City of Witches Chapter 52

Latifundium (1)

༺ Latifundium1Latifundium is Latin for ‘ vast land ‘ and refers to the ancient Roman system of land ownership. (1) ༻






  It was a particularly refreshing morning.


  Despite staying up late and being exhausted from his little alone time in the bathroom, Siwoo opened his eyes as soon as it was time to wake up.


  Perhaps it was thanks to the soft, fluffy pajamas he was currently wearing.


  He had selected casual clothes that were suitable for hiking as his work attire for the day.


  After picking up breakfast from the academy’s cafeteria, he delivered it to Amelia’s room, Siwoo then rushed out into the garden while munching on his sandwich.


  Spirit Mountain!


  He couldn’t help but do a little shoulder dance at the thought of finally being able visitt one of Gehenna’s tourist hotspots, which he had been dying to see for so long


  Parked at the entrance to his lodging was the magnificent Gemini carriage that had previously kidnapped him. 


  However, he hesitated when it came time to climb inside.


  He was embarrassed at the thought of having to face Odile, who he had used as fap material the day before, and he was also anxious about being with Odette, with whom he had not conversed with since that day. 


  “It’ll all work out in due time.”


  Odette was a surprisingly easygoing person, so she wouldn’t dwell on it for too long, and Odile wouldn’t mention it either given the fact that she had gone to see him last night.


  With that in mind, Siwoo confidently opened the carriage door.


  Once again, Siwoo was greeted by the spacious and luxurious interior of the carriage.


  “Wow, you sure are punctual, Mr. Assistant.”


  “Oh, hello there…”


  “Thank you for coming to pick me up.”


  “We invited you, what do you mean?”


  Odile said as she smiled and clapped her hands and Odette, who still clung to Odile’s arm, while she hid her face.  


  He found characters who made gestures like this in dramas and comics to be so absurd, but he thought he would see it in real life. 


  Moreover, Siwoo felt awkward in this situation as he and Odile were getting along without any issues, despite what had happened between them.


  Unlike Odile, who greeted him comfortably, Siwoo found it difficult to converse with Odette.


  “Odette! Don’t mope around, say hello! We have to move together all day today!”


  “Big sis! But how can you be so indifferent?”


  “I’m an adult, after all, every adult should know to bury the affairs of the past night on the same night.”


  Odette, who was fidgeting and blushing, eventually hid in the room inside the carriage.


  Siwoo asked with concern after he saw Odette’s behavior.


  “Are you okay?”


  “Leave me alone Mr. Assistant, I’ll talk to you like that.”


  The memory of Odette, after she had, drank the potion also made Siwoo’s face burn with embarrassment.


  He remembered things like her saying she masturbated while thinking of Mr. Assistant, wanting to have a baby, or even receiving Mr. Assistant’s baby seed in her womb over and over again.


  He could never have imagined the timid Odile saying such bold statements. 


  The person who heard those words wouldn’t be okay, let alone the person who made such statements.


  In fact, he was amazed by how abnormally high Odile’s recovery ability was.


  As he looked at her, it appeared that no unbelievable 19+ adult activity had happened the night before. 


  He felt that she was able to interact with him normally perhaps due to her curiosity trumping her sense of shame.


  At least in this aspect, Odile seemed more mature than Siwoo.


  “It will take about an hour to get to Spirit Mountain. Would you like to drink something in the meantime?”


  “Yes, thank you. Is it moving now?”


  “It’s been moving for a while.”


  “I didn’t feel any vibrations at all”


  “We had to pay a high price for it but it’s worth it.”


  Siwoo, who had become quite comfortable with the twins, naturally followed Odile to the minibar.


  By the way, this carriage was no different from a private jet.


  The carriage was equipped with a variety of amenities, and even the slightest vibration could not be felt from the inside.


  Odile stooped inside the minibar and pulled out a large basket as she grunted.


  “Galina insisted on giving us this basket when she heard we were going on a picnic.”


  The basket looked like your typical picnic basket.


  It appeared to be packed with club sandwiches and thermos bottles filled with tea.


  “Let’s get some orange juice out of here beforehand.”


  “Very well,”


  “Odette! Aren’t you going to drink any?”


  Although Odile shouted loudly, there was no reply from Odette’s room.


  Odile clicked her tongue.


  Her manner of uttering that sound was awkward and her current behavior seemed to be an imitation of someone else. 


  “This isn’t going to work. Mr. Assistant, you should go and soothe her. It’s fine. She’ll get over it soon enough, it’s not a big deal, right?”


  “Please give me a cup of juice. I’ll go talk to her.”


  Odile asked Siwoo to go alone. She stated that if she accompanied him then Odette’s stubbornness might worsen and cause the situation to get out of hand. 


  Siwoo was a little surprised at her mature way of handling the situation.


– Knock, knock, knock.


  “I’m coming in.”


  After Siwoo knocked, he turned the doorknob and heard a thumping and rustling sound as I opened the door. 




  Even though the room was quite dark and only lit by a single candle, he easily found Odette due to the room’s modest size.


  “Ms. Odette.”


  Odile had her face buried in her hands due to her embarrassment.  


  He wondered if this was a trait shared by twins.


  She was huddled in between a pair of large couches, with her back turned towards him.


  She was desperately rejecting Siwoo’s very existence.


  “Mr. As-Assistant… please leave me alone… I want to be by myself”


  “I brought you orange juice. I just tried it, and it’s quite refreshing.”


  Siwoo calmly tapped Odette on the shoulder as he offered the juice. 


  “It’s alright, Ms. Odette. As Ms. Odile said, let’s not dwell on the past. You weren’t in your right mind back then, were you?”


  A wave of uncertainty about leaving behind the memories of that night spread through her petite frame.


  A muffled voice flowed out from between the sofas.


  “But… it’s just too embarrassing… Besides, I know that I could have caused a lot of trouble for Mr. Assistant if things went wrong…”


  “You really don’t have to worry about it.”


  He gave her a gentle smile, though she probably couldn’t see it


  To be honest, Siwoo’s only concern about that night had been Odette’s aggressive attempt at sex, which had nearly cost him his life. But he had no ill will towards her for her actions.


  In fact, aside from the danger she had put him in, it had almost been a reward in its own way.


  Odette carefully turned her head.


  When he saw her face in the darkness, he mistook her for Odile for a brief moment due to their uncanny resemblance. 


  However, only Odette was able to show such a sad expression on her face with tears welling up in her large pupils.




  “Well, if you don’t make that mistake again, everything will be fine.”


  “I was imagining Mr. Assistant.. while doing it alone…. Will you forgive me for that?”


  Siwoo was momentarily speechless.


  Sometimes, both Odette and Odile could be very illogical.


  There was no need to bring up the embarrassment of that day.


  “Of course! I knew it! How could I face Mr. Assistant after doing something like that!”


  It seemed that Siwoo’s hesitation was written all over his face.


  Odette continued to sob and bury herself in between the couch.


  He felt awkward.


  There was nothing wrong with it.


  He couldn’t even say that he fapped while imagining her sister yesterday.


  “Do you think I’m a vulgar and indecent person?”


  He was perplexed as to how to respond when someone who had played with another person’s dick said something like that.


  Siwoo had no idea that she would be so ashamed of her action.


  He heard that there was a distinction between two types of curiosity: one driven by a desire to explore and another driven by sexual interest.


  It caused him to ponder whether Odette had her own personal standard for such things.



  “No way. We’re going on a picnic, right? We should enjoy it together.”


  Odette slowly made her way out of the sofa at Siwoo’s gentle and soothing tone.


  He felt the situation was interesting.


  “Here you go.”


  “Thank you.”


  Odette, who had finally left the sofa, wiped away the tears that shined like jewels with her sleeve and accepted the juice that Siwoo offered.


  “Do you mind if I talk to you about something else here?”


  Odette asked as she held the juice in front of her chest.


  Siwoo readily nodded.


  “Of course not.”


  After a moment of hesitation, Odette opened her mouth.


  “Well, the truth is… it wasn’t just one time,”


  “What do you mean?”


  “While thinking of Mr. Assistant… I did it twice more after that day.”


  Siwoo was momentarily stunned by Odette’s words.


  He couldn’t understand what she was talking about




  “Um… Ms. Odette, I don’t really mind, so you don’t have to tell me about these things.”


  Actually, he didn’t understand why she felt the need to confess it in the first place.


  However, Odette’s thoughts were different from Siwoo’s.


  Like a Catholic penitent at her final confession, she began to pour out everything truthfully.


  “The truth is… I felt guilty. No matter how good it made me feel, even though Mr. Assistant is a slave, I still did it without asking for your permission… thinking of Mr. Assistant… I did it alone.”


  “It’s okay, I understand. You don’t have to mention it,”


  Siwoo assured her after he realized that Odette probably felt guilty about more than just that day’s events.


  In truth, Siwoo couldn’t care less about that sort of thing. His only desire was to quickly end this embarrassing conversation and move on.






  “Really, really, really?”


  “Yes, I believe it’s perfectly natural.”


  “Then, Mr. Assistant, after that day… have you ever touched yourself while thinking of me?”




  As the conversation turned more and more troublesome, his thoughts became disorienting.


  Odette, without hesitation, quickly came to the conclusion about what the best response would be in this situation. 


  “Of course not… Because Odette is a naughty and strange girl, that’s why…”


  Odette became sullen and choked up.


  He believed that if she felt guilty about something, she should simply refrain from doing it.


  Or perhaps she shouldn’t have talked about it at all and should have kept it to herself.


  The accident was too difficult for her to handle as the lady’s scatterbrained nature surpassed even that of her sister.


  It felt like he was looking at an innocent princess in a fairytale.


  “Ms. Odette, don’t worry about it too much. As long as I’m okay with it, there should be no problem, right? After all, there were no victims.”




  “Maybe if I found out about masturbation for the first time, I might have done it too. Besides, there are no men around you except me, and it’s not like you had any bad intentions toward me, isn’t that right, Ms. Odette?”


  He wondered what Gemini, the twins’ master, who was supposed to be teaching them these things, was up to and how he had ended up in charge of their sex education.


  It was understandable to be overprotective of a child-like apprentice witch, but it would be good to educate them on some basic common sense for the future.


  Though he lacked the guts to say those words to her face.


  “Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s natural to be curious about sex and relationships. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” 


  “But isn’t it a shameful thing to do?”


  “Someday, when you find someone you love, you’ll naturally come to understand. So for now, let’s leave it at that.”


  Odette meekly nodded her head like a well-behaved hamster.


  Her healthy cheeks, which had a reddish flush, had dimples of relief carved into them.


  “Um, Mr. Assistant?”


  “Yes, Ms. Odette,”


  “Is it okay if I still think of you from time to time in the future?”


  At first, it seemed romantic, but the implication was that ‘I will continue to use you as a side dish’ 


  As he looked at the immature Odette, Siwoo’s face, which had been smiling, froze in place.


  “Well, of course,”


  “You forgave me for what I did to you, and you’re allowing me to think of you in the future, aren’t you?”


  Odette neatly summarized the situation by folding her fingers one by one.


  In some ways, Odette was a much more challenging opponent than Amellia.


  “Instead, you don’t have to speak to me about it anymore. Since I’ve already given you permission once, it’s okay anytime.”


  Anyway, the situation was resolved.


  One conversation was enough for this awkward exchange.


  Siwoo, who succeeded in calming Odette, walked out of the room with her. Odile picked a fight with her as soon as she saw her.


  She probably overheard the entire conversation.


  Odette blushed with embarrassment, and Odile continued to tease her as she fled from her.


  The carriage was full of cheerful commotion that didn’t seem to die down until they reached the entrance to the valley on Spirit Mountain.







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    Latifundium is Latin for ‘ vast land ‘ and refers to the ancient Roman system of land ownership.
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