City of Witches Chapter 67

Shimaidon (2)

༺ Shimaidon (2) ༻








  Like rolling two pieces of candies in his mouth.


  Siwo played with the twins’ nipples.


  In truth, the act of sucking nipples didn’t give any pleasure to men.


  However, the sensation the nipples gave out made them feel an inexplicable urge to keep on sucking them.


  “Our nipples keep touching, Sis… It feels weird…”


  “The tongue… It’s so slippery…”


  Ten minutes passed just like that.


  The initially restless and chatty twins fell silent.


  Their once soft nipples had become firm enough that one could tie a string on them. Their playful laughters that sounded so pleasant in Siwoo’s ears had turned into nervous breathing. 






  No matter how inexperienced Siwoo was, he at least knew the reason why this change happened.


  He felt increasing pressure in the arms that were wrapped around the twins’ waists. It was clear that their legs were gradually losing their strength.


  “Ahh… Ah…”




  Every time their nipples grazed against his tongue or pressed against each others, their moans of pleasure grew louder.


  If Siwoo were to use Odette’s wording, the ‘play’ started lightheartedly but after a while, it got more intense.


  Odile, who was watching Siwoo sucking her breast with her moist eyes, spoke out at that moment.


  Unlike usual, her voice sounded unusually weak.


  “Mr. Assistant…”


  “Yes, Ms. Odile?”


  “S-Should we also use our mouths like you?”


  “Right… It’s us who are supposed to gift you something, so it wouldn’t be fair if you end up doing everything…”


  Even Odette chimed in agreement.


  Considering how erect he got, it was hard to refuse their suggestion.


  However, this time, he wanted to control everything from start to finish.


  He didn’t want the mischievous girls to have their way with him like before.


  “It’s okay. I find this enjoyable.”


  “I-I see, okay then…”


  “If that’s what you want, Mr. Assistant…”


  Though they tried to hide it, the twins looked very disappointed.


  In fact, it was hard to feel a great deal of pleasure from the act of being licked by their nipples.


  If anything, they felt more ticklish than pleasure.


  However, couples didn’t move from kissing to playing around with each other’s chest for no reason.


  Nipples acted as a switch for arousal regardless of genders.


  But still, fiddling around with the switch without accomplishing anything felt exhausting to the twins.


  That was why they made an excuse to Siwoo, to encourage him to move on to the next stage under the guise of it being their present.


  But, that backfired on him since now they had to go along with what Siwoo wanted.




  “Mr. Assistant… How long are we going to keep on doing this…?”


  “A-Ahh… Haah…”


  More time passed.


  Siwoo continued to suck on the twins’ breasts.


  He didn’t understand why it felt good to suck on them. He even felt like he could suck on them all day long.


  -Slurp, slurp.


  As Siwoo buried his head in Odile’s chest, the sound of him sucking the tiny flesh, mixed with the wet sound of his saliva, created a slurping noise.


  “D-Do it gently! S-Stop biting– ahh!”


  Over time, he didn’t just lick the twins’ nipples.


  He enjoyed licking them, but there were also plenty of other ways for him to enjoy himself with them.


  Such as biting and sucking them as if he was drinking their milk.




  Odile furrowed her delicate eyebrows.


  He could see the glimmer of anxiety beyond her lovely eyelashes as her entire body trembled within his arms.


  “Ahh! I told you stop biting–”


  “Sis, you’re overreacting again.”


  “I’m not! …I-It hurts, you know?”


  “It doesn’t hurt, I endured it just fine. It doesn’t like he bite it hard enough that it’d leave a mark.”


  Siwoo delicately grabbed her nipples between his teeth as he sucked on them until their breasts extended into a conical shape.


  And then he stayed still for a brief while.


  The reason why he kept doing it despite Odile’s rejection was because of her reaction.


  Unlike Odette, her reaction aroused him more.


  He dug his teeth into the soft bump.


  “Eugh…! H-Haah…”


  Her voice became strange and indescribable as her legs began to shake even more furiously.


  Furthermore, her hands moved, trying to grasp on something as she settled on Siwoo’s shoulders and clutched them closely, arousing him even more.


  He managed to arouse Odile.


  Her libido was in his hands now.






  Siwoo finally let go of her chest.


  Realizing this, Odile let out a relieved sigh as she let go of the piece of clothing she had been gripping.


  For a brief while, she appreciated the fruit of his work.


  The once soft and adorable nipples turned rather seductive.


  They stood erect without a trace of shame and the rush of blood made them seem even more alluring.


  Even the enlarged areola, covered with saliva, looked seductive to him.


  “Uu… What if you leave bite marks on them? What are you gonna do about it?”


  Feeling embarrassed, Odile adjusted her bangs as she fidgeted.


  In fact, Siwoo used the same force as he did with Odette, it was just Odile got a better reaction than the former.


  Maybe she felt something else other than the slight pain he inflicted.


  “Ms. Odile.”




  “You seem to like it whenever I nibble on your nipple.”




  Odile’s face instantly reddened.


  It was as if someone had pointed at a sore spot.


  She awkwardly hit Siwoo’s shoulder, trying to hide her embarrassment.


  “I-I don’t like it! It hurts so much that I almost cried!”


  “Ah, Mr. Assistant! Since she hits you like this, that means you hit the bullseye!”




  “Kyaah! My older sister is such a pervert~”


  Odette started teasing Odile with a mischievous smile.


  And thus, a sudden game of tag began.


  As soon as Odette started teasing Odile, the former swiftly leapt over the sofa and started running away. Meanwhile the latter pursued her with unsteady steps.


  ‘How delightful.’


  Their beautiful and youthful bodies, coupled with their liveliness, exhibited a breathtaking scene that Siwoo had never seen before.


  Their swaying buttocks, modestly bouncing breasts and the smooth armpits that they revealed as they ran and made sharp turns— Those were sights that he could only see when they stripped off their clothes completely.


   “Ow! Stop, please! I’m sorry! Sis! …Hehehe!”


  No matter how wide the area had been expanded by the spatial refraction, this was still indoor.


  Odette tried to escape from her sister, but he was caught before long and found herself writhing on the floor.


  “It’s only natural for you to be punished after committing a crime!”


  “Mr. Assistant! Aaah! S-Save me!”


  It was like watching two mischievous kittens playing with each other.


  To punish her little sister who leaked confidential information, Odile firmly pressed her body against the floor and tickled her sides and armpits fiercely.


  Odette, who was laughing so hard that it was hard for her to breathe, reached out to Siwoo and asked for his help.


  However, Siwoo wasn’t in the right state of mind to respond to her request.


  The sight of Odile’s buttocks raised toward the sky captivated him and made it difficult for him to look away.


  The neatly folded anus wrinkles looked incredibly clean and pretty. It was hard to believe that they were created for excretion.






  “Mr. Assistant… Don’t just stand there and watch… Haha! Sis! I’m sorry!”


  The seal that functioned to prevent the leakage of mana was wet.


  It was all wet and damp.


  Though it wasn’t torn, its dampness revealed the shape of Odile’s pussy.


  He heard somewhere that it would be more arousing to see someone that was almost naked than being naked completely and it seemed that those words were true.


  “Ms. Odile, I’m sure Ms. Odette has reflected on her actions.”


  “H-He’s right, Sis! I-I surrender! I’ve reflected on my actions!”


  Siwoo intervened, barely escaping the temptation.


  Odile, blushing with embarrassment, and Odette, feeling exhausted after all the tickling, got up from the floor while whimpering.


  He wondered if he were to tell Odile that her seal was soaking wet, how would she react?


  “I’ll forgive you as long as I get to put it in first.”


  “Yes… Sorry, Sis…”


  The situation calmed down.


  They tidied their disheveled hair.


  Then, Siwoo led the reconciled sisters toward the couch.


  “Come here and get down, side by side.”


  “…He can see everything, can he? Now I feel a little embarrassed.”


  “I-If it’s Mr. Assistant, I don’t mind if he were to see everything!”


  The twins knelt on the couch, supporting themselves with their hands on the backrest.


  Two white and well-shaped buttocks appeared in front of Siwoo.


  This scene made him sigh in awe toward the universe’s grandeur.


  How many times had it happened today? He lost count of it.


  “Mr. Assistant, if you look in that basket, you’ll find the fragrance oil we prepared.”


  “Yes, I saw it earlier.”


  Siwoo took out the fragrance oil and applied it to his hands.


  The twins arched their buttocks like cats in heat, preparing to receive Siwoo’s rod.


  Both of them kept their mouths shut, either because they were anticipating something or because they were embarrassed since they were revealing their intimate parts to him.


  “If I insert it in directly, it might hurt you two, so I’ll loosen you two up a bit first.”


  “Yes, but you don’t need to worry too much about me! Unlike my sister over here, I’m already experienced! Though, you can pay more attention to her if you like– Ow!”


  Odette boasted her achievement with a giggle.


  And Odile retaliated with a gentle smack.


  Meanwhile Siwoo stood closely by them as they continued their playful banter.


  Now, it was time for the performance to start.


  Symphony of lust in G-string by the twin sisters who were writhing in pleasure!


  Siwoo, the conductor of the day, checked the condition of the instruments before starting the performance.


  First, the buttocks texture, he wanted it to have a good sound when he slapped it— checked.


  Then, the fold of flesh, making sure that they were shyly closed— checked.


  The graceful curve of their spines, they had to resemble a sailboat’s keel— checked.


  Lastly, the translucent seal that had been moistened from love juices— checked.


  While it might seem trivial, it was really tough to tell the twins apart from this angle.


  After all, even the position of the mole right next to their anus was the same.


  ‘Is this the horror genetics could bring?’


  Siwoo dabbed the gel on his middle fingers, placing them between the twins’ buttocks.


  In his left, Odile and in his right, Odette.


  Truly, both his hands held a flower.


  When his fingers touched their sensitive and delicate part, the flower flinched before shriveling slightly after a brief pause.


  ‘Next time, if there’s a next time, I’ll thoroughly lick them with my tongue.’


  Their holes were clean to the point that Siwoo was willing to put his tongue inside and lick them greedily.


  But he didn’t have the time to do that now.


  “Let’s begin.”


  As he pressed gently on the wrinkles, his finger gradually started to sink in with a soft and bumpy sensation, as if stroking a smooth and lumpy texture.






  Like he expected, the twins let out their moans simultaneously.


  Even with lubricant, it took a considerable amount of time for him to penetrate their anus.


  He slowly pushed his finger inside without any hint of impatience.


  Then, he felt pressure surrounding his fingers.


  It was this feeling that made his dick feel so good if he were to put it in.


  The twins’ anus squeezed his fingertips tightly like multiple layers of rubber bands, making him wonder how he could manage to slide his dick in there.


  -Squelch, squelch.


  “Ahh… Hng…”


  “Huff… Haah…”


  As Siwoo moved his hand slowly, the instruments began to produce sounds earnestly.


  Although they sounded to be in pain, Siwoo knew that before long, their uncomfortable groans would turn into a jubilant cry of ecstasy.


  As Siwoo witnessed the toes that were presented to him wriggling conspicuously, he intensified his performance with a newfound vigor.




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