Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Unwanted Gathering of Stars (4)

༺ Unwanted Gathering of Stars (4) ༻



  Baking a cookie took more time than I expected. I thought it would be sufficient to work the dough a bit and then put it in the oven, but she did many other things as well.


  “It’s done!”


  It was completed while I was looking on blankly. After hearing it was done, Erich and Ainter got close.


  Although the club’s leader had started working, they hadn’t helped at all despite them being members. Even if their ultimate goal wasn’t baking treats, wasn’t this too much? But thankfully, it seemed like Louise didn’t mind that.


  ‘You dumbass.’


  I couldn’t help but think that while looking at Erich. He was the one with the worst standing. He only had a chance if he could manage to interact with her more. He needed to stand next to her at least and act as if they had a hobby in common, but he wasn’t even doing that.


  It was surprising. I hadn’t seen Louise many times, but regardless of that, I’d always wonder why folks like him would act like that around people like her. Ainter was also just like Erich. Does falling in love decrease your mental capabilities? If they’re both afflicted with the mind-down status, I should help Erich. 


  You dumbass. You need to do things like this to be able to compete.


  “Everyone, please have a taste.”


  After hearing that, Erich expectantly turned his gaze toward Louise’s cookies. Since she’d already made it, I should taste it also.


  As I tried to extend my hand toward the cookie, she grabbed one and gave it to me. 


  Is it elders first? 


  I was moved after seeing an Asian tradition in a romance-fantasy world like this. I could see the two glaring at me from behind Louise. 


  Don’t try to make me your competitor. Also, if you’re going to be jealous, you should’ve at least helped. How dare you get offended when you haven’t done anything?


  “Thank you.”


  I grabbed the cookie Louise gave me and took a bite of it. Usually, in novels like this, the food tastes either delicious or horrible. Thankfully, it was good.






  For some reason, the expressions of the two that ate after me weren’t normal. As soon as they ate, they were sneaking glimpses of Louise. What? Why are they acting like that?


  “It’s delicious. You could sell them.”


  “Ms. Louise, it’s delicious.”


  Unlike the words coming out of their mouths, their eyes were honest. If Louise hadn’t been so happy with our appraisal, she would’ve noticed it for sure. 


  It’s delicious. Why are they reacting like that? Are their taste buds luxurious and mine cheap?


  I took another bite of the cookie. It was still delicious.


  The problem wasn’t me unless the cookie tasted like Russian roulette, but there was no way that was the case.


  ‘You bastards who never had to worry about meals.’


  That’s how the first club meeting ended.


  I never imagined the cookie I ate yesterday would be the price I paid to cross the river to the other side.


  “Oh, hello. I came here to join the club.”


  I looked at the owner of the voice.


  I’m unsure how he found out, but Rutis Robens, the Third Prince of the Armein Kingdom, had come to see me and asked to join the club.


  He came to the pastry club room which I was using as my quiet hideout and ruined my serene morning.


  “I’m in charge of the pastry club.”


  “Then I came to the correct place!”


  Someone who looked like he could demolish a building with a single punch said while smiling. 


  Okay, I understand. You’re the third victim. 


  This week, people had to choose a club, so I imagined that the foreign three would all gather. I accepted Rutis’s request while thinking what was bound to happen would happen.


  “I heard I had to come and see you if I wanted to join the pastry club.”


  Two hours after Rutis left, the Second Prince of the United Kingdom of Yuben, Lather Ostia, came to see me.




  ‘Did these bastards plan this out?’


  Two came on the same day. What’s up with the two hours of difference? Was it his way of giving me some time to prepare? Anyway, unlike Rutis, he was skinny. He was definitely Lather. I greeted the fourth victim of the capybara, who was looking at me with an icy gaze.


  “Nice to meet you, sir. I heard you’re the advisor of the pastry club and came to meet you.”


  After another two hours, the fifth one came. After seeing Lather, I thought there was no way, but it became a reality. I wonder, why are ominous feelings always right?


  “You came to join the club?”


  “Yes, that’s right.”


  “Your name?”


  “I’m Tannian Enes, from the Holy Kingdom.”


  I know. I just asked for courtesy.


  I quietly wrote Tannian’s name. To think that the number of members has doubled in just a day. I’m sure Louise is going to be happy…


  After watching Tannian walk out of the club’s room, I laid back into the seat. On the second day of the club’s formation, all six had gathered. It was a success. Now, I just had to watch over these six alone. It was a horrible future.


  How strange. There’s a game in which you win if you gather all five pieces, but I had gathered six. Why had nothing happened? Instead of something good, my struggles had increased.


  I covered my face while looking up at the ceiling. There was some time left before the weekend so I had let down my guard. By some sort of miracle, all three had decided to join on the same day. It was something that seemed like a lie.


  ‘She made the three fall for her in a single day?’


  How? Was that even physically possible? The only ones I got involved with were crazy people, never a love interest.


  My resentment toward Louise quickly transferred to the three foreigners. Usually, if they fell for a noble lady from another nation, they would choose to suppress their feelings and cut ties on their own. What are they doing?


  It was already too late. I couldn’t stop them, and I couldn’t help but go with the flow of the story.


  I closed my eyes, hoping that when I opened them again, I’d be in the Prosecutor’s Office.


  “As you can see, we have three new members. Everyone, don’t fight and get along.”




  As I spoke as if I were talking to kindergarteners, Rutis laughed as if he understood my feelings. 


  You bastard, how dare you laugh…?


  “You’re worrying too much! Everyone knows how to act properly, so don’t worry!”


  I just nodded at the words of Rutis, which made me even more worried, and turned my head around. I could believe in the capability of royals to restrict themselves, but because the original story was also involved in this, my trust was quickly lost. My heart began beating fast after remembering the original story that could hit me anytime.


  “We met again. Were you also part of this club?”


  While I was busy with Rutis, Lather approached Louise and greeted her. He joined because of her, yet he was trying to act dumb. How lame.


  “Hello! You were Mr. Lather, right…?”


  “You can just call me Lather.”


  Lather’s cold expression had melted.




  Looking at such expressions of men wasn’t among my hobbies, but because the number of members had increased, I could see at least one no matter where I looked. How horrible. Should I walk around with my eyes closed?


  Anyway, because Lather had moved first, the other members also began walking toward Louise. It seemed like the two original members weren’t expecting more people to join.


  ‘This reminds me of something.’


  Seeing Louise surrounded by five men reminded me of a famous politician taking a stroll in the market. I sent my prayers toward Louise. I was resentful of her for being the cause of all of my problems, but then I remembered she didn’t have any ill intent so I felt sorry for her instead.


  I was thinking about that when I saw someone at the window. It was the Vice Principal.


  As my eyes met with him, he bowed and showed me a letter in his hands.


  What? Why did someone send a letter to me?


  It seemed like the six were still greeting each other, so I quietly walked out of the room and walked toward the Vice Principal.


  “What brings you here?”


  The Vice Principal, who was slowly turning into my personal messenger because of the crime of not teaching any classes, handed me the letter he’d shown me before and then said quietly.


  “It’s a correspondence from the three countries.”


  That was more than enough. It seemed like the three countries had realized what had happened. After saying thanks to the Vice Principal, I quietly began reading the content. Leaving all the formalities aside, the essence could be distilled down to this.



We hope to meet the Prosecutor as soon as possible



  ‘Not the advisor, but the Prosecutor.’


  It was as if they were asking if this incident was something the Empire had prepared beforehand. It was obvious that the three countries were troubled because of what had happened.


  I looked at the six people from the window. 


  The Empire… gathered them on purpose? 


  Even if it’s to clarify the misunderstanding, I’ll have to meet up with them as soon as possible. Because the six gathered faster than I had expected, the encounter with the three countries also ended up happening earlier.




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Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy

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