City of Witches Chapter 73

Change (2)

༺ Change (2) ༻






  Siwoo couldn’t hide his admiration as he looked down at the piece of art he had created.


  The twins were lying on their stomachs just beside the couch with their buttocks raised.


  Their upper bodies touched the floor in the same position as when they were having sex. They also assumed a cat-like posture.




  “Haa… Haeu…”


  One could see the difference in the width of their buttholes compared to the first round. This showed how hard they had been going.


  Their lewd holes were intermittently twitching. Semen spurted out of them, as if they were volcanic craters.


  Siwoo could feel the intensity of their action as the heat still lingered in the air.


  He had heartily enjoyed the shimaidon.


  Again and again, he came inside them.


  They continued engaging in the action as he kept on ejaculating.


  As their buttocks were throbbing with pleasure, he’d grabbed them and poured his semen inside.


  He had ejaculated ten times in total.


  A round with the twins consisted of 100 thrusts each.


  They would get on top of each other, creating a peculiar sight that could be called ‘butt tower’ as Siwoo alternately thrusted his dick between their two holes.


  At one point, the twins compared their orgasmic expression while they were lying in the missionary position.


  Though they didn’t do anything else besides having an anal sex, the experience left them intoxicated with pleasure.


  Siwoo’s legs were trembling.


  If it weren’t for Odile’s aphrodisiac, or rather, potion, he might have started spurting out blood instead of semen a while ago.


  “It was so good, Mr. Assistant…”


  “Haah… I also had a wonderful time…”


  The twins spoke without even trying to control their twitching holes.


  They probably wouldn’t mind if Siwoo were to write ‘mission accomplished’ on their buttocks.


  “My back…feels like it’s going to give out… Ngh… Mr. Assistant, can you help me?”


  “Hauu… I think I passed out for a second there…”


  Seeing this sight, Siwoo suddenly felt that he could go for another round. But, since it was already this late, he thought that he should go to bed soon.


  He soaked a towel in water and began wiping the twins’ bodies.


  Sweat and every other kind of bodily fluid ranging from saliva and semen were all over their bodies. He would need a separate towel for each of them.


  “Please clean my face too, Mr. Assistant.”


  They could clean their body with magic in an instant, but after such an intimate experience with them, Siwoo felt like cleaning their body with his own hands.


  Odette, who was smiling bashfully as she enjoyed Siwoo’s touch, suddenly leaned her face forward.


  “Oh sorry. Did I make you feel uncomfortable?”


  “No, you didn’t. I just wanted to do this. You see, when I do this, your strong scent will fill the air around us, Mr. Assistant.”


  Her cute face was covered with his sticky semen.


  From her sharp nose to her long and lovely eyelashes, up to the voluminous curls that covered her foreheads.


  All of them were covered by a whitish hue, as if she had applied a facial mask all over her face.


  “Mm… mph…”


  Siwoo unfolded the towel in his hand and carefully wiped Odette’s face.


  The act of spraying semen on a woman’s face.


  He saw it often in porn, so he thought that this was a normal thing to do, but when he actually did it itself, he felt a sense of triumph alongside a sense of guilt that he had never imagined before.


  This was why he put in the effort to clean her body up.


  “You guys sure are taking your time.”


  “C’mon Sis, don’t be like that! Besides, you don’t have anything on your face! You should wait quietly! Let Mr. Assistant enjoy himself!”


  “Sorry, Ms. Odette comes first.”


  “Really, Mr. Assistant?”


  “Why don’t you use your magic or something if you don’t want to wait?”


  Feeling neglected, Odile looked at Siwoo, who was wiping Odette’s body, with crossed arms to show her dissatisfaction.


  “Ms. Odette’s care will take a little longer, so can you wait for a bit, Ms. Odile?”


  In response to his words, Odile reluctantly opened her mouth.


  “In that case, do it to me too.”




   “Do the same thing with my face, but you have to wipe it afterwards.”


  Odile raised her finger and pointed it at her own face.


  She had an elated look on her face, as if she was bestowing him with a great favor.


  Seeing her telling someone else to smear semen on her face with that kind of expression…


  Siwoo couldn’t help feeling weirded out a little.


  “…But, my member is already closed for business.”


  He ignored Odile and continued to wipe Odette’s face instead.


  ‘Is this why people say you can strengthen your bond with sex?’


  He didn’t feel awkward anymore when dealing with Odile.


  And the twins didn’t seem to have any issues with his new attitude either,


  “Did you hear him? He must have been exhausted. You should wipe your own body, Sis.”


  From what he had been observing, Odette was the one who’d start the quarrels between the twins.


  However, Odile was partly responsible for this.


  It was because she made such a good reaction when teased. If she was Siwoo’s own older sister, he’d most likely do the same.


  “How dare you…”


  “You’re so immature, Sis~ Look at Mr. Assistant! He’s sweating so much! What a poor soul, he must be having a hard time~”




  Seeing the sweat on his body convinced Odile, so she decided to back down.


  “If you can wait for a while, Ms. Odile, I can clean you up too.”


  So, Siwoo came forward to comfort her while putting a towel on Odette’s buttocks and wiping it all the way to her rear hole.


  “Ahh… I can clean that part by myself… Ngh…”


  When the soft fabric touched her sensitive rear hole, Odette let out a sweet moan.


  “Oh, sorry, I’ll let you do it yourself then.”


  “No, you can do it, Mr. Assistant. But before that, I’m going to take this off…”


  She leaned her head against Siwoo’s arm before reaching toward her crotch and peeling off the damp seal.


  It was so wet that it was stuck to her skin, but it was still easy to peel off.


  And then,


  -Spurt, spurt!




  As she exposed her vagina, the love juice inside flowed out like a flood.


  The amount that came out surprised Siwoo.


  “This part is also dirty. Can you wipe it, Mr. Assistant…?”


  Odette said with a red face. She seemed to be embarrassed to show off her vagina on top of exposing the content of her wide open rear hole.


  At that moment, Odile suddenly grabbed Siwoo’s cock. 




  It happened so suddenly, she reached out her hand out of nowhere.


  Thanks to that, they ended up in a rather risky angle.


  “Take a look at this, Mr. Assistant.”


  “What are you talking about? No, why don’t you let go of that first before you–”




  Without a second delay, Odile swiftly bent her body and immediately put his half-erect cock into her mouth.


  The same cock that had been sliding in and out of her rear hole which was soaked in their bodily fluid.




  “Mmf… Mm…”


  Odile’s tongue and lips passionately wrapped around his erect cock, skillfully exploring every part of it.


  The hot movement of her lips didn’t leave any part of it untouched.


  She licked all the way from under the glands up to the tip and even cleaned up the semen left there.


  Despite Siwoo thinking that he wouldn’t be able to get his cock up for a while due to his exhaustion, it grew up a size bigger in no time.


  “Mrrg… Mmp… Hamm…”


  Siwoo had actually wanted to receive blowjobs from the twins as well.


  But, after seeing their reactions when they first tasted his semen, he felt doubtful that they’d do it to him.


  Not to mention that this was the same cock that just went inside their rear hole.


  Due to that, he thought that it wouldn’t be appropriate to ask for a blowjob, that was why he had been staying quiet.


  Never did he expect that Odile would take the initiative and began cleaning his cock with her mouth.


  Her forehead was slightly wrinkled, maybe because of the bitter smell of semen, but Siwoo was too busy immersing himself in the pleasure to notice.


  But of course, Odette wouldn’t just stay quiet after seeing Odile’s interfering with her moment.


  “What are you doing so suddenly, Sis?!”


  To respond to Odette’s protest, Odile released Siwoo’s cock from her mouth.


  Then she swallowed the mixed solution of her saliva and Siwoo’s semen in her mouth with a gulp.


  She shivered due to its nasty taste before calmly opening her mouth.


  Or rather, she was trying so hard to look calm.


  “What do you mean? Didn’t you say so yourself, Mr. Assistant had worked so hard for us.”




  “And yet what are you doing? You’re asking more from him. What an immature kid. You should learn from a mature young lady like me. I clean his dick up as a way of showing my appreciation toward his effort.”


  “I can do it too!”


  “Too late, I’ve cleaned it all up.”


  Odile shook Siwoo’s cook, which was glistening with her own saliva instead of his own semen, like a pole.


  “Anyway, since I cleaned you up with my mouth, do you mind cleaning my body now, Mr. Assistant?”


  Odile asked while licking his member down to his testicles.


  His cock began to tremble violently.


  Odile’s tongue traveled to the tip.


  Unconsciously, Siwoo jerked his head in response to the pleasure he felt.


  “Move aside, I wanna do it too!”


  “Oh my, sly, sly Odette. Are you really trying to add some spoonfuls of filth to the cock that I’ve cleaned up?”


  Odile sneered at Odette before gobbling up Siwoo’s cock again.


  “Mm… Mm… Haahmm…”


  She continued on moving her head, her long black hair swayed, following her head’s movements.


  It seemed like she had developed some kind of skill as she sucked his cock eagerly without letting her hair touch his cock.




  The pleasure Siwoo felt from this was comparable to bathing in a hot spring.


  This pleasure was comparable to back when he had to push his cock through her tight anus.


  -Slurp! Slurp…


  Odette stomped her feet in annoyance.


  But what could she do? She couldn’t stop her sister in time.


  Siwoo’s cock, which was currently being cleaned by the older twins’ mouth, was the same cock that had just penetrated her anus not too long ago.


  That mental image made him feel like ejaculating again.


  Now, it was clearly evident how potent the aphrodisiac was.


  Odile played around with Siwoo’s cock in her mouth.


  At one point, she’d push it until her cheek bulged like a hamster’s, then she’d move her tongue in a rapid pace to stimulate the area beneath the glans.


  Meanwhile, her hands busily caressed both his testicles and the base of his cock.


  “M-Ms. Odile…”


  “Fwah… Are you about to cum?”


  After she let go of his cock, she gripped it tightly with both hands and shook it.


  She didn’t seem to mind her hands getting smeared with saliva.


  It was hard to believe how skillful she had become.


  “I will especially allow you to sprinkle your seeds onto my noble face.”


  She let out a playful chuckle without stopping her hands’ movements.


  Then, she brought his cock closer to her face and adjusted it so he could let out his semen easier.




  With a groan, he poured out another dose of semen.


  Despite achieving an unprecedented record of 11 ejaculations, the volume of semen he spurted out didn’t seem to be diminishing.


  On the contrary, this time it seemed to be thicker and more viscous than before.


  “Ah… Mm…!”


  Surprised, Odile closed her eyes tightly and huddled her body. She didn’t expect the semen to pour out fiercely like that.


  -Spurt, spurt!


  Her face was too small to receive everything. Every part of her face from eyelids, nose, lips and chins were smeared in his semen.


  So, his cock moved on from her face to her collarbone and her kneeling thighs.


  “Ah… Euh… So much…”


  His scent emanated from Odile’s entire face.


  To the point that she felt dizzy from the smell.


  Then, he dropped the final bit of semen to her forehead as a way of thanking her for her effort and to give himself a sense of accomplishment.




  He felt that it was the time to finish everything.


  Feeling his cock go limp, Siwoo took a glance at Odette.


  “Do whatever, I don’t care.”


  He apologized to the pouting Odette before wiping away the semen on Odile’s face with a new towel.




  At that moment, a voice echoed through the carriage.


  The voice of someone closing the door in a hurry.




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