City of Witches Chapter 69

Shimaidon (4)

༺ Shimaidon (4) ༻




  It had only been a day, but Siwoo had reunited with Odile’s anus.


  Even though each crease was drenched in lubricant that he applied by using his fingers, the pressure that he felt didn’t seem to dissipate.


  One could say that Odile’s performance was excellent.




  Siwoo was taken aback by Odile’s reaction as she trembled while opening her mouth wide while revealing the whites of her eyes.


  He forcefully thrusted his cock inside her, nearly crushing the fiercely resisting woman under him.


  Her pale lips proved that the pain she felt wasn’t an ordinary one.


  “Ah… Mr. Assistant… It hurts…!”


  Odile, whose body had been stiff like a statue, gasped for breath and complained to Siwoo.


  Her cunning eyes were slanted upwards and their edges were moist from her tears.


  Although her body was considerably sturdy, it didn’t ease the pain that she felt.


  “Y-You thrusted too deeply too quickly… I can’t…”




  He didn’t do anything different than back when he did it to Odette. That was why he didn’t expect that she would be in so much pain.


  Perhaps the difference in positions affected her experience.


  While pondering about that, Siwoo tried to pull his dick out.


  “Ngh! Stop! D-Don’t move…!”


  However, he couldn’t pull it out.


  ‘Is this what they called vaginismus1an involuntary tensing of the vagina. People experience it at the start of sex, while inserting a tampon or while getting a pelvic exam.…? No, anal convulsion?’


  Siwoo was left stunned as saw Odile huddled before him like a trembling puppy under the winter chill. She gripped his arms tightly while sealing her mouth shut.


  Seeing that delicate and lovely appearance, his dick reacted reflexively.


  “Don’t move! J-Just stay like this for a moment…”


  The way she shook her head in panic seemed unfamiliar to him.


  But, her attempt to resist only further stimulated his cock.


  While wondering where she got the courage to order him around from, Siwoo pressed his palm firmly against her thigh.


  Like a hedgehog trying to play dead, her body instantly became limp, unable to resist Siwoo’s strength.


  Ignoring Odile’s command, Siwoo pushed his dick back inside.


  “Ah… Aa…”


  Covering her small body, he forcefully pressed down on her by using his body weight to push his dick to the deepest part that he could reach.


  Feeling her body stiffening, he sealed her lips with his own.


  He swallowed her soft, whimpering lips as she bit and sucked on his tongue.


  While pressing down her legs and thrusting into her rear hole, Siwoo kissed her on the lips.


  Originally, it would be quite an ordeal to get into this pose, but due to the difference in physique between both of them as well as Odile’s flexible hip joints, they managed to achieve it more easily than expected.


  “Mmph… Mmh…?”


  Odile’s eyes widened in shock.


  She stared at Siwoo, who was moving his waist slowly, with a bewildered expression.


  As their tongues slowly intertwined, Siwoo began to move his waist back and forth.


  -Squelch! Squelch!


  “Mmf… Mmph…”


  The sound of rustling silk.


  And the sound of something trying to forcefully widen a small opening as it rubbed against a wet membrane.


  Siwoo let his tongue run loose inside Odile’s mouth, savoring every nook and cranny while pushing his dick deeper and deeper.


  “Mmph… mmh…”


  As they engaged in a deep kiss like lovers would during sex, Odile felt warmth spreading throughout her abdomen.


  The actions they had been engaging in were something that she did out of curiosity, but now, there was something different involved.


  A large, foreign object filled her body then slipped away after a moment.


  In her mouth, a large and thick muscle flicked against each of her teeth while stirring everything else inside.


  Everything was on a completely different level from the things that they had done before.


  “Phew… Haa…”


  Then, their kiss came to an end.


  A strand of silvery thread stretched between their tongues.


  After that kiss, she looked like a completely different person than before.


  She let out a hot breath, as if her body was filled with steam. Her eyes were moist, like a meadow after a spring rain.


  Her jewel-like eyes trembled in various directions, showing how flustered she was by the situation.


   “Sorry for thrusting in so suddenly. Are you okay now?”


  “I-I’m okay now… D-Don’t worry…”


  She nodded her head slowly as her body jerked like a broken doll.


  Since he received her okay, Siwoo decided that there was no need to hesitate anymore.


  “I’ll start moving.”


  “Yeah… Mm…”


  Before Odile could finish her words, Siwoo started moving his waist.


  He forced her tight backdoor open as he relentlessly penetrated her hole down to the base of his dick.


  “Uhng… Ngh… Aaahh…!”


  Odile’s body shook vigorously.


  From her stretched ankles to her captivating breasts, they swayed like water in a glass.


  The sensuality of her movements captivated Siwoo.


  -Plap! Plap! Plap!


  Her inside felt stiff.


  If he let his guard down for a moment, it wouldn’t be surprising that he found himself suffering from a penile fracture.


  However, it was worth the risk to move his waist around.


  As Odette had shown him, the twins’ ability to squeeze down his dick with their holes was unparalleled.


  “Ang… Hng… Mmm…!”


  Following Siwoo’s movements, which intensified by the seconds, Odile began to let out sweet moans.


  Perhaps she was embarrassed by the voice, she tightly covered her mouth with both hands.


  Odile never anticipated this.


  The shameful feeling she felt as she had sex with their faces so close to each other.


  Her embarrassment as she fully exposed her blushing face that turned her into an unattractive mess.


  She hadn’t anticipated any of those at all.


  But, that reaction from her was the ultimate reward for Siwoo.


  The mischievous girl who couldn’t keep her mouth shut for her own good now couldn’t even move a muscle as she felt his dick penetrating her ass.


  “Ms. Odile.”


  “Ah… Ahh… W-Why… Are you… Calling… Mmph…”


  As she struggled to respond to Siwoo’s call, Odile quickly realized that she was about to make those strange sounds again and promptly covered her mouth.


  She had been suppressing her moans with her expressions and hand gestures.


  Siwoo continued to thrust his cock into her rear hole, as he grabbed her wrists.


  Now, without the gag to cover her mouth, Odile bit down on her lips tightly instead, desperately trying to hold back her moans.


  “What… Are you—?!”


  “Let me hear your voice, please.”


  She became unsure of what to do, so she bit her fingertips, covered her mouth and tightly closed her eyes as her face turned into a deep shade of red.


  Seeing her like this, a wicked thought crossed Siwoo’s mind.


  It wasn’t really a wicked one though, as he just wanted to mess around with her.


  “M-My voice… Sounds strange… Ngh… I-I don’t want to— Hyah!”


  Odile, who was trying to respond, suddenly cried out due to Siwoo suddenly pulling his dick.


  Her embarrassment grew to a whole different level as her face turned into the deepest shade of red known to men.


  “D-Don’t… Please… Stop… Let my hand… Go…”


  She managed to utter those words, albeit struggling.


  No one else would hear her sound like that.


  Long gone was the mischievous apprentice witch, replaced by a woman in heat.


  “I want to hear it. When I was in your position, I fulfilled every request you made, didn’t I, Ms. Odile?”


  “N-No… I don’t want to…!”


  Despite how they acted, there was quite a disparity in what they could do to each other. Odile still had her magic and she could easily send Siwoo flying if she wanted to.


  The fact that she hadn’t done it meant that she was enjoying this act.


  That was why Siwoo decided to press the matter further.


  -Plap! Plap! Plap!


  “You’re still trying to resist, huh?”


  He increased his thrusting speed.


  Of course it wasn’t an easy task to thrust such a tight ass.


  The pressure her ass gave him made him feel like he could ejaculate at any moment.


  “H-Huu… D-Don’t… I-I said… Stop… Aahh…!”


  Finally, Odile’s futile resistance came to an end.


  Odette, who had been quietly observing this vulgar side from the side, shrunk back in surprise.


  Odile let out a loud moan.


  “Haah… Ahh… Mr. Assistant… Seriously! I-I told you not to…!”


  She seemed to have given up on the idea of keeping silent as she began to moan loudly while covering her face with both hands.


  Each and every movement she made felt like she was trying to seduce him.


  “Huu… Ahh… Ah… Seriously… Why are you… So mean…! I tried to resist… B-But I… Can’t…!”


  “It’s because you’re cute, Ms. Odile.”


  His words were sincere.


  Odile had never looked this cute and charming before.


  She looked way more adorable than back when she clung to him after taking the love potion or back when she secretly sneaked into his room.


  “Haah… Huff…”


  As soon as she heard the word ‘cute,’ Odile gasped in surprise and held her breath.


  Her violet eyes, filled with carnal desire, stared fixedly at Siwoo through the gaps between her fingers.


  “Mr… Assistant…”


  She quietly called out to Siwoo.


  At the same time, her anal muscles clenched tightly around the middle of his cock.


  Siwoo remained still as he sensed that Odile was about to say something important.


  Then, Odile spoke in a very soft voice.


  “I think… I understand a little about love…”




  “When I heard you calling me cute… My heart started to race… It’s love, isn’t it?”


  After saying those words, she covered her face completely with her hands.


  She was simply stunning.


  And Siwoo couldn’t hold back anymore.


  He resumed the thrusting that he momentarily stopped.


  “Hah… Hng… Ahh…”


  A soft voice seeped through the gaps between Odile’s fingers.


  Her cute breasts were visible between her elbows.


  The light-colored folds tightly gripped the bulging veins of his cock.


  And lastly, her embarrassment and the gesture that clearly showed her innocence were added to the mix.


  All those things made Siwoo feel a desire to dominate her.


  He couldn’t hold himself back any longer.


  With his teeth clenched, he began to pour his seed deep inside Odile’s anus that clung tightly to his throbbing cock.


  “Ah… Haah…!”


  The semen he poured flowed inside Odile.


  After a violent throbbing, the hot fluids poured forth, triggering the climax that had been building up inside her body.


  “M-Mr. Assistant…! Haaahh…! ♡”


  Siwoo tightly squeezed her thighs that she tried to straighten out, preventing her from running away.


  He felt a satisfying climax as the tight grip of her anus felt like it was preventing his ejaculation by squeezing his urethra.


  “Ah… It feels amazing… Mr. Assistant…”




  Odile called out to him with a trembling voice, like a string instrument producing high-pitched notes, soaked in the lingering feeling of pleasure.


  With a strong reach of her arm, she pulled Siwoo down by the neck and initiated a kiss with him.


  Sensing their actions resembled that of lovers made Siwoo felt a little embarrassed.


  His goal on doing all these was mostly because he just wanted the physical pleasure, but his heart was beating faster than usual.


  He finally understood what the word ‘lust’ meant.


  “Haah… Haah… So this is how it feels…?”


  Odile murmured something to herself.


  Siwoo carefully pulled out the object that he planted deeply inside her.


  As he did that, Odile’s rear hole bid its farewell to his cock with a strong grip until he finally managed to get everything out.




  A delightful sound echoed, followed by a stream of semen flowing out from Odile’s rear hole.


  It was Siwoo’s semen.


  Seeing his semen flowed out of her made everything look surprisingly erotic.


  While he watched this scene, trying to revive his lifeless body, Odile suddenly pushed his chest and wrapped her legs around him.


   “W-Why are you staring so intently?”


  “Why do you keep overreacting to something so trivial? We’ve seen each others’ embarrassing parts already.”


  “This and that are different things!”


  Although Odile was a little more sensitive in certain parts, she still had the innocence of a young girl.


  She probably thought that the sight of semen flowing from her rear hole resembled the sight of excretion. 


  Siwoo let out a chuckle before cleaning up her rear using the towel that Odette handed to him.




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    an involuntary tensing of the vagina. People experience it at the start of sex, while inserting a tampon or while getting a pelvic exam.
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