City of Witches Chapter 43

We Can't be the Only Ones (1)

༺ We Can’t be the Only Ones (1) ༻






  Odile’s face turned bright red from embarrassment as if it was going to burst.


  Although it was not the first time Siwoo had seen the twins blush, the intensity of their redness was noticeably stronger this time.


  Odile’s face turned beet red, and her original pale complexion was nowhere in sight.


  Groaning and in an attempt to use Siwoo’s shoulder to get up on her own, Odile, with a face like a boiled octopus, asked softly, as if her words were crawling out.


  “Excuse me, M-M-Mr. Assistant… I can’t get up… Help me.”




  “I can’t put strength in my legs… I can’t get up… Please help me!”


  Siwoo, who was basking in the afterglow of his climax, finally came to his senses.


  “Oh, sure.”


  As Siwoo moved, the thing that went in her rear hole naturally rubbed inside her, eliciting a small gasp from him.


Even a movement such as that felt good.


  Odile, who had his dick inside of her, was also startled by its sudden movement.


  “Ew…! Stop moving your dick like that! It’s making me feel weird!”


  “I’m sorry. I’m not trying to move it.”


  Siwoo’s dick remained as stiff as ever after the euphoric ejaculation that made his mind go blank.


  And each time Odile’s rear hole twitched, his dick intermittently moved inside her, seemingly asking if she wanted to continue.


  In any case, any movement that occurred was entirely due to the pleasure that Odile’s other hole gave him.


  “Hurry up…! I’ve untied you!”


  Odile released the bind she had put on Siwoo, allowing him to grab onto her plump buttocks.


  As he touched her butt, his hand sank into her malleable flesh, which felt so incredibly soft that Siwoo wondered if it was human skin.


  In all honesty, Siwoo had to fight the urge to continue kneading Odile’s soft cheeks, but resisted the growing temptation and slowly drew her away from his cock.




  Odile tried to stifle her moans by biting her lip, but it was a futile effort as the pleasure felt from anal intercourse was typically more vivid and intense when pulling out as compared to inserting it. 


  She eventually trembled and made strange noises.


  “Assistant, slow down a little bit…”


  “Ha, I’m already going slowly.”




  Siwoo finally managed to pull out from Odile’s flesh folds, the natural lubricant from her anus clinging to his dick like glue.




  After being freed from Odile’s anus, Siwoo’s dick made a slight sound before throbbing vigorously as if begging to be let back in.


  And Odile’s anus, which had been stretched to accept his dick, quickly returned to its original shape as if nothing had happened.


  The fact that not a drop of semen leaked out was evidence of how tight her anal muscles were.


  Odile, who was atop Siwoo, looked unsteady and heaved a sigh that sounded like it could be her last breath.


  “Ms. Odile…”


  “I know! Don’t say anything!”


  Odile, ignoring Siwoo’s presence, quickly picked up her fallen boxers from the ground.


  From an outsider’s perspective, a bystander might have mistakenly thought that Siwoo took advantage of Odile.


  But in reality, it was quite the opposite.


  “I won’t say anything. I won’t blame Mr. Assistant either, okay? Now, get out of here.”


  “I was already planning on leaving. But would it be okay for me to neglect Ms. Odette and leave her in her current state?”


  “I said I’ll take care of it myself!”


  Thankfully, Odile regained her composure and avoided unleashing a magical attack due to the embarrassment she was experiencing, putting a stop to the event.


  If it had been the naive Odette instead of Odile, the outcome might have been different.


  Siwoo was finally able to escape from the terrifying space.


  After closing the carriage door behind him, Siwoo took a deep breath of fresh air and finally felt his legs relax.


  “Oh… I’m exhausted.”


  It felt like he had just experienced a dream.


  Siwoo had spent 23 years solely focused on his studies, and for the last 5 years, he had to struggle to survive as a slave.


  Despite his lack of experience with women, he suddenly found himself losing his virginity without warning.


  Furthermore, it was with a stunningly beautiful apprentice. What’s more, he had done it through her tight rear hole.


  “Wait, did I really just lose my virginity?”


  Although Siwoo had never expected to have his first sexual experience this way.


  He felt good about it.


  In his mind, he could still see Odile’s blushing pink face, and the sensations of Odile’s tight rear hole that lingered vividly on his dick.


  Siwoo decided to change his mind and returned to his room instead of immediately heading out to the garden.


  He was unable to get rid of his erection.


  It would pose a big problem for him if he wasn’t able to get it down after a cold shower.








  The twins rode in a carriage and returned to their mansion in Ars Magna Town.


  They returned to their room after receiving greetings from the maids at the front gate, with expressions that seemed to show that they were still lost in their own thoughts.


  “It’s because of you.”


  “No, it’s because of you.”


  After spending a considerable amount of time sitting on the bed and staring blankly in the same direction, the twins finally broke the silence by speaking at the same time.


  This sudden break in silence was like igniting a spark on a fuse, causing the twins to glare at each other.


  “If you hadn’t insisted on finding out what love is, none of this would have happened!”


  “You agreed as well, didn’t you? Even after my warning not to add excessive amounts of pink moss to the potion, you insisted on doing so and said, ‘Tsk, scaredy-cat Odette, the pink moss is just a catalyst for alchemy. It won’t matter if we don’t measure it.'”




  This time, Odette emerged victorious in the argument by a slight difference.


  She had indeed added all the pink moss they had brought from Gemini Spirit Mountain in order to enhance the potion’s effects, just as Odette had said.


  “Why did I do it? I don’t know! You’re the one who ended up doing such shameful things to Mr. Assistant!”


  The memory of that incident came to mind naturally when they brought it up during their argument.


  The twins’ faces turned bright red at the same time, as they recalled the effect of Eros’ potion. 


  They found it to be truly vicious and wished they could completely erase the memory of themselves clinging to Siwoo like prostitutes at Velvet Brothel, something that replayed vividly in their minds.


  “What do we do now…? How am I going to face Mr. Assistant in the next class? I must be crazy… exposing my naked body… exposing myself completely… and on top of that… confessing that I touched myself while thinking about Mr. Assistant … Kyaaaaaaah!”


  As Odette screamed and clutched her hair, Odile hung her head in shame more deeply.


  “And I even spouted nonsense about wanting a baby! Oh my god! Kill me now, sis! Ahhh…!”


  When her younger sister tried to have a sexual encounter with Siwoo, it was unsuccessful, and what was left of it was more like her black history being exposed. However, Odil herself had inserted his dick inside her and made caused him to ejaculate.


  In addition, she had put that thing in her rear hole! Something that a proper lady would never even consider touching, much less using for sexual intercourse.


  Furthermore, despite the fact that the other party was a teaching assistant, he was still a slave!




  “Don’t talk to me! From now on, I’ll be the one who’s your big sis! Stupid Odile! Call me Sister Odette! You foolish imbecile!”


  “I’m serious.”


  Odette, who was pouting her lips, stopped throwing a tantrum at Odile’s serious tone.


  However, her sharp tone still conveyed her frustration and annoyance.


  “What? I’m serious too! It would be strange not to write a will right now!”


  “I became one with Mr. Assistant.”


  She had felt his dick’s hard throb within her body.


  She had also received his warm semen.


  Odette covered her gaping mouth, recalling the shocking scene that had caused her to faint.


  It seemed to have been deeply imprinted in her mind as a result of the overwhelming trauma it had caused.


  “…right, you did, didn’t you…?


  “It felt like we became one. Is that really love…?”


  “Doesn’t it hurt using your backdoor? Are you okay…?”


  “I’m alright now.”


  “Did it hurt earlier? How did you feel? Where did you even learn such a messed-up thing that’s not even written in the books?”


  “If I tell you, you’ll do it, too, right?”




  “We need to explore love, that’s why we’re doing it.”


  “Okay, no teasing each other about this! We’re cool, right?”


  Odette extended her pinky finger and Odile held onto it.


  “I promise.”


  “I promise, too.”


  Odile began to recount the memories from earlier, which were as complex and scalding as flowing lava.


  “I don’t know, I can’t remember it well. But I felt like I was in a really good mood. It was hot, and it felt like the beating of Mr. Assistant’s heart was resonating throughout my body…”


  Odile’s knees were tightly clasped together.


  Just thinking about it made her lower abdomen feel ticklish.


  Odette vigorously nodded her head.


  The twins, who had become like kids secretly watching porn together, shared their experiences.


  “I also… touched Mr. Assistant’s hot thing… It felt like it was hot as if it was burning. And I wanted to keep slamming it inside me, making him ejaculate inside.”


  The feeling itself was amazing.


 It was a tremendous stimulus for the twins, who didn’t even know the concept of sexual pleasure existed.


  “I wanted to stay like that and have Mr. Assistant’s baby. Why did I feel that way?”


  “You said it was because you didn’t want me to steal him from you.”


  “Whenever there’s something I like, you always take it away. I just didn’t want it to be taken away from me.”


  Odette grumbled.


  Talking about it like this and sharing their feelings with each other actually made them feel a little less embarrassed.


  After all, they had prepared the Eros’ Potion to gain new knowledge about love, even though it was a bit twisted from the beginning.


  “I agree with you on that part too. When I thought that Mr. Assistant wouldn’t play with us again, I felt like he was going to be taken away by someone else. That’s why I didn’t want to let him go.”


  “So… how did it feel when it was inside through your rear hole? Was it like going to the bathroom? I haven’t been to the bathroom for so long that I don’t remember.”


  “Well… it was totally different. It hurt a lot because it was so big. But after a while, it felt like my body was floating.”


  “I… actually felt that way too.”


  After a few more exchanges of opinions, the twins suddenly fell silent.


  They felt a strange familiarity in each other’s words.






  “Our reactions were quite similar, weren’t they?”


  “I was just thinking that too.”


  They were both marked with the same brand symbol as if they had each inherited half of it.


  Moreover, they were identical twins with identical mana patterns.


  Although their ways of thinking and their thought structures were slightly different, there was a high possibility that the potion would have a similar effect on them.


  “Let’s try it one more time. How much of the potion is left?”


  “Are you crazy? You want to do that embarrassing act again?”


  “No! I’ll never do that!”


  Odette crossed her arms in an X, showing her disapproval.


  Odile pulled out the remaining bottle and examined it.


  “There’s still about three doses left.”


  “Sis, I have an interesting idea… How about we feed some of it to Professor Amelia?”




  Odette shushed Odile to calm her down as her voice reverberated throughout the room.


  “Aside from the fact that there are still three doses left, it would be a waste to just throw it away. Plus, since Ms. Professor often comes to class with Mr. Assistant, it would be easy to meet the conditions for the potion of looking at him within 10 seconds.”


  “No way! That’s on a completely different level than when we switch places to trick Ms. Professor into letting one of us escape.”


  “What’s the difference? Honestly, you’re curious too, aren’t you?”


  While Odile was screaming that it couldn’t be done, her mind was already envisioning Amelia in such a situation.


  Associate Professor Amelia was known for her cold and aloof demeanor, always standing with her arms folded like an ice statue, and hurling monstrous homework bombs. 


  It’s intriguing to imagine what would happen if someone like her were to fall in love. 


  Would she rush toward him and embrace him as they did?


  It seemed that the effects of the love potion varied from person to person, and it was uncertain what kind of impact it would have.


  The intensity of their forbidden curiosity increased.


  ”Won’t we get caught and blocked from doing so by the Autonomous Defense spell?”


  “Don’t worry, sis. This is a ‘BUFF MAGIC POTION’.”


  According to the classification, the Eros potion made by Odile and Odette was a kind of buff potion.


  It was similar to an awakening agent that amplified the positive emotion of love while removing hesitation.


  It would probably be unlikely to be classified as a toxic substance and trigger Autonomous Defense.


  Odile began to devise a plan in her mind, justifying that she wasn’t doing anything particularly wrong as long as the autonomous defense system permitted it.


  “Odette, what will you do if we get caught?”


  “We’ll be scolded. Just like we always have been.”


  The idea of Professor Amelia, who was known for her cold and merciless demeanor, being truly angry was scary.


  The mere thought of it sent shivers down Odile’s spine. 


  Despite the fear, her curiosity only intensified.





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