City of Witches Chapter 99

Love Is an Illusion (2)

༺ Love Is and Illusion (2) ༻



  Yebin’s consciousness delved deeper into Siwoo’s subconscious.


  A person had the maximum brain capacity of 1 petabyte11024 terabyte.


  While the brain’s computational capability couldn’t process all this information in an instant, it was said that it had the ability to store roughly 4.7 billion books if one were only considering its size.


  Though it was called subconscious, it was nearly impossible for other people to fully identify and classify such a vast wave of information.


  However, that rule wouldn’t apply to Yebin.


  By utilizing her Self-Essence Magic, ‘Palace of the Subconscious,’ she could transform vast amounts of data, even if they were merely electrical and chemical signals, into tangible sensations.


  She was currently walking through a dimly lit space.


  A bizarre one, filled with countless stars and numerous doors placed all around.


  Here, the laws of physics that encompassed three-dimensional space didn’t hold.


  Some doors were hanging upside down from the ceiling. The stairs leading up to those doors were perfectly vertical.


  Amidst those ever changing structures of stairs and doors, she steadily made her way to a particular location.


  It was impossible even for her to open all the doors.


  To do that she would have to continue fucking him until he died. Even then, it wasn’t a guarantee that she’d have enough time to explore them all.


  That was why she was looking for a door with a high ‘importance.’


  That door would be crucial for Siwoo’s recovery and she could tell how ‘important’ the door was by looking at its color and shape.


  ‘Aaaaaaang…. Haaaaaang….! It’s sooooo goooood…! I looooveeee iiiiit….!’




  Yebin dashed up the stairs leading to a black door. When she heard her own moans echoing through her ‘Palace of Subconscious,’ her body started to shudder.


  This was probably how it sounded if she recorded her voice, listened to it inside a large cave using a speaker and blasted it at 0.1x speed. It was a horrifying experience.


  Siwoo must have heard those sounds as well since they spread throughout his mental world like some abhorrent BGM.


  By now, Amelia was probably seeing her pounding on Siwoo while letting out those cries of pleasure.


  Yebin felt embarrassed by this, but she didn’t have the lenience to care about that.


  Her head was already hurting from the mental overload.


  She was pressured to finish this quickly.


  Yebin slammed open the black door and stepped inside.


  Ever since she began this procedure, she had been sensing powerful waves of consciousness coming from this location.


  There was a great chance that she’d be able to uncover important clues here.




  Seeing the vast space in front of her made her yelp in surprise.


  Since she was a witch, she quickly recognized this space.


  It was Siwoo’s Ain.


  Yebin knew that despite him being a male, his proficiency in magic was deep enough to achieve his own Self-Essence Magic.


  That was why, if she had only witnessed his Ain, she wouldn’t be as surprised as this, but…


  -Wooong! Wooong!


  A tremendous vibration resonated throughout the space.


  In the center of the darkness, an unidentified golden object floated.


  The architectural structures constructed with magical knowledge were rapidly transforming their appearances by the seconds.


  From a sphere, to quadrilaterals, elongating themselves into bands, sometimes they’d even turn into a sword.


  Magic was both a law and a formula.


  As such, it could be modified based on a witch’s abilities. Even so, its fundamental principles had to remain intact, this was the universal truth that couldn’t be broken.


  For example, the common sense stated ‘the Earth is round’ or ‘the most delicious ice cream is mint chocolate.’ Those were unchanging truths.


  But before her very eyes, Siwoo’s Ain displayed a phenomenon that utterly shattered such common sense.


  The quality and quantity wasn’t particularly large, but even when Yebin took that into consideration, his magic was too flexible in regard to changing its shape and its fundamental principles. It was almost to an astonishing degree.


  Yebin felt a shiver running down her spine.


  She was witnessing all this, but she couldn’t comprehend anything from it.


  It prompted her to move and examine it more closely.


  As she maneuvered through the space with a chaotic movement, the distance between her and the structure steadily decreased.


  In that brief moment, the structure had been destroyed and created from scratch twice. Its current appearance was completely different from what it had been just a short while ago.


  “What…is that…?”


  At that moment, there was a distortion in this peculiar space that caught Yebin’s eye.


  It was located underneath the structure.


  Perhaps she could describe it as a very thin funnel.


  It was the same black space as the area around it, but that particular space seemed to be slightly concave.


  Almost resembling the gravitational field of a black hole.


  However, no matter how much she tried to scrutinize it, she couldn’t understand its identity.


  It was as if her brain was rejecting the existence of this phenomenon.


  Perhaps the space appeared to be distorted because of her lack of information about it.


  She shifted her gaze again, looking towards Siwoo’s direction.


  He looked similar to his sleeping state outside.


  To describe his face, he leaned toward the ‘pretty’ side rather than ‘handsome’.


  He wore an emotionless face as he extended his hand towards the structure. His fingers were twitching.




  ‘So, this is the guy I’m having a sex with, huh?’


  Yebin suddenly felt embarrassed by this newfound realization.


  At that moment, Siwoo turned his head.


  What gazed in Yebin’s direction wasn’t his eye, but something that lurked in his empty left eye socket.


  A golden shimmering sphere, taking the place of his eye.


  ‘How many times am I going to be surprised today?’


  Yebin pointed a finger at her chest as she asked him a question.


  “C-Can you see me…?”


  His eyes were clearly focused on Yebin.


  But, they weren’t supposed to do that.


  Yebin was merely a spectator in this place.


  While at first glance it might seem like she had actually entered Siwoo’s subconscious, but in reality, she had only collected and materialized the information she was able to take from his mind.


  It was as if one was observing someone from the CCTV and that person suddenly stared at the observer’s eyes.


  Siwoo gave out no response.


  He only stared at her for a while with a blank gaze.


  Then, he resumed what he had been doing, as if he had no interest in her anymore.


  That was when Yebin suddenly heard a loud noise.


  It was due to a disturbance caused by changes in the external environment.


  Her consciousness got instantly ejected from the ‘Palace of Subconscious’ as it returned to reality.




  Soon after, she started feeling tingly.


  Her whole body shivered, as if she was struck by hypothermia. Then, it convulsed in a muscle spasm.




  She came.


  Because of the overwhelming sexual pleasure she experienced, her focus broke, rendering her magic unstable.


  Still, she managed to finish 30% of her goal, which was a massive improvement from yesterday.


  ‘How much time had passed…?’


  She let out short breaths as she glanced to the side.


  Baroness Marigold’s chair was empty and she could feel her stomach bursting with semen.


  She looked down on her crotch and opened her mouth in surprise.


  It looked so battered from the intense sex and her cum was practically stuck onto her lower belly.


  The leaked semen was foaming, it covered her entire body and the bed was a complete mess.




  Like a broken dam, the pleasure that she hadn’t felt until now crashed onto her.


  She relished the afterglow of the orgasm as she tried to catch her breath.


  “I’m gonna get addicted at this point, aren’t I…?”


  She only had enough energy to mutter that sentence.


  As she pulled out Siwoo’s cock from her pussy, their combined cum gushed out. Yebin ended up collapsing into Siwoo’s wide chest.


  “H-Ha…what is this…?”


  Just a few months ago, she thought that she’d continue to live her boring life.


  Never did she expect that something like this would happen instead.






  The air in her belly flew out of her pussy accompanied by Siwoo’s semen and a loud noise.


  Since she was spreading her legs while lying down, this was an obvious result.


  However, it didn’t change the fact that the noise sounded so obscene that her face turned red in embarrassment.


  “Shit… If Mr. Siwoo was awake, I wouldn’t have the will to continue on living anymore…”


  She slowly lifted her body and moved her legs to the side. That was when her eyes met Siwoo’s.






  His right eye was staring right at her.


  He slowly blinked his drowsy eyes as he observed his surroundings.


  ‘Did he just wake up?’


  The man looked dazed, but it seemed that he had regained his consciousness.


  “Huh? Wait, what…? No way…”


  He wasn’t supposed to wake up at this point, she still had to do the same treatment producing the exact same result for another two times first.




  Siwoo reached out his hand to grab Yebin’s wrist.


  The latter was so shocked that she didn’t even react to that.


  She could feel his rough palm on her wrist. It was unmistakably the palm of a man.


  Since something that was akin to a miracle happened during the treatment, she had to prioritize observing each and every one of his actions.




  Suddenly, Siwoo grabbed Yebin’s breasts and started kneading them through her clothes.


  A strong pressure emitted through his movements as he continued to squeeze and play with them.


  During Siwoo’s body recovery process, Yebin had ceaselessly cycled his blood and sent electrical signals toward his nerves to maintain his physical capabilities.


  Additionally, she also massaged his ligaments every three days.


  Thanks to this, even after he laid down for almost a hundred days, his movements didn’t feel stiff at all.


  “Mr. Siwoo, are you awake…?”


  It was an embarrassing situation for Yebin; an unfamiliar man started rubbing her breasts as soon as he woke up. Not to mention that it was the same man who gave her creampies multiple times.


  However, checking on his condition was Yebin’s top priority.


  Yebin was certain that a semblance of his intellect had returned.


  But, his movements were a little awkward.


  The fact that he had been keeping his mouth shut while playing with her breasts proved that his condition couldn’t be concluded as normal yet.


  He was probably moved out of instincts because of the external stimulation that he had received.


  Yebin’s voluptuous tits continued to stretch as Siwoo squeezed it with his hands.


   So, what did this action imply?


  The lack of motherly love during his childhood?


  Or maybe he just wanted to touch the first thing he saw out of curiosity?


  Whatever it was, it was clear that he hadn’t made a complete recovery. His action also couldn’t be considered as abnormal due to the severity of his injuries.


  “Mr. Siwoo, if you can hear me, can you please say— aahh…!”


  At that moment, Siwoo’s fingertips pinched Yebin’s stiff and erect nipples.


  She was hurting from it, but the sensation made her all tingly as it reached her lower belly, making her twist her hips in pleasure.


  From that moment onwards, Siwoo relentlessly played with her nipples, squeezing them like a newfound toy.


  “M-Mr. Siwoo? C-Can you please let go of my— Ahheut…!”


  Suddenly, the hand that had been gripping her wrist moved toward her buttocks as he began to massage it.


  Feeling him groping her body, her heart somehow started to beat faster.


  In her moment of panic, unable to decide what to do, she felt Siwoo rubbing his shaft against her lower lips.


  ‘N-No way…?”


  Just as she was thinking that, Siwoo thrusted his hips upwards.




  Her pussy, that was drenched in juices because of earlier sex, welcomed his rod wholeheartedly.


  Yebin’s gaping slit was split apart once again in an instant and the tip of his shaft slammed straight into her cervix.


  Her sensitive pussy was practically drowned in pleasure. She started to whimper through her nose.


  “E-Excuse me…?”


  After lifting up his torso, Siwoo sat up.


  Because he had been lying down all this time, Yebin failed to realize that Siwoo had an actually well-built body.


  Just the action of him getting up made her feel like she would fit into his embrace perfectly.


  He moved both his hands toward her ass and started to fondle it.


  ‘I was supposed to let Baroness Marigold know that he had woken up… No, he isn’t supposed to be awake in the first place!’




  After grasping her butt, Siwoo moved his hands with purely his instinct.


  Yebin’s lower body had turned into his personal onahole. She bounced up and down and with each movement, Siwoo’s rod would pierce deeper into her belly.




  Then, Siwoo suddenly pinned her down.




  Now pinned to the bed, Yebin looked up with trembling eyes at Siwoo’s face.


  She couldn’t get a read of his expressionless face.


  Before, when Siwoo was lying down, unable to move, Yebin thought that she was only using him as a dildo instead of having real sex.


  But now…


  It felt like as if she was being raped by someone without any emotions.


  “D-Don’t do this, please…”


  She shoved his chest, but that did nothing to him.


  In the first place, a woman couldn’t beat a man just by using physical strength.




  When Siwoo changed his positions, his dick, which was about to fall out, did the reverse and penetrated her even deeper instead.


  Once again, pressure was applied to her womb.


  She felt her strength that she mustered with such difficulties began to leave her body.


  Against the impalement of his dick, she was completely powerless.


  While she tried to push Siwoo away from her, the latter suddenly grabbed both of her wrists and placed them above her head.


  In an instant, Yebin lost the freedom to control both her arms, making her vulnerable to Siwoo who continued to press his body onto her.




  This position made her feel like he could see every part of her.


  Siwoo kept on following his instincts as he started to slowly thrusting his hips.


  “Eut…! Eut…! Euung…!”


  Yebin, with her legs spread apart, wriggled for a moment before giving up on resisting.


  “M-Mr. Siwoo…haang…”


  In truth, she could have easily pushed him away if she were to use her magic, but…


  “W-We’re not supposed to do this… ♡“


  She chose not to.


  After all, she was enjoying this situation too.



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