City of Witches Chapter 54

Latifundium (3)

༺ Latifundium (3) ༻






  It was exactly as Odile had bragged about to him.


  The majority of the Gehenna’s food consumed by the witches didn’t have high-class flavor, but the wine that Odile had secretly stashed away was a genuinely good wine.


  While traveling by the carriage, they had all drank orange juice, however, as they forgot to bring along the cups they had used, they decided to take turns in passing the bottle around and sipping the wine straight from the wine bottle. 


  – Gulp, gulp, gulp  -Gulp gulp gulp



  Odile sipped the wine in a few gulps. 


  As soon as she set the bottle down, Odile’s cheeks flushed from drinking could be seen and her exhaling breaths reeked of alcohol. 




  Even though Siwoo knew that the wine had a wonderful aroma and flavor, it was still too sweet for his taste. 


  In fact, when he had taken the first sip, he couldn’t help but mistake the drink for grape juice. 


  “Ms. Odile, why don’t you stop drinking now?”


  “Mou~ don’t be silly. On a day like this, we should drink lots and lots!”


  Watching Odile become drunker and drunker with time, Siwoo directed a worried look at her; greatly concerned about the quantity of wine she had consumed. 


  “Ms. Odette, is it okay if you don’t stop your sister?”


  “She does this sometimes, so It’s fine. She’ll soon be fast asleep anyways, so no need to bother. Hey, sis! Don’t hog all the wine by yourself and give me some too!”


  While Odile swayed back and forth in her seat, still intoxicated from the lingering effects of the alcohol, Odette snatched the bottle from her and took a few sips herself.


  She took up a sandwich and bit into it while passing the bottle onto Siwoo this time. 



  Despite the fact that they were twins and had probably drunk about the same quantity of wine, their reactions were drastically different from one another. 


  Odette sat up straight, her cheeks presumably flushing slightly due to the alcohol, but otherwise, no signs of intoxication could be seen on her. On the other hand, Odile could hardly control her body anymore and she was finding it difficult to even sit straight. 


  “You’re a heavy drinker.”


  “Yes, actually, I’ve never been drunk before. Here, Mr. Assistant, please have some too.”


  “Thank you,”


  Initially, he drank from the bottle with his mouth entirely covering the opening and pondered whether this action could be deemed an indirect kiss.


  After experiencing so many different things with the twins, however, it seemed strange to be aware of things like indirect kisses, so he disregarded such thoughts and started gulping down the drink comfortably while sitting in the middle of the twin witches. 


  “Um… it’s very sweet.”


  “To be honest, the red wine that our master drinks is too bitter. Why does she drink something like that?”


  ‘In the end, they’re still kids.’ 


  ‘They must have had it easy in life.’ 






  Suddenly, Odile fell off the couch with a loud crashing noise. 


  Despite falling off the couch and hitting her forehead on the floor with a sound akin to shattering rocks, she merely wriggled on the floor and showed no intention of getting up from that spot. 


  ‘Did she die?’ 


  “Ms. Odile!”


  Siwoo panicked and rushed over to her.


  He lifted Odile up, who seemed to be glued to the floor as though she was having a passionate encounter with the ground. 


  Even though she looked like a limp, soggy piece of cotton right now, she was still very light. 


  “Ugh… the floor is wobbly…”


  “Well, you should have drank in moderation,”


  Trying to lift Odile off the ground by placing his hands under her arms, in the most unobtrusive way possible, Siwoo became surprised. 


  As Odile fell down, her cloak opened up in the front, and Siwoo accidentally touched her bare armpits when he roughly tried to lift her up by putting his hands under his arms. 


  “Hey…! Wh… What…! Don’t tickle me…”


  Odile squirmed because she felt ticklish due to the direct touch, making it difficult for Siwoo to pull his hands out of her armpits. 


  No wonder she seemed dressed up like this today.


  It seemed like she was wearing a sleeveless dress under the cloak.


  The temperature in her armpit felt oddly warmer than her other body parts, and her smooth and soft flesh was clinging tightly to his hands. 


  Siwoo tried not to be conscious of the mesmerizing sensation of Odile’s armpits and barely managed to lift her limp body up. 




  “Ha… How much did you consume to get this drunk?”


  “I hate this couch… It’s too hard…”


  However, when Siwoo tried to lay Odile down on the sofa, she grabbed him by the collar and clung to him like a Koala, unwilling to let him go. 


  Siwoo felt like dealing with someone who was more childish than a typical five-year-old.


  “Ms. Odette, does Ms. Odile always have such a drinking habit?”


  “Yes, that’s correct. May I help you? Huh?!”


  Odette, who was about to approach to help Siwoo out, stopped in her tracks and covered her mouth.


  It was a similar situation to last time.


  Odile suddenly pulled Siwoo by the neck and kissed him on the lips. 


  As it was a somewhat forceful kiss, her front teeth collided with his lips, making them tear and resulting in Siwoo tasting blood. 


  “Hmm… smooch… muwah…”


  Odile held onto Siwoo’s face for a long time, leaving traces of her sticky kiss all over, until she eventually slumped onto the couch, completely exhausted as if she had used up all of her remaining energy.




  Soon, with the sounds of snoring, she began to sleep peacefully. 


  Well, since she had returned home late the previous night and had to prepare for the picnic earlier than Siwoo had even woken up, it was natural for her to be exhausted. 


  Wiping off the drool leaking out of Odile’s lips, with his sleeves, he directed an awkward glance toward Odette. 


  Eyes wide open, Odette looked at Siwoo and Odile, who had now collapsed on the sofa, with a shocked gaze. 


  “Well, Ms. Odile has a terrible drinking habit it seems.”


  She kept blinking without saying anything. 


  She gazed at Siwoo, her body completely still and without even a hint of breathing leaking out of her.


  Siwoo was uneasy because he couldn’t determine what she was thinking right now.


  “Mr. Assistant.”


  Odette, who had been thinking silently for a while, called Siwoo.


  As he looked at her determined gaze, he couldn’t help but feel anxious about what might happen next.


  “Yes, Ms. Odette,”


  “Did my sister visit Mr. Assistant’s living quarters last night?”


  “W.. Well…”


  “I heard that Mr. Assistant will be joining us despite not being previously informed about the outing nor being invited to it. I also vaguely remember that my sister disappeared for a while in the middle of the night.”



  Siwoo wasn’t sure just how much information about the events of the previous night he could actually share with Odette, but if she already knew that much, it was clear that he had to share at least some bits of it with her. 


  “Yes, Ms. Odile did come to see me the previous night.”


  Odette, who was fiddling with the hem of her cloak, walked carefully toward him and asked in a low voice.


  “By any chance… Did something happen between you and my sister yesterday?”


  Siwoo found it even more embarrassing to respond to her question this time.


  Truth be told, he was unsure and uneasy about the reaction Odette may show him if he spilled out everything that happened the previous night. Moreover, he was sure that there was a reason Odile had chosen not to inform her sister about this piece of information. 


  Siwoo felt like It would be best to keep this a secret, even if just for the sake of Odile’s honor. 


  “We just talked about this and that.”


  “You’re lying.”




  “Isn’t that a lie?”


  Even though the twins were very friendly to Siwoo, the social disparity between them in Gehenna was akin to the difference between heaven and earth.


  If Odette were to make a fuss or become stubborn, the situation could become complicated for Siwoo, with no scope for any excuses on his side, even though the probability of that happening was very slim. 




  Perhaps that was why Siwoo couldn’t readily tell a lie to Odette.


  “I, I don’t know much about the relationships between men and women, but… I know my sister better than anyone else.”




  “Today, the way she treated Mr. Assistant was different from usual. There surely must have been something that happened last night.”



  Siwoo only realized at that moment how Odile, who was innocent and naive, had been behaving differently now.


  No matter how carefree Odile was behaving with Siwoo till now, there was no way for things to remain the same between them after the occurrence of such an incident. 


  Siwoo realized that Odette had detected change in Odile, that he himself had not noticed, which led to her feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation.


  “I didn’t hide anything from Mr. Assistant… but Mr. Assistant lied to me…”


  Siwoo opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, unable to find any words to reply to her with. 


  “We’ve promised each other to have a future together. Lying to each other is definitely wrong in such a relationship, don’t you think so?” 


  “Sorry, could you repeat that? I didn’t hear you clearly.”


  “What promised future is she speaking of?’ 


  He couldn’t recall ever having made such a promise to her before.


  “Well, Ms. Odette, I think you might be mistaken about something.”


  “It’s not a mistake! I’ve been thinking about it alone for a long time since that day.”


  Odette’s voice was sincere; as though she was revealing the most significant decision of her life to him. 


  There was no trace of laughter or playfulness evident on her face, which made all of this even more uncanny then it was already. 


  It was a sign that something was seriously wrong with their current circumstance.


  “I showed my naked body to Mr. Assistant… and not only that, moreover, the most embarrassing parts touched each other… and I always thought about Mr. Assistant while touching myself.”


  Her face was burning up so much that it couldn’t even be compared to the flush caused by alcohol that was coloring her face till now.


  Her face was as flushed as Odile, who was completely drunk and sprawled out on the sofa.


  “Ms. Odette, you seem quite drunk right now.”


  “I’m not drunk! Although it’s a pity that Mr. Assistant is just a slave and that I am going to inherit the title of Count Gemini, but anyway, I showed you my naked body… and now it can’t be undone.”


  Only then did Siwoo was able to get an inkling of Odette’s current thought process. 


  It wasn’t that complicated or extreme.


  It was actually so simple and straightforward that it became hard for him to even picture it in his mind. 


  She was having a childish thought.


  It was akin to the childish thought of a girl who had kissed a boy she dated in elementary school, and the act of kissing that boy automatically meant that they would end up getting married one day.


  As one grows older and gains more knowledge about relationships, it becomes a small and trivial incident that one can naturally brush off with a remark like, “I used to think that way back then, huh…?”


  He was wondering if the reason she mentioned the promise about their future suddenly was because she had always harbored such thoughts.


  That had to be the reason she believed there shouldn’t be anything to hide between two people who had promised to have a future together.


  Siwoo was slightly skeptical about why she was telling him all this, but now he felt like he understood her motives.


  Instead of revealing what lie he might have told, Siwoo chose to correct Odette’s misconceptions about any promised future she might have.


  “It seems like you’re mistaken, Ms. Odette. It’s true that showing your naked body to a man who is not your spouse is a shameful act, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get married to him.


  “Is this another lie? Don’t try to fool me!”


  Siwoo had expected such a reaction from the apprentice witch.


  He continued with the second session of his sex education class calmly.


  But he was relieved the subject had changed to something lighter. 


  “What about Ms. Odile? Didn’t she show me her naked body too?”


  “Are you not satisfied with just me and trying to go after my sister too…?”


  However, Siwoo didn’t expect this kind of response coming from Odette.


  “No, it’s not like that…”


  “Or are you saying that I’m not good enough?”


  Odette started to whine with a sullen voice.


  “Everyone lied to me and my sister went to see Mr. Assistant without telling me anything. Just be honest with me, Mr. Assistant. I’m aware of everything that’s going on.”


  ‘That’s a bit difficult.’ 


  ‘Yesterday, we experimented to see if your sister could feel pleasure from her back hole by inserting my dick inside…’ 


  ‘Can I really say something like that to her?’ 


  Siwoo found Odile’s actions driven by unplanned, reckless curiosity to be burdensome, and now he also found it challenging to handle Odette’s recklessness that stemmed from her innocence. 


  “Ms. Odette, it’s not as complicated as you may think…”


  Odette opened her mouth before Siwoo could speak further.


  ” ♫   ~♪ “


  And a song of melancholy began flowing out of her lips. 


  It was exactly the same melody as the “Poem of Confession,” one of the self-essence magic spells that was used by Odile not long ago. 


  Siwoo had a clear recollection of the magic because it gave him such a shocking experience back then.


  “Now, tell me. What happened between you and my sister yesterday?”


  The dangerous effects of the magic spell were felt soon after. 


  Siwoo desperately tried to cover his mouth with his hands.


  Nonetheless, his mouth was involuntary opening, defying his intentions and thoughts.


  The direction of his palms involuntarily changed as he attempted to fully cover his mouth using them. 


  Siwoo’s inner thoughts, drawn out by the effects of the spell, were thus transmitted to Odette. 


  “I put my fingers inside Ms. Odile’s anus.”




  Odette covered her mouth with both of her hands in utter shock. 


  “As expected, I knew it, I knew it… You did that with my sister again… Tell me everything! What else did you do?”


  “Mmm.. cough… I also inserted my dick.”


  “Like back then…”


  “Yes, but I didn’t ejaculate inside of her.”


  Despite her belief that she was too weak to handle the situation, Odette was amazed that she didn’t faint just by listening to him.


  “Why? Why did you do such a thing?”


  Siwoo also gave up on trying to cover his mouth any longer.


  ‘I feel a little bad for Odile.’ 


  “Ms. Odile came to me realizing that she couldn’t feel pleasure while masturbating alone. She said that even though she couldn’t feel anything alone, she surmised that she would be able to feel pleasure if I did it with her and wanted to verify it.”


  Odette’s face turned red as she glared at Odile.


  “You’re so selfish, doing it all alone…”


  “She was worried about you, Ms. Odette.”


  “”Enough! So, did my sis enjoy it?”


  Odette was contemplating whether her intense emotions were due to resentment or just confusion.


  “Yes, she didn’t show it, but she was completely soaked in her own juices.”


  “Completely soaked in her own juices…?”


  Odette collapsed on the sofa, feeling dizzy at his words.



  Glaring at Odile, who was sprawled out on the sofa, for a while, she directed a sharp gaze toward Siwoo. 


  “Please do the same to me.”








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