dick was also nowhere to be seen. 


  He felt a little more at ease as the skin of his half-withered dick pressed on her cow-like breasts dried up after being soaked with semen and oil.


  Siwoo’s cock was finally freed when Sophia loosened her hand from around her enormous breasts, which she had been squeezing tightly to keep Siwoo’s schlong between them.


  He breathed a sigh of relief as she finally freed his dick from the constant influx of stimulation. But the regret he felt over not being able to experience such pleasure again made him want to cry out in anguish.


  Watching the scene of Siwoo sighing was quite a bit amusing for Sophia. She then teasingly spoke out to him. 


  “You haven’t gotten any smaller, have you? I think I need to play with it a bit more.” 


  What Sophia spoke was exactly what he desired but as the virgin that he was, he lacked the confidence to voice it outwardly.


  Sophia looked so cute and mesmerizing in his eyes that he couldn’t help but fall for her. 


  “Well, then, lie down on the bed.”


  Following her instructions, Siwoo promptly laid down on the bed. Seeing his actions, it seemed as though he was under her hypnotic control as he obeyed all of her instructions to a T. 


  After the lengthy ejaculation, his eyelids continued to droop from exhaustion and sluggishness, yet there was still excitement flickering deep within for what was about to happen next.




  She abruptly raised his head and laid it on something.


  He felt a soft sensation transmitting from the back of his head where she had placed his head, but he was sure that it wasn’t a pillow.


  “What do you think?”


  Sophia’s face was only partially visible to him because of the symbol of motherhood covering her features, making it so that only the top of her nose was the only thing he could see. 


  She leaned over Siwoo’s face and let her hair hang down like a stream falling from a waterfall over him.


  The soft sensation he felt was coming from Sophia’s thighs. She was giving him a lap pillow. 


  “If you make such a cute expression, It makes me want to do more for you.”


  Sophia took one of her breasts and put it in front of Siwoo’s mouth.


  “Say aah~ take it!”


  “Oh, oh, oh….”


  Sophia then placed her breast into Siwoo’s wide-open mouth.


  “Relax yourself and lie down comfortably. There you go.”


  She was also steadily wrapping her slender fingers around his dick.


  Despite the fact that no milk was produced in her breasts, the positioning and method of breastfeeding were simply perfect.


  Whether it was because of the aphrodisiac’s lingering effects or the fact that he had a breast in his mouth that felt like the softest thing in the world, his heart was suddenly filled with soothing warmth.


  The more he thought about it, the more he began to understand why Takasho was so overjoyed at being able to go to Sophia’s place. 


  He would be willing to do something like this every day.


  “Are you gonna suck it up this time?”




  Nodding his head, Siwoo, bit the nipple dangling in front of him with his lips and slowly stimulated the tip of her nipple with the tip of his tongue, as Sophia had instructed him before.


  He was loving the sensation of Sophia’s hand, which was wrapped around his penis like an octopus and had already started to move smoothly along his length.


  “You’re like a baby. You’re so cute.”


  Despite being a man already, he made cute noises like a child as he was being called cute and receiving affection from Sophia..


  Siwoo felt a warmth that was the complete opposite of sexual desire in response to a lady calling an adult “cute” while being in a situation that may be considered embarrassing to most.


  He had been trying to get the picture of himself acting in such a way out of his mind ever since he was brought to this city, but it appeared that he had finally done it.


  “Do you want some milk, too?”




  “Well, there you go. Give it a try.”


  Even though Sophia was a witch, she craved the experience of motherhood. So, she was pretending to be one.


  Siwoo sucked her nipple while he was still unsure in his mind, and he suddenly tasted thick milk filling his mouth.


  With every suction, a stream of fresh breast milk was hitting his tongue.


  Sophia started to lactate as if she were a real cow.


  Siwoo gulped the breast milk because of its warm, sweet flavor— it tasted like half-boiled milk.


  “Is it good?”




  “Only good kids get this gift.”


  After pausing for a moment to grin, Sophia continued to play with his dick with her dainty hand.


  Even though Siwoo was a virgin, his dick had already gotten affection from five different young ladies, including Sophia.


  Although most of them were witches, he was beginning to notice that each one had a unique method of giving a handjob.


  Amelia’s hands had a touch that resembled a pianist’s in the carefulness and elegance with which they handled his penis. 


  Siwoo felt that, during the lessons, Amelia always tried to discover his pleasure points by observing his reaction as she stroked his penis with her hands.


  The Gemini twins gave off the impression that they were doing it clumsily and without any knowledge of the proper way to handle a penis. 


  Well, aside from that,


  In the case of Larissa, he felt that she was so lewd that she could instantly elicit a man’s lust.


  And Sophia had a special and distinctive way of dealing with men that no one else had.


  She was giving him a handjob, but there was no feeling that she was urging him to ejaculate or forcing him to feel pleasure. 


  Her hand did not even touch the shaft and gently swept the sensitive glans, which she was slowly and softly caressing, as though she were clutching a delicate cloud.


  He had the impression that she wasn’t stroking his dick particularly vigorously or lightly; rather, it was somewhere in the midst, where the small sensations were slowly building up and intensifying with each passing moment. She was handling the stimulation in such a way that felt like she was guiding his excitement toward a vectorial change from comfortable to pleasurable.


  Siwoo was having a so-called loving handjob.


  Furthermore, the texture of Sophia’s thighs supporting his head, the sensation of the soft 

breast brushing against his nose, and the flavor of breast milk made him feel like he was receiving the best massage ever.


  “When you think you’re going to come, let me know. You don’t need to be reserved about it.”




  Siwoo nodded while still sucking Sophia’s nipple.


  Her face, reflected in the dim lighting, was a little pinker than before.


  Siwoo, who had been enjoying himself in a dream-like state for a long time, suddenly felt uncomfortable and opened his eyes.


  He felt discomfort in his lower abdomen.


  A sudden feeling of ejaculation? 


  He wondered why he was suddenly feeling a burning sensation in his bladder.


  No. That wasn’t the case!


  He felt different than usual, as if he had just stepped into a new world for the very first time.


  Before he even realized it, his hips were unconsciously shaking and his dick, which was rock-hard, had already begun to turn limp. 


  “Why? You don’t like it?”


  “Oh, no… What’s going on here?


  With an unusually sly expression, Sophia rubbed the glans of his penis repeatedly with the palm of her hand.


  She was doing it continuously at a slow and rhythmic pace.


  “Why did you stop sucking my breast? Are you full already? Do you want to stop drinking milk?


  “Well, that sounds good,”


  It was amazing that she could turn breast milk on and off like a faucet.


  Rather, the new sensation he was feeling now was more perplexing to him than the unusuality of her breast milk.


  Males often had to wait a bit longer to reach the point where they were ready to discharge their semen. However, if a man could estimate when sexual pleasure was at its peak on a scale of 1 to 100, it would only take a few seconds to go from 90 to 100. And 100 was usually the number where they ejaculate, indicating that he was at the peak of his sexual excitement. 


  He was glad because of the situation he was in, knowing that the gap between 90 and 100 would close soon, and his scale of pleasure was about to reach its peak.


  Siwoo still felt like he was prepared to ejaculate any moment, but he also had the tiniest inkling that he wouldn’t in the end..


  To put it simply, he felt like he had been stuck at 95 for prolonged periods of time. A little more stimulation was all he needed to bust a powerful nut.




  Suddenly, a tingling sensation ran throughout the entirety of his glans and stimulated the insides of his stomach.


  “What’s wrong?”


  “My body is in a strange condition… Isn’t it?”


  “It’s normal, don’t worry, Leave everything to me.”


  As Sophia’s soft voice soothed Siwoo, he relaxed once again.


  The tingling and itching feeling grew stronger over time.


  Furthermore, the water in the glass had a limit, so adding more water might occasionally make it spill over; the same was true for Siwoo, who was getting overstimulated by Sophia and possibly had something that was about to pour out through his urethra.


  “Oh my god!”


  He had an even stronger erection all of a sudden from the previous semi-erect state.


  “Here we go,”


  Siwoo started to struggle but quickly realized that he couldn’t move.


  He could feel the invisible force gently pressing on his body.


  “Come on, it’s about time…!”


  Without giving Siwoo a chance to reply, clear liquid began gushing out from his dick, giving the impression that he was urinating.


  The liquid was distinct from the semen and felt quite different as it started to coolly disperse into the bed.


  If he had to put it in words, then it was very different from normal ejaculation. 


  He had the feeling that he was literally peeing semen.


  “It’s fine, Don’t be afraid. It’s not scary~ Don’t be afraid and just cum.” 


  – Splurt! Splurt! Splurt!


  Sophia’s hand, which had been holding his dick until now, began to sweep his glans firmly, and semen erupted like a fountain bursting from the tip of his urethra.




  The bliss that Siwoo was experiencing right now appeared to last for almost 20 seconds.


  Siwoo, whose head was dizzy from another lengthy ejaculation, foolishly opened his mouth with a gasp as Sophia used a spell to clean up the mess. 


  “You were happy, right?”


  “Haa… Haaa… Haaaa” (gasping) 


  Sophia grinned as she looked at Siwoo’s blank look and straightened her clothes.


  “I’ll teach you something even better when you get to know Amelia a bit better the next time around. You’ll be able to lead your first experience more skillfully if you play around with me. Well, it’s a story for the future anyways.”


  Sophia left the room after saying good night to Siwoo, who just blankly nodded at her. 


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