Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Unwanted Gathering of Stars (5)

༺ Unwanted Gathering of Stars (5) ༻



  Due to an evil conspiracy of the Empire, the key figures of their kingdoms were placed under the surveillance of a shady Imperial Official. This is the suspicion that the three kingdoms currently harbor. 




  And as for me, the “shady Imperial Officer” who had been suspected, it was nothing but a heartbreaking misunderstanding. It was me who wanted to ask the three kingdoms. How was it possible for me to induce the actions of influential figures such as the royal family and saint candidates so easily? If I could do that, I would be working for the Special Service Agency, not the Ministry of Finance. 


  Of course, I could understand why the three kingdoms were suspicious. Logically, the possibility that it was the work of the Empire was slightly higher than the possibility of joining a club because of a girl. It’s problematic because both possibilities are ridiculous, but one of them had actually occurred. 


  “Tell them they can come to the club room tomorrow afternoon.”


  After thinking about it for a while, I told the Vice Principal. If this misunderstanding is left alone for too long, it could grow in a strange direction. Right now, the three kingdoms may simply regard it as a trick to keep their key figures under surveillance, but they might soon think that the Empire is using their key figures as bait to commit heinous acts against them.  


  The Vice Principal also understood that quick contact with the three kingdoms was important, so he accepted it without resistance. Although the truth was that even if he had some complaints, there was nothing he could do about it. I felt sorry for using him as a messenger, but I’m sure the other staff of the Academy would get scared if I talked to them.


  “Yes. I’ll send them the message immediately.”


  “Thank you.”


  As I returned to the club room after sending the Vice Principal back, I saw that Louise was still struggling in the middle. But no matter how much she was the protagonist of the story, it was strange that Louise, who was only from a baron family, is fine among them. 


  Still, it wasn’t a bad thing, because the more Louise could hold onto those five, the more comfortable I would be. Maybe Louise had the talent to be a tanker?


  “Ah, oppa!”


  As soon as I thought that, the aggro turned towards me. Louise turned her gaze to me, and so did the other five. 


  Aren’t you glaring at me too much? What’s wrong with being called oppa? It’s not my fault that I was born earlier than you were.


  Surrounded by them, Louise broke through the human wall and looked up at me.


  “Where did you go? I didn’t know you’d gone out.”


  “It’s nothing. It’s just that someone came looking for me.”


  I couldn’t bear to say that ‘Several kingdoms were turned upside down because the men who were bewitched by you gathered in one place.’ Louise nodded at my answer and then walked toward the shelf with a smile on her face.


  “I was just about to share yesterday’s leftover cookies, to celebrate the addition of our new members!”  


  Louise tilted her head after opening the cookie jar.


  “Huh? Is this all that’s left?”


  I ate a few today. I became a bit dizzy after being mentally punched three times, so I needed some sugar. Sorry, I thought I was the only one who was going to eat them anyway. 


  I looked at Louise, who was giving the remaining cookies to the other members.


  The next day, after confirming that the three new recruits also had picky taste.


  “I’m Villar Ganelli, a Knight of the Armein Royal Knights.”


  A representative of the three kingdoms came to the club room. He had a blunt look, and when he keeps his mouth shut, I feel like I’m looking at a tightly shut castle gate. As a Knight belonging to the Royal Knights of the Armenian Kingdom, it seemed like he was a higher-ranking Knight among those in the Academy. He was probably the 4th or 5th most important person among the Royal Knights.


  “Nice to meet you, Sir Villar. Thanks for coming.”


  “We were the ones who asked to see you first, so this was the least that I could do.”


  After exchanging a handshake, I invited Villar to take a seat. To think that only one person came from the three kingdoms…


  ‘It seems like they’ve already agreed to collaborate.’


  After reading the letter the Vice Principal gave me, I was expecting it, but seeing that only one person came, it seemed like the three kingdoms had indeed agreed to collaborate. Well, I guess it makes sense. While in the Empire’s territory, rather than each being on their own, a 1:3 formation should be more beneficial to them. That’s probably why someone from Armein, the strongest among the three, came as a representative.


  If the representative from the three kingdoms was the 4th or 5th most important Royal Knight, it would be comfortable for me to deal with. They sent me to the Academy to use my rank to overwhelm most people from the three kingdoms. But as expected, being the Executive Manager of the Prosecutor’s Office didn’t suit me.


  “We’re probably going to be neighbors, but we didn’t have the opportunity to meet each other before. If it weren’t for Sir Villar, I don’t know when we would’ve met.”


  In other words, I’ve been busy these days because of you guys crawling up into the Academy and bothering me. I was actually hoping to avoid meeting you, but you asked for it, so here we are. 


  “As the visitor, it’s our duty to ask first, but we weren’t able to ask until now because we were scared that we would interfere with your duties.”


  In other words, It’s not like we wanted to come here or anything, but it seemed like you were doing weird things with the excuse of being the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager.


  I asked a few questions to test him, but he replied normally. They seemed cautious about important people gathering in the club that the Prosecutor was in charge of, but they didn’t seem to have any complaints besides that. Not only that, but they seemed to think that them being in the Academy itself was a problem.


  ‘He seems to be the typical knight.’


  From the three kingdoms’ point of view, the admission of their key figures was a sudden decision, and the dispatch of the escort force was the result of a fierce tug-of-war. That’s why they probably couldn’t find someone who was strong, had a high ranking, could talk well, and could negotiate. The result of that was the Knight in front of me. To me, he was a comfortable person to talk with.


  Of course, it wasn’t that I had all those qualities. It was just that because of being an Executive Manager and a Prosecutor, my authority was wide. Anyway, it was good that the representative of the three kingdoms was someone I would have an easy time dealing with.


  I immediately smiled and opened my mouth. 


  Good, let’s work together until the end.


  “Thanks for your consideration. As you’ve said, I’ve been really busy, especially because I’ve never worked as the Advisor of the club.”


  Villar seemed surprised. Although the club was the reason why he came, it seemed like he wasn’t expecting me to mention it first. He remained silent for a while but finally decided to speak directly. 


  Yes, you’re also more comfortable with this way of speaking.


  “I heard the news. It seems like a noble of the Empire has decided to make a pastry club to make snacks for her friends. I haven’t seen her, but she seems to be a good person. It seems like the Empire’s Prince also thought that, seeing how he has joined the club.”


  “Yes. People from the United Kingdom of Yuben and the Holy Kingdom also joined. I was surprised because of that.”


  “I also heard that. You must be going through a lot.” 


  “Well, the club is open to everyone, so it isn’t weird for anyone to join. I just need to be a little more careful, so it isn’t that hard.”


  I told him that people from the three kingdoms joining the pastry club was a simple coincidence. Villar noticed that I had chosen to speak honestly without beating around the bush, but he seems to be struggling with whether to trust me or not.


  If so, then I should help him decide.


  “I was surprised about how passionate those important people were about the club.”


  If they were forced out of the club or the club itself was destroyed, we don’t know how they would react after falling for Louise.


  “I’m also worried that some kind of fight might break out.” 


  If trouble happened because of the representative of the three kingdoms, I would also get into trouble. No, as the advisor, I would probably be the first to be held accountable.


  “In reality, I want to put someone else in charge… Haha, but that isn’t possible, so I’m the one dealing with it.”


  If I give up on this, one of you would have to take my place. Do you want to try it?


  When I gently patted his back as he struggled, Villar closed his eyes tightly.  




  ‘It seems like it all ended well.’


  Villar ended up going back after asking a few more questions. The higher-ups were probably already pressuring him, and he had to deal with his subordinates too. Not only that, but he became the representative of the three kingdoms. The other two kingdoms were probably going to pressure him from now on with questions like, ‘Why can you only do this much? Is this the best you can do?’


  Not only that but kicking them out of the club or making it disappear was impossible. If something like that happened, their anger would be unimaginable.


  In the end, if they wanted to keep the club going on without the eyes of the Empire, I must give up on being the Advisor. But what would happen then?


  All the staff of the Academy would try their best not to get involved with this, and there’s a chance that the three kingdoms will take over for removing a perfectly good Imperial Advisor. 


  If there was someone with a high chance of being my successor, that was Villar. And while he’s at it, he’ll also be responsible for organizing the dreaded hellfire group.


  That’s why he didn’t ask any further and went back. It seemed like he still couldn’t understand why so many important people had decided to join the club, but he seemed to have understood that he could do nothing to reverse the situation. That’s more than enough. 


  Even I still couldn’t understand why those five had fallen for Louise. If I weren’t originally a possessor, I would’ve thought that they were planning to do something while in the Empire. 


  All of these important people have decided to join a club because they fell in love with a girl? Nonsense.


  “Fuck my life.”


  I popped a cookie into my mouth, freshly baked by Louise yesterday. Of course, the only thing that the other five members did was look, so it was hers. 


  I could hear the sounds of steps coming from a distance. It seemed like it was time for the club.


  Do they even know how much I’m struggling behind the scenes? 




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