City of Witches Chapter 46

Late Night Tutoring (1)

༺ Late Night Tutoring (1) ༻




  Odile tossed and turned all night long.


  While tossing and turning, she glanced to the side at Odette, who was sleeping like a log.




  She poked Odette’s cheek to make sure, but all she could hear was the sound of her breathing. Odette remained fast asleep without even stirring.


  Odile quietly sat up and leaned back against the headboard of the bed.


  Odile had been exactly like Odette not too long ago.


  She could fall asleep within a minute of laying her head down on a soft feather pillow and sleep soundly for hours undisturbed.


  However, things she had previously taken for granted had changed over the past few days.


  Now, even with her head resting on a fluffy feather pillow, she couldn’t fall asleep.


  Instead, her mind was plagued with all sorts of thoughts and worries that had disappeared during the day but returned at night to keep her awake.


  “How could she be so nonchalant?”


  It was after the day when she had tested the effects of the Eros’ potion on her own body.


  After she had kidnapped Siwoo from the garden, they had a hot and passionate time in the carriage.


  She had hugged him, flirted with him, and done things she shouldn’t have under the influence of the potion.


  Including outrageous things like inserting his cock into her rear hole and receiving his seed.


  Though Odile had been thoroughly intoxicated by the potion, she could still vividly recall the sensations from that day.


  Her heart fluttered simply from being close to him.


  The pleasure she had experienced becoming one with him even amidst the pain.


  And the warm sensation that had gradually spread throughout her body.


  However, memories of that time didn’t leave her mind even though she wished she completely forgot about it.




  When she returned to the mansion after the tryst, she went to the bathroom for the first time in a while.


  She had never experienced such feelings before, and she kept thinkings about how embarrassing it was that he ejaculated into her rear hole.


  Odile quietly slipped out of bed and cautiously made her way outside like a cat stalking down a dark alley.


  The maids were still around at this time.


  Odile rarely wandered around at such a late hour, so it was best to avoid running into anyone.


  She knew of many quiet places in the mansion that no one would visit such as the old library filled with stacks of various old books.


  Odile, who was walking silently down the moonlit hallway, scanned her surroundings before slipping into the library.


  The library was a playground that Lady Gemini had given to the curious twins.


  There were lots of old books of low scholarly value or about previous magic research, but there were also a lot of interesting books.


  Odile ran to the window and closed the blackout curtains before lighting the lantern.


  This way, the light wouldn’t leak out of the library.


  She then pulled out a heavily worn book from a tightly packed bookshelf.




  Odile cleared a sofa, scattering the books and lantern onto the floor, then laid down on the sofa with a determined expression.


  Odile was about to read the book she had kept hidden from Odette and secretly read behind her back.


  It was an erotic novel that happened to be among the various books their master gave them as gifts.


  The title was “The Devilish Delivery Man”


  The story was about a witch who, overcome by boredom, dragged a milk deliveryman into her home to study love and perform various ‘activities’.


  It was twelve chapters long, and the content was out of the ordinary from the very first chapter.


  If the timid Odette had seen it, she would have been overwhelmed and fainted right away.


  Odile looked around once more then pulled her drawers down to her thighs.


  She leaned her back against the armrest and held the book open with one hand.


  Her heart was pounding even though she hadn’t done anything yet.


  Since she had already read the first chapter, she skipped it.


  Chapter two, “Offering the Hole of Immorality.”


  It was a shocking chapter that taught Odile, who was ignorant of sex, that men and women could become one using the rear hole.


  It was also the culprit responsible for giving Odile and unforgettable first experience.


  Odile put a finger in her mouth and wet it with her saliva.


  Then she slowly began to rub her clitoris with her wet finger.




 Odile, with her exceptional concentration, quickly immersed herself in the book’s contents.


  As she massaged her dainty clitoris with her fingertips, it gradually began to protrude from the clitoral hood. The pleasure increased with every passing moment, her quiet breaths quickening from excitement.


  The silhouette of Odile lying on her back appeared to be dancing along to the fluttering light of the lantern.


  As she had expected, it felt good.


  The carnal delight she was experiencing was sweeter and more satisfying than the chocolate cake she had recently discovered.


  Odile’s eyes raced through the pages of the erotic novel.


  「The hard and rigid shaft penetrated the witch’s impure hole. The witch’s body was flushed from arousal, offering an immoral pleasure from corrupting and staining her noble body with the colors of hedonism. Her hair danced in the air as she was thrust forward and pulled back, a sigh of ecstasy escaping her lips as she clutched the sheets.」


  The delivery man, who was initially swept up in the witch’s seduction, quickly realized that the witch was not as wise and clever as she presented herself, but rather an innocent and naive woman who knew nothing about the ways of the world.


  After realizing this, the delivery man began to slowly taint the witch with his own color.


  The part Odile was currently reading described how the witch, who had fallen for the delivery man’s deception, surrendered her rear hole and was indulging in a new pleasure.


  Odile stroked her swollen pussy lips which were dripping with nectar like sticky honey.




  A commoner was conquering a witch in bed.


  Such a book was nothing more than a trashy novel, but Odile couldn’t bring herself to burn the book because her curiosity kept growing and growing.


  Coincidentally, in the story, the delivery man grabbed the witch by the waist and inserted his dick into her rear hole.


  With her fingers slick with sticky nectar, Odile swallowed her saliva and lifted her buttocks slightly.


  She then carefully inserted her finger into the hole that hadn’t been used in more than ten years. Even though she didn’t need to use the restroom ever since she developed a semi-spiritual body, her rear still felt like a filthy hole.




  She felt discomfort.


  Odile felt entirely different today than she did when Siwoo put his thing inside her previously.


  Perhaps she got hurt because it was her first time trying by herself.


  When she inserted Mr. Assistant’s dick, it also hurt a lot in the beginning.


  With that in mind, Odile diligently moved her finger back and forth.


  Her heart pounded as she felt ashamed and embarrassed of what she was doing.




  But eventually, Odile closed the book and pulled out her finger.


  “That’s strange…”


  She didn’t feel pleasure at all.


  There were none of the feelings that she experienced before when she performed the same act with Siwoo, so she was left feeling strange and uncomfortable.


  She wondered if it was because there was a lack of love.


  Odile had felt intense love for Siwoo when she had anal sex with him.


  She considered the possibility that she was feeling nothing because she didn’t have that love right now.


  However, the witch in the book did not love the delivery man.


  Despite this, it was written that she cried out like a beast and writhed like a whore.


  Odile put on her clothes.


  In just a few days, her curiosity had grown significantly, and it greatly motivated her to satisfy her curiosity.


  She quickly left to go see Siwoo right away.




  Siwoo has been assigned Amelia’s exclusive slave since about a week after becoming a City Hall slave.


  His daily life has also changed greatly.


  First of all, he was free from the backbreaking labor, but he hasn’t found anything worthwhile to do.


  Things like cleaning the hallway, unclogging a suddenly blocked drain, or chopping down a tree branch that had been broken by a storm were no longer his responsibility.


  He no longer had to do the tedious work which made him wonder why he was stuck here and doing it in the first place. 


  There were also slight changes in the working hours and conditions.


  When he was a janitor, he was given free time once his roughly 12-hour shift was over. Now, even though it was late, his work as an assistant seemed to never end.


  Also, since he had his meals at the same table as Amelia, the quality of his meals had significantly improved.


  His greatest happiness, however, was that he could sleep and shower in a single room comparable to a hotel room.


  This was his greatest happiness.


  However, his workload did not increase.


  On the contrary, his workload had significantly decreased, and Siwoo could enjoy about an hour of free time here and there, so he was generally satisfied.




  After finishing work for the day, Siwoo sat on the windowsill and smoked a cigarette which was a luxury he could not even imagine during his caretaker days.


  “But what am I supposed to do about this?”


  However, the biggest problem remained.


  He simply didn’t have time to research magic.


  He couldn’t even bring the draft of the magic circle and the mana water was still left in the barn.


  He didn’t have enough time to go back and forth during work hours, and even cutting into his sleep and going out at night was not feasible.


  From Siwoo’s observations, Amelia was like someone addicted to magic research and rarely slept. Even when she did sleep, it was only after 4 AM that she would finally lay down in bed.


  He was currently contemplating the best time to go out at night, as he didn’t want to get caught and get in trouble.


  Perhaps tomorrow would be a good time.


  It would be his first holiday, and the manual specified that the assistant was not required to work on holidays, so there should be nothing he needed to do.


  He was getting ready to shower and go to bed.


  As he was about to close the window, he suddenly heard a voice.


  “Hello, Mr. Assistant?”


  Startled, he dropped his cigarette as he turned to see who was speaking.


  At first, he thought he was imagining things as it was already 1 o’clock and he was on the second floor of Amelia’s mansion, but when he saw Odile floating outside the window, he couldn’t help but react.


  “Did I surprise you? It was a surprise visit, after all, so it was a success!”


  Suddenly, a flurry of words came to his mind.


  In the midst of complicated thoughts, worries, and confusion, Siwoo struggled to choose his words carefully.


  “May I ask why you’ve come here?”


  “I ran away from home.”


  “So you ran away from home. When the day breaks, Lady Gemini and Ms. Odette will worry about you, so please go back home. Ms. Odette isn’t here, right? Then, if there’s nothing else…”


  When Siwoo tried to close the window, Odile’s slender hand held onto the frame.


  “Wait, wait!”


  “Please be quiet…! Ms. Amelia is still awake!”


  “Okay, I’ll be quiet, just let me in for now.”


  Odile attempted to enter the room despite Siwoo’s best efforts to remain as quiet as possible and uninvolved in the current incident.


  It was clear which side had the advantage.


  Siwoo had no choice but to open the window, and Odile landed softly inside the room like an angel.


  He felt dizzy with confusion.


  Siwoo couldn’t grasp why she had come here in the first place, or how precarious his current situation was. 


  If he got caught, everyone would assume that a slave brought an apprentice witch into his room at night.


  Furthermore, Odile was only wearing white underwear underneath her cloak.


  She was wearing nothing beneath but drawers and a luxuriously-laced white nightgown.


  He couldn’t imagine what Amelia would think if she found out.


  “Don’t worry, Mr. Assistant. I came singing the ‘Song of Silence.’ She won’t be able to detect any disturbance I cause.”


  After achieving her goal of entering the room, Odile offered assurance as if foreseeing Siwoo’s worries beforehand.


  Siwoo unconsciously reached for another cigarette.


  “Please, Ms. Odile, go back now. Didn’t I tell you there won’t be any more secret meetings from now on?”


  “I know, I know, I didn’t come here for that.”


  Odile managed to calm Siwoo, who appeared very agitated.


  “I’m just here to ask you something.”


  Given her late-night visit, it was obvious to Siwoo that Odile would not simply turn around and leave like that.





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