City of Witches Chapter 39

Love Potion (2)

༺ Love Potion (2) ༻




  “Hmm… shall we begin?”


  In any case, Siwoo knew that no matter how hard he tried, the twins would take him seriously.


  Their persistence and exploratory spirit were so strong that even Siwoo would have struggled to keep them in check with both hands and feet.


  Siwoo, on the other hand, had never expected Odette to begin sucking on his glans immediately and to do so without hesitation.


  Odette took in the glans all at once, her warm tongue caressing the underside of his shaft as it rolled around.




  “Num..ahm, ahm…”


  Siwoo began to take gasp for air as he came face to face with Odette’s cheerful and innocent gaze, an inexplicable feeling of guilt welling up inside him.


  At the same time, the sense of immorality, which triumphed over his sense of guilt, did nothing to satiate his growing libido.


  His cock instantly started to rise quickly after that.


  Odette appeared confident while giving him fellatio, despite her lack of experience using her tongue to stimulate.


  “Ha-ah….chu-ah…puhah! How is it? Better than last time, right?”


  “Yes, it is…”


  She only lightly touched the glans with her tongue the first time, but she was much more proficient this time around.


  Odile, who was standing next to Siwoo and was observing the scene with her arms folded, spoke.


  “Odette was totally fixated on the manual. She fussed about doing this and that on her own.”


 “Why are you only talking about me? My sis also practiced with me!


  “I did it out of curiosity because you were working so hard. But I didn’t work as hard as you, did I?”


  As Odette complained, the vibrations generated from her mouth stimulated Siwoo’s member.


  In response to the subtle stimulation, it broke free from Odette’s grasp and struck her chin.


  “Oh my god!”


  Odette got slightly startled.


  A slave had thrown an uppercut at an apprentice witch with his dick.


  It was a complicated situation.


  “I’m sorry.”


  “No, Mr. Assistant. I learned that men often move like this when they’re feeling good.  Shouldn’t I be pleased? It’s proof that my efforts are paying off.”


  Odette continued to perform the fellatio while beaming, having forgotten about her argument with her sister.


  Siwoo’s face appeared to be melting, whether he was aware of it or not, and Odile, who was witnessing this reaction, continued to display a look of dissatisfaction.


  “Mr. Assistant, do you like it that much? You look like a kitten who just sniffed a bag of catnip.”


  “Ms. Odette has become quite skilled.”


  “Hmm, is that so?”


  In the meantime, Odile suddenly unbuttoned Siwoo’s suit.


  She turned the necktie to the side and started to undo the shirt buttons.


  Siwoo wondered what was going on and glanced at Odile, who gave a witty response.


  “I’m just as good as Odette. I am confident in my ability to learn new things.”


  Siwoo’s chest was exposed entirely whilst Odile clung to his side.


  She pressed her lips against Siwoo’s nape like a sucker fish cleaning a fish tank.


  “How does it feel to be kissed on the back of your neck like this? Does it turn you on?”


  Odile wrapped a hand around Siwoo’s waist, drawing him close, and with her other hand, undid his clothes as she kissed Siwoo’s neck.


  “How does it feel?”


  “Ticklish and…. It feels good.”


  It was an emotion that was completely distinct from simple pleasure.


  It was a feeling that was close to a shiver of thrill and, at the same time, close to an itch.


  “Sis! It’s my turn. Don’t interrupt me.”


  “You’re acting as if Mr. Assistant belongs to you, isn’t that right? You started first without even asking for permission.”


  Siwoo felt like he was experiencing a calamity brought upon by women.


  He never imagined that there would be a day when he would have to use that phrase in his entire life.


  He believed it to be the appropriate term in this circumstance.


  He found it hard to believe that the day had finally come when the beautiful twins would fight over his body.


  “But surely, Mr. Assistant will enjoy my mouth better, right?”


  “Oh, Odette, that won’t do. According to the manual, pleasure from the mood is more important than physical pleasure. How can you learn so differently when we both read the same book?”


  Siwoo felt Odile’s pointed tongue caress his neck.


  Her soft saliva-soaked tongue snaked past the nape of Siwoo’s neck, collarbone, and chest on its way to his nipples.




  Odile squeezed her eyes shut as she started sucking Siwoo’s nipples like a baby while nibbling his nipple with the tip of her tongue.


  He had never had his nipple sucked by anyone, so he never thought this feeling would be so intense.


  The sensation was beyond his imagination.


  In particular, Odile’s side profile from that angle was very charming.


  The dick in Odette’s mouth became stiffer and jerked vigorously.


  “Did you see that? Mr. Assistant lifted his waist off the sofa, right?”


  “Puha…! He must have felt good because of me!”


  Naturally, Siwoo was left with the task of rendering a verdict on this pointless conflict.


  “Mr. Assistant! Whose mouth is more pleasant?


  “Mr. Assistant! Whose mouth makes you feel better?”


  The situation was akin to how shrimps might feel in the middle of a whale fight.


  Of course, there were risks.


  Siwoo was sweating profusely and couldn’t easily open his mouth.


  In fact, it is hard to say which one is better.


  “Each of your mouths felt good in its own way, so it’s difficult to say which side is better.”


  “I can’t accept that kind of answer.”


  “That’s right! As a man, you should make a bold decision!”


  That was a troublesome request for Siwoo.


  Obviously, if he picked a side, the other party would be upset.


  “I’d like to tell you an old story.”




  “Are you changing the subject?”


  “No, please just listen.”


  So the fairy tale that Siwoo suddenly started was the famous story of a black cow and a white cow.


  A scholar approached a farmer plowing a field with two cows and asked which cow was better at work. The farmer replied in hushed tones that the black cow was the better of the two.


  The curious scholar asked why he had said that in hushed tones. The farmer responded to the scholar by saying that even if they were animals, if he praised one side, the other side would be unhappy. The farmer’s wisdom had impressed the scholar.


  Odile had stopped caressing Siwoo’s body and was watching him clumsily tell the story whilst Odette was listening to the story with his dick still in her mouth.


  He found it a little funny as he watched them quietly listening to the story.


  “I’m afraid that if I make this decision hastily, the relationship between Ms. Odile and Ms.Odette will be jeopardized.”


  “I don’t agree.”


  “Neither do I. After all, Odile and I are already rivals.”


  “That’s why I will personally inform each of you as a result. Let me start by telling Ms. Odile.


  Odile pricked up her ears.


  Siwoo whispered in a very hushed tone so that Odette couldn’t listen to what he was saying.


  “Ms. Odile, I must admit, you made me feel better. But wouldn’t Ms. Odette be upset upon hearing this? I was taught that the winner must show grace to the loser. So, I humbly request that you show a kind heart by not flaunting your victory too much and offer Ms. Odette a compliment.”


  Next up was Odette’s turn.


  It went without saying that Siwoo told Odette the exact opposite of what he told Odile.


  He wondered if this would work, despite the fact that they were twins and sometimes simple-minded.


  “Oh, Odette, the hard work you put in has truly paid off. You are truly my sibling.”


  “Sis, the fact that you delved into areas I never thought of is truly wonderful.”


  It had worked out well.


  Odette and Odile exchanged words of compliments as they tried to hold back their lips from rising.


  Siwoo was surprised by how absurd it was that everything worked out so easily.




  After a brief moment of relaxation, a shift in position took place.


  Odilel was on the bottom, while Odette was on top this time.


  “Excuse me, *chu*,”


  Odette began to caress Siwoo’s chest with the tip of her tongue whilst Odile concentrated on sucking his dick.


  That alone was a thrilling pleasure.


  “Ha-am, jjuup… Slurp…!”


  Odile sucked his dick harder than her sister did, it was intense that dimples started to appear on her red cheeks.


  There was a distinct difference between this and Sophia’s fellatio from the other day.


  Compared to Sophia, who was a mature witch, Odile was innocent and clumsy.


  However, Odile did not lose her desire to compete with her younger sister in an attempt to make Siwoo feel better.


  She made a valiant effort to tease his cock with her clumsy tongue movements, partially satiating his sexual desire.


  Siwoo credited her for just having that mindset.


  “Hmm… Gleurg…Slurp, slurp…”


–  Pop!


  Odile removed the dick from her mouth, which she had been sucking until now, as she closely observed Siwoo’s changing expressions.


  “Do you think it’s about to come out?”


  “Yes, it should be about time…!”


  Odile started giving Siwoo a handjob while holding his dick over a small glass bottle.


 “It’s certainly a lot faster than last time.”


  Her face beamed with a big smile.


  Siwoo felt an indescribable emotion as he noticed the proud look on their faces, which seemed to come from their improved techniques.


  “You remember me telling you to make a ring like this and mainly stimulate the glans, right?”


  “Wow! I can feel Mr. Assistant’s pulse racing!”


  Odette continued to play with his chest, twisting her tongue strangely as if she were trying to speed up his eventual release..


– Twitch! Twitch! Twitch!


  Odile could feel Siwoo’s cock twitch in her tiny hands, his semen threatening to shoot out from the overwhelming sensations.


  The white semen shot out of his urethra with such a strong force, akin to the flow of a stream of piss.


  The twins’ eyes fell on the glass bottle.


  “Wow, wow, wow, wow,”


  “It’s been a long time,”


  Odette couldn’t help but cry out in awe as the tiny glass bottle was filled to the brim with semen as Odile was left feeling mesmerized by the sheer duration of Siwoo’s climax. 


  Ejaculating while experiencing the constant stimulation on his chest gave Siwoo a sense of satisfaction that was beyond compare.


  It was almost as if he had another erogenous zone located at his nipple that was ejaculating as well. 


  Siwoo’s mind was still filled with lustful demons despite the fact that he was being partially forced into submission in a situation that he didn’t really ask for.


  As Siwoo perceived the bottle to be the twin sisters’ uterus, 


  He pondered whether he would be able to taste a real shimaidon by placing the two of them side by side one day after they had inherited the Gemini brand.


  He was reminded of the sorrow that he suffered in Gehenna.


  He wouldn’t have any regrets if he could release his semen into the slits of the twin witches, whose beauty had mesmerized him.




  It appeared that Siwoo was so closely associated with Takasho that he was becoming tainted by Takasho’s personality.


  While Siwoo was picking up and putting on his clothes, Odile and Odette looked around at the semen flowing inside the bottle.


  Siwoo sighed as he watched the twin start preparing the potion without waiting for him to put on his clothes.


  “Is there a problem?”


  “No, there’s no particular problem. Now we just need to mix it, and it’s done.”


  “Mr. Assistant, it looks like you came twice as much as last time.”


  Odile poured the semen into the Eros’s Potion that she had previously prepared.


  Siwoo wasn’t sure if it was because of the semen’s concentrated mana or the properties of Eros’ potion, but they melted and blended together without needing to be stirred.


  “This is the final touch.”


  Odile and Odette looked at the potion bottle, which was now shining more brightly than before, with a zeal that seemed appropriate for the title Mad Scientist.


  “Sister, I don’t think this is going to taste good.”


  Odette, remembering the bitter taste of the semen, wrinkled her nose.


  Odile also made a disgusted face.


  “But if you drink it, you’ll understand love on a deeper level.”


  “I seem to love the scones I eat at tea time…why don’t we try them first?”


  “Ms. Odette, if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to drink it.”


  Naturally, Siwoo’s futile efforts to stop her were ignored.


  “Listen up, Odette! For accurate experimental results, we need cross-validation with at least three people!”




  Odile took out a small whiskey glass from the minibar and divided the potion in half.


  “20mL for each person. Odette, you must drink it all without leaving any.”




  “For the pursuit of love!”





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