City of Witches Chapter 51

Late Night Tutoring (6)

༺ Late Night Tutoring (6) ༻







  Siwoo wondered why Amelia wanted to visit Border Town all of a sudden.


  In fact, he didn’t have any fond memories of that place.


  Siwoo’s impression of Border Town had already been set in stone as a town filled with drugs and all sorts of dangers. 


  Honestly, he didn’t even want to set foot in there again.


  Furthermore, tomorrow was supposed to be his day off according to the manual.


  He felt as though he was looking at his supervising professor, who had been waiting for his long-awaited holiday to suggest that they go camping together.


  Although he was likely to turn down her offer, he would have probably still received woolen pajamas.


  Siwoo spoke in a manner that wouldn’t offend Amelia.


  “I apologize, but it appears that tomorrow might pose some difficulties.”


  One of Amelia’s eyebrows arched up.


  His remark seemed to come as a shock to her. 




  “Well, I have a prior engagement.”


  On this eagerly anticipated day off, his beautiful boss proposed a date with her in Border Town. Any normal person was not going to let this opportunity pass.


  If it had been a commitment with Takasho, Siwoo would have canceled his plans and accompanied Amelia instead.


  Tomorrow, however, he had made the decision to accompany the twins to Spirit Mountain, a place he had been interested in visiting. 


  He also wanted the music box that he would receive if he accompanied them there..


  “What engagement?”


  Predictably, Amelia’s reaction wasn’t very positive. 


  Siwoo glanced at her for a moment before he told her the truth.


  In any case, he had to ask Amelia for permission early the following morning.


  Seeing as how he, her exclusive slave, would be going on a picnic with another witch. 


  “With an apprentice witch? To Spirit Mountain? To accompany her on a picnic?'”


  Amelia looked quite dumbfounded. 


  She appeared to be upset at first, but now she seemed genuinely confused as to what events had led to such an outcome.


  It made sense when one considered the fact that Siwoo and the twins had barely interacted in the past two years.


  “Yes, I was going to ask Ms. Amelia for permission tomorrow morning since it is already too late today.”


  Amelia leaned back on the couch and crossed her arms.


  Then tapped her wrist with her fingertips.


  “Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I was going to buy some things that I might need tomorrow.”


  “Oh, I sincerely apologize.”


  “It’s fine.”


  Amelia quickly got up and strode out of the room.


  Siwoo had been aware of the potential risk of Odile’s presence being exposed until the very end, but he breathed a sigh of relief when the greater threat, Amelia, disappeared.




  Suddenly, there was a loud “thump!


  Even though she had walked out on her own, it still felt like she had been kicked out.


  Amelia cast a quick glare towards the door of Siwoo’s room, which had been shut with a loud thud.




  Something suspicious was going on.


  The emotion she currently felt was similar to the one she had whenever she met Siwoo after he had rejected her invitation on the day they first met. 


  It was irritation. 


  Amelia strode back to her room in a wild manner.




  Before her last trip to Border Town with Siwoo.


  Amelia had a conversation with Sophia.


  Sophia was not someone that she typically sought out for a conversation, but she felt compelled to ask her about something inexplicable that was going on.


  As she walked down the second-floor teacher’s hallway after class, Amelia saw it.


  She saw Shin Siwoo, the janitor, and the twin apprentice witches, who Amelia was in charge of overseeing at Count Gemini’s request, engaged in a pleasant conversation in the corridor.


  Due to the distance between them, she couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but she could tell that the twins looked very happy. 


  Shin Siwoo didn’t shy away from the twins and even welcomed their conversation.


  It was a huge shock to Amelia, who firmly believed that he despised witches. 


  After a bit of hesitation, Amelia turned her steps towards Sophia’s research room.


  ‘So, you have something to ask me? Are you serious?’


  Sophia, who spun around in her chair while in the research room, was taken aback by Amelia’s visit.


  “There are things I don’t understand about human relationships.”


  Furthermore, Sophia was shocked for the second time when she realized that Amelia’s question wasn’t magic related.


  Amelia asked her question in a tactful manner, as she was mindful not to exhibit behavior that would make her appear as a witch who freaked out over her slave’s every move. 


  “Oh, so it’s challenging for you to develop a close relationship with Janitor, Siwoo?”


  “I’m not sure why you interpreted it that way.”‘


  Despite Amelia’s complaints, Sophia responded with a smile of understanding and said,


  ‘First and foremost, it is important to be around the person often in order to build intimacy.’


  ‘I don’t want to get too close to him, but I’ll listen.’


  And thus, Sophia’s advice consisted of three major points.




  ‘First of all, just being together doesn’t necessarily build intimacy. If you want to be close, it’s important to share positive experiences together.’


  ‘Positive experience?’


  ‘Yes, like things you enjoy. Oh, except for magic research. Eating delicious food together, shopping together, or even just going for a stroll would be nice.’




  ‘What’s next? Gifts would be nice. After all, Amelia likes me because I’ve given her various gifts.’


  ‘I don’t like you, Avenega.’


  ‘Anyway, you were happy when you received gifts, weren’t you?’






  ‘Be gentle with him. Don’t just get annoyed or scold him.’




  ‘Your behavior is what other people on the outside can see, not what’s going on inside your mind. If you were a little gentler, wouldn’t Siwoo fall for your charm? 


  ‘Why do you keep mentioning the janitor? I’m sure I said it had nothing to do with him.’


  Amelia was a little annoyed at the fact that Sophia kept bringing up the janitor, but she still considered the advice to be quite helpful.


  Actually, he had accepted her proposal to be her exclusive slave, and these days, he didn’t flee even when he saw Amelie from a distance.


  “Why am I like this…”


  Her thoughts were jumbled.


  Amelia sighed as she took out a cigarette.


  A slight sense of shame surfaced as she struggled to understand the emotions she felt towards him.


  He was nothing more than a slave.


  Amelia didn’t really need to pay so much attention to him.


  He was only a fleeting existence that, if she chose to ignore him, would disappear in 10, 20, or 30 years.


  A piece of machinery that would scatter like dust after finishing the second life that it had received in Gehenna.


  That should be all there is to it.


  She wondered why she approached him at this time.


  The possibility crossed her mind that she might have developed an affection towards him, as previously mentioned by Sophia.


  “No way,”


  Amelia shook her head.


  She hadn’t suggested going shopping together because she genuinely wanted to win his favor.


  Her intention was to merely showcase the benevolence of a noble to a newly acquired exclusive slave. 


  Firmly believing that fact without the slightest hint of doubt, she finally laid in bed after a long time.


  She wouldn’t be able to show off her benevolence tomorrow, but there would be plenty of opportunities to do so in the future. 


  Siwoo was now her exclusive slave after all. 




  After Amelia had left.


  Siwoo heard the sound of of door closing and quickly grabbed his pajamas and made his way to his bedroom.


  “Ms. Odile, it’s okay now.”


  He heard a small answer from under the bed.




  “Yes, she went back to her room.”


  Odile crawled out from under the bed like a puppy emerging from its den.


  Fortunately, Odile managed to fit under the bed thanks to her petite size, but if Siwoo had been the one who needed to hide, he would have been unable to do so. 






  Before she could fully emerge from under the bed, Odile banged her head against the bed frame despite her petite size.


  It was a common misconception that the area under the beds were dusty, the cleanliness of this room was better than Siwoo had anticipated.


  Odile’s white nightgown and underwear were still clean, though they were still a little dusty.


  “Ah…I was so surprised. Does she always barge in like that?”


  “No, this is the first time she has come at this time… It’s a relief that we weren’t caught.”


  Odile replied, as she brushed the dust from her hair and sat on the bed. 


  “Hah… I saw my teacher’s angry face for a moment. I’m alive.”


  “But it’s good that we got through it peacefully.”


  It took about 30 seconds for them to comfort each other and then express their relief at not getting caught. 


  Then suddenly, he noticed Odile had sat on his bed.


  More precisely, he could clearly see the curves on her lower body because her underwear clunged to her and was soaked with her love juices. 


  He had seen an uncensored image of a body wearing tightly fitted clothing before. He felt a completely different and more intense level of sensuality in this situation due to the way the clothing clung to her body.


  He knew that he had to look away and tell her to adjust her attire, but he was left speechless and unable to utter a single sound.


  “Mr. Assistant, why are you staring so much? Huh?”


  Odile seemed to have noticed her own state as well.


  It was because the white and thin fabric of her underwear showed off Odile’s plump labia and skin tone.


  “Why didn’t you say anything!?”


  Odile quickly closed her legs and muttered a small incantation.


  At that time, the dust that had clung to her clothes instantly disappeared. 


  It was a simple and convenient magic that kept her body and clothes clean.


  “No, I was going to tell you, but I was struggling with how to say it.”


  “You should have just said it straight!”


  Odile grumbled with a frown, but soon after, she covered her mouth and giggled like a young lady.


  Siwoo was puzzled because he couldn’t figure out what was so funny.


  “Come to think of it, it’s funny to get angry over something like this. We’ve pretty much already seen each other’s entire bodies.”




  The conversation had been going well up until that point, but all of a sudden the atmosphere shifted.


  It was an atmosphere similar to the one they had when they were about the enjoy passionate anal sex until Amelia interrupted. 


  Now, neither Odile nor Siwoo was excited enough to bring it up again. 


  “Um… anyway, Mr. Assistant. I think my curiosity has been satisfied.”


  “Is that so?”


  “When we do it together, it is unquestionably more enjoyable. Curiosity answered.”


  “…I see.”


  There was a moment of silence.


  As the heat that had spread rapidly like a forest fire dissipated, all that remained was a sense of awkwardness, similar to the faint odor of burnt ash.


  Odile leaped out of her seat and put on her cloak.


  “Um… Mr. Assistant, don’t forget about our appointment tomorrow. I’ll come to pick you up by 7 o’clock.”


  “Yes, I understand.”


  Ready to leave, Odile opened the window.


  It seemed like she was planning to escape in the same way she had come in, through the window. 


  However, Odile, who had shown signs of jumping out at any moment, stood there silently for a longer time than Siwoo had expected.


  “Mr. Assistant,”




  “What happened today is a secret from Odette.”


  “Hasn’t she already figured it out?”


  “There’s no way she would. You could even draw on her face while she’s asleep and she wouldn’t notice.”


  “…Have you tried it?”


  “Around thirty times?” 


  It was a pointless conversation that didn’t seem necessary.


  Siwoo had already prepared his farewell message considering that Odile was ready to leave. However, to his surprise, she was still holding onto the window and had not left yet.


  “Excuse me, Mr. Assistant.”


  “Yes, Ms. Odile,”


  “Should I leave?”


  “Didn’t you say you were leaving?”


  “Who said that? I’m really leaving.”


  Odile’s face suddenly turned bright red, and she jumped out the window with a thud.


  Siwoo stuck his head out the window when he realized Odile wasn’t in good shape. He watched her smoothly land and then began to energetically hop up and down while she waved her hand at him. She soon disappeared as she leaped further and further away. 


  The spell she used was called ‘Water Lizard’s Stride’, which was a spell used for maneuvering that allows the user to create a magical foothold immediately when stepped on, which resulted in a high-speed running capability due to the utilization of magical power.


  Siwoo scratched his head as he watched Odile disappear across the hill and enter the academy.


  He then closed the window.


  He couldn’t finally heave a sigh of relief now that she had left.




  Although their meeting went by without a hitch, it was a dangerous situation.


  As Siwoo thought back to what had happened earlier, a memory suddenly came to mind.


  Odile’s youthful and cute appearance and her tight hole.


  The mere thought of it caused Siwoo’s miserable dick, which didn’t even get to ejaculate, to become erect once again.


  Even if he were to die, it was unlikely that he would forget this memory.


  Siwoo quietly went into the bathroom and closed the door.


  He decided to spend the rest of the night reminiscing about Odile.





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