City of Witches Chapter 65

Bitterness and Joy (4)

༺ Bitterness and Joy (4) ༻




  “…That’s why! I really thought everything would end there! Even now, I’m still trembling in fear! If I got attacked once or twice more, I’d sure be done for!”


  As soon as they got into the carriage and sat down on the couch, the group began to chat noisily.


  The topic was obviously the Homunculus hunt in the Latifundium earlier today.


  At first, he was concerned that they might have some kind of trauma from getting into a life-or-death situation.


  Turned out he severely underestimated the twins’ optimistic nature.


  Odette made various gestures as she recounted the event. Her face was flushed red in excitement.


  Using various onomatopoeia such as ‘thwack!’ and ‘whoosh!’ she vividly described the life-or-death situation.


  “And then! The crucial moment came! Mr. Assistant with his ultimate move, ‘Ard’s Spear1아라드와의 창, literally meant Spear of Ard’ appeared! With a masterful strike, the wicked Homunculus was shattered into pieces.


  “By the way, I was the one who came up with that name. Doesn’t it sound cool?”


  “It does.”


  Siwoo chuckled and leaned back on the sofa.


  Although he already knew everything, it still felt fun to listen to them.


  Around 90% of the story was about Siwoo’s own achievement.


  Now that he had a chance to reflect on the situation, what he had done was so reckless that the only plausible explanation he could think of if someone were to ask him why he had done that was because he was out of his mind.


  Nevertheless, he felt happy about his achievement.


  Eventually, Odette’s storytelling performance came to an end.


  As the exuberant atmosphere settled down like a deflating bubble, Odette spoke up quietly.


  “Mr. Assistant, are you really going to leave soon?”


  “Yes. Honestly, I’m tired of this place.”


  “Still, it’s a shame. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to spend more time together? Is it too much to ask if I invite you to be one of our servants?”


  After Siwoo responded with an ambiguous smile, Odile clicked her tongue in disappointment.


  “You are also trying to stop him! Why did you scold me when I tried doing the same?”


  “So what if I am? Anyway, bring me the present, Odette.”


  “Sure, but you’re going to give him the present already?”




  Odette went toward the minibar and came back holding a wooden basket in her hands, the same one she brought to store their sandwiches.


  “You’re our savior, Mr. Assistant.”


  “So we prepared things that Mr. Assistant would like.”


  “Ms. Odile… Ms. Odette…”


  Considering how eventful the day had been, it wouldn’t have been surprising for them to fall asleep as soon as they returned home. But instead of that, they prepared a present for him instead amidst all the chaos. It was an incredibly touching gesture of affection.


  “Whether Mr. Assistant is a wizard or not, whether you’ll face any adversity or hardship.”


  “We swear to be Shin Siwoo’s eternal friends.”


  Odile and Odette, who uttered words that reminded Siwoo of a ceremonial gesture, exchanged small handshakes with him in succession.


  “Don’t be too sad. It doesn’t mean we’ll be separated forever!”


  “Yeah, when we properly inherit our brands and officially become the members of the Geminis, we can visit you from time to time.”


  “Ah, come to think of it, that’s possible, huh?”


  “Well, it might take some time for that to happen though, hehe~”


  Upon further reflection, it became evident that the clear distinction between Gehenna and the modern only applied to slaves like Siwoo.


  If the twins became the Count of Gemini, they could come over to the modern world and they could have some fun together.


  “The opening act is taking too long. Let’s give him the present first.”


  “Ah, right. Can I expect something good?”


  “Please do. Our presents will be better than your expectations, Mr. Assistant.”


  First, Odile handed him an artifact from the basket, an exquisite music box.


  It was originally intended to be exchanged for telling Odile the meaning of love and the agreement was that they’d only give it to him if he managed to fulfill that ambiguous condition.


  “Honestly, the contract hasn’t been fulfilled yet, I still don’t understand what love is.”


  As Odile said that, she placed the music box on Siwoo’s palm.


  Then she said,


  “If you go through the proper procedure to leave this place, this thing might not be necessary to you Regardless, I’ll give it to you. I want you to think of us every time you look at it.”


  “Thank you. I promise I’ll always remember you two.”


  “If it seems like Mr. Assistant has forgotten about us when we meet again, we’ll drag you back here.”




  How could he possibly forget?


  Even though they didn’t do it like normal, they were still Siwoo’s first sex partners.


  And they were cute enough if Siwoo were to show someone a picture of them together while saying that he fucked their rear holes, they’d be calling him delusional.


  Of course, he had no intention to brag like that to other people.


  “And these are more presents that I’ve prepared.”




  What Odette took out was a jewellery box.


  It was made of lustrous black wood with two birds carved out of gold on it.


  “Since Mr. Assistant can’t store mana, I prepared a sufficient amount of mana water, who knows you might think of using magic when you’re outside.”


  “There are ten bottles of concentrated mana water inside. All made by our company.”


  The box was filled with pretty looking bottles that emitted extraordinary light.


  “The mana quality in each bottle might not be the best, but there’s a lot of mana inside.”


  “If you dilute it and use it little by little, it should be enough until the time we can visit you.”


  If their previous gesture was touching to Siwoo, this time he was getting emotional.


  The gift wasn’t merely to show off their riches, but it was a thoughtful gift that took consideration of what he needed.


  In addition to that, they also gave him other things that he also needed.


  “This is a chalkboard. Well, you’ve seen it a lot during practice, so I don’t need to explain what it could do, right? Just soak a chalk in the concentrated mana water that was mixed with saltwater and you’re good to go.”


  Even without a magic paper, one could implement a simple magic circle using a chalkboard and mana chalk.


  “This gold is the first thing I’ve ever created using alchemy. I’m giving it to you as a souvenir.”


  A gold bar of the same size as his fist.


  “This one is a cloak enchanted with defensive spells. Wearing it will help you defend against most attacks once. Moreover, with its exquisite design, you can become a trend starter in the fashion world just by wearing it around!”


  A cloak with protective runes inscribed inside.


  “This is a quill pen made from a kingfisher’s feather. It doesn’t have any special functions, but it’s pretty!”


  A pretty quill pen and so on.


  While there were some items that seemed out of place due to their lack of knowledge of the modern world, the effort they put into choosing them was clear.


  Under the shower of gifts, Siwoo’s hands quickly filled up like those shopaholic middle aged women hunting discounted goods at a department store.


  “I will treasure and make good use of these gifts. When you two visit me in the modern world, I promise I’ll show you around.”


  “Yay! Oh, by the way, whenever you’re trying to use magic, you have to activate the music box first! Otherwise, the witches or outcasts outside might take notice of you.”


  “I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.”


  He had never imagined that the day when he’d have to hold his tears after receiving gifts from these brats would come.


  When they saw his eyes reddened after receiving their gifts, the twins sniffled. Swiftly, they wiped their noses.


  “Oh jeez, why are you crying?”


  “Why, Mr. Assistant? Why? We’re going to cry too now…”


  Siwoo reminisced about the short time he spent with them.


  The time when they watched him as he masturbated…


  Using magic practice as a pretext, he became their sex education tutor and as a result, he received a handjob and fellatio from them…


  The incident of them abducting him and becoming a test subject for the Eros’ Potion…


  That one time when Odile barged into his room for an anal sex and they were almost caught by Amelia…


  The incident when Odette got drunk and they ended up playfully engaging in anal sex…


  ‘Wait, what the fuck, why am I only remembering those kinds of memories?’


  Siwoo shook both his head and all his thoughts off.


  “Anyway, can I go back now?”


  It was getting late.


  Since the conversation was nearing its conclusion, Siwoo started to wrap things up from his side.


  “You’re done already?”


  Odette slipped between the carriage door and Siwoo, trying to block his way.


  “There’s still one last present left.”


  Odile backed her up perfectly, standing beside her to block his path.


  “There’s something else besides all these?”


  “Well~ we haven’t given you the most important one of them all~”


  “This one is the most important!”


  By simply selling what they had given him, he could already make a great fortune for a lifetime.


  But there was an even more amazing present that they prepared?


  The rewards for this quest turned out to be incredibly delightful.


  “So, what do you think? Do you want the present?”


  “I’ve already received more than enough, but if you insist…”


  Normally, he’d have declined them, but this time, he readily nodded. He thought that he deserved to get something sweet as a reward for his five years of suffering.


  When he received the last present from the twins, his eyes widened.


  The twins simultaneously untied the straps on their shoulders, making the cloak that wrapped off their bodies slipped off smoothly.


  Their cloak, clad in elegant black and velvet, slid down their bodies.


  Then the cloak fell onto the floor with a soft ‘thud.’


  No wonder they were still wrapped tightly in their cloak when they entered the carriage.


  Under the black cloak were the twins’ fair naked bodies.


  With a pose akin to models, they faced each other, proudly displaying their bare bodies.


  “Were you surprised?”


  “Come to think of it, we’ve seen Mr. Assistant’s naked body many times, but he has never seen ours.”


  Odette shyly smiled and subtly twisted her body as if she was feeling embarrassed facing Siwoo’s piercing gaze.


  But, she made no effort to cover her chest with her hands.


  On the contrary, she made it easier for Siwoo to appreciate her body by relaxing her shoulders and chest.


  Their pure white skin shimmered brightly in the soft dim light.


  The noble bodies of the twin, meticulously cared for by the maids every day, emitted a subtle radiance whenever the flame flickered on the candlesticks that were adorned with scattered jewel dust.


  Perhaps this surreal sight affected Siwoo’s mind like a drug.


  He stepped on the carpet as his feet fumbled.


  As he moved past their slender calves and healthy-looking thighs, he knew that two pairs of plump, bouncy cheeks were waiting to greet him.


  Above those cheeks were their perfectly sculpted waistline, it was as if God had put in a significant amount of effort on creating them.


  As he traced those graceful lines, his gaze was captivated by two pairs of prominent peaks.


  In truth, he had already observed the outline of their breasts through their clothes, but he dismissed them as they seemed to lack the maturity that he craved for.


  However, contrary to his expectations, their peaks were overflowing with elasticity.


  The conical-shaped breasts protruded with a firm, rounded tip without any sign of sagging.


  Up until now, thanks to all the porn that he watched, he had believed that breasts were the most attractive when they were perfectly round and shaped like water droplets. However, after facing the twin, a whole new world opened up to him.


  “You can take a closer look.”


  Odile, who had been feeling self-conscious as she constantly placed her hands over her chest and waist to cover herself, was now standing tall and upright like Odette. It seemed like she had finally overcome her inner turmoil.


  At the end of their plump breasts, a pinkish half-circle spreaded out as a cute fruit stood erect with pride at its center.


  The deep shade of pink contrasted with their skin tone.


  It was an alluring color.


  If there were lipsticks with such beautiful shade, they would undoubtedly sell like hotcakes.


  Not to mention that there wasn’t just a pair of breasts, but two of them.


  That made for four nipples in total.


  Whether it was due to the effects of the alcohol, or because he had lowered his guard down against the twins significantly,


  Well, there was also the possibility that he felt this way because of his carelessness since he assumed that he would be leaving soon anyway,


  Nevertheless, he had the urge to hold one in each of his hands and relentlessly suck on them.


  “If Mr. Assistant leaves, we won’t be able to have fun for a while.”


  “That’s right. It isn’t like we can just show our naked bodies to anyone.”


  The twin approached Siwoo, alternating their words like a surround sound speaker as they slowly closed their distance.


  “Since our relationship with you is far from ordinary, Mr. Assistant, we want to make it special for you.”


  “That’s right. Mr. Assistant, you’re probably the first and the last slave who can do something like this with two apprentice witches at the same time.”


  Before they knew it, the twins had moved very closely to Siwoo.


  It was Odette who adorned the finale of the last present as she lightly skimmed her toes over the carpet, shyly expressing herself.


  “That’s why…tonight…let’s have fun…all three of us…all night long…”




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    아라드와의 창, literally meant Spear of Ard
City of Witches

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