City of Witches Chapter 55

Latifundium (4)

༺ Latifundium (4)  ༻






   When he first saw them, Siwoo had a hard time telling the twin witches apart.

  They were completely identical; from their sparkling purple eyes to the length of their shiny black hair.


  Even their slightly upturned lips and the dimples that formed when they smiled were identical without a hint of difference.


  But was that all? 


  The twins didn’t even have the tiniest distinguishable feature that could be used to tell them apart. 


  They were dressed identically, from their outerwear down to their ribbons and accessories, as if they purposefully wanted to confuse anyone who looked at them.


  Recently, however, by virtue of being able to interact with them more intimately, Siwoo was able to discover some distinguishable characteristics between them. 


  And those characteristics were clear enough that just about anyone could spot them at a glance. 


  The simplest method he discovered was to note whether they used honorifics to address him or not. 


  Odile addressed him as ‘Mr. Assistant,’ but she typically spoke to him in a friendly, casual tone using informal speech.


  On the other hand, even though she didn’t use extremely formal honorifics to address him, Odette still spoke to him in a more polite tone using formal language. 


  Then there was also the difference in their dispositions. 


  Odile was proactive and had a strong initiative.


  Curiosity was an innate trait that both the twins possessed, but it was Odile who usually took the initiative to act on that curiosity. 


  On the contrary, Odette was slightly introverted and timid.


  She always followed her sister’s lead and moved according to her guidance and actions. 


  Siwoo still remembered the time when the twins took hold of his weakness and he had to participate in their sex education fiasco. During that incident, he was able to fully notice that slight difference in the twins’ traits. 


  While Odette waited quietly inside the villa, Odile personally devised a trap for him. 


  While there were several other differences, he was convinced of one stark difference between the two. 


  The fact that Odette was a coward.


  “Please do the same to me.”


  Just to satisfy her curiosity, Odile came to his room and even went as far as to suggest having anal sex with her. 


  Even though she felt extremely embarrassed, Siwoo didn’t find any sense of fear in her even though she was about to step into the realm of the unknown. 


  However, Odette was the exact opposite.


  Despite the fact that Siwoo and Odette were both fully dressed and hadn’t done anything, she was already whimpering. It was as though she would burst into tears if he touched her. 


  Seeing her like that made it hard to believe that she was able to make such a bold and intimidating request.


  “Ms. Odette, you don’t have to force yourself.”


  Every word Siwoo uttered was spoken from the bottom of his heart as the Poem of Confession was still in effect.


  Unless one was someone who took pleasure in committing rape, it was simply abnormal that they would get aroused after seeing a girl, trembling like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered in front of them. At least, that was what Siwoo thought.


  “I’m not making such a request on a whim.” 


  Odette’s strong determination, however, had not wavered in the slightest despite Siwoo’s attempt to dissuade her.


  “My older sister has always been like this. She learns magic faster than me and whenever something happened, she’d always take the initiative to act on it and she’d never make any concessions whatsoever…”


  “It’s not like Ms. Odile set her eyes on me. She wouldn’t have cared about a mere slave like me.


  “Actually, isn’t Ms. Odette only asking me to do this just out of your curiosity? This magic is so damn frustrating, but at least it feels good to be able to speak my mind freely.”


  Due to the effects of the Poem of Confession, Siwoo’s tone became more casual and his words had lost all of their pretenses. This sudden change startled Odette. 


  “No, my sister always takes away whatever I like from me…


  “Wait! I don’t mean to say that I like Mr. Assistant! It’s more of an interest rather than like… No! That’s not it either. I’m not interested in Mr. Assistant at all! 


  “Anyway, my sister is always one step ahead of me and she just steals everything from me!”


  “It’s normal for siblings to fight like cats and dogs while growing up. If anything, I think Ms. Odile and Ms. Odette get along really well.” 


  In reality, even though they frequently fought, Odile’s true nature of constantly acting with her sister, Odette’s, best interests in mind was visible to everyone. 


  On multiple occasions, she acted with the maturity and responsibility expected of an older sister. 


  “That’s not important. What’s important is that I always fall behind my sister.”


  Siwoo took a moment to think.


  Odette didn’t actually hate Odile. He could tell how much the sisters loved and cared for one another just by looking at them, after all. 


  So, what was the reason she became this upset?


  “I think Ms. Odette is just being restless.”


  He attempted to persuade Odette


  To make her think that she was only being restless.


  Odette was already charming enough and someday she would become a wonderful lady who had a different charm and personality from her sister. 


  “Yes, I’m being restless. I want the same thing as my sister.”


  Her words made her sound self-centered.


  “Hey, Look at you… saying everything you want to say despite your timidity. Oh, I’m sorry… This is because of the Poem of Confession, right? Actually, never mind, I’m not sorry.”


  In his haste to get out of this situation somehow, Siwoo started blurting out a bunch of nonsense. 


  He was desperately trying to filter the thoughts in his head. 


  ‘I’m screwed.’ 


  He could see Odette’s pupils trembling as she listened to his true intentions.


  “Can’t we just finish this quickly?”


  “Well, it’s okay. Everyone has various thoughts in their minds… There’s nothing you can do about it.”


  Odette cleared her throat and said.


  “Anyway, I know I’m inadequate and lacking compared to my sister. That’s why I don’t want to fall behind even more… in things like fighting for snacks, magic…. and various other things…”


  “Please stop, Ms. Odette… I’ve never thought of you in a romantic way. To be honest, what you’re doing is too childish. It feels like I’m watching my little sister throwing a tantrum.”




  Siwoo felt he could see a landslide crumbling behind Odette as she stood there, rooted to the ground.


  His words were like an incantation that accidentally hurt Odette’s feelings. However, at the same time, it caused her to be able to swiftly overcome her timidity.


  “I-Is it because you’ve done all the lewd things secretly with my sister? Is that why you don’t have any interest in me?”


  ‘Your sister came to see me against my will too. There was really nothing I could do about it.’ 


  Siwoo had expected to respond naturally in that way but he suddenly found that his mouth was tightly shut for some reason. 


  Odette’s Poem of Confession was undone in a much shorter time than Odile’s. 


  “No…! I wasn’t even interested in Ms. Odile. Didn’t I explain it just now? I didn’t do it with her because I wanted to!”


  “Lies, I know that the Poem of Confession spell I casted on you has just been released! Are you going to start lying as soon as it’s released?”


  “Please believe me! I’m just stating the truth here!”




  Odette was on the verge of tears as she threw off her cloak in frustration.


  As she shrugged off her cloak, her boots and snow-white sleeveless dress were now revealed to his eyes, fluttering with the wind. 


  “I don’t want to lose to my sister! I don’t want to fall behind her!”


  Siwoo became quite a bit frustrated when he realized just how complicated the situation had gotten at this point.


  “Follow me.”


  Odette gritted her teeth and glared at Siwoo with a fiery gaze.


  Without giving Siwoo a chance to react, Odette seized hold of his arm with an enraged expression on her face.


  Soon, they ended up at a corner of the treehouse. 


  The place seemed like a small attic that was probably used as a storage room.


  Even though Odette was filled with determination to see this to the end, it must have been burdensome for her to do lewd things in front of her sleeping sister. 


  However, that didn’t mean that she was going to give up.


  “I’ll do exactly what my sister did. And you, Mr. Assistant, will have to help me.”


  “…Ms. Odette.”


  “Don’t even try to refuse. If you do, I swear I won’t just stand by and do nothing.”


  Odette seemed extremely frustrated.


  Clinging dangerously close to Siwoo, she started carefully taking off his pants. 


  While she was doing the deed, her tiny head wiggled back and forth in front of Siwoo’s eyes.


  Siwoo wasn’t sure if he should stop her or let her continue at this point.


  He surmised that the moment he started acting a little aggressively with her, she would probably feel terrified and give up on going through with this act. 


  Despite his attempts to stop her from doing anything, she appeared resolute in achieving her goal by any means necessary.




  Pulling down his pants in one go, taking out the dick in the process, Odette firmly grabbed hold of his meat stick. 


  Her warm hand started caressing his wiener along its length. 


  Odette’s face flushed with embarrassment as she stroked his rod up and down. Hesitating for a few moments, she ended up glancing up at Siwoo’s face. 


  He noticed that her head was also quite small when he saw her up close and like this. It was a feeling that was uncannily similar to Odile, her sister’s. 


  It was possible for ordinary people to modify their physical appearance. Plastic surgery, for example, something that actors often did. Nevertheless, innate traits such as the size of the head and the proportions of the body could not be changed no matter what you did. 


  Whether it was Odile or Odette, their bodily proportions were so stunning that they could be mistaken for animated dolls.


  “You’ll do it, won’t you? I heard that men get excited when they are being touched like this.”


  Siwoo was suddenly puzzled by Odette’s behavior of taking off his pants and touching himself like that, but he thought that it was probably because she was trying to make sure that he wouldn’t refuse her anymore. 


  Siwoo felt hesitant to turn her down as she looked up at him with desperate eyes, making him feel like it would be awful of him to refuse her.


   On the other hand, complying with her by taking advantage of her innocence, using her as a tool for pleasure and penetrating her rear hole didn’t sit well with his conscience. 


  “Aren’t you going to answer me?”


  Seeing that Siwoo was still hesitant, Odette bit her lips and spoke impatiently in a genuinely frustrated tone. 


  “Listen carefully, Mr. Assistant. If you don’t listen to me here, I will tell Ms. Professor everything. And I’ll even tell Ms. Professor that Mr. Assistant is actually studying magic to escape this place,” 


  Finally, the reason behind Siwoo’s reluctance to strongly oppose Odette’s actions was revealed.


  The twins had a hold on Siwoo’s weakness.


  Despite the fact that Odile agreed to some sort of compromise with him, Siwoo would be helpless if Odette suddenly refused to comply with that agreement; talking to her was similar to talking to a brick wall, after all. 


  Odette’s actions were unexpected as she appeared to be more concerned about Siwoo’s situation than Odile’s, which suggested that she may have had her own hidden motives for acting that way. 


  Siwoo let out a deep sigh.


  “Yes I will, but if Ms. Odette feels uncomfortable, please inform me without hesitation.” 


  “I’ll do better than my sister.”


  Odette looked at Siwoo’s dick, which had become stiffened by the repeated stimulations. She nodded, as if thinking that this much would be enough and slowly rolled up the hem of her dress.


  As she lowered her underwear slowly, her knees, thighs, and pelvis came into view, and the symbol on her lower abdomen was also revealed to Siwoo’s eyes.


  A mound that was pretty and plump akin to a camel’s hoof, similar to Odile’s.


  Even though he had seen it several times before, he couldn’t help but think that it was pretty every single time. 


  “Uh, how should I do this?”


  Siwoo came up with a new plan while reflecting on some minor thoughts.


  “First of all, I’ll follow Ms. Odette’s instructions. I’ll say it again, if it becomes too difficult for you, please tell me and I will stop.


  “So, can you just hold onto that for a moment?”


  What Siwoo was pointing at was a cluttered desk with miscellaneous objects piled up on top of it.


  Odette nodded with a stern expression on her face and placed her hand on the desk.


  Either because her briefs were stripped or not worn properly, the hem of her dress was lifted ever so slightly, revealing the perfect round shape of her buttocks.


  If he lifted that up just a little bit, he would be able to see her lower body as there was nothing left to obstruct the view. 


  “Can you roll up the hem of your dress a little?”


  Siwoo’s strategy was not to persuade Odette anymore.


  It was to wait for her to become so embarrassed that she would stop this act by herself in shame. 


  Based on her reactions, it didn’t seem like it would take very long to achieve that.


  Odette nodded and slowly pulled the hem of her dress down with stiff movements.


  As the curtain-like dress rose, her voluptuous rear was now fully exposed for him to witness. 




  “I need some lubricant. Can you make some?”


  “Ah, of course.”


  As Odette recited an incantation and soon, moisture from the air gathered in her palm.


  The gathered moisture thickened and became as smooth as aloe vera gel.


  Being able to use such magic without the need for any alchemical catalyst proved that Odette’s magical ability was not lacking in the least.


  Siwoo evenly spread the gel on his hands and stood behind her.


  He could see that her shoulders were trembling slightly,


  It was obvious that she was pushing herself to go through with this act. 


  Odette glanced back at him for a moment.


  “Hurry up, do it already.”





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