City of Witches Chapter 66

Shimaidon (1)

༺ Shimaidon1Basically having sex with two sisters at once (1) ༻




  They said that there were various methods to obtain pleasure in this world.


  Alcohol, cigarettes, food, drugs, sex and many more.


  As one could see, if they were to list each of them one by one, there would be countless crossroads spread out before them.


  If Siwoo had to choose the most dangerous road among those, he would undoubtedly choose sex driven by lust.


  The reason for this was because Siwoo was experiencing it firsthand on how uncontrollable and dangerous lust could be.


  He was aware that there could be serious consequences he had to pay if he were to make a single mistake, yet he still felt aroused.


  Him being drunk was partly responsible for this.


  Nevertheless, his raging lower body part didn’t show any signs of calming down.


  “You don’t dislike this, right?”


  “Of course he doesn’t. Didn’t you see how happy he was when he played with us?”


  Siwoo remained frozen as the twins quietly approached him, reaching out their arms and latching onto his sides.


  From their gestures, they seemed to want him to be more assertive here.


  Honestly, it was difficult to say that they gave him this present solely for his sake.


  If anything, it felt like there was a hidden motive behind the twins’ actions.


  Despite their innocent appearances, Siwoo knew them well enough to be aware of how mischievous they were and how eager they were to engage in erotic acts with him.


  However, the soft sensation that he felt through the fabric of his clothes relieved him of his sense of crisis.


  The twins’ round and plump breasts along with their nipples brushed against his clothes, as if appealing him to make his move.


  Loud giggling noises came from both of his sides.


  Siwoo could tell that he was making an incredibly foolish expression even without looking in the mirror.


  “Sit here, Mr. Assistant.”


  “I shoulda prepared a bed or something.”


  They didn’t even ask about Siwoo’s opinion.


  Even if he were to reject them, they’d do their best to convince him under the pretense that this was their present to him.


  “Can we dim the lights a little? It’s embarrassing.”


  “But we decided to show our naked bodies for Mr. Assistant to see clearly, didn’t we?”


  “This should be enough. Look, he’s completely out of it.”


  The twins playfully teased Siwoo, who was staring at them absent-mindedly.


  He was completely captivated by the alluring sight of their swaying breasts and nipples.


  Then again, no one could blame him. No man could really avert their eyes from a situation like this.


  “Why haven’t you made a move on us, Mr. Assistant?”


  “Is it because you’re worried?”


  The twins’ faces entered Siwoo’s field of vision and immediately became the focus of his attention.


  Just a little while ago, the twins looked somewhat shy, but it seemed like Siwoo’s reaction gave them the courage they needed.


  “Mr. Assistant?”




  Odile waved her hands in front of Siwoo’s face to snap him out of his daze.


  As if he had just woken up from a trance, Siwoo gasped for breath.


  Apparently, he had been holding his breath without realizing it.


  “What’s with that reaction?”


  Odile, revealing her white teeth, reached her hand out as she gently caressed Siwoo’s cheek.


  For some reason, every time he exposed his naked body to them and saw her making this gesture, it would intensify his embarrassment.


  Perhaps it was because of his unmanly nature.


  “If you’re worried that our bowl2Bowl as in the witches’ mana container. might get damaged, you don’t need to, Mr. Assistant!”


  “We’ve prepared something for it! Even if our master finds out, she won’t scold us too much! Besides, you’re our savior, what could go wrong?”


  Their words were true, this current situation was way safer compared to the time when he had to fear for his life as he went along with the twins’ pranks.


  Moreover, from his interaction with Count Gemini, they didn’t seem to be temperamentals.


  “Odette, show Mr. Assistant what we are up to.”


  “What? Why me? Why don’t you show him, Sis?!”


  “He’ll see everything in a moment anyway.”


  “It’s still embarrassing for me…”


  Siwoo, who had gradually returned to reality, realized that the twins’ conversation sounded a little absurd.


  They seemed to be wanting to show him something, but why were they beating around the bush?


  Odette hesitantly approached him and suddenly sat down with one of her butt cheeks on one of Siwoo’s thighs.


  She brought her face closer, as if trying to kiss him, but she didn’t.


  “May I borrow your ear for a moment, Mr. Assistant?”


  “You sure are taking your time, aren’t you, Odette?”


  Completely ignoring Odile’s nagging, Odette leaned in closer to Siwoo’s ear.


  Her hushed whispers, mixed with her soft breathing, tickled his earlobe.


  “Mr. Assistant, I remember everything that happened between us earlier today…”


  “Ah…I see…”


  Because of a bigger incident that occurred right after that particular event, it slipped completely off his mind. The thing that happened between them, the time when they did anal sex.


  Then again, it wasn’t exactly strange that she remembered it. Siwoo didn’t extract the semen that he squirted inside her anus. Odette didn’t need to be a genius to guess what had happened.


  But why?


  Why did she mention it now? Siwoo couldn’t understand that.


  Ignoring his confusion, Odette pressed her body against him and discreetly moved her hand toward the bulge in his pants.


  “I don’t remember everything that happened, but… I can tell that you enjoyed it a lot, Mr. Assistant…”


  Now he understood.


  The same method as earlier today.


  Back when Siwoo attempted to reject her and run away from her, she did this exact same thing.


  From that, she clearly could tell the effectiveness of this method.


  “I know what Mr. Assistant is worried about and that’s why I’m doing this.”


  Honestly, her attempt to seduce him was unnecessary.


  As soon as he saw the twins’ naked bodies, the word ‘shimaidon’ was swirling in his mind.


  Then there was also his desire to make up for the unjust days he had spent in Gehenna.


  After pressing her lips tightly against Siwoo’s earlobe and sucked on it, Odette slowly got up.


  She stood up from the couch with one of her feet resting next to Siwoo’s thighs.


  Then, she presented her pussy directly to Siwoo’s eyes, as if she was showing it off to him.




  There was a sticker attached to it.


  No. In this case, calling it a ‘seal’ would probably be more appropriate.


  In place of panties, a thin piece of paper delicately clung to her tight pussy.


  The paper was so thin that it revealed not only the shape of her plump mound, but also the outline of her protruding clitoris.


  Engraved on it were runic characters that prevented the flow of magic.


  “W-With this, there won’t be any risk of Mr. Assistant’s magic flowing in and damaging my bowl…”


  “I doubt that there’s any risk involved with the act, but we prepared it anyway because you seemed to be concerned about it, Mr. Assistant.”


  They were completely prepared for this.


  So, there was no need for him to hold back anymore.


  As Odette said, he could play as much as he wanted with the twins all night long.


  A full course meal, a suitable main dish for his graduation party from Gehenna.


  “Ah…! M-Mr. Assistant!”


  He pulled Odette’s waist, who was showing off the seal on her pussy while half-squatting.


  ‘I’m not a man if I refuse them after they go this far.’


  “Jeez, you don’t need to do this just to prevent me from running away…”


  After placing Odette on his lap, Siwoo stared at her chest lustfully as they had been capturing his attention since earlier.


  “Are you going to…? With your mouth–?! Ngh!”


  Without any hesitation, he covered her adorable nipple with his lips.


  Immediately after that, a moan escaped her lips.


  He could feel the softness of her breast as it was pressed against his nose.


  There was a refreshing scent emanating from it.


  Compared to her chest that felt as smooth as porcelain, the area around her nipple felt slightly bumpier.


  Siwoo quickly skimmed around the area with his tongue.




  Odette, who was shaking uncontrollably, embraced Siwoo’s head.


  Then, Siwoo began to stimulate her sensitive nipple, focusing on the soft mound that had been rolling around in his mouth.


  “Ahh… Ahh… Haah…”


  Aside from feeling ticklish, Odette also felt pleasure from the act.


  It was the first time in her life that she ever experienced this kind of sensation, it made her involuntarily widened her eyes and twitched her shoulders in excitement.


  “It feels good… Mr. Assistant…”


  After a while, the delicate bud that quivered as it followed Siwoo’s tongue’s movement gradually stiffened as he continued stimulating it.


  It felt like the bud was about to blossom.


  From his prior experience, he could tell that Odette was sensitive.


  The slightest touch from him would make her react with a pleasant shudder.


  And unlike Odile, she didn’t even bother concealing the fact that she enjoyed his touches.


  He only sucked her breasts a little, but she had already trembled as if she was about to pee.


  “How long are you going to keep me waiting?!”


  At first, Siwoo wanted to enjoy the moment leisurely as he attempted to use the techniques he had learned from all the porn that he watched.


  But Odile interrupted him.


  “S-Sister… D-Don’t scream so suddenly like that! You scared me!”


  As her hazy eyes cleared, Odette, who was being drawn into the world of pleasure, suddenly regained her senses and started to quarrel with Odile.


  “You were supposed to explain our plan to him, not start playing with him on your own! Besides, you already had your fun with him this morning!”


  Odile pulled Odette away despite the latter desperately clinging to Siwoo.


  “Why do you keep acting as if I’m doing something wrong? Do you think I don’t know about you playing around with him sneakily?”




  Hearing that, Odile’s face turned bright red.


  Siwoo revealed everything when Odette used the Poem of Confession on him. A fact that Odile wasn’t aware of.


  “You tried to monopolize Mr. Assistant while keeping me in the dark!”


  “B-But, I only got him to insert the tip!”


  “Really? That’s on you then. Why would you get a head start without even making any progress? Meanwhile, Mr. Assistant pounded me from behind without holding anything back!”


  Her tone filled with arrogance, Odette teased her sister.


  In response to that, Odile could only pout.


  The twins had always competed against each other without any particular reason.


  Odile, with her fists clenched out of anger, walked up to Siwoo and abruptly pushed her chest in front of his face.


  “Do it with me too. Mr. Assistant.”


  “What’s wrong with you? It’s my turn now!”


  “Odette! I’m older so my turn comes first!”


  “You’re only older by an hour!”


  Not wanting to fall behind, Odette followed suit.


  As the sisters grabbed one of their breasts and pressed them against Siwoo’s face, his dick grew even bigger.


  The fact that the shape of their chests hardly changed even after they squeezed them with their hands proved their elasticity.


   Like a cherry that jumped slightly into the sky, their small nipples dangled brilliantly in front of his face, completely capturing his attention.


  ““Mr. Assistant!””


  As if they had planned it, they looked at Siwoo’s eyes at the exact same time with eyes that were willed with a strong desire to win.


  If Siwoo were to pick between one of them, the one he picked would be happy, but the other one would definitely feel sad.


  Despite this being a pleasant situation for him, it was also an awkward one.


  “Why don’t you use rock paper scissors to decide…?”


  “Are you serious?”


  “How can we leave such an important matter up to chance?”


  Naturally, they rejected his proposal.


  ‘Oh well, it can’t be helped.’


  Siwoo lifted himself off the couch and pulled their waists toward him.


  “Then, how about doing it like this? Come closer.”




  “Too close, too close!”


  Using his strength, he pressed the twins’ chest against each other.


  They had the same height, breast shape, waist size, hairstyle, hair color and buttocks.


  Their nipples barely brushed against each other.


  It felt like they were mirror images to themselves when he pressed them together like this.


  And the sense of immorality that he felt when looking at them was off the chart.


  After all, he could taste both of them at the same time.


  To put it into perspective, he was one man, facing off against two women.


  Moreover, the two women were twins who were close and affectionate toward each other.


  He could observe their naked body closer than anyone else in the world.


  He would be able to compare the reactions and the sounds that the older one made while he affectionately caressed the younger one. There were bound to be some differences in their reaction despite them being nearly identical down to the position of their moles.


  And he could also have sex with the older one before doing it with the younger one to compare the tightness of their holes.


  How many people in the world have experienced such a luxurious and thrilling experience?


  Considering that the twins’ appearance was second to none compared to anyone in the modern world, Siwoo was probably the first person who got to experience this.


  As his excitement peaked, his rationality left him as his instincts took over.


  “If I can’t decide on one, why can’t I do both of you at the same time?”


  He licked his lips with anticipation and poked his tongue out through the space where the twins’ nipples met,





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  • 1
    Basically having sex with two sisters at once
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    Bowl as in the witches’ mana container.
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