City of Witches Chapter 98

Love Is an Illusion (1)

༺ Love Is an Illusion (1) ༻






  Yebin’s ecstatic man echoed through the room as she covered her mouth hurriedly.


  However, her action was a little too late as she couldn’t just pull back the voice she just let out.


  Amelia furrowed her eyes and glared at the two people who had mingled into one.


  Because she often jerked him off using the pretense of experiments and teaching, she knew that Siwoo’s shaft was exceptionally big.


  She could hold it in her hand no problem, but the idea of putting that thick rod into the tiny hole between her crotch was simply inconceivable for Amelia.


  However, the fact that it was currently happening to Yebin made it as if her beliefs were a lie.


  Except the tiny portion; the base of his dick, every single inch of it was inside her.


  “I-I’m sorry…eup…!”


  Yebin glanced toward Amelia and apologized with an embarrassed expression.


  However, to Amelia, her apology didn’t sound sincere at all because of the lewd gasps mixed in her voice.


  She felt the blood rushing out of her head.


  It was at that moment that the realization hit her like a truck.


  Those two were having sex.


  Siwoo’s massive dick really went inside Yebin’s drenched hole and they’d continue this activity until they climaxed.




  Yebin tried to maintain her balance with her trembling thighs.


  However, it was evident that she couldn’t block her moans from coming out, so she used one of her hands to block her mouth.


  She sent a glance at Amelia before turning her gaze forward.


  Finally, she spoke out to Amelia.


  “I will…start moving…”


  Amelia couldn’t bring herself to reply.


  In truth, after hearing Yebin’s moan, her body became frozen stiff like a statue.


  Yebin’s hips moved in a lewd way as she started to move her ass up and down.


  -Plap, plap!


  Obscene voices came from the place where the two of them were connected.


  The sticky gel Yebin applied rubbed against the most sensitive parts of their skin.






  Amelia watched as they were having sex right in front of her eyes.


  It felt like Yebin was mocking her as she shook her ass while doing an act that should only be done to prove a couple’s love for each other.


  She felt her heart broken apart.


  Did she really need to feel these emotions?


  Was it because she loved him that she felt this way?


  It felt like the most precious person in her heart was being taken by someone else before very eyes.


  The sensation was strange.


  Everything about it felt strange.




  In the end, despite her attempt to block it, her moan leaked through the gaps of her fingers.


  Goosebumps rose on her white thighs.


  Her previously lifeless eyes turned into a half-dazed one that was filled with love and desire.




  It was at this moment that she began to find her rhythm.


  She desperately wanted to end this awkward situation as soon as she could.


  However, she was unable to separate the combination of this uncomfortable voyeuristic play, the treatment she had to do and the pleasure she got from Siwoo’s dick. This resulted in her unable to control herself even when she wanted to.




  Being penetrated by Siwoo felt good as always.


  No, she felt even better than yesterday.


  Apparently, the more she used to the sensation the greater the pleasure was for her.


  It was as if his rod was solely made to fit inside her and she had only become comfortable enough to accept it.


  If that was truly the case, one could conclude that Yebin’s speed in adapting to that was absurdly quick. By now she was starting to rub her clit into his body, fucking him desperately.


  Even when she knew that Amelia was staring at her and her going into the act without any foreplay, her pussy, which was originally wet, became even wetter when she started to shake her ass into his hips.


  Every movement she made gave her a small orgasm, making her feel as if her body was being trained to become Siwoo’s personal onahole.




  Despite her covering her mouth with her hand, the seductive moans kept leaking out.


  She started to think that it would be better to use soundproofing magic instead of wasting her concentration on restraining those moans.


  In that situation, Yebin let out her mana.


  Smyrna’s Self-Essence Magic: ‘Panacea’. To use it, one had to stick their mana onto someone’s body.


  The magic would give the caster the ability to read information about the target and analyze it in-depth.


  It was an incredibly subtle magic that was incomparable to normal magical sense.


  Additionally, the closer the analyzed body part was to her brand, the more accurate the information and the analysis would be.


  This was why shoving Siwoo’s dick into her was the most efficient and accurate way to use this magic.


  Although she didn’t look the part, Yebin was a well-rounded and capable witch.


  As soon as she stopped blocking out her moans, she started to focus on analyzing Siwoo. Her concentration was so deep that she couldn’t even hear her own voice anymore.


  She analyzed the intricate waves of magic energy that surged from Siwoo while also connecting with him on a spiritual level.


  Amidst the complex flow of information, she extracted useful fragments to piece together the clues needed to regenerate his brain.


  The concentration that she put onto suppressing her moans had entirely shifted towards the treatment, yielding quite the predictable result.


  “Haa…aang! Ahhh!”


  Her throat started to unleash the sweet cries of pleasure.


  Obviously, her previously emotionless face couldn’t be controlled any longer as it was flooded with pleasure.


  Regardless of the actual circumstances, all Amelia could see was the sex.


  She noticed the pale green magical reflection flowed from the corner of Yebin’s eyes, but her mouth, which was drooling from the ecstasy, was too eye-catching.


  Her already lewd movements became even more obscene. She practically slammed her ass down on Siwoo, as if trying to squeeze out every last drop of his semen.


  Seeing Yebin completely letting loose, with her moans growing louder as she thoroughly devoured Siwoo’s dick, Amelia was frozen stiff.


  Whenever Siwoo’s hot rod penetrated Yebin, her swollen, drenched pussy let out its juices that were trickling down his rod.


  As Amelia watched this stimulating scene, her heart tingled with a prickly sensation.




  She shut her eyes tightly at the figure of Yebin bouncing on top of Siwoo while screaming like an animal.


  Then, she closed the book on her knees and quietly got up from her seat.


  Yebin didn’t even glance at her as she continued to push her body onto Siwoo, as if telling Amelia that this place was their stage and this was her moment.


  Amelia already knew.


  The reason why Yebin acted like this was because she was focused on the treatment.


  But, no matter how much she tried to tell herself this, it couldn’t chase away the pitiful sense of defeat in her heart,


  Amelia closed the door and left.


  After returning to her own room, she stood there blankly before moving to light a cigarette.


  She was tired.


  At this point, she was prepared to let go of the feelings she purposely held on to because she was afraid of losing them.


  It was the correct decision to break free from this fleeting dream and return to how she used to.


  She wouldn’t need to care anymore whether her personal slave fucked another woman or not.


  Giving up on everything would be better than suffering miserably like this.


  Prompted by her impulsive thought, she overlapped her finger.


  Unlike before, she didn’t have a lot of doubts anymore.


  Her head, still heavy because of the shock, could only think ‘I don’t want to be in pain anymore.’




  A clear and crisp sound resonated throughout the room.


  She activated her brand, purifying all the abnormal ailments interfering with her magic circuits.


  Whatever remained of the love potion would completely disappear by now.


  The feeling of love that had practically been a joke would be over.


  As soon as she realized this, a fierce wave of nausea flooded over her.


  ‘What have I done?’ Even if it was too painful to endure, did she do the right thing by making that irreversible decision?




  She felt an unsettling anxiety, as if she was adrift in a vast sea without a compass.


  Overwhelmed by this fear, Amelia desperately tried to stop the brand’s purification process.


  However, before she could do it, the brand had already finished cleaning up all the impurities within her circuit.


  It was too late.


  Her eyes went dark with regret as she sank to the floor.


  The intense feeling of love she had experienced for the first time in her long life had come to an end.




  Now, she wouldn’t need to care about what Yebin did with Siwoo.


  Even if Siwoo didn’t wake up, she would probably just regret the fact for a while before moving on with her life.


  And so, Amelia Marigold became alone again.


  Her heart was so broken, it felt like the edges of her heart were slowly being chipped away.


  A minute passed, then two.




  She blinked her eyes while looking around.


  Then she continued on doing this until she realized something.


  She jumped from her seat, clenched her teeth and threw the flower vase on the table against the wall.




  Shattered pieces of glass scattered everywhere.


  As those fragments rained down, she clenched her fists while gritting her teeth.


  Odile! Odette! Sophia! She screamed those three names, as if she was trying to rip them apart.


  “Nothing… Changed!”


  If she were under the influence of a potion, no matter what kind it was, the effect should have been purified by now.


  Yet, she felt that there was no change in both her emotions and thoughts.


  She still wanted to touch his face and feel the warmth of his fingers.


  And she still felt the burning jealousy at the thought of Yebin passionately embracing Siwoo.


  In other words, she wasn’t under the effect of the potion in the first place.


  To think that she seriously contemplated something like ‘What if this love isn’t real?’ and ‘I don’t want to suffer anymore, I’ll let these feelings go…’


  All by herself…


  All by herself!


  Feeling both shameful and embarrassed, Amelia tackled the goose-feather pillow on her bed.


  After that clean tackle, she mounted it before beating the shit out of the poor pillow, her brows furrowed in frustration.


  -Thud! Thud! Thud!


  ‘I agonized over this so seriously!’


  ‘I’m so upset! I thought that I lost everything!’


  ‘Turns out everything is just a stupid misunderstanding!’


  -Thud! Thud! Thud!


  Her aggressive punches could probably kill an ordinary person. The poor pillow’s feathers floated around in her surroundings.


  -Thud… Thud…


  Gradually, her relentless pounding slowed down as her strength waned.


  At this point, she was only tapping the pillow gently.




  Little droplets of tears streamed down her face.


  Just like how she had only truly realized how precious her master was after she disappeared, she understood how precious Siwoo was after she almost lost him.


  The moment she tried to let go of her feeling of love, she understood.


  Her feelings for him were an unexplainably precious emotion for her.


  She was overjoyed by the fact that she didn’t lose it.


  And so, she held the now half-sized pillow close to her heart while wiping away her tears with both hands.




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