City of Witches Chapter 38

Love Potion (1)

༺ Love Potion (1) ༻




  Siwoo hoped to see rays of hope after all his hard work, but he felt he had developed dementia as a result of the hardships he had endured.


  Fortunately, it didn’t seem to be the case.


  Siwoo believed that he had been fortunate enough to have been able to maintain his sanity up until this point.


  With a hesitant gait, Siwoo approached the carriage that seemed to be waiting calmly as if beckoning for him to come closer.


  He hadn’t forgotten about his promise to the twins.


  He was supposed to meet the twins over the weekend but had to change his plans due to an unexpected call.


  He was unsure of the twins’ reaction if he told them Amelia had called him that day.


  He didn’t see it as a major issue because he believed they would understand the situation and move on.


  Nonetheless, he was still afraid of opening the carriage door.


  Since the windows were obscured by white and black curtains and the interior was not visible from the outside, Siwoo swallowed his saliva and cautiously stepped inside the carriage.


  “Excuse me,”


  His eyes widened in surprise upon entering the carriage.


  The carriage’s interior was significantly larger than it appeared from the outside.


  The floor was completely covered with a red carpet, and the ceiling was so high, making it unbelievable that it was inside a carriage.


  It might as well be called a movable villa at this rate.


  After all, they had used spatial distortion magic on the inside of the carriage.


  There was nothing surprising about it; in Gehenna, space distortion was one of the most commonly used magical spells.


  However, the majority of the spells utilize the mana that circulates through ley lines and meridians.


The cost to maintain a moving carriage with such features was something that would cost a substantial amount of money.


And it was no wonder that Count Gemini, someone who was well-known for his wealth, could accomplish such a feat.


  The dark interior of the carriage began to light up as the candles, which had been flickering weakly, flared up and became fully lit.


  At the same time, Siwoo caught a glimpse of Odil and Odette sitting next to each other on the couch and staring at the carriage door.


  The twins folded their arms and lifted their chins, casting a proud and dignified gaze upon Siwoo.


  They could certainly do that, and it made sense.It was something that they would certainly do and made sense.


  After all, Siwoo, who was a mere slave, had arbitrarily broken his promise.


  “There seems to be a misunderstanding. I’ll explain everything that happened….”


  “Close the door and come in.”




  In spite of their inexperience as apprentices, he realized after watching them that they were still witches.


  He had only seen their cheerful and honest demeanor up until now, but the sight of their angry faces and the pressure that emanated from them made him realize that their rage was no laughing matter.


  He closed the door cautiously and approached the twins.


  “It’s nice living as a slave because we treat you well as our teachers’ assistant, isn’t it, Mr. Assistant?”


  “No, it’s not,”


  “Really? Then why would you break your promise?”


  Odil’s cold voice pierced through like a serrated blade. 


  “I apologize. But there were circumstances beyond my control.”


  “I’ll listen to your excuse and decide what to do with you, Mr. Assistant.”


  He felt nervous, wondering if the matter was more severe than he had anticipated when he heard Odette’s grumbling voice.


  “Sis, my eyes hurt. How long do I have to stay like this?”


  “Odette, be quiet.”


  “I’m sure Mr. Assistant had his reasons, too.”


  Odette cheerfully gave Siwoo a shoulder bump and chatted with him. She appeared happy to see him after a long time.


  “By the way, Mr. Assistant. Our magic was amazing, wasn’t it? It was a song called “Fairy’s Mischief,” which made you wander around in circles.”


  “Y-Yes, it was amazing.”




  Siwoo ignored Odette, who had a boastful look on her face and a proud smile, and continued to describe the events of the previous day in a slow and precise manner.


  He believed it was unnecessary to go into great detail about the events that had occurred and mentioned that Amelia had called him up and told him to accompany her to Border Town.


  However, since the events that occurred were unplanned, he couldn’t go to Tarot Town to inform them.


  He concluded by informing the twins that he would no longer be a janitor of the academy but instead work as an exclusive slave under Amelia.


  “…That’s what happened.”


  “You see, I don’t think Mr. Assistant did it on purpose.”


  “Hmph, I still can’t forgive him.”


  The twins appeared to have been convinced, just as he had expected.


  Although, Odil still had a disgruntled expression on her face.


  “So, did Ms. Professor give you that outfit too?”


  “Yes, that’s correct.”


  “It looks good on you.”


  “Thank you for your compliment.”


  After folding her arms, Odil also gave him a compliment, having apparently found his outfit stylish.


  “Oh, right! Mr. Assistant, can I tell you something funny?”


  “Odette! You said you wouldn’t talk about it!”


  Odil started to fidget as Odette opened her mouth to speak, the tension in the air disappearing in an instant.


  Despite Odil’s attempt to silence her by covering her mouth, Odette couldn’t hold back her laughter as she continued speaking.


  “You know, when you weren’t here, my sister got angry and was kicking the bed with her foot.”


  “Stop it! We were finally getting into the mood!”


  “She then accidentally hit her shin on the bed and started to roll around the floor, crying.”


  “I didn’t cry!”


  It was clear that she did roll around crying despite her attempts to deny it.


  Odil blushed, giving Odette a stern look before speaking to Siwoo.


  “How about I tell you a funny story too? Do you know what I once found in a note of Odette’s?”


  “Sis, why bring up that story!”


  At this time, the situation had reversed.


  Odil was clearly having fun as she continued talking, and Odette charged with grit to face whatever shame was coming her way.


  “Do you know why she wrote that note?”


  “Sis, if you do that, I’ll eat all the snacks you hid in your room!”


  “She thought she had caught a deadly disease when she first had her menstruation.”




  “She cried so hard back then… I had no idea why it was happening, but I cried along with her too.”


  “You die, die!”


  “Ah! Ouch! You said it, too! I told you not to tell him!”


  “Is that the same thing as this?”


  “Listen up, Mr. Assistant! Let me tell you another story about my sis!”


  “No, Mr. Assistant! Don’t listen to that. Listen to me instead! My stories are even funnier!”


  The twins started chirping like baby birds begging for food.


  “Don’t listen to her!”


  “Please don’t listen!”


  “Odette’s story is not interesting at all!”


  “My sis’s story isn’t interesting either!”


  After pouring out their dark past to each other for a while, Odil and Odette made a truce in the presence of Siwoo and sat down at the table.


  Siwoo couldn’t help but let out a big sigh as the situation that had unfolded left him perplexed.








  The twins appeared to be recovering from a traumatic experience as they slouched on the sofa in a lethargic state.


  Their cheeks, still flushed with excitement, were crimson, and their clothes and hair were disheveled as they gasped for breath.






  The twin siblings looked at each other for a while before warmly hugging each other.


  “I’m sorry.” 


  “No, I’m the one who was more wrong,”


  “I guess we finally realized too late that all this fighting will lead to nothing.”


  “I apologize for the preemptive attack that violated the agreement.”


  “Of course, isn’t it better for the both of us to get along like this?”


  Siwoo had known them both for a long time, and even though they had been fighting for a while, he assumed they would stick together because both sisters got along so well.


  Siwoo looked at the twins with a heartwarming feeling.


  Actually, Siwoo thought this situation where both sisters embarrassed themselves was cute.


  “I’ll never lose my pre-emptive right from now on, Odette.”


  “From now on, I have to attack fiercely enough that sis can’t counterattack.”


  “Um, well…”


  They appeared to be quite mature, but when he observed what they were doing, it was clear that they were children.


  He wondered if all witches were like that.


  “By the way, may I leave now?”


  Siwoo thought it was time to go to the barn and tidy up the luggage now that the serious situation seemed to have been resolved, and he had made a proper apology.


  Of course, they hadn’t given him permission to do so.


  “Where are you going? Sit down.”


  The twins, who were going at each other’s throats, soon straightened their hair and sat back down on the sofa.


  “Mr. Assistant, we understand you were placed in a difficult situation. Furthermore, to insist on something you are unable to control is unfair.”


  “Thank you for your understanding.”


  “But we’re also a little upset. It was supposed to be our day of escape from our confinement, but instead, we wasted the entire day waiting for you, Mr. Assistant.”


  “That’s… I apologize once again for that.”


  Odette rushed to a corner of the carriage and retrieved a thick book from a corner of a bookshelf on the side.


  “Anyway, while we were waiting, we came up with a good idea, didn’t we?”


  Odette, who was flipping through the book in her hand, cheerfully spread out a section of it and showed it to Siwoo.


  Her excitement was palpable as she tiptoed to Siwoo to show him the book.


  “We’re going to make this today.”


  “What is this?”


  “In fact, I’ve already made it. It’s called the Eros’ Potion.”


  The reply came from Odil.


  In her arms, there was an ampoule containing a pink liquid that seemed to be saying, ‘I’m a suspicious mana potion.’


  “Actually, when I looked at the instructions for the first night for a lady, the word love kept coming out.”


  “But no matter how much I thought about it, I didn’t know how to properly understand it.”


  “But there’s nothing impossible with magic! So we prepared this potion.”


  The twins explained back and forth seamlessly, like well-coordinated show hosts.


  “The effect is very straightforward. Any woman who drinks this will fall deeply in love for exactly an hour.”


  “So you’re going to try it on me?”


  “Of course,”


  “Of course!”


  It seemed to be the reason why they held him tight and didn’t want him to leave.


  “Yes, but there’s something additional we need that you could help with.”


  “One additional ingredient is needed for this potion… but we can’t seem to find it.”


  “It’s semen, isn’t it?


  “You’re catching on quickly.”


  Hearing Odil’s additional explanation, it seemed like it would be difficult to use the semen of just any man.


  “Because in order to fall in love with Mr. Assistant through this potion, we need Mr. Assistant’s semen. It can only be done with freshly squeezed semen.”


  The twins had created a potion containing Siwoo’s semen with a specific and challenging hypnosis condition – a woman must drink it and then make visual contact with Siwoo within 10 seconds to fall deeply in love with him. Other men’s sperm did not have the same effect, making the process even more complex and challenging.


  He was frustrated and wanted to say why they had to make such a trashy potion. 


  However, he had to swallow those words back down his throat because he was in a vulnerable position and had to cooperate with them.


  There was no other way for him.


  “Anyway, I think I explained enough.”


  “Then, please take off your pants and provide it to me.”


  Siwoo, who hesitated for a moment, obediently took off his pants, handing them over to Odette.


  The twin’s gaze instantly focused on Siwoo’s lower body.


  Despite the fact that his dick was still receiving a lot of attention, it shrank back in embarrassment as the weight of the gazes directed at it grew heavier and heavier.


  “Can you do it quickly? I want to complete the potion quickly.”


  “Well, I feel uncomfortable if someone is watching, it’s too much of a burden, and it takes a lot longer. Give me a bottle or something, and I’ll do it.”


  “You don’t have to do that. We’re going to help take it out.”


  Siwoo attempted to put up a weak resistance but ultimately knew it would be shot down.


  Siwoo’s mind was in a mess.


  Of course, he didn’t dislike the sensation that could be experienced as a result of this outcome.


  In fact, if he left it to the twins as it was, he would feel much more relaxed.


  However, he also felt like he was becoming a criminal who did all sorts of things to innocent people who seemed like children.


  In particular, there was a worry about the future that this matter might be heard by the patriarch of the Gemini family.


  “My sister and I studied very hard. We’ll do well now.”


  “”Would you like to sit on this sofa?””


  “Well, Ms. Odil, Ms. Odette, if Lady Gemini finds out about this, she would be very angry. Why don’t we stop doing this? At least until after you became a formal witch…”


  Siwoo, who was led by Odil’s hand, sat on the sofa, all the while trying to argue his way out of the situation, but it was all for naught.


   Odette didn’t even listen to his pleas and asked with a loud voice,


  “Well…shall we begin?”






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