City of Witches Chapter 71

Shimaidon (6)

༺ Shimaidon (6) ༻



  She couldn’t fall asleep at all.


  In the first place, Amelia didn’t particularly like to sleep, but to clear her mind, this time, she laid on her bed.




  Amelia let out a deep sigh and slowly raised the eyelids that she had been closing tightly.


  Her tangled thoughts, akin to knotted threads that gripped her ankles, seemed impossible to shake off even when with the Perfume of Fatigue.


  After tossing and turning for a while, she straightened her disheveled nightgown and tidied her hair before she went to stand by the window.


  The intense brilliance of the moonlight seeped through the room.


  Within that baptism of pale light, Amelia absentmindedly gazed at her reflection in the window.




  Then, she let out another sigh.


  For some reason, her heart felt uneasy.


  It felt like something wasn’t being resolved properly.


  As she reflected on the events that transpired today, the image of her devoted exclusive slave flashed in her head.


  “Not again…”


  She shook her head slightly as her words faded into a murmur.


  However, traces of his presence lingered in her mind. It wasn’t easy to shake them away.


  This had been going on for a while.


  Amelia wasn’t the kind of person who’d randomly remember or think about someone like this.


  To a witch who pursued accomplishments in magic, human relationships were meaningless.


  Apart from her occasionally thinking about her master, no one else had ever made their way to Amelia’s heart.


  In that sense, Shin Siwoo was an outlier.


  Even though he was merely a slave, he was shameless enough to humiliate Amelia, a witch. In return, she had tormented him more times than she could count.


  Her hatred for him came from back when she refused her offer (disguised as an invitation) to serve her during the night.


  That was the first time she had ever felt such an intense anger in her life.


  And so, she tormented him.


  She gave him pointless assignments, made him live in a shabby accommodation and nagged him every time they met.


  That was when everything started.


  Siwoo began to pop into her head, a place where no one else had entered except for her master.


  Although the emotions she held for both of them were completely opposite; love for her master and hatred for Siwoo.


  But, if everything ended there, Amelia wouldn’t even care about him.


  Eventually, time would pass and she would end up forgetting about him.


  However, he was a little bit special.


  He was different from what she had expected.


  At first, she tried not to pay any attention to him by treating him as an incompetent man who couldn’t do his job properly.


  But, his performance always exceeded her expectations.


  He always completed his tasks without saying a word.


  If she told him to clean the hallway until it was sparkling clean, he’d actually do it.


  When she asked him to tidy up a large bookshelf all by himself, he diligently spent his time doing it.


  One day, she sent him to catch a deer with his bare hands out of spite because he kept doing his job perfectly, but he ended up doing it perfectly too.


  At this point, she wondered if he’d ever rebel against her.


  But, seeing him covered in wounds with tied up deer in his hands, she couldn’t do much except reluctantly acknowledge him.


  He was sincere.


  It was that sincerity that caught her attention.


  Amelia put on her outerwear.


  She didn’t try to dress extravagantly.


  Wearing only a black cape over her nightgown, she closed the door to her room and went out.


  Since she couldn’t go to sleep anymore, she decided to take a walk.


  As she descended the central staircase leading down to the lounge on the first floor.


  She caught sight of Siwoo’s room, which was located on the opposite side of the hallway.




  Suddenly, Sophia’s words came to her mind.


  ‘If you want to get along with someone, you’d have to share positivity with them.’


  ‘Treat them kindly, don’t get annoyed at every single thing they do and scold them.’


  Then, an idea came to her mind; what if she asked him to take a night stroll together?


  Strolling the night under the night dew was one of Amelia’s few hobbies.


  If Sophia’s words were true, surely that experience would bring them closer.


  He seemed to be overly uncomfortable with his current lifestyle.


  And Amelia made a guess that it was because the lifestyle itself made him feel that way.


  She ruled herself out as the cause because she had been treating him well lately.


  Since that was the case, the closer they got to each other, the more comfortable he’d get too.


  A huge change in her feelings toward Siwoo came when she personally saw the fruit of her work, the accommodation where he had been staying in for five years.


  She couldn’t forget the shock she received back then.


  It was a stretch to call that shabby barn an accommodation.


  This was the result of her revenge, the torment that she had been giving Siwoo all these years.


  But, this wasn’t her intention. She made him do various annoying tasks, but she never intended to go this far.


  This was too cruel, way too cruel.


  Immediately after that, she made him her exclusive slave and accommodated him as much as possible.


  As a payment for the mistake she made.


  Though, she didn’t call it atonement since it would sound ridiculous.


  Still, the undeniable fact remained.


  Amelia had no feelings toward Shin Siwoo, not rationally, not emotionally.


  He was just someone that she’d spend a long time with in the future, someone she’d entrust with various tasks. That was why she wanted to get a little closer to him.


  As she tried to convince herself with that, she found herself standing in front of the door to Siwoo’s room.


  -Knock knock.


  Before knocking on the door, she hesitated.


  He might have fallen asleep already. If he were that tired, then she could let him rest a little more tomorrow.


  “Shin Siwoo.”


  -Knock knock.


  She knocked on the door again, but no reply came from inside.


  So, she thought of opening it.


  ‘Maybe he really is asleep.’


  ‘Then, wouldn’t it be best to not wake him up?’


  Amelia stared at the tightly closed door.




  ‘Why am I acting like this?’


  ‘He is a slave, my exclusive slave.’


   ‘Why should I mind his feelings? It isn’t a witch-like thing to do at all.’


  Amelia straightened her chest and confidently strode forward, as if she were going to break down the door in front of her.




  However, she quickly changed her mind and quietly opened the door instead.


  ‘Come to think of it, he went to a picnic with the twins today, didn’t he?’


  Now that she thought about it, back when she was an apprentice witch, she despised it whenever someone disturbed her sleep.


  ‘Should I just walk by myself tonight?’


  But, she had come all the way here, so she thought that she should at least check up on him to see if he slept comfortably or not.




  “…Shin Siwooo?”


  After seeing the empty bed, Amelia looked around.


  She waited to see if he was in the bathroom, but he didn’t show up after a while.


  There was no one else inside the room, she was only accompanied by the loud sound of the wind that came through the open window.


  ‘I didn’t hear the sound of the front door opening. Did he go out through the window?’


  “And I let him rest because I thought that he might be tired…”


  She was annoyed.


  As his master, she even permitted him to leave her to go out with the twin apprentice witches to the Spirit Mountain.


  And that wasn’t the only thing she did for him.


  She even waited for him to come back and welcomed him with a cake and a cigarette.


  But when she needed him, he disappeared without saying a word.


  ‘But, where did he go?’


  Amelia stepped out of the front door and set foot in the mansion’s garden.


  However, there wasn’t any sign of him in the vicinity.


  “It isn’t like I can do something about it.”


  ‘Just because he isn’t here doesn’t mean that I can’t take a stroll on my own. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other.’


  With a slight disappointment, Amelia’s night stroll began.




  “Ahh… Hng… A-Ahh…!”


  “Wow, your moaning is so loud, Sis.”


  “S-Shut up, Odette… Hyah!” 


  The carriage was heated up.


  Odile’s moans echoed inside.


  She stuck her buttocks out while leaning against the wall.


  Since there was a difference in their heights, a book was placed beneath Odile’s feet as Siwoo wanted to rail her while standing.


  Meanwhile, Odette was crouching down right next to them.


  She had been closely observing the sight of Siwoo’s dick stretching Odile’s anus out.


  “H-Haah… Aaahhh…”


  This time he could move his cock around easier.


  He moved his hips back and forth inside Odile’s small rear hole using the same dick that previously penetrated her younger sister’s anus.


  It had been two hours since the shimaidon started.


  Aside from the first time, he lost count of how many doses of semen he had shot inside each sister, including the one he had just shot inside Odile’s anus.


  As a result of that, Odile’s buttocks and creases were covered in a creamy layer of semen.


  The sight looked incredibly lewd.


  “Ahh… Haah…!”


  Siwoo firmly gripped Odile’s hips as he vigorously thrusted his cock, ignoring his body that was covered in sweat.


  Being out of breath, he had no choice but to pause his movement momentarily.


  “How many times have we done it?”


  “I-I… Don’t know… Ngh… I lost track…”


  “It’s my turn now, right, Mr. Assistant?”


  @How to enjoy Shimaidon.


  1) Prepare the twins.


  2) Insert your cock into one of their anus and thrust it back and forth around 100 times.


  3) After doing 100 thrusts, switch between the sisters.


  4) Return to step 2.


  5) Ejaculate whenever you desire regardless of the order.


  Following the recipe, Siwoo was enjoying the shimaidon to the point that he felt his stomach would burst.


  “Alright, I’m going to change our positions now.”




  Odile trembled and let out a sweet voice as Siwoo slowly pulled his dick out from the depth of his anus.


  There was something that he learned through anal sex.


  No matter how tight the anus may be initially, it would gradually loosen up if you kept thrusting into it.


  It was somehow disappointing that the tight sensation disappeared, but it still had a unique feeling to it.


  The feeling of his cock being sucked in deeper into the hole.


  “Aren’t we going to change our positions, Mr. Assistant?”


  Odile asked with a puzzled look on her face.


  Honestly, he had already exhausted the energy he gained from using the aphrodisiac.


  Even though it had only been two or three hours and he had only done four rounds with the twins. In its core, sex was still a strenuous activity.


  After that long of a time had passed, his body was filled with sweat, his stamina was pretty much depleted and he started to get hungry.


  No matter how good it felt down there, his limit was approaching soon.


  “I think… We’re done for the day…”


  “What?! That isn’t fair! It’s my turn now! Besides, the one who did it first was Big Sis, so the last round should be mine!”


  Odette jumped up and down, clearly dissatisfied.


  Her throat was hoarse from all the screaming and moaning, yet she still had so much energy left. Her youthfulness made Siwoo envious.


  “Why don’t we do it again when we have another chance like this?”


  “And when will it be? Why can’t you just go on a little longer, Mr. Assistant? If you’re tired, I will be the one who’s doing all the work!”


  Odette approached Siwoo, who was standing still and took hold of his cock, slowly rubbing it against her rear hole.


  “You just need to stand still, Mr. Assistant!”


  ‘I should be able to last if I stand still.’


  Accepting Siwoo’s silence as consent, Odette quickly began to move her hips and rubbed his cock on her rear hole, lest he change his mind.


  Both sisters seemed to have developed a trick of their own.


  In Odette’s case, she didn’t need to use her hand. She only needed to open her hole slightly before pushing his dick inside her.




  “Haaah… What if… I really can’t do this anymore…?”


  Odette’s rear hole tightened around Siwoo’s cock.


  Just when he thought that he was done with the action, Odette offered a way out to make him feel more comfortable.


  “T-Then I-I’ll… Hng… Move… For you, Mr. Assistant…”


  Odette’s tone changed when she inserted his dick into her rear hole.


  Unlike Odile, who’d show a little resistance, Odette became submissive like an obedient lamb, which made her more adorable.


  She moved her lower body, as if pushing against the wall and moved her hips back and forth in a grinding motion.


  Siwoo’s cock freely slided in and out of her anus.


  Suddenly, he felt a shiver run down his spine and his body trembled.


  Confused by this sudden occurrence, Odette asked,


  “What’s wrong…?”


  “Nothing, it’s just… I got goosebumps…”




  “Don’t mind it, it’s nothing.”


  He concluded that he probably had expended too much energy for the action, despite the fact that he had taken an aphrodisiac.


  Ignoring his trembling body, Siwoo closed his eyes and savored Odette’s intense service.




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City of Witches

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