City of Witches Chapter 74

Change (3)

༺ Change (3) ༻




  With a single step, dozens of meters passed.


  Amelia dashed up the hill. Her cape, along with her nightgown, fluttered in the air.


  If anyone from the academy were to see her in her current state, they’d bound to be surprised.


  The elegant and noble Amelia sprinted under the moonlight.


  It was something so surreal that people would gossip about it. Maybe it would even make it to Gehenna’s list of scandalous occurrences created by the idle witches.


  However, Amelia didn’t have the time to worry about such trivial matters.


  She was too occupied over the fact that Siwoo was able to use magic.


  And it wasn’t any ordinary magic, but an advanced self-essence magic that Amelia couldn’t immediately understand.


  Moreover, he intended to use that magic to escape from Gehenna.


  In essence, this wasn’t such a big deal, he was merely a slave who was trying to escape from slavery.


  There was no need for her to make such a fuss about it, it was a completely normal behavior. But, despite her brain understanding this fact, her heart couldn’t accept it.


  Because of this, her mind was in a state of chaos.


  And so, she decided to ask him about this directly. Maybe after that, she could learn something significant.


  Until then, every attempt of her trying to come up with an answer with her own would end up with her going in circles.




  She took a shortcut from the barn directly to the mansion.


  As she leapt over the rose garden, she suddenly stopped moving.


  She had caught onto something. The witch hadn’t noticed it previously because not only had she taken a different route earlier, the thing that she found was also quite hard to notice.


  Amelia released her Water Lizard’s Stride and landed on the ground.


  In the garden, next to the fountain, a carriage was parked there.


  She could immediately tell who the owner of the carriage was.


  A beautifully carved family emblem, depicting two twin birds.


  “Count Gemini…”


  Under normal circumstances, she would have just passed by without paying much attention.


  Amelia was indifferent to most things around her. A Count’s carriage wouldn’t even leave an impression on her mind.


  That was probably the reason why she passed through it once.


  However, Siwoo’s words earlier flashed through her mind.


  ‘Did you hear anything from Count Gemini?’


  After he returned to her lodging, Siwoo mentioned Count Gemini while he was eating his cake.


  At that time, Amelia dismissed it thoughtlessly.


  ‘But, there’s something unsettling about his remark.’


  He mentioned the Count of nowhere, disappeared through the window in the middle of the night and then she found the Count’s carriage parked near her mansion.


  She knew Siwoo had been on good terms with the twins lately.




  Her intuition was screaming at her.


  Warning her that something might have happened.


  She calmed her pounding heart down.


  ‘It shouldn’t be anything serious.’


  Amelia failed to understand the reason why she felt anxious so suddenly.


  In any case, she brushed the feelings aside, took a deep breath and held the handle to the carriage’s door.


  She decided to go inside and take a look.


  If the Count was there, she could come up with a suitable excuse and start a conversation with her. If it was the brats who were there, she could scold them and give them additional tasks.


  ‘There’s no reason to be afraid.’


  ‘There’s nothing to be anxious about.’




  Amelia opened the door as quietly as possible.


  The carriage’s interior seemed much more spacious than its appearance due to the space magic applied to it. But there was a curve placed in the entrance, she couldn’t see the insides immediately thanks to it.


  Gradually, she felt a lukewarm air flowing out from inside.


  The air felt damp and moist, contrasting the rather chilly weather outside.


  She unintentionally furrowed her brows.


  There was a strong scent of chestnuts, sweat and a dense, unfamiliar odor that she wasn’t familiar with.


  Amelia opened the door a little more while making sure that she wouldn’t make any noise that would reveal her presence.


  Then, she could hear the sound leaking from within as the soundproofing barrier that surrounded the carriage was disrupted.


  “Slurp… Mm…”




  But, the sound that she heard was unfamiliar to her. Like the air that she felt, it felt damp and moist.


  It sounded like…


  ‘Something being vigorously sucked? And those smacking sounds… They’re smacking their lips?’


  ‘What on earth are they doing?’


  Amelia frowned and tilted her head in confusion. Suddenly, someone’s voice reached her ear.


  “Phew… Mr. Assistant… Do you… Like…”


  Odile’s voice. She couldn’t catch everything she said due to the distance though.


  ‘Mr. Assistant?’


  At that moment, Amelia felt a chill running down her spine.


  Her intuition told her that something was wrong, so wrong that she couldn’t understand it even if she tried.


  Despite that, she leaned closer so she could hear their conversation properly.


  Ignoring her heart that was beating even faster than before.


  “After coming so much, you still got this hard? Do you really want to smear my face with your cum that badly?”


  “Honestly… It’s a little hard…”


  ‘Coming so much? Wanting to cum on her face?’


  A series of incomprehensible dialogue entered her ear.


  The man who replied to Odile’s words was Siwoo, as expected.


  It couldn’t be anyone else, Amelia recognized his voice way too well.


  Apparently he was spending his time in the carriage with the twins at this late hour.


  Amelia clenched the edge of her cape tightly.


  She couldn’t find him anywhere earlier, who could have guessed that he was here, having fun with other witches while leaving his own master behind.


  Her intention of apologizing to him quickly faded away, replaced by an inexplicable rage that surged from the bottom of her stomach.


 This too, was an emotion she had never felt before.


  “Slurp… Mr. Assistant, you look so happy. I love it.”


  Yet, somehow, she didn’t feel that it would be right for her to barge in.


  ‘What can I do if I get in anyway?’ That thought made her feet stop in their tracks.


  Moreover, if she were to come in while showing her anger, wouldn’t it imply that she was running around the neighborhood trying to find her missing slave all night long?


  Despite all these thoughts lingering in her mind, her curiosity won her over.


  ‘What’s going on inside exactly?’


  She realized that this would be a foolish action, but she unleashed her magic anyway.


  ‘Sensory Perception Magic.’


  It was magic that created additional sensory organs outside the body.


  Amela’s magic formed tiny and delicate ‘color receptors’ using the powder of her perfumes.


  In an instant, she created some blue particles.


  With these finely crafted particles, she could observe something beyond what her naked eyes could see.


  She then linked these particles to her optic nerves.


  Then, she continued on creating more of those receptors while taking all the necessary precautions.


  This time, red particles emerged from her hand.


  The two different colors scattered in the air, fused and became completely transparent.


  These red particles were used to erase any traces of mana.


  As the 22nd ranked witch in the hierarchy, Amelia had precise control over these particles.


  Because of that, only high-ranked witches could ever hope to detect her magic.


  Fooling the eyes of apprentice witches like the twins wasn’t something worth nothing for Amelia.




  Amelia softly blew air through her lips and pushed those particles inside.


  When enough particles got inside, it became possible for her to see every nook and cranny as if she was looking through surveillance cameras.




  And then she saw them.


  She tightly covered her mouth to prevent herself from making any sounds.


  Like she expected, there were three people inside.


  Shin Siwoo, Odile and Odette.


  All three of them had one thing in common.


  They were buck naked, there wasn’t a single strand of clothing on them.


  But, that wasn’t the thing that surprised her.


  If they were politely sipping tea and having a naked banquet, she could squeeze enough brainpower and understand the meaning of their actions.




  She found out the source of the slurping sound she had been hearing.


  And she almost let out a screen when she did.


  Odile was sucking Siwoo’s thing, his cock, with her mouth.


  She wasn’t doing it carelessly.


  Instead, she vigorously shook her head back and forth while using her tongue and lips to passionately suck on his cock.


  Said cock was standing stiff with bulging veins all over it.


  Honestly, this wasn’t the first time Amelia had ever seen Siwoo’s private parts.


  She had used Siwoo as a study material before, she had seen his cock ten times before this occasion.


  Not only that, she had also used her own hand to make him ejaculate.


  However, there was something different about it this time.


  It was way larger and redder than she remembered, making it seem more disgusting to look at.


  The sight made Amelia feel like she was watching a lion devouring a deer’s intestines.


  She could feel her stomach squirming and she shuddered involuntarily.


  “It feels good, right?”


  Odile asked as she looked up at Siwoo.


  ‘I see.’


  ‘That’s oral sex.’


  Amelia finally recognized the grotesque act unfolding before her eyes.


  It was the act where a woman tried to bring pleasure to a man with her mouth.


  She remembered seeing it in a manual she had read a long time ago. It was hidden inside a small room in a hut where she used to seclude herself.


  That same manual was used as firewood as she lost interest in it pretty quickly after briefly skimming through it.


  To her surprise, the act that she judged as frivolous and nonsensical was playing out right in front of her.


  Odile, an apprentice witch of the Gemini Household and her own student, was kneeling before a mere slave while giving him an intimate service.


  “Ugh… Ms. Odile…”


  Amelia had been trying to distract herself from the reality that was happening in front of her, but Siwoo’s voice dragged her back.


  “Fwah… Are you about to cum?”


  Odile, who had just held his cock between her lips while sucking and licking it, whispered those vulgars words, as if enticing him to ejaculate.


  “I will especially allow you to sprinkle your seeds onto my noble face.”


  Once again, Amelia was a little too late to comprehend the words she had just heard.


  ‘Sprinkle the seeds on her noble face.’


  As she recounted the words Odile just said, she finally understood what they intended to do.


  At that moment.


  Like a downpour, Siwoo’s semen splattered all over Odile’s face.


  Odile didn’t try to avoid those impure fluids, neither did she show any sign of disgust toward it. She just accepted everything obediently.


  It was as if she had yearned for it.


  Amelia withdrew her receptors.


  Though, she didn’t do it consciously. The scene that she saw caused her concentration to break off and because of that, the receptors vanished into thin air.


  She stood there in a daze as the subsequent conversations between the people inside passed through her ears.


  But, she couldn’t comprehend a single word they said.


  There were a lot of things that she wanted to say to Siwoo.


  Firstly, she wanted to ask him about the matter of him learning magic in secret.


  Secondly, she wanted to apologize for the harsh treatment she had subjected him to.


  However, the moment she saw what was happening inside the carriage, her mind turned blank.


  Her hand loosened its grip on the carriage’s door, causing it to slam itself shut.


  At that moment, she regained her senses and immediately left the spot, as if running away.




  The crazy night was over and they were done with the cleanup.


  Siwoo escorted the twins to the portal.


  Odile was riding on Siwoo’s back while giggling like a baby.


  Meanwhile, Odette walked by herself with Siwoo’s pile of gifts in her hands with a pouty face. She lost a rock-paper-scissors game, so she was subjected to this treatment.


  “Ms. Odile.”




  “Did you really not hear anything back then?”




  “You know, back when your face…”


  “What about my face?”


  With a mischievous smile, Odile teased Siwoo.


  “When I ejaculated on your face… I think I heard the carriage door being slammed shut.”


  “Don’t be silly. Who would be loitering around there in this late hour?”


  “I thought so too, but…”


  Nevertheless, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he really heard that sound.


  He found himself unconsciously glancing in the direction of Ameila’s lodgings.


  ‘Nah, no way.’


  ‘It’s her we’re talking about.’


   “Haah… What should I do now that I’ve discovered something that feels so good? Mr. Assistant, why don’t you just stay here? When we finally become witches, we’ll take you back to your world.”




  “Yeah, if you don’t mind waiting for about 20– no, 15 years should be enough.”


  “…I’m good.”


  ‘It was an alluring proposal, but there’s no way I’d wait for 15 years.’


  “By then, both of you will have already matured.”


  “Indeed. The growth of apprentice witches is slightly slower than humans. Though, by then our breasts should have grown bigger.”


  ‘I think I heard something I shouldn’t have.’


  Siwoo decided to deliberately ignore the last part of her sentence.


  “We’re here.”


  “Thank you.”


  He escorted the twins to the entrance of the portal management office.


  Odile then hopped off Siwoo’s back with a slight jump.


  The dreamy night had passed.


  As soon as Odile’s feet landed onto the ground, the twins started their bickering again.


  Just by looking at them, he once again realized that they were the daughters of a noble family.


  The same pair that he fucked at the same time. He did both of their rear holes and smeared their faces with his own semen. Thinking back, everything was like a dream.


  He would probably remain single for the rest of his life.


  After living in Gehenna, his standards for women became higher.


  “I had fun today.”


  “Me too.”


  “Mr. Assistant worked the hardest though.”


  “We’ll come over and play again if we have the time!”


  Siwoo couldn’t help but feel that they would somehow manage to find the time to come and visit him again. It was the twins, after all.


  His heart became swell in anticipation.


  “Mr. Assistant!”




  The twins walked toward the portals while waving their hands.


  Just when they were about to part ways, Odette suddenly called out to Siwoo.


  Then, she came over, gave him a peck on his cheek as she stared at him with an affectionate gaze.


  “Thank you for your time and hard work today.”




  He dazedly stroked his cheek.


  Odette then ran towards Odile, who was watching the scene with a displeased expression, while waving her arms energetically at him.


  Just like that, another day had passed.





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City of Witches

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