City of Witches Chapter 56

Latifundium (5)

༺ Latifundium (5)  ༻




  “Hurry up, do it already.”


  If possible, Siwoo wanted to resolve the situation calmly.


  He gently reached out to Odette’s buttocks.




  As Siwoo’s hand, damp and cold from the gel-like water touched her hips, Odette shuddered and trembled.


  Goosebumps crept up her snow-white buttocks.  


  “Are you sure about this, Ms. Odette? You aren’t going to change your mind?”


  Honestly, if Siwoo just inserted his dick inside her and gave her the pleasure she wanted, everything would be over.


  Conquering the rear holes of the twin witches despite him being a slave could be an accomplishment in itself.


  However, he wasn’t really in the mood for it.


  When he did it with Odile, the lust within him was invoked, but that wasn’t the case with Odette.


  In Odile’s case, she had already overcome her shame, embarrassment and fear regarding the unknown for the sake of satisfying her curiosity.


  But, Odette was different.


  Siwoo couldn’t bring himself to do something as cruel to someone who was trembling like that, especially when she was only blindly following her sister without understanding her situation.


  He carefully spread Odette’s buttocks.


  “Can you spread your legs a little?”




  Look at this.


  Up until now, she had been intimidating him with her might and authority, but as soon as he touched her, she couldn’t even move a finger.


  As she spread her legs, shoulder-width apart, Odette slightly trembled.


  “Could you pull your waist a bit further back? Your hips too.” 


  Odette pushed out her buttocks, her body bent into an awkward curved shape.


  Whether the reddened butt cheeks in front of him were due to drunkenness or embarrassment, Siwoo couldn’t tell. What he could tell was their color resembled a fully ripe peach.




  After thinking for a bit, he remembered that he once learned the fact that the wrinkles’ pattern around the anus were genetically inherited.


  That explained why the twin sister’s wrinkles looked identical.


  If Gehenna had a butthole recognition door lock, they could easily use each other’s butt to unlock each other’s doors.


  Odette turned around quickly.


  She sensed that Siwoo was hesitating and doing nothing, she couldn’t stand it any longer.


  “La~ la la lala~”


  She opened her mouth.


  What came out of it was a mysterious melody that sounded similar to the Poem of Confession.


  The melody sounded captivating and somewhat had a sensual quality in it that evoked the image of the siren’s song in Siwoo’s mind.


  “W-What is that?”


  Siwoo felt a strange premonition.


  His mind started to blur as soon as he heard the song. It was as if he was being hypnotized.


  Like being injected by a shot of adrenaline, his heartbeat accelerated.


  His pupil dilated, allowing him to see clearly in the dimly lit warehouse.


  “…I won’t tell you.”


  Odette said as she continued to stand facing forward.


  Siwoo didn’t have enough lenience to feel the danger in Odette’s ambiguous response.




  Right before his eyes were her bare buttocks.


  Unconsciously, his gaze was drawn to her lower lips, which were tightly shut.


  The scene undoubtedly captivated him.


  In front of him was an innocent virgin who had yet to taste a man.


  The narrow opening between her plump thighs looked alluring despite its tightness. If he were to insert a finger in it, it felt like it would grip tightly around it.


  “W-What kind of magic did you just cast?”


  Siwoo was taken aback by the unusual reaction in his lower body.


  It was completely normal to be aroused by such a lewd scene, but this was the first time his dick had become so hard that it actually hurt him.


  His lust grew stronger, gradually corroding his sense of reason.




  Yet, Odette still hadn’t said a single word.


  From the beginning, time wasn’t in Siwoo’s favor.


  His growing lust had engulfed his rationality.


  ‘Violate the woman in front of you, impregnate her, come inside her, sow your seed.’


  It felt like someone was whispering those words in his ears.


  Immediately, Siwoo tried to leave the storage room.


  He couldn’t keep his senses under control anymore.


  This was the first time he had ever experienced such a strong and intense lust.


  The arrow of this lust would perhaps aim straight towards Odette, who was standing in front of him with her naked buttocks spread.


  He felt the urge to escape.


  As he turned his gaze toward the door, his attention was once again drawn into Odette’s buttocks.


  Siwoo looked down at his lower body.


  A gruesome sight; a dick standing erect with blood vessels bulging out to an obscene degree.


  And beneath it, there were two holes that would bring his dick an immense amount of pleasure if he were to stick it into any of them.


  Siwoo wondered. Should he really leave this place?


  Slowly, he reached out his hand toward his dick.


  “Haah… Haah…”


  He smeared the gel-like water all over his dick with his palm.


  All was done unconsciously as he followed his instinct instead of reason.


  “Ms. Odette, you started all this, okay?”  


  Realizing how easily he had allowed himself to be pushed around by such a tiny, insignificant child, made him feel silly.


  He spread her buttocks, which were quivering like pudding.


  “Bend down more.”


  Siwoo’s growling voice startled Odette and she turned her head briefly like a child that was caught cheating on an exam. Despite that, she obediently listened to him.


  She bent her upper body down and pushed her buttocks further back.




  Siwoo grabbed his dick and rubbed it against the creases of Odette’s buttocks.


  Due to how focused he was on doing his things, Odette’s feeble moan didn’t enter Siwoo’s ears.


  He felt disappointed that he couldn’t pierce through Odette’s virgin membrane, but her anus should be enough for the time being.


  Consideration, concession and concern.


  Siwoo wondered why he bothered with these troublesome things up until now.


  He literally had an onahole offering to satisfy his lust right in front of him.


  “Kyaak…! Huk..! Huk…!”


  Similar to what he had done with Odile, he gently thrusted his dick into Odette’s elastic, yet tight anus.


  The most important part of the action was inserting the glans in.


  Since the glance was the thickest part of the dick, once it was in, he didn’t need to spend much effort to get the rest inside as well.


  “Ah… Ah… Haah…”


  Unlike with Odile, Siwoo didn’t bother giving any caresses to Odette’s anus with his hands to loosen it up.


  If it wasn’t for her semi-spiritual body, this act could carry long term consequences due to how risky it was.


  However, Odette’s body was outstanding.


  Despite the painful penetration process she had to endure, she still took Siwoo’s dick effortlessly.


  At the same time, a pleasant sensation spread throughout Siwoo’s lower body.


  He could feel Odette’s anus wrapped around his dick tightly, just like he had expected from Odile’s younger sister.


  Except that her anus felt tighter than Odile’s, perhaps because she was better in controlling the muscles in her anus.




  Odette flicked the finger she barely managed to lift up.


  At the same time, Siwoo felt as though a fog had been lifted from his mind. His thoughts cleared up.




  “This is… Harder than I thought…”


  After catching her breath for a moment, Odette finally managed to speak.


  It was only then that Siwoo grasped his situation.


  He had already inserted half of his dick into Odette’s anus.


  Her small buttocks, somehow managed to receive such a large dick, were now tightly clenched, possibly due to either pain or stimulation, taking the shape of half an apple.


  “Did you use some kind of magic again?”


  Siwoo was really annoyed by her self-essence magic.


  That magic was unfair, he was barely able to tolerate it.


  “I-If I didn’t use it, you wouldn’t have done anything…haa…”


  It was clear that Odette had reached her limit.


  Her stiff muscles and clenched buttocks spoke volumes.


  Nevertheless, she didn’t tell him to take out his dick.


  “Uh…a little…more… It’s okay…put it in more…”


  She slowly moved her hips backward and began to swallow Siwoo’s dick with her rear hole.


  He could feel her anus’ contracting muscles. They resembled a ring, firmly stimulating his dick as they slowly moved down from the middle.


  The intense sensation had him taken aback as he instinctively grabbed into Odette’s hips.


  “Haah…haah…it feels…strange…”  


  As she took Siwoo’s dick, Odette let out a strange voice that could be mistaken as either a moan or a sigh.


  The deeper Siwoo pushed his dick in, the hotter he felt.


  He never went this deep with Odile.






  Odette’s hips finally pressed against Siwoo’s pelvis bone.


  Her tender hole, fully stretched to its limits, greedily enveloped every inch of his dick.


  Odette panted heavily as sweat dripped down her face.


  Despite that, a satisfied grin plastered on her lips as she looked toward Siwoo.


  “How…is it? Have you ever went this deep with my big sis, Mr. Assistant?”


  “No, never.”


  “How does it feel? Is it better than my big sis?”


  After saying those words, Odette bit her lip and started to move her hips slowly.


  Like a slave, she used her all to serve her master.


  Despite its elasticity, Odette’s tight anus provided intense stimulation to Siwoo’s dick, just like Odile’s


  “My sister…ah…haa…couldn’t do it like me, right? Haah…haah…”


  It was clear that she hadn’t felt the pleasure from her actions yet.


  But she never stopped moving.


  “How to please a man…I also…studied it…hng…! Everything is written in that book…if I swing my waist this way…it will bring you pleasure…”


  With Siwoo’s dick still inside her, Odette began to move her hips in a circular motion.


  He felt an intense pleasure to the point he rolled his eyes back.


  Odette’s elastic muscles began to squeeze and pull his dick along as she rotated her hips.




  Siwoo wasn’t the only one who felt the pleasure from that move.


  Finally, Odette’s abnormally sturdy semi-spiritual body found pleasure from her first anal penetration.


  “Oh…this feeling… Ahh…! So this is what it’s like…!”


  It was a pleasure that only her older sister knew.


  The pleasure of becoming one with a man.


  For the first time in her life, she experienced this kind of pleasure. It dissipated the pain that came from the first time Siwoo inserted his dick into her rear. The pleasure was much more enjoyable than what was written in the book. Words simply couldn’t describe it.


  “How are you feeling…Mr. Assistant…?”


  “I-I’m enjoying it.”


  Siwoo saw no reason to deny the pleasure he was experiencing.


  It was the first time he ever moved his hips with such a vigorous motion. It felt better than he could have ever imagined.


  Compared to simply inserting and pulling out his dick into Odile’s anus, this pleasure was on a whole different level.


  Odette’s lewd hole seemed to expand with each of his thrusts.


  The ecstatic sensation he experienced from her anal ring roughly stroking up and down his dick surpassed the pleasure of masturbation by more than a hundredfold.


  “Haah… Hng… This feeling…is weird… I feel like I’m going to pee…!”


  Odette’s back stiffened in the same way her elder sister did. She exhaled a deep sweet breath while savoring the pleasure that she felt.


  “N-Now…Mr. Assistant…grab my waist firmly and…move like this… Haah… Ugh…”


  Odette’s voice that he was hearing overlapped with someone else’s in his memory.


  It was the same voice that urged Siwoo to impregnate her after she drank that potion.


  Odette let out an ecstatic moan that sounded more like a hum.


  An irresistible temptation emanated from Odette, who seemed to be fully engrossed in the act and had overcome her shyness.


  “Hold my waist tight… Like this…”


  Odette’s slender hand led Siwoo to her waist.


  Unknowingly, Siwoo grabbed the boundary between her hips and waist.


  “Yes, I understand.”


  And then he began to move slowly.


  With each movement of his waist, Siwoo felt an unfamiliar sensation of pleasure.


  Siwoo began to rock his dick back and forth inside Odette’s tiny anus. The intensity made him afraid that he might just break it.


  “Haah…haah… Strange…this feels shameful…somewhat… It’s strange…”


  Odette’s reaction was arousing enough to invoke Siwoo’s lust, despite himself being a virgin.


  With each thrust, her body quivered and she rose up on her toes. When he pulled out, she arched her back to push her buttocks toward his dick.


  This tempted Siwoo to keep on thrusting.


  He wanted to tease the mischievous Odette even more.


  Siwoo craved for a more intense pleasure, similar to the one he experienced when he was under the influence of the strange magic earlier.


  The bond of camaraderie between the two, as partners trying to learn new things, made them able to synchronize their rhythm.


  “I’ve never felt this way since I was born… I-It’s just…so good… It’s weird…that only big sis experienced it until now… Haah…haah…”


  –Clap clap


  As he gripped Odette’s hips, Siwoo’s thrust became even more vigorous.


  Despite the increasing speed, Odette’s hole was still as tight as before.


  Despite him withdrawing almost the entirety of his dick with each thrust, the tightness of her anus still made him feel dizzy from the pleasure.


  If there was an onahole that could give him this much pleasure, he’d buy it even if it cost him all his money.


  “Mr. Assistant…haah…ahh… S-Should I…say something naughty…?”


  Amidst the overwhelming pleasure she had never felt before, a line from the novel, ‘The Devilish Delivery Man,’ came to her mind.


  Seeing Siwoo shaking his waist while enjoying the action, Odette felt proud. She was even more determined to make him feel even better than this.


  And so, she whispered the vulgar line to him. The line that she would never be able to utter in normal circumstances, a line that would make her dizzy just by reading them.


  Never did she expect that her dirty line would prompt Siwoo to ejaculate immediately.





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