City of Witches Chapter 45

We Can't be the Only Ones (3)


༺ We Can’t be the Only Ones (3) ༻





  The twin grew tired of their piano lessons, which were followed by alchemy classes.


  And their classes in the mansion only ended after a book reading session which they had to go through. 


  Odile and Odette then used the portal installed in their mansion to reach the academy.


  An enormous sum of gold coins was actually required to maintain and repair a portal.


  However, the Gemini family’s wealth, the most prominent and wealthy of the Count families, was more than sufficient to handle it.


  The twins passed through the teacher’s room and headed toward their usual classroom, where a tense atmosphere awaited them.


  They pulled out a thermos, which they had prepared ahead of time, with the seriousness of terrorists before a suicide attack.


  “Are you ready, Odette?”


  “Yes, sis.”


  Then, they accurately measured Eros’ Potion and carefully poured in two doses of the potion into the thermos, knowing full well that Amelia wouldn’t be able to drink all of the tea.


  A small sip of the potion was enough to produce a powerful effect due to the generous amount of pink moss, a component that enhanced its effects.


  When the red tea and pink Eros’ potion were mixed together, there was no noticeable difference


– Tik tok, tik tok


  If they had been any slower, they would have been caught.


  The sound of Amelia’s high heels echoed in the hallway.


  Odile hurriedly concealed the potion bottle, while Odette vigorously shook the thermos with the lid firmly sealed.


  “Be quiet.”


  As a customary greeting, Amelia would stride into the classroom and hush the twins, for they had a tendency to chatter before the class commenced.


  However, she tilted her head in confusion upon entering the strangely quiet atmosphere.


  As she did so, Siwoo waddled into the room sporting an awkward expression on his face.


  Odette avoided Siwoo’s gaze, and Odile couldn’t bring herself to look at him directly either.


  It had been their first meeting since the hot rendezvous in the carriage.


  Seeing him again brought back memories of that day, causing their faces to flush with embarrassment.


  The twins who had been glancing at his lower half with interest could tell why Siwoo entered the classroom with such discomfort.


 Clutching eight thick textbooks in his arms, it seemed almost absurd and overwhelming.  Nevertheless, they had no other option but to accept it, as it was undoubtedly a week’s worth of assignments he held in his hands.


  The twins were consumed with guilt at the thought of offering Amelia tea mixed with Eros potion, but her cruelty towards them showed no regard for their grievances and somewhat alleviated their guilt.


  “Hello, Ms. Professor!”


  “Hello, Mr. Assistant, how are you?”


  Odette greeted Siwoo with a wave of her hand before quickly turning her head away.




  The twins usually haphazardly greeted Siwoo, but this time their reactions were awkward, attracting her attention.


  She looked back and forth between the twins and Siwoo, blinking in confusion. 


  Despite this, Amelia remained a diligent professor who never wasted a single minute of her three-hour class.


  “Please submit your essay.”




  “Yes, Ms. Professor!”


  The twins were pondering the right timing to offer the tea while they submitted their week-long assignment.


  In reality, this assignment was more of a reflection on and application of the lessons learned in class than a thesis that adhered to rigid academic formatting guidelines.


  Nevertheless, Amalia’s red pen danced mercilessly over the twin’s submitted task.


  “Excuse me, Professor Amelia.”


  “Yes, Miss Odette,”


  “I get the impression that my sister and I are a bit challenging for you to teach, considering our many shortcomings,”


  “I’m aware of that. But I don’t remember having been taught this particular topic. What are you referring to?”




  Timidly, Odette stepped forward to speak first. However, Amelia’s response was filled with dissatisfaction as she presented Odette’s assignment which had been heavily covered in red ink.


  “The calculation of mana distribution is the alpha and omega of magic. You’ve skipped the calculation formula, and the result is riddled with errors.”


  “I-I’m sorry.”


  Amelia’s stern demeanor today struck fear in Odette, who immediately tucked her hands between her knees and bowed her head.


  It was understandable since Amelia’s assignments were always quite difficult, since they were quite long and complex.


  Meanwhile, the twins, more focused on success, only put forth half their usual efforts into completing the week’s assignment. 


  Odette’s attentiveness to Amelia’s mood allowed Odile to patiently stay silent while she waited for Amelia to finish grading without interruption.


  “Take it with you.”


  Odile and Odette took their assignments with trembling hands as Amelia tapped her fingernails on the table, her mood seemingly soured.


  Amelia would have accepted the poor answers from the twins if she had seen even a hint of effort put into their homework. However, she firmly believed that there was no excuse for students who didn’t try.


  That was Amellia’s teaching philosophy.


  Perhaps that was why Amelia seemed to exude a frosty demeanor today. 


  “I’m extremely disappointed.”


  “I’m sorry…”


  The twins simultaneously bowed their heads in shame.


  Odette’s shoulders slumped with disappointment and fear, while Odile remained composed..


  Odile wondered if now would be the best time to test the effects of Eros’ Potion, as Amelia was clearly enraged, her anger palpable in the room.


  Odile yearned to see a change in Amelia’s demeanor, who had been previously angry but now showed deep affection towards Mr. Assistant.


  The mere thought of it made her curiosity boil.


  “Ms. Professor,”




  “I have something to tell you. Is that okay?”


  “Keep it brief. I’m thinking about where to start teaching again.”


  Startled, Odette grabbed Odile’s skirt under the desk, trying to stop her.




  But Odile had already made up her mind.


  “I brought this tea to give to Ms. Professor, it’s made from the first leaves of the tea tree in our tea garden and brewed as cold tea.”


  Cold tea is tea made by stacking ice and placing tea leaves in between to cool it with cool water.


  “Especially during the stage of blending tea leaves, by adding raspberry flavor, you can enjoy its unique aroma when drinking it cold.”


  Odile explained as she poured the tea into a separate cup and handed it to Amelia, who seemed slightly taken aback.


  Given everything that the twins had done up til that point, it was a truly admirable act from such students.


  “Thank you.”


  However, at that moment, Siwoo noticed something and interjected.


  No matter how much he looked at it, It didn’t seem like the twins were serving the tea out of the kindness of their hearts.


  The excited twinkle in Odile’s eyes gave off warning bells in Siwoo’s head. It reminded him of the time where she had first seen his cock.


  “Um, Ms. Amelia,”


  Siwoo quickly interrupted Amelia, who was holding her teacup with what appeared to be the proper etiquette which she had learned directly from the manuals on the art of making ceremonial tea.


  “What’s the matter?”


  “Well, um…”


  But he didn’t know what he should say.


  Should he reveal that the twins had mixed something strange into the tea?


  If he did, he’d have to confess to what had happened last time.


  But if he said nothing, who knew what Amelia, who had unknowingly drank the potion, would do.


  “Oh, it’s nothing,”


  Siwoo eventually gave up.


  He couldn’t be certain that the twins had put Eros’s potion in the tea, and even if they had, it would have nothing to do with him.


  The twins would surely face severe punishment if they were caught.


  “Thank you for the drink.”


  Amelia said, sipping the cold tea from her cup.


  Odile and Odette were completely focused on Amellia.


  In the case of Odette, she had wanted to strip Siwoo and ride him, hoping that she’d get pregnant.


  Odile, on the other hand, had her rear hole splattered with baby batter.


  They pondered what would happen in Amelia’s case.




  Shiwoo retreated carefully so as not to be seen by Amelia.


  If the condition to see the man from whom the semen was collected within 10 seconds was removed, the situation would become less unpredictable.


  The twins’ palms started to sweat from nervousness, as they waited to see what would happen next.


  Ten seconds.


  Nine seconds.


  Eight seconds.


  Seven seconds.


  “Assistant Siwoo.”


  Only seven seconds had passed, and Amelia turned back to Siwoo, causing him to nervously swallow his saliva.


  He knew that if the twins had actually added the potion to the tea, the effects would have already started by now. 


  However, there was nothing he could do to avoid it.


  “How long am I going to hold the books?”


  “Ah, yes.”


  Siwoo grabbed the textbooks from Amelia, who had been holding them throughout the grading process, and then piled them up onto the desk.


  His gaze lingered on Amelia.


  “I’ll start the lesson now,”


  And so,


  Ten minutes went by, then twenty.


  Despite his anxiety, Amelia did not experience any changes throughout the entire class, which lasted for around three hours.


  She taught as usual and assigned twice the amount of homework as punishment for the twins’ poor performance before checking out for the day.






  “Why is that?”


  The twins returned to the Gemini Mansion through the portal.


  After dinner, the end of their daily routine, they had about five hours to spend on personal activities before bedtime.


  This usually consisted of them reading books in the study, reviewing Amelia’s classes and taking notes, or even taking a bath in the bathroom.


  However, tonight was different.


  They went straight to their bedroom and sat down on the bed, wondering why Amelia didn’t show any signs of being affected by the potion during class..




  “Why is that…?


  Both Odile and Odette had been closely observing Amelia throughout the entire class, but Amelia finished calmly without changing her expression, then left after giving out a mountain of assignments.


  “Maybe she endured it with her superhuman patience?”


  “Odette, I’m sure there’s no woman who can endure that.”


  “Could it be that the medicine’s effect has worn off?”


  “Rather, wouldn’t it be more plausible that her autonomous defense system simply neutralized it?”


  “If that’s the case, Ms. Professor wouldn’t have just ignored it. But there really was nothing wrong.”


  The twins sighed heavily, feeling disappointed by the lack of reaction from Professor Amelia to their prank.


  Despite their initial fears, they had hoped for a response similar to a newborn fawn wobbling on its feet in a feverish haze.


  “Odette, bring me the book,” 


  “Yes, sis.”


  Wanting to understand why the potion did not work, they retrieved the “Forbidden Potion Formula” from under the bed.


  This rare book had a once impressive black cover that had turned rusty brown over time and was one of only two copies in the world.


  After locating the page about Eros’ potion, where they had found it previously, they studied the preparation method, precautions, and expected effects described in the book.


  “Hmm, it looks like it’s here. The effect of the potion greatly varies from person to person, and it depends on the individual’s underlying sexual attraction.”


  “Additionally, instances in which the potion is ineffective are documented below.”


  “For example, they include experimental subjects who have not experienced menstruation, those who are pregnant, and those who have no aptitude for menstrual sensitivity….”


  The twins, who had spread the book out and huddled their heads together, suddenly came across a particular passage that left them speechless.


  “Furthermore, the potion’s effects do not apply to an experimental subject who is already in love with the subject providing the sperm.”




  The twins at the same tilted their heads to one side like dolls with drained batteries.


  “Wait, hold on. Let’s sort this out,”


  Feeling perplexed, Odile fanned herself with her hands.


  “Professor Amelia must have already had her period, right?”


  “Of course! Can’t you tell?”


  “Could she be pregnant?”


  “She’s a witch, for heaven’s sake!”


  “She probably doesn’t have an aptitude for mana sensitivity…no, it couldn’t be… but if that’s not the case…”


  “Let’s try to put it together once more. We gave Professor Amelia, the experiment subject, the potion we made using the semen we obtained from Mr. Assistant. So does that mean… that Professor Amelia likes Mr. Assistant?”


  The twins panicked as they reached an unexpected conclusion.


  “No way!


  “That’s impossible!”


  But soon, they fell silent as they reached a clear conclusion but also felt a sense of relief as they realized the reason behind their failure




  “This book is rubbish.”


  “Yeah, let’s toss it in the fireplace later, sis.”


  “No, let’s do it now.”


  Odile stood up, feeling light and carefree, as if all their worries had been resolved, and tossed the book into the fireplace before heading to the bathroom.


  “I almost got myself into trouble by blindly following that weird thing.”


  “Yeah, you can’t trust old books like that.”


  “Let’s go take a bath together, sis.”


  The loving sisters walked out briskly, leaving the book burning lamentably in the fireplace.


  As the book burned, its pages flipped over, revealing a side note that the twin had not managed to see.



…In the case of the last example, since the effects and duration of action have not been sufficiently verified, caution is required when conducting experiments.





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