City of Witches Chapter 57

Latifundium (6)

༺ Latifundium (6)  ༻




  Odette let out a deep breath.


  The pleasure she was experiencing was different from the one she felt when she masturbated by herself.


  When she masturbated alone, her heart pounded faster as her hips jerked up, causing her to gasp for breath. But if she were to compare that to what happened right now, it felt like a mere fleeting pleasure more than anything.


  Every time Odette turned around, she’d notice Siwoo swaying his hips, showing her an expression she had never seen before.


  Somehow, it stimulated Odette’s desire.


  The desire to make him experience an even greater pleasure.


  So, Odette chose a line from the novel, ‘The Devilish Delivery Man,’ the novel that had opened up a whole new world for her.


  It was a line spoken by the witch in the novel, the witch who had experienced pure pleasure for the first time and was following the milk delivery man’s instructions in her semi-dazed state.


  In the novel, the witch’s line greatly aroused and pleased the delivery man, making him ejaculate into her rear hole.


  Odette let out a series of increasingly loud gaps.


  A tingling sensation rushed through her from her head to toe every time Siwoo thrusted his hips back and forth.


  ‘Is it okay to say such a lewd and embarrassing line?’


  Such doubts had disappeared from her mind as she was drowned in pleasure.


  “Haah…! Odette’s anus exists…only for receiving Mr. Assistant’s semen…!”




  Her remarks sounded so provocative that even Siwoo was momentarily stunned.


  Who was Odette?


  Despite her naive look, she was still an apprentice witch.


  Moreover, she was the apprentice witch of Count Gemini.


  The disparity of status between him and her was like that between a grain of sand and a gold nugget.


  “Deeper… Please, give me your seed, Mr. Assistant! …every last drop…please, pour all your thick semen into me until the last drop! Ahh…haah… I’ll squeeze everything out from you…without fail… ahhh…!”


  And the so-called noble apprentice witch declared that her existence was only to receive Siwoo’s semen before begging him to ejaculate inside her.


  It was hard to imagine that the lewd noises she made as she shivered in delight whenever Siwoo thrusted his dick into her came from the innocent looking Odette.


  She was the one who created this situation.


  Odette felt triumphant.


  At that moment, she could sense that her body was building up to an orgasm.


  Siwoo tightened his grip on her waist.


  His fingers effortlessly sank into the soft flesh due to the strength of his grip.


  As Siwoo increased his pace, Odette started reciting another line in excitement.


  She even added a bit of personal touch in it.


  “M-Mr. Assistant… Odette is…a perverted girl who enjoys being fucked by the ass…! Every night I think of you and…ahh…h-heuk… I-I masturbated like the perverted girl I am…!”


  “Heuk! Heuk!”


  Odette wasn’t sure if the pleasure solely came from her reciting those lewd words.


  Maybe it came from Siwoo’s movement growing more intense?


  Her anus began to twitch and tighten intermittently.


  The already tight hole became even tighter with the additional pressure she put in, making Siwoo have some troubles moving his waist around. The pleasure he received became even more intense in exchange.


  “Please punish me with your dick… Harder… Harder…! Heuuk…!”


  With that, Odette’s back moved, creating an arch.


  Her body was wrapped in ecstasy, an overwhelming sense of release, like a carriage descending from a hill in full gallop.


  “I-I… I’m going to… T-This… T-This is an orgasm, right…? Aaahh… ♡”


  Finally, she experienced an orgasm.


  At that moment, Siwoo felt pressure similar to when he gripped his dick tightly in his hand.


  He fulfilled Odette’s request, thrusting his dick deeply inside her while pressing her buttocks tightly to the point that they almost touched his balls before ejaculating deep inside her.


  “Haah…! Haah…!”


  His breathing became ragged.


  His dick twitched.


  -Splurt! Splurt!


  His semen spurted out fiercely as it coated Odette’s insides like paint.


  Odette’s delicate shoulders shuddered as she savored the pleasure she experienced.


  “Haah… Hng… Ahh… Your seed…entered…my stomach…”  


  The situation made Siwoo feel dizzy.


  It felt like he was hearing nails on a chalkboard.


  As he ejaculated, he felt the tight grip of Odette’s anus reacting to the throbbing of his dick. It tried to squeeze every last drop of his semen.


  This was the most ecstatic ejaculation he had ever experienced.


  Odette’s anus was still gripping his dick tightly as it twitched from time to time.


  The movement was extremely bad for his currently sensitive dick.






  Siwoo carefully held Odette’s butt, which had slumped onto the desk and pulled his dick out.


  Her anus was still gripping his dick tightly until he pulled out completely. It seemed like she was trying to squeeze the leftover semen in his urethra out.




  Was it because he treated her roughly from the beginning?


  Odette’s anus was still wide open as it faced the ceiling, even though Siwoo had already pulled his dick out.


  He could see the thick droplets of his semen coming out of her hole.


  “Haah… Ohh…”


  A drop of semen dripped between her legs.


  When Siwoo started to grow worried about her gaping hole, it quickly returned to its original state.




  Siwoo wiped away the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve and looked at the scenery he inadvertently caused with a sense of unease.


  Odette, laying sprawled on the desk, unmoving as she exposed the closed garden that should have always been kept hidden.


  The wrinkles around her anus were slightly swollen, probably caused by his vigorous thrusting.


  Her tightly shut anus trembled from the afterglow of pleasure.


  Beneath it, the plump flesh that was filled with flowing drops of honey continued to arouse Siwoo’s lust.


  He had already ejaculated once, but the sight tempted him to do it again.


  “Ms. Odette.”


  He expected some kind of reaction coming from her.


  However, the reaction didn’t come as Odette continued to sprawl on the desk.


  Siwoo cautiously approached her and shook her shoulder.


  ‘Is she dead?’


  He suspected as such, but she was breathing properly and he could feel her pounding heart.


  She was still lively up to a moment ago, but she was probably pretending to be asleep to cover her embarrassment.




  As Siwoo was examining Odette’s condition, he heard the sound of the door opening behind him.


  When he turned around in a panic, he saw Odile, standing there while grabbing her head with a pained expression on her face.


  “What are you doing in the dark, Mr. Assistant? Ugh, my head hurts. Did I bump into something?”


  Her forehead was slightly reddened from the impact of their earlier fall.


  She recovered much faster than he expected.


  The situation just turned for the worse.


  “Where did Odette go? H-Huh…w-what?”


  Odile’s gaze finally fell on Siwoo’s bottom half.


  His pants were still off and his large dick was still bouncing up and down in its erected state.


  It was covered in sticky white semen.


  Odile made a gesture and the storage room turned bright.


  Odette’s naked figure, which was hidden in the darkness, became clearly visible.


  Her dress rolled up to her hips as she fainted on the desk.


  The white, translucent fluid coming out of her anus was an obvious indication that she was involved in a sexual activity.


  “Did you two do it while I was out cold?”


  Odile was astonished.


  “U-Um…y-you see…”


  Odile swiftly brushed past Siwoo, who was standing there, panicking, and hurriedly went to check on her younger sister’s condition.


  She was looking carefully around Odette’s crotch, probably worried that Siwoo might have crossed that line.




  Then, she quietly cleaned up Odette’s anus without uttering a single word.


  She removed the semen on Odette’s buttocks and covered her lower body with her dress.


  Putting aside her inner turmoil, Odile opened her mouth to speak while Siwoo was trying to come out with an excuse.


  “Tell me everything.”




  Siwoo laid out everything that had happened in great detail.


  Odile, who had brought Odette from the storage room and laid her on the bed, listened to Siwoo’s explanation with a solemn look.


  It felt like he was in some kind of public hearing, so his nerves were on edge.


  He was frightened of what might happen next.


  “…That’s what happened.”


  Odette made the first move as she seduced Siwoo.


  Siwoo tried to refuse, but Odette threatened him.


  Even after that, he still tried to reject her, but Odette put him under a spell.


  Up until this point, Siwoo could speak with a clear conscience, however…


  “After the spell was lifted…because I lack self-control…I continued the act…”


  His face turned bright red as he spoke this part.


  If Odile had been a man, she’d probably be able to empathize with his situation, but she was a woman.


  “So, you fucked that clueless girl, no, that heavily drunk, clueless girl until she passed out?”


  Odile’s response was surprisingly stern.


  Her voice was filled with anger, seemingly in disbelief of what she had just heard.


  In desperation, Siwoo replied to her.


  “She wasn’t drunk! Ms. Odette was completely fine!”


  “Ugh… Did Odette tell you that she’s never been drunk in her entire life?”


  “How did you know?”  


  Odile let out a deep sigh.


  “She might seem fine, but she has no tolerance toward alcohol. She won’t remember anything once she wakes up.”


  “And how am I supposed to know that?”


  “You got a point, sorry.”


  Odile’s anger subsided a little, but her face still had a lingering look of worry.


  Waiting for her verdict, Siwoo felt as though he was sitting on a cushion of thorns.


  “That girl won’t stop trying to imitate everything that I did. It’s annoying.”


  Fortunately, nothing serious happened.


  “It seems Ms. Odette thinks of Ms. Odile as her role model.”


  “What? That’s not true. She’s just imitating me, nothing more.”


  “Anyway, I apologize about what happened.”


  “It’s okay, there’s nothing for you to apologize for, Mr. Assistant. Though, there’s something that I don’t like…”


  Odile folded her arms and glanced between Siwoo’s legs.


  “Mr. Assistant, how did you do it with Odette?”


  “…Is that important?”


  “No, but I’m curious. I mean you didn’t insert the tip of your dick inside of her like you did with me, did you?”


  No way.


  Is she announcing the start of Phase 2?


  An uncomfortable silence hung in the air for a while.


  Siwoo swallowed nervously, trying to hide his anxiety.




  Odile suddenly stood up from her seat and walked over to Siwoo.


  “Can we do it again?”




  “Well, you know, last night we stopped before we could get into it… I’m actually curious about what would happen afterwards…”




  “I’ll forget about what happened with Odette today, in exchange, do it with me.”


  Her little sister had just finished doing an anal sex with him, yet she casually asked him to do the same thing to her.


  Siwoo thought that the current situation would make him unable to get an erection for a month, but to his dismay, something started to bulge inside his pants.


  While awkwardly twirling her finger around Siwoo’s hair, Odile spoke awkwardly.


  “Odette won’t be getting up for a while…so let’s move to another room. You won’t mind, right, Mr. Assistant?”


  “I don’t mind, but…is this the right thing to do?”


  After all, their relationship wasn’t built based on genuine love or emotional commitment. Rather, it was driven by Odile’s desire to try something new.


  Siwoo didn’t feel any about fucking both of them.


  “I don’t mean to brag, but I learn faster than Odette. Perhaps it’ll feel better to do it with me than with her.”


  Perhaps today was the day he would be rewarded for going through all the suffering he had felt.


  The thought that the same dick that had been vigorously thrusting into the younger twin’s anus would also be inserted into the older sister’s anus fueled him.


  His heart was racing with a peculiar sense of immorality.






  Siwoo looked outside the window.


  It wasn’t a conscious movement.


  He felt a piercing gaze from the direction, it was as if his whole being was pricked by thorns.


  Outside the window was the beautiful scenery of Latifundium, that part didn’t change.


  But there was something else out there.


  A black thing, glued to the branch of a large tree.


  It was staring intently through the window of the administrative building.







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