Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Unwanted Gathering of Stars (2)

༺ Unwanted Gathering of Stars (2) ༻



  I was lying in bed thinking about how to look out for the six when I fell asleep. After being sent away from the Prosecutor’s Office and enduring the carriage ride, simply resting in a room was a luxury. The bed wasn’t furniture but magic. That’s how my second day at the Academy ended.


  After waking up, nothing had changed. I still didn’t know what to do. I even considered if I should go to each of the three countries and say, ‘Just let them be. They already know how important those students and yet they still chose to send them here.’


  ‘Should I act crazy and go to the other countries?’


  If I do that, there’s a chance the Minister of Foreign Affairs will try to kill me.


  I scratched my head a bit but decided to go to the main building for the moment. Maybe I would get an idea while walking to the Academy. Not only that, but I should at least act as if I were working. After all, why would a Prosecutor who didn’t work be at the Academy?


  After arriving at the main building, something pink entered my sight.


  ‘Why is she there?’


  I saw a pink-haired girl, Louise, walking. Classes were about to start, so why was she here?




  I hesitated for a bit but ended up calling her. Although I’d tried to avoid her on the first day, having a good relationship with her would make things easier. After all, even if I did nothing, the foreign guys would probably get dragged to her. Thankfully, between me and her was a bridge called ‘brother of her friend.’


  Now that I think about it, I’m not that glad. Erich, you bastard.


  It seemed like Louise remembered me. Vitality returned to her face. She came running to me and bowed. Indeed, she’s a good girl.


  “Mr. Carl, hello!”


  I nodded and looked at the paper she was holding. Hmm, was that why she came here? Anyway, I opened my mouth as if I were happy to see her.


  “It’s been a day. So, what brings you here?”


  “I’m trying to form a club. I was looking for a teacher willing to be our advisor.”




  I looked at the paper I’d seen before. Was that paper she was holding so carefully the petition? After realizing I was looking at it, she showed it to me as if saying, ‘This is the petition!’ There was no need to do that.


  “Can I take a look?”


  “Of course!”


  If she says that, it’s okay. Oh well. I was wondering what kind of club the protagonist made. It was a pastry club. It seemed quite normal. The reason was also okay. To make delicious pastries that can revitalize the students exhausted by their academics.


  The club members consisted of the leader Louise Naird, the second member, Erich Krasius, as expected, and lastly, the third member…


  ‘Did a second one already get lured in?’


  The Empire’s third prince, Ainter Livnoman. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Because I saw him near Louise, I thought there might have been a chance. But to think that he would become number two. I didn’t expect that. Was there a number three yet? There was probably none because the last member was the third prince.


  I looked at Louise in surprise. It had only been ten days since classes had started. She’d probably never even seen the third prince before, yet he’d already fallen for her. The third prince, is someone known for being socially adept.


  “Ehm, it looks good.”


  There wasn’t anything to say, so I returned it to her. Despite my positive opinion, Louise replied in a sad manner.


  “But, I can’t get anyone to be the advisor…”




  No one in their right mind would be willing to be in charge of a club containing the third prince. If you were lucky, you might leave a positive impression on the third prince. The problem was no one knew what would happen if you made even a tiny mistake. It was as if your life was a gacha with an unknown rate. 


  Of course, that didn’t really matter to me. I’ve seen members of the royal family a few times before, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the third prince. After all, I’d come here to keep an eye on people. I couldn’t get intimidated by the ones I had to watch.




  I needed an excuse to approach important people. If it were a club made by Louise, other people would probably get drawn to it. Then, shouldn’t I only focus on managing the club? I wondered if I could become an advisor. I should check this with the Principal later.


  I told Louise that she would probably find someone soon and sent her back.


  Of course, such a person wouldn’t appear unless someone was chosen to be the sacrificial lamb.


  I was planning to offer myself before such a sacrificial lamb was born. Louise would be able to create the club, the teachers would have avoided a bomb, and I would be able to do my job comfortably. Wasn’t this the best choice for everyone?


  The Principal tilted his head as if I had said something he’d never expected. I understand. After all, I also didn’t know I would become an advisor to a club in the Academy.


  “Can I?”


  “I’m not sure. Because it isn’t something that has happened before…”


  The Principal touched his beard while making a troubled expression. I would have been more surprised if this had happened before. What kind of idiot would try to become a club tutor while bearing the Prosecutor badge?


  But the Principal knew that none of the teachers wanted to have anything to do with the third prince, and it was something that the Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office had requested, so he nodded.


  “I’ll check the conditions. I’ll tell you if it’s possible.”


  “Principal, I’m sorry for asking a favor like this.”


  “Haha. It’s okay.”


  Amazingly, a solution was found in just an hour. The Vice Principal, who was dripping cold sweat, was the one who’d found the solution.


  “Among what the Prosecutor can do, it’s said that he can get involved in what happens in the Academy. It’s probably an authority that was given just in case they required it to perform their duties.”


  The Vice Principal had brought a book and began explaining. If the Prosecutor could get involved in what happened in the Academy, one could say that he could get involved with a club, which was one of the jobs the faculty did.


  “To be honest, it’s a convenient explanation, but it doesn’t say anywhere that a Prosecutor can’t interfere with a club.”


  “It seems like too much of a convenient explanation. Is that okay?”


  “This is the only choice.”


  The Vice Principal looked at me as if he were saying, ‘hey, you were the one who wanted to become a club’s advisor.’ Yes, it was me…


  In the end, we decided to do as the Vice Principal said. It was based on a vague interpretation, but there was no other way.


  I also asked the Principal to quietly watch the forces of the three countries at the Academy. As a Prosecutor, I was probably already the focus of his worries, so I understood that me becoming an advisor of a club was concerning to him. I felt sorry for using the Principal as if he were the Senior Manager, but this was all for a greater cause. He would probably understand.


  The answer was simple.


  「Our kingdom respects the will of the Empire. As long as it doesn’t do something that goes against our beliefs, we won’t interfere.」


  「As long as the Prosecutor doesn’t do something beyond his station, we will leave this to the Empire.」


  「God considers hard work as a virtue.」


  In order, these were the replies from the Armein Kingdom, the United Kingdom of Yuben, and the Holy Kingdom. The Prosecutor was going to stay at the Academy anyway, so it seemed like they were trying not to make a huge deal out of something like this. After all, they didn’t have anything to gain by refusing.


  It would be better to take a step back to avoid having trouble with the Empire. They were probably planning to yield now in order to save their political capital for something more important later. Given their information, they weren’t wrong to do so.


  ‘If they knew their dignitaries were going to join the club, they would have refused for sure.’


  Currently, the club only had three members, all from the Empire, but soon, important people from Armein, Yuben, and the Holy Kingdom would also probably join. Once that happens, those nations’ people were probably going to lose their minds.




  It didn’t matter what they said. They were beings that had to follow the orders of their superior. I closed my eyes at the sudden sense of empathy. I felt uncomfortable at the thought that I had put other people in a similar position to me in a very uncomfortable place.


  But there’s nothing to be done about it. First, I should try to save myself. Only then should I think about others.


  If they had any objections, they could also bring someone whose soul had come from another world. That is, if they had one.


  Everyone ended up agreeing to me becoming the advisor of the ‘Pastry Club.’ At around lunchtime, I saw Louise still searching for an advisor. I approached her and told her I ended up being put in charge. Her eyes became wide open, and then she smiled brightly. I only had a gloomy little brother, so looking at her made me feel like I was looking at a little sister. 



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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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