City of Witches Chapter 42

Love Potion (5)

༺ Love Potion (5) ༻




  Siwoo couldn’t help but wonder why God always sends such trials his way.


  Odile wasn’t just a stunning woman, she was the kind of woman you’d stop and stare at on the street.


  That Odile was sticking out her butt and gently swaying her hips at Siwoo.


  “It’s okay, of course you need to be considerate of the woman’s body when doing it from behind… and you also need to be mindful of hygiene, however…”


  Siwoo was a man with a normal libido. 


  If she weren’t an apprentice witch, he would not have hesitated to have sex with her on the spot.


  He could have been gripping her hips right about now.


  “However, there is nothing to worry about! Despite being a witch apprentice, I have a semi-spirit body. Although growth and aging cannot be stopped, my body is much stronger than a human’s and I don’t even need to use the bathroom! There won’t be any issues with hygiene or safety…”


  Siwoo just blankly stared at Odile’s ass.


  The noble witch’s bare vagina and lovely folds remain tightly closed despite her hands spreading them. 


  She didn’t need to use the bathroom, so there was no need for an enema for hygiene.


  Since her womb and his manhood wouldn’t come into direct contact, there was no need to be concerned about harm to the “symbol” that would hold the brand.


  Odile herself also wanted to be penetrated.


  All Siwoo needed to do was shove it in.


  By doing so, he could take away the haughty Odile’s first experience of anal sex, and at the same time, he would be able to see her moan.


  The problem may have appeared straightforward on a one-dimensional level, but it wasn’t really that simple.


  Odile was not in a normal state of mind at the moment.


  The potion impaired her ability to make accurate situational judgments.


  He couldn’t even being to imagine what would happen when the effects would wear off.


  He wondered if Odile would ever forgive him for thrusting his cock inside her ass while she was in a state of heat due to the potion’s effect.


  Siwoo wondered whether it was better to be bound by Odette and be rendered powerless to protest than to be in this current predicament. 


  He managed to maintain a level of safety until now, but the future was unpredictable, and he couldn’t be sure of anything beyond that.


  “I don’t think that’s going to work. Ms. Odile.”


  “That’s right… You’re not even agreeing to do that with me even if I go this far.”


  Siwoo replied while shaking his head.


  Perhaps Siwoo’s adamant refusal caused Odile’s shyness to reawaken, she stood up straight and turned her buttocks.


  However, it was clear that she had no intention of giving up as Odile’s pupils glistened with a magical purple glow. 


  “I didn’t want to cast a spell on you. But you left me with no choice.”


  There was no way that Odile, who was so stubborn, would give up on her desires just because of Siwoo’s refusal.


  Odile decided to forcefully bind Siwoo and satisfy her own desires.


  “Ms. Odile, you’ll regret this. I’m not just saying this for my sake, I’m genuinely concerned for you.”


  As soon as he felt his body being tightly bound by an invisible force, Siwoo gave up.


  It was far more sophisticated and powerful than Odette’s.


  He could do nothing but blink and breathe. 


  It felt like hundreds of strings were restraining his body.


  Siwoo began to walk forward.


  Or more accurately, it was Odile manipulating him to walk towards her.


  As soon as Siwoo settled down on the couch, Odile quickly stripped off his pants.


  His member which had been erected, rose with terrifying momentum as soon as his underwear came down along with his pants.


  “Wow… Yours used to be just fascinating, but now I really want to put it in my mouth and suck on it…”


  Odile’s purple eyes focused on one side of his shaft.


  Odile, who had been swallowing her saliva like a critic admiring a brilliant work of art, slowly began to suck on the manhood in front of her.


  “Chewp… Chewp… Even Mr. Assistant… will change his mind when he feels good…”




  He didn’t know what to do.


  Siwoo gave up.


  There was nothing he could do in this situation anyway, he might as well just let it happen.


  Odile would later regret how carelessly she had behaved.


  Siwoo had tried to persuade Odile and even tried to escape.


  “Do you feel good? I hope Mr. Assistant is feeling good…”


  Odile was caressing his member with great care.


  Right now, she wasn’t giving him a blowjob with the sole purpose of showing her honed skills.


  She was giving him a loving and affectionate blowjob, the one where she wanted to make her loved one feel as good as possible. 


  “Why don’t you answer me?”


  She didn’t care about her cheeks rubbing against his phallus covered in saliva.


  “What answer do you want at this part?”


  “Isn’t it ‘I love you’?”


  “I think the emotion you’re feeling, Ms. Odile, is closer to lust than love.”


  “No, Mr. Assistant, there’s no way this burning passion can’t be love.”


  After having anal sex with Odile, it would be even more difficult to confess and seek forgiveness from Lady Gemini for everything that had happened.


  He was perplexed about the best way to end this situation in a good way.


  Odile was giving Siwoo a blowjob with her swift and tremendous skill while he was thinking things over.


  “Now… I suppose it’s wet enough to put it in, don’t you think?”


  Odile hopped up onto the sofa,


  She pulled Siwoo’s erect penis with one hand and pushed it into her rear hole with the other.


  As the glans came into contact with her rear end, its sensitivity increased, he could clearly feel the wrinkles there, which gave him the sensation of having been licked by a tongue. 


  Odile hotly gasped as if that action alone made her short of breath.


  “It’s alright, Mr. Assistant. It’s my first time, so it’ll feel a little awkward, but I’ll give it a try.”


  Siwoo could feel his phallus, which were moistened with Odile’s saliva, pressed against her rear hole.


  Right in front of his eyes, he saw Odile’s expression melting from pleasure as she rubbed his member in her rear hole.


  Odile’s sheath was on full display, and it was wet and glistening with love juice.


  The mere sight of it was enough to satisfy any visual desire.


  He wasn’t sure what to do as she insisted on putting his member inside on her own.




  As someone inexperienced with anal sex, it wasn’t easy for Odile to insert it by herself right away.


  At first, he felt a soft, mushy something being pushed against the glans of his member.


  Then, as the glans dug in until they couldn’t be pushed any further, her rear hole, which had been tightly closed like a flower bud, slowly revealed its entrance.

  “Ah… It hurts…!


  “Ms. Odile, if it hurts, let’s stop…”


  But Odile muffled Siwoo’s words with a passionate kiss. 


  She knew that love could make the pain go away, kissing him while gradually lowering her hips. 


  “Ugh… Ugh… ahh…”


  Odile’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened wide as she let out a moan.


  In the first place, Siwoo’s manhood was massive,


  Furthermore, anal sex was such a difficult act that it had to be performed after both training and tender care.


  Siwoo couldn’t believe Odile, who had never had an experience with such anal sex, was trying to ride his phallus.


  It was a dangerous situation and seeing blood would not have been unusual if she had been a human woman.


  “It’s… in…”


  However, her tenacity was extraordinary.


  Odile let her hips drop, her rear hole began to open as it swallowed Siwoo’s glans while she ignored the pain that came with it.


  “Oh my….!”


  He received a rush of pressure in the glans as soon as his shaft began to drill into her ass.


  In a moment of glory, Siwoo felt as though his penis was about to be severed by the intense pressure while achieving the nearly impossible feat of penetrating the notoriously tight and stubborn Odil’s anus.


  The disparity in their body sizes, combined with Odile’s inexperience, created an unbelievably powerful clenching pressure that tightly gnawed at his shaft.


  “More… I’m going to put more….!”


  Odile clenched her teeth and lowered her hips even further.


  Siwoo’s glans seemed to be swallowed up and pulled inside like a vacuum as the thickest part started to slide into Odil’s opening sphincter.




  Odile groaned as saliva dripped from her opened mouth.


  Anal sex was always a difficult process, especially during the initial penetration.


  However, after the largest part of his shaft passed through the narrowest parts of Odile’s anus, the resistance stopped. 


  Odile deliberately lowered her hips slowly and swallowed Siwoo’s shaft down to the midpoint.


  The soft flesh seemed to wrap and squeeze every crevice of his member like it had been tightly wound by rubber bands.


  The exhilarating first experience made Siwoo feel like he was about to lose his mind.


  The warmth inside Odile was intense.


  Passing through her sphincter was so painful that Siwoo thought his member would get fractured, but what came after that ordeal was a tingly sensation that was akin to arriving at paradise. 


  There was a sense of unity as if her sticky walls were melting and merging with Siwoo’s shaft.


  Whenever Odile gasped in agony, her rear hole loosened and tightened as if it was breathing, repeatedly stimulating his member.


  “Ah… ha… It’s done, right… Mr. Assistant…?”


  Odile caressed Siwoo’s cheek and spoke in a loving tone without putting an end to her struggle between pain and pleasure.


  “Mr. Assistant and I have become one… You’re happy too, right?”


  She was hunched over, appearing unable to speak due to her shaking voice.


  Perhaps due to the satisfaction of embracing Siwoo, Odile’s inner mucous membranes rippled, stimulating Siwoo’s member.


  He was certain that he was about to pull out a moment ago.


  Considering that he might ejaculate right away.


  And then Siwoo noticed the expression on Odile’s face when a shaft was shoved up her ass. 


  It was a stimulating sight to behold.


  Although she appeared to be on the verge of crying, the corners of her mouth trembled with joy and delight.


  Her eyes were seductively moist, much like the eyes of lustful demons.


  Her each and every detail was stimulating his libido.


  And then.


  “What should I do, Mr. Assistant…?”


  Odile looked at Siwoo with embarrassment.


  “I can’t move now. It feels like my body has been skewered…”


  Odile stiffened, hugging Siwoo’s neck tightly.


  It was too burdensome for a girl who didn’t know anything about men yet.


  Odile wiggled her toes as if she had a  cramp and then clung to Siwoo.


  “Mr. Assistant I think I should move…You don’t like it, right? Because I forced you even though you told me not to do it. You hate me… don’t you?”


  Siwoo couldn’t come up with any response.


  Since they had already become one, it might be best to stop now.


  “Ah… sis?”


  Then, from the corner of the room, they heard Odette’s voice, which they hadn’t heard in a while.


  She seemed much more normal. She seemed to have regained her senses.


  “Oh my Goodness! Wait… you were trying to have a baby with Mr. Assistant…?”


  “Don’t worry, Odette. I wouldn’t do something so foolish. I did it properly and in a safe way.”


  “A safe… way?”


  Odette slowly walked over to the couch covering her mouth with her hand where Siwoo and Odile were intertwined.


  When she saw that Siwoo’s massive member was inside Odile’s rear hole, her eyes widened in shock.




  It seemed to have been too much for Odette to handle.


  Odette put her hand on her forehead and collapsed like a scarecrow.


  She fainted.


  Reasoning, which had disappeared from Odile’s eyes, returned while she looked down at Odette speechlessly.


  Odile shook her head repeatedly as if she had just gotten off a wild roller coaster ride.




  It couldn’t have been more than an hour yet, right?


  Siwoo absentmindedly looked at the watch.




  A tumultuous event had occurred, and Siwoo couldn’t properly gauge the amount of time that had passed, and realized that an hour and thirty minutes had gone by already.


  Odile, who awoke from a trance-like state and regained consciousness, assessed her surroundings.


  Her lower half was limp, her arms were wrapped tightly around Siwoo.


  And the vivid pressure she felt from her rear hole.


  Odile looked down


  She saw Siwoo’s thick member buried in her rear hole.


  “Did… did I do this?”


  “Ms. Odile, if you’ve regained your senses, would you please come down…? I’m getting a little tired.”


  Odile looked at Siwoo in astonishment.


  Her wide eyes seemed unable to accept that she had committed such an act.


  “This… what’s this…!”


  All of the muscles in the human body were closely related to emotions.


  Odile was both surprised and confused, causing her soft flesh to stimulate Siwoo’s phallus, pushing him to the limit of his patience.


  “Kuh…! Wai…. wait a minute!”




  – Squish!


  Odilefelt Siwoo’s member throb inside of her followed by something warm beginning to fill her insides.


  – Squish! squish! squish!


  It was undoubtedly Siwoo’s semen outpouring.


  “He… heu… ha…”


  Odile’s moaning matched the rhythm of Siwoo’s ejaculation.


  He felt something just by slightly moving his member inside of her. 


  In response, Odile’s rear hole tightened its grip on his shaft, seemingly demanding more semen from him.


  She opened her mouth again only after the climax was complete and the throbbing of his manhood had subsided.


  “Oh, this is unbelievable…”


  Siwoo’s first experience was with Odile’s rear hole.





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