City of Witches Chapter 70

Shimaidon (5)

༺ Shimaidon (5) ༻



  After Odile, Odette’s turn came next.


  Unlike when she was drunk, she acted a little shyly this time.


  Compared to back then, she didn’t say any lewd remarks like wanting to squeeze his semen dry or anything similar to that.


  Maybe she felt embarrassed because her sister was here.


  “A-Ahh… Ngh… A-As expected… I like it, Ms. Assistant…”


  Odile’s complaints of Odette imitating even the smallest thing about her felt real now.


  Odette took the exact same position as her sister as she accepted Siwoo’s cock.


  “Ngg… Hngg… Ahh… S-So thick… T-Too thick… I-It hurts… Mr. Assistant.”


  Next to them, Odile, who was wrapped in a blanket, was looking at her younger sister with an uneasy look as she shivered in pleasure.


  Even though it had been twenty minutes since her turn was done, her cheeks were still flushed. It was probably because she could still feel the sensation from earlier because Odette was taking the exact same position as her.


  Meanwhile, Siwoo was satisfied with the situation.


  After all, this was something that he’d never experience again in the modern world.




  To put it into perspective, he was railing the buttholes of the prettiest pair of sisters in town while using the same couch and in the same position.


  Recalling that perspective alone was enough to trigger his hormones to keep on producing sperm so that he wouldn’t run out of them midway through the action.


  Back to reality, they had already passed the ‘midway’ mark a while ago. Siwoo didn’t really feel much difference from doing it with both sisters, save for the fact that he had already filled the older one’s anus with his semen.


  It was probably because railing both of their buttholes felt great to him.




  Siwoo climaxed for the second time as his sweat dripped onto Odette’s body.


  Despite it being the second time, he felt that the amount of semen he released was as much as the first time.


  “Ah… Haeu…uu…”


  Odette trembled before letting out a hot breath.


  Like her older sister, after a large amount of semen was being released inside her, she sprawled on the couch with an euphoric expression.


  The sight of foamy semen dripping from her rear hole was particularly eye-catching.


  After nearly an hour of intense hip exercise, Siwoo’s body was drenched in sweat.


  That was when the exhaustion crept in.


  Despite feeling an immense amount of pleasure, he didn’t feel like doing anything else except to go to sleep right away.


  “Haah… Playing all night long might be a little too much…”


  “What’s wrong, Mr. Assistant? Are you giving up already?”


  “I thought we agreed to play… all night long?”


  As he was lying on the couch, gasping for breath, Odile, who was still wrapped in a blanket, teased him.


  Even Odette, who was still sprawling out, chipped in to support her sister.


  But, what else could he do in such a situation?


  Each time he ejaculated, it felt like his soul was leaving his body.


  “It will be difficult for us to spend our time together like today in the future.”


  “I know.”


  “It will be a shame if we end it just like this.”


  Odette wiped her rear hole with the damp towel that Odile previously used.


  Then, she snuggled up to Siwoo, shivered as she felt the cold night touching her bare skin.


  Although both of them had participated for a round each, they were still as lively as ever.


  “Shall I use my mouth if moving around is too exhausting for you?”


  Odette asked as she poked Siwoo’s semi-erect penis with her fingers.


  She wrapped a towel around his dick, which was glistening with semen, vaginal fluid and perfumed oil, and wiped it clean.


  Despite it being covered in various bodily fluids that could easily be considered as ‘dirty,’ Odette still wiped it carefully.


  It was as if she was trying to take care of his cock.


  “Well, actually there is something I had prepared just in case Mr. Assistant got tired.”


  “I won’t take any strange potions again.”


  “Not that, trust me. Where did I put it again…?”


  Odile walked briskly somewhere, searching for something.


  Meanwhile, Odette had finished cleaning up Siwoo’s cock.


  She looked at Siwoo with expectant eyes and asked,


  “Mr. Assistant’s thing is clean now. I did well, didn’t I?”


  Odette linked her arms with Siwoo’s as she continued to look at his face without blinking. 


  Her gaze was filled with interest.


  Unlike usual, her gaze felt passionate. It had the right amount of passion in it, neither excessive nor lacking.


  Perhaps his feat of defeating the Homunculus was that big of a positive factor.


  Maybe, despite her ignorance of the subject, Odette had chosen to give her heart and body to him because of the physical relationship they had just made.


  “You did well…”


  Odette giggled as she covered her mouth at Siwoo’s flustered response.


  Then she reached out and grasped Siwoo’s cock.


  Amelia was right, men were truly pitiful creatures.


  Just a few minutes ago, he thought that his lifespan would shorten if he were to continue to exert himself and go for another round here. But, as soon as he felt Odette’s touch again, he was all ready to go for it.


  “So something this big went inside my rear hole? And not just once but twice?”


  “Uh, I didn’t know how it fit either, but from both experiences, it went in pretty smoothly.”


  She leaned her cheek against Siwoo’s shoulder, smiling happily as if she was enjoying something she truly loved.


  Like a girlfriend trying to appeal to her lover.


  The sudden progress in their relationship was so unexpected that her gesture made Siwoo feel embarrassed. 


  “Why are you so handsome, Mr. Assistant?”




  “When I look at other men, they don’t leave any particular impression on me. But, when I look at your face, I understand that the word ‘handsome’ is made for someone like you.”


  ‘Is she trying to flirt with me?’


  He couldn’t grasp her intention for saying those words.


  Seeing her rubbing his cock with such care, there was a possibility that she was only doing it because she didn’t want to end everything yet.


  “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard something like that.”


  Siwoo scratched the back of his head, feeling awkward because of this situation.


  Just as Odette was about to say something else, Odile returned.


  “Why are you two huddling together like that? Go away, Odette! It’s my turn!”


  “It’s cold here. You have a blanket while I don’t, Sis. I’m just trying to warm myself up by using Mr. Assistant’s body warmth~”


  “Then, take the blanket and buzz off.”




  Odette tightened her grip as she snuggled into Siwoo’s side with an intimate gesture.


  Seeing this, Odile threw her blanket away and pressed herself against Siwoo, trying to imitate Odette.


  “What? You should have just told me that you want to do this too.”


  “No, I am not. The blanket is too damp, I don’t want to wear it anymore.”


  So Siwoo found himself sandwiched between the twins.


  With their soft skin and breasts rubbing against him from both sides, his slightly softened penis grew bigger again.


  “Anyway, Odette! Let go of your hand!”


  “Why? It’s sticking out, that means Mr. Assistant is feeling cold around here.”


  Odile seemed to dislike the sight of Odette playing with Siwoo’s cock by herself.


  In response to Odette’s nonchalant reply, Odile grabbed Siwoo’s cock and continued to talk.


  “Well, that aside, this is what I was talking about.”


  Odile showed Siwoo a glass bottle containing a brown liquid. She rummaged through the carriage for this.


  Seeing it, Siwoo instinctively became wary as he stared at Odile with a suspicious gaze.


  “What is this? I told you I don’t want any more strange potions.”


  “This is something I made with Odette a while ago.”


  “Oh, right! We made that, huh?”


  “Okay, so what is it?”


  With its thick brown hue, the potion looked repulsive, even more so than Eros’ potion.


  It looked more suspicious too as it looked as thick and viscous as nasal mucus


  “It’s a mixture of ingredients that were advertised as being good for men. Giant sea eel’s spine, bear bile and brazilian nut, blended with a bit of magical mushroom. It gives you tremendous energy and vitality.”


  “Basically, it’s an aphrodisiac.”


  He had a rough idea of what it was after hearing the word ‘eel.’


  “We didn’t have anyone to use it on, so we didn’t do anything with it, but since you look so tired, Mr. Assistant…”


  “There are still three hours left until morning, Mr. Assistant.”


  Both of them seemed eager to continue.


  In truth, Siwoo shared the same desire as them.


  But, he wasn’t certain if his body could endure it or not.


  If it was any other man who was in his position, they would definitely be wasted in no time if they were to comply with the twins’ anal combo rush.


  “So, what precisely are the potion’s effects?”


  “Something like, ‘giving you enough stamina to last all night long.’”


  “Give it to me.”


  “A wise choice.”


  With a mischievous grin, Odile squeezed a little of the sticky substance onto her finger.


  “It’s 15 grams per dose, this should be about the right amount…”


  “Are you sure that measurement is precise?”


  “Don’t worry! My sister can measure up to three digit decimals just by intuition!”


  “Oh, just like a master sushi chef…”


  A scene from a certain documentary that he had seen before came to mind. A master sushi chef held grains of rice in his hand and each one of them had a consistent weight.


  Given the necessity for highly accurate ingredient measurements in alchemy, it wasn’t difficult to imagine that Odile’s talent in this regard was well-suited for the task.


  “Ah~ Open wide~”


  Odile inserted her finger that was coated with the potion into Siwoo’s mouth.


  “Swallow everything. Each of these ingredients cost a fortune.”


  “That’s right.”


  At that moment, the distinct aroma of medicinal herbs that he had only smelled in herbal medicine shops entered his nose.


  The potion was disgusting and tasteless.


  By the way, the twins spent their money extravagantly, yet they said this thing was expensive. Siwoo wondered just exactly how expensive it was.




  “How does it feel?”


  “What does it taste like?”


  “Will a change occur so soon?”


  He felt it.


  The sensation of energy flowing through his whole body.


  Although the twins’ touch made his cock grow bigger again, it hadn’t reached its peak state. But, now, it stood tall like a pillar.




  “D-Did it just get bigger?”


  Its size and length increased to the point where the change was noticeable at a glance.


  Followed by this change, an overwhelming wave of lust began to surge from within him.


  Siwoo started to have an impulsive desire to quickly get the twins down on their knees and voraciously devour their buttholes.


  “Mr. Assistant, your breathing became really rough.”


  Siwoo jumped from his seat in a swift motion and gestured Odile to lie face down on the couch without saying a word.


  He had trouble controlling his sexual desire, just like when Odette casted her spell on her earlier today.


  It was hard for him to think about anything other than thrusting his dick deep into their assholes.


  “Alright, fine. You don’t need to rush me like that.”


  Finding Siwoo’s reaction amusing, Odile playfully thrusted her buttocks in his direction.


  “You come here too, Odette.”


  “What? Is it my turn already?”


  “I’ll do both of you together this time.”




   It wouldn’t be shimaidon if he didn’t taste both of them together at the same time.


  “You’re by yourself, Mr. Assistant and there are two of us. How could you do both of us at the same time?”


  “By taking turns. Didn’t they say that sharing is caring? If I do you one by one, then one of you will be left alone bored. We don’t want that, do we?”


  Siwoo looked at Odile with a cool and rational gaze.


  “I-I guess so?”


  To Siwoo’s unusual assertiveness, Odile could only nod her head.


  Meanwhile Odette welcomed his suggestion with open arms since that meant she didn’t need to wait for her turn to come.


  She rushed over and offered her buttocks to him as she lied down beside her older sister.


  “Let’s stop resisting and do as he says, Sis. We have plenty of time, don’t we?”


  After contemplating for a while, Odile nodded slowly.


  But, she didn’t forget to set a condition before they started.


  “However, I’ll take the first turn.”


  Seemingly understanding her wish, Odette obediently nodded his head.


  Meanwhile, Siwoo took out the scented oil that he used as a lubricant just a while ago and carefully smeared his cock with it.


  By touching his own cock, he could tell that it was much larger and harder than before.


  If this potion were sold on the market, every middle aged man going through andropause1Refers to a natural decline in testosterone levels that typically occurs in middle-aged and older men. would kill to buy it.


  Now, it was time to do a real time tasting comparison.


  So far, the pleasure he felt from railing both of the twins’ anus felt almost identical.


  From the tight and narrow hole to the temperature of their mucosa felt similar.


  Though, there was one difference.


  With Odette, the pushing force was stronger.


  He felt easier to pull out than thrusting it in.


  On the other hand, with Odile, the pulling force was stronger.


  When he tried to pull out, her hole tightly gripped his dick, as if it refused to let him go.


  Their faces looked the same, but the sensation of railing their buttholes felt different.


  With that immoral thought in mind.


  Siwoo firmly grabbed Odile’s hips and penetrated her inside vigorously.




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  • 1
    Refers to a natural decline in testosterone levels that typically occurs in middle-aged and older men.
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