Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Unwanted Gathering of Stars (1)

༺ Unwanted Gathering of Stars (1) ༻




  After I finished my call with the Senior Manager, I saw the Principal’s Secretary running toward me. She told me she would guide me to my lodgings for the duration of my stay at the Academy.


  “You were probably uncomfortable because of the stares of the students. I’m sorry for not accompanying you before.”


  Although the Secretary said that, I felt the real reason was different. It’s likely many people had mentioned that an outsider had been found wandering around the Academy. So the Academy staff, tired of being asked the same thing by the students, quickly sent the Secretary toward me. 


  “There’s no need to be sorry.”


  I closed my mouth after saying that. Seeing as how she’d come looking for me to a place that was quite far away from the main building, it seemed like she’d really been diligently searching for me. She probably didn’t dare stop the Prosecutor’s Office’s Executive Manager, but was also troubled by the students asking what was going on. We’re going to be seeing each other more frequently, maybe I’m being too harsh.


  ‘Did I spend too much time with idiots?’


  It’s been four years since I became a Civil Servant. During those four years, lots of things happened. I ended up being promoted to Executive Manager. Then, I got saddled with three idiots for nearly two years.


  I began having trouble communicating with normal people. One can sue black companies, but what happens if the one exploiting is the state?


  I sighed and quietly followed the Secretary to where I’d be staying. Was it because it was a room that Managers used before? It was quite decent.


  “It’s a bit shabby for the Executive Manager to use, but right now, we don’t have any larger rooms. As soon as one empties, I’ll…”


  “Ah, there’s no need. I like it.”


  I thought it was quite decent, but if I said that, what did that make of me? I waved off the Secretary, who was trying to bow, and sent her back. Having her next to me would only make things uncomfortable. I was someone who could turn the Academy upside down, so she was probably really nervous.


  They’re scared of me, but I wasn’t the one that wanted to come here If they’re going to blame someone, I hope they blame the Minister who sent me here in the first place. Because of how much I’ve insulted him behind his back, however, he’s probably going to live a very long life.


  I sat on the bed, wondering maybe if I said something good about him, something bad would happen. After seeing the Academy and Louise, the protagonist, I finally felt like I’d come to the Academy. It felt similar to the first day of doing military service.


  Anyway, from tomorrow on, I will have to live as the Prosecutor’s Office Executive Manager in the Academy…




  Thinking about everything I had to do here made me feel tired. The normal job I had to do as a member of the Prosecutor’s Office wasn’t hard. It was just checking out a few documents so even if it took me longer, a week should be more than enough to do everything.


  Furthermore, the Academy was a very important institution and had very strict oversight, so there wasn’t much for me to investigate.


  There was a rumor that most people wasted time idling away here so they could avoid going back to their normal job.


  But that didn’t apply to me.


  ‘Louise, Erich, Ainter, Rutis, Lather, and Tannian.’


  Although there was an imposter among that group who shared the same blood as me, I had to keep an eye on these six people. The problem was how I should do that.


  After dignitaries from the three countries suddenly announced they would enroll in the Academy, their ambassadors began to desperately bang on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ door.


  Some went as far as asking if it was okay for them to send their country’s entire army. The Empire, of course, said no to all that bullshit. 


  However, the destiny of members of the royal families and a candidate for Saint was on the line, so they kept trying desperately. Eventually, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conceded, saying they would provide a list of personnel, retire part of the Empire’s security forces, and allow a retinue at the Academy.


  The list that the Minister gave me was seriously stacked. There were knights of the royal families and Holy Knights, among others. It was no joke.


  ‘They were few only in numbers.’


  Their actual combat strength was considerable.


  Because of this, the Empire also replaced their forces with a few elites. They ensured they were stronger than the ones sent by the other countries, but the Empire had reduced the number of their forces, just like the other countries had asked. What could they do even if they didn’t like it? The Empire was the most powerful country.


  The Minister of Foreign Affairs, thanks to this, ended up receiving a lot of concessions from other countries, but I was the one being sold. Why did the bastards from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs receive the proceeds?


  Anyway, what mattered was that there were numerous people from the three countries here. They should’ve also noticed that there was a change in the representative from the Prosecutor’s Office. The Empire had stationed someone from the Prosecutor’s Office long term, but it was just an excuse they used to put someone else in the Academy.


  Someone like that would be taking a closer look at the important people of each country? Ah, even I wouldn’t be able to complain. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in protective detail came running toward me and grabbed me by my throat. 


  ‘Not only that, but it was a fact that the number of people had decreased…’


  Although there wasn’t that much of a change in terms of the strength of the forces, it was true that the number of people had decreased. Even a superhuman had only one body, after all. Unexpected things might happen unless they were able to create multiple copies of their own body.


  The good thing was that there used to be too many forces in the Academy, so even if many of them were transferred away, there were still a decent number of people. Regardless of that, I had to be careful.


  “How shitty.”


  I had finished organizing. Just as I thought, my situation was horrible.


  I couldn’t help but sigh. In the Academy, there were forces of the three countries and the staff of the Academy. Unless someone crazy appeared, nothing much was going to happen. Basically, the problem was the miracle six.


  To be honest, Erich seemed to be the one who lacked the most among them, so wouldn’t it be okay to say five? Although he was my little brother, it was true. There’s nothing I could do about it.


  Getting close to them naturally was of the utmost priority, but right now, they would be impossible to approach because of how suspicious the three countries were. Although security was lax during classes, I couldn’t take advantage of this because of my identity as a Prosecutor.


  Prosecuting a student? Hey student, I’m a Prosecutor. Could I check out your wallet? There’s no way I could do something like that.


  I had no other choice but to observe from a distance and try to find my opportunity. After making a negative conclusion, I lay down on the bed. Would I get the opportunity to approach them?


  * * *


  The second week of the new semester. The students had to choose one of the many circles to join. Of course, since most of the students were of blue blood, rather than for their personal interests, they picked a circle that was better for making connections.


  Not only that, but there was a chance they’d be able to build relationships with Academy alumnus who had been part of the same circle. So circles were primarily places used to build connections.


  Louise just liked being around people, so these kinds of complex things weren’t of her interest. She just liked the idea of hanging out with her friends and spending time with them while sharing a hobby. After casually hearing about circles from her father, she had really high hopes for them.


  Were the heavens trying to obstruct her? After realizing that instead of joining a circle, she could create one, Louise tried to start her own, but she ended up encountering a wall. To create a circle, you needed to gather at least three students. Louise thought she’d be able to do that easily, but failed.


  She’d heard from Irina and other students that they’d already joined other circles. Although they liked Louise, they couldn’t give up on their duty as nobles and build connections. If Louise were really desperate, they’d have thought about it, but wasn’t it just a circle?


  “Louise, let’s just join a circle.”


   Louise lowered her head sadly at the proposal of Erich, the only one who’d accepted her request. She wouldn’t have been so disappointed if she never knew she could create a circle.


  “But… I wanted to create a pastry circle…”


  Tears appeared in her eyes that were clear as the sky. Erich felt bad while seeing that, but there was nothing he could do about it. After all, it wasn’t like he could sign up as ‘E’ and ‘Rich.’ But as if the sky were saying that it had made fun of Louise enough, it gave her a hammer that could break the wall.


  “Ms. Louise. Did you get members for your circle?”


  A young gentleman with blonde hair and purple eyes that characterized the royal family. The third prince of the Empire, Ainter Livnoman. The person Carl had done his best to avoid in the morning walked toward Louise.


  “Ah, Prince!”


  “Your Highness.”


  As Louise and Erich quickly got up, Ainter laughed and tried to stop them.


  “Don’t be like that. We’re all here to learn, after all.”


  It was true that, on paper, all students in the Academy were equal. But that didn’t change the fact that the Academy only lasted for three years while life after the Academy lasted for way longer… Leaving that aside, Ainter laughed after reading that only two members were written in the list.


  “Thankfully, it seems like including me, it will just be three people.”




  Louise’s eyes widened after hearing that. Erich also looked at Ainter in surprise. Regardless of how they looked at him, Ainter wrote his name on the paper.


  Then finally, Louise was able to smile. After seeing her happy, Ainter also made a satisfied smile.


  That’s how the third prince of the Empire became the second one trapped by the catnip called Louise.


  The pretty girl with pink hair, Louise, grabbed the circle-forming petition with a smile and ran. Now, she just had to find a teacher who would help them.


  ‘I can probably find one quickly!’


  Thankfully, there were many teachers that liked her, so she would probably be able to find one willing to be their advisor soon. Louise firmly believed so. She was already feeling happy and busy with thoughts of giving her friends the snacks she’d made. 





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