City of Witches Chapter 97

Treatment (7)

༺ Treatment (7) ༻








  ‘What was the spell for suicide again?’


  That was the first thing that came to Yebin’s mind after being ambushed by Amelia.


  ‘Since I’m not a virgin anymore, I shouldn’t have any regrets even if I were to die now, right?’


  In the cold silence that cut through the air like a dagger, Yebin quietly withdrew her fingers from her pussy.


  A noticeably large amount of juices dripped down, prompting her to hurriedly wipe them with her clothes before straightening her posture.


  Normally, in such a situation, the other person wouldn’t enter the room in the first place or even if they did by accident, they’d prompt to leave immediately. However, Amelia remained firmly in her place with her arms closed, observing Yebin clumsily fixing her panties.


  Of course Yebin wasn’t sane enough to criticize her attitude, she was too busy trying to compose herself.


  “I-I apologize…”


  She didn’t know what she was apologizing for, but she did it anyway.




  Even with that apology, Amelia’s stern face remained unchanged.


  The latter had been feeling restless all night long, so she sought Yebin out as soon as the sun started to rise.


  She wanted to inquire about the progression of Siwoo’s recovery; whether it was going smoothly or not and if there was any way to reduce the number of the intercourse needed for the treatment.



  -Knock, knock, knock.


  However, even when she knocked on the door to her room multiple times, Yebin didn’t respond.


  But, she could sense some kind of movement coming from inside.


  Prompted by her impatience, she opened the door and entered the room.


  If yesterday night’s event didn’t happen, she wouldn’t have made such an extremely rude action.


  She would have probably just passed what Yebin was doing as a way of her attending to her personal matters and returned later.


  However, Amelia’s frustration for Yebin had already reached its maximum.


  Though she understood the logic behind it, her heart just couldn’t accept it.






  As soon as she opened the door, the first thing that appeared in her sight was an extremely large pair of buttocks.


  While swaying her obscene bottom, Yebin Smyrna hammered her fingers into her crotch while squirming.


  Her face was buried deep into the pillow and her hips were raised high above, a rather comical pose all things considered. But, Amelia could only feel a burning rage when she saw it.


  ‘That’s the hole that received Siwoo’s manhood and semen, right?’


  ‘She moaned out his name without knowing her place while drowning in pleasure last night.’


  ‘And after all that, she has the audacity to come back to her room to masturbate?’


  Amelia understood the importance of privacy, especially when it came to private matters such as masturbating.


  However, she couldn’t stand this situation.


  The only reason why she brought Yebin here was to save Siwoo.


  She definitely didn’t summon her so that she could turn Siwoo into an object to satisfy her sexual needs.


  Of course, unless she were to use a powerful ‘Confession Magic,’ she wouldn’t be able to accurately tell Yebin’s true intentions.


  Then again, she hadn’t planned to go that far.


  Yebin was the guest that she brought and the one person who held Siwoo’s lifeline. Not to mention that she had practically brought him back from the brink of death.


  She acknowledged Yebin’s efforts, that was the only reason why she could still keep her fury and annoyance at bay.


  Even so, seeing the other witch in such a pitiful state made her unleash a little bit of her pent-up emotion.


  Meanwhile, Yebin could only clasp her hands between her legs while pressing her loose dress down with a face as red as a boiled octopus.


  “How disgraceful, you can’t even keep your modesty. Are all Exiles like this?”


  Amelia’s pent-up emotion turned into curses that she hurled toward Yebin.


  The latter flinched, as if she had been stabbed on the butt with a tack, before lowering her head even further.


  She couldn’t bring herself to look Amelia in the eye.


  Strictly speaking, the one who was at fault here was Amelia. After all, she was the one who had barged into Yebin’s room in the first place, but…


  Yebin understood Amelia’s feelings.


  After wasting twenty years of her life watching women fight over men while hurling curses at each other in dramas, Yebin became an expert in this type of situation.


  She didn’t need anyone to explain to her what was going on just by seeing Amelia’s cold look.


  “I-I apologize… B-Baroness…”


  Seeing Yebin repeatedly lowering her head and apologizing, Amelia seemed to have cooled down a bit.


  After letting out a deep sigh, Amelia spoke to Yebin.


  “I know very well how hard you’ve been working, Ms. Smyrna. For that, I’m truly grateful to you.”




  “I’m not questioning or suspecting your true intentions. However, starting from the next treatment, I’ll be accompanying you.”


  “Yes…! …Sorry?”


  Hearing the thing that came out of Amelia’s mouth, Yebin looked at her face for the first time in ten minutes.


  ‘What did she just say?’


  ‘Who’s going to accompany who?’


  Even now, Amelia’s cold and piercing glare showed hints of her residual anger.


  Due to the pressure she was emitting, Yebin lowered her head once again.


  “You may speak out if you have any objections.”


  “N-No… I-I don’t have any…”


  “Then, before today’s treatment starts, come to my room and inform me.”


  With that, Amelia slammed the door shut without listening to Yebin’s reply.


  Yebin remained in her place, staring at the door as a strange sound leaked out from her mouth.




  She collapsed onto her bed awkwardly as all the strength left her body.


  ‘I didn’t hear it wrong, right?’


  ‘She’ll be accompanying me for the treatment?’


  “I’m not just fucked… I’m beyond fucked…”


  She had tried to be as cautious as possible when she proposed this method of treatment because she didn’t want Amelia to misunderstand her.


  Then, she caught her masturbating to herself.


  The original situation was already enough to raise Amelia’s suspicion to 25%, but because of this mishap, her suspicion had risen straight to 99%.


  And it happened the day after she had sex with Siwoo.


  The chain of events ultimately led to her having to have sex with the Baroness’ lover (or so Yebin suspected) in front of the Baroness’ face herself.


  This meant that the Baroness would be watching over Yebin so that she wouldn’t make any actions that were out of the ordinary.


  The thing was, just yesterday, she had indeed done those very actions as she selfishly went out of her way to pleasure herself using Siwoo’s body instead of actually treating him.


  Theoretically speaking, she could claim that the Baroness was going too far, but she had no right whatsoever to do so.


  “What kind of crazy bitch engages in voyeurism on her second sex experience…”


  It was beyond absurd.


  But, this was her reality.


  Of course, Yebin wasn’t completely blameless, but she still needed to fuck the Baroness’ boyfriend right in front of the Baroness herself.


  “Is this the right thing to do…?”


  For reference, Yebin was a 19th rank witch. With that high of a rank, she was a fairly respectable witch and she could live her life without any fear of discomfort.


  However, her opponent was a great witch who was 4 ranks above her, the Baroness Marigold herself.


  “Ugh… What do I do…?”


  Yebin laid on her bed, pounding on the mattress as if she was practicing some abnormal swimming style.


  She couldn’t even willingly reject Amelia’s orders, why did she even cause this debacle because she felt a little horny?


  This shameful feeling made her want to kill herself from thirty minutes ago.




  Time flowed like a river.


  No matter how desperate Yebin yearned for it to stop, it marched on steadily, dragging the sun below the horizon.


  Yebin, who had been meditating after finishing her meal, trudged out of her room with a lifeless expression.


  Her meditation ended up in vain.


  If anything, it made her feel nauseous, something she hadn’t felt ever since she became a witch.


  The stress and pressure she felt, threatened to crush her to a pancake at any second.


  Before she had the chance to knock, Amelia’s door swung open.


  The latter must have heard her footsteps coming up the stairs.




  “Let’s go.”


  Amelia brushed past the bewildered Yebin as she walked towards Siwoo’s room.


  She felt like a cow being led to the slaughterhouse.


  Reluctantly, she followed Amelia with slumped shoulders.


  As soon as Amelia entered the room, she stopped and looked at Siwoo’s face with a complicated expression.


  An expression that Yebin could understand. After all, she’d have to witness her and Siwoo having sexual intercourse with her own eyes.


  Yebin cautiously closed the door and tiptoed towards Amelia, trying to not make any sound that could potentially tip off Amelia even more.


  “Let me know when you’ve finished your preparations.


  Amelia brought a chair next to the bed and opened a large book with the size of her torso.


  Then, she started to read.


  In truth, Yebin had expected she’d talk to her or even curse at her, but seeing her doing neither of those made her feel relieved.


  However, that didn’t mean the pressure she felt went away.


  Yebin had a vanilla taste when it came to sex. After all, she had only been watching female-oriented heterosexual one-to-one porn.


  Undressing herself in front of someone else was burdenful enough for her, but she was expected to have sex in front of someone else…


  “Um, Baroness Marigold, are you sure you’ll be okay…?”


  “Okay with what?”


  “Maybe… I could create a chart and give it to you later…”


  “I’m good.”


  She wanted to say ‘Can you please vacate the room?’ but Amelia cut her off before she got the chance to.


  Yebin was forced to hold back her urge to scream and cry as she reached her trembling hands out to Siwoo’s pants.


  “Um… Baroness Marigold, is it okay for me to take off his pants?”


  One of Amelia’s eyebrows flinched.


  Even so, it was amazing that her tone and expression remained unchanged.


  “You don’t need to ask for my permission for every little thing. Just do what you did yesterday.”


  The reason why Yebin was so hesitant was precisely because she couldn’t do what she did yesterday.


  No matter how merciful, tolerant and saintly of a woman Amelia was (clearly she wasn’t all of that), it was obvious that Yebin would get her hair ripped out and beaten to death if she reenacted yesterday’s scene.


  “Yes, Ma’am.”


  Yebin gulped as she slowly pulled Siwoo’s pants down.


  His weapon of mass destruction swung out for her to see.


  Then, she generously applied the lube onto her hands.


  Unfortunately for Yebin, tonight’s moon was so bright that one could clearly see what was going on inside the room even when the lights weren’t on.


  Yebin concluded that the heavens itself were screwing herself over today.


  -Squelch, squelch.


  She grasped Siwoo’s shaft, smearing it with the gel just like what she did yesterday.


  It didn’t take long for his lifeless rod to come back to live even with the awkward movements she used to jerk it off.


  At this point, she took a glance towards Amelia’s direction, which prompted the latter to quickly turn her gaze back to her book.


  That was when she realized that the Baroness would really be watching every one of her actions.


  ‘I’m going to throw up…’


  Yebin nibbled on her lips to ease a little of her stress as she carefully took off her clothes.


  The thin short dress similar to what she wore yesterday was uncovered. Then, she lifted the hem of the dress and took off her panties.


  Shame and embarrassment crashed into her as she asked herself, ‘Am I really going to do this…?’




  “I-I’m going on top of him now.”


  Yebin climbed up the bed and used the remaining gel on her hand to evenly spread the lube within her pussy.


  She knew that if she didn’t amply prepare herself, it would hurt her like hell.


  Since earlier, she felt a cold glare coming from behind her back.


  It went without saying that she was more than aware who was responsible for such a glare.


  But, if she didn’t properly show her the treatment, the Baroness would come to hate her even more.


  What she needed to do was to desperately convey the image of a doctor sincerely treating her patient.


  And so, she displayed the most professional attitude possible as she started rubbing Siwoo’s dick on her lower lips, trying to find the opening.


  She only did this once yesterday, but she didn’t have any trouble reenacting it.


  Even though their genitals were only brushing against each other, her heart started beating faster as her breaths turned hot.


  The pleasure she felt started to threaten to take over from her professionalism, something that she had to prevent at all cost.


  Yebin tried to concentrate as she plunged Siwoo’s rod into herself.


  Maybe because it had broken her pussy for the whole night yesterday, it slipped in way too easily.




  Her anxiety and embarrassment made her body stiffened.


  This caused a momentary lapse in her concentration, but that was enough to upset the balance of her unsteady lower body, causing it to fall.




  If she were to fall to the side or backwards, it would cause an instant penile fracture to Siwoo.


  And so, she was left with only a single choice if she wanted to protect Siwoo’s dick. Which was to give up on squatting on her toes and receive the entirety of his rod as she fell down.




  But, she made a miscalculation.


  She thought that if she were determined enough, she could suppress her moan, ignoring the pleasure she might have felt.


  In reality, when his whole shaft entered her hole, its head pressed against her cervix, stimulating it and…




  A loud moan resounded within the room.


  Even to her own ears, she found her moans extremely lewd and shamefully loud.



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