Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Villainess? Esteemed Daughter (2)

༺ Villianess? Esteemed Daughter (2) ༻



For a moment, I wondered if it was either the weekend or the club’s hours. It should be class hours right now, so why was a student here? Is the Student Council’s Vice President allowed to skip classes?


As I looked at her with dubious eyes, Marghetta tilted her head.


“Sir Carl, are you going to keep your visitor here? You’ve become quite rude in the time we haven’t seen each other.”


Although her words seemed to be blaming me, she couldn’t hide the smile from her eyes. Marghetta’s eyes had bent like a crescent moon. I almost laughed in disbelief at the sudden visit and prank, but she was indeed a visitor.


“Of course not. Here, have a seat. I’ll bring some tea.”


“No, there’s no need. I have to go back soon.”




That’s good news.


I nodded at those words, and Marghetta settled down in front of me. Thankfully, she said that she had to go back soon, so it seems like she was going to cut to the chase. 


I wasn’t sure why Marghetta came at this hour, but I was planning to go and meet her anyway. Although it was a bit surprising, that wasn’t bad.


I looked at Marghetta’s face. Although she was smiling, she still hadn’t said anything. 


Hey, if you’ve come here, shouldn’t you say why you’ve come?


“I didn’t expect to see Lady Marghetta at this hour. Did something happen?”


“Do we have to meet each other only when something happens?”


“It’s been a year since we haven’t seen each other, so that doesn’t sound like a close relationship to me.”


“We’ve talked about getting married, so it isn’t a normal relationship either.”


I flinched at the sudden attack, but Marghetta just laughed while saying it was a joke. Maybe the esteemed daughter of the Duke had thrown that rock as a prank, but a poor Civil Servant could die from being hit by that stone. I wish she understood that.


As I let out a faint sigh, I heard a snickering laughter. When I first met her, she wasn’t like this, but at some point, she started teasing and playing jokes. However, I couldn’t just ignore or counter it since she’s the Duke’s daughter.  


Marghetta probably didn’t know how I felt while rejecting the marriage proposal. I feared that Marghetta would shout at me while saying, ‘How dare someone like you reject me’!


I even dreamt of the Iron-blooded Duke torturing me. It was horrible. Fortunately, nothing happened so far. 


“I came here because I need to ask you something.”




“You know that the club fair will be held soon, right?”


I knew. Although it was just on paper, I’m still the club’s advisor, so I knew at least that much.


Apart from that, Louise had been talking a lot about preparing things for the club fair, so there’s no way I wouldn’t know about it. Even now, Louise’s voice still echoed in my ears.  As I nodded, Marghetta kept talking.


“The club fair isn’t a simple Academy event. It’s a social gathering where nobles who have already graduated make contact with noble students currently attending the Academy.” 


I don’t get it.


However, I couldn’t help but agree with Marghetta. Everyone would meet each other a lot because of the social events, so was there a need to come to the club?  I understand the intention of strengthening factions and early talent discovery, but still. 


“That’s why the student council struggles a lot each year while preparing the exhibition. The amount of money spent isn’t low, and there’s no way for us to know if we’re doing it well or not.”


“I apologize for that.”


“That’s why I think it’d be great if you could help us.”




I couldn’t help but ask back in confusion at Marghetta’s proposal. Help? Me?


“Are you talking about me?”


“Yes. I did it last year too. From my experience, checking out if the budget was distributed correctly takes the most time, and that’s why I think it would be great to have Sir Carl’s support.”


“I’m not connected to the student council.”


“But you’re the Academy’s Prosecutor, right?”


I couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief at Marghetta’s words. She was asking me to check if the budget was distributed properly because I’m the Academy’s Prosecutor?


“It’s the first time I’ve ever had someone ask to be audited.” 


It was a proposal I had never imagined. Everyone tries to avoid inspections by any means necessary, but I didn’t expect someone to come and make the request first. 


Despite my bewildered gaze, Marghetta maintained her smile. 


“It isn’t like we did something shady, so is there a need to be afraid? I just want to have the budget checked properly by an expert’s eyes. Would that be possible, Prosecutor’s Executive Manager?”


It was too bad for Marghetta, but I hadn’t reached my position because I had the talent she wanted. I, or the Minister, didn’t reach our positions because of our abilities. We ascended by special means, so we were far from the average Minister of Finance or the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager. 


Because of that, right after becoming the Executive Manager, I was busy dealing with the ones that supported the 2nd Prince and, on the inside, the faction that was already in the Prosecutor’s office. Even now, thinking about that time makes my mind go blank.


…But Marghetta knows this as well, right? The Ministry of Finance was such a mess at that time and it was so well-known that if you are a member of a ducal family, you will hear the news even if you don’t want to hear it. She knows that and still wants my help? 


It seemed like too many negative emotions showed on my face. Marghetta put her fan on her cheeks and tilted her head.


“Is it too much to ask?”


“If my name appears, it will hinder the student council’s achievements.”


“That’s too bad.”


Marghetta sighed. It seemed like she was about to give up. How unexpected. Oh well, she said that she’d done it last year, so she probably doesn’t need help.


“Well, we can’t be sure how long it will take. I’m also not sure how much time it will take me.”


“If it’s you, Mar, you’ll do well. You managed it last year too, didn’t you?” 


“Still, It’s troublesome doing it ourselves. Sometimes, I go out claiming to take a break from the Student Council but end up wandering around for a long time. If Sir Carl is there, I can focus solely on the work.” 




I closed my eyes at Marghetta’s words.


‘So this is her condition?’


Although it sounded like ‘working is too hard, help me. Sob, sob,’ it was easy to see her true intentions. 


= I’m sure you don’t want me to visit Louise. If you help me, I won’t bother her.


She was saying that if I cooperated with her, she wouldn’t go after Louise to bother her and she’d stay quietly in the student council’s room, working. What a crude deal. It’s amazing.


‘It’s very effective.’


I couldn’t help but think that maybe the reason why Marghetta went to see Louise yesterday was a build-up for this moment. By showing herself as a threat to Louise and the club, she could make sure that I’d help her when she wanted.


Although it was easy to see what she really wanted, her next attack would be harder than the build-up. That could be troublesome.


After organizing my thoughts, I opened my eyes and smiled.


“I can’t just stand still when I hear that Mar is having a hard time.  If it’s okay with you, I will help.”


“Thank you, Sir Carl. I knew that I could believe in you.”




The result of the fight was decided from the beginning.


Although I said I’d help her, I didn’t expect her to take me to the Student Council’s room immediately.


“The Student Council members are currently reunited in preparations for the fair, so I came out for a bit to bring you.”


I see. Well, there’s no choice then.


 After all, there were sometimes things that were more important than going to classes.


 Feeling like a slave being dragged, I followed Marghetta to the Student Council’s room. Yes, I’d rather finish this as fast as possible. There’s no reason to stay in the club room unless it’s club time anyway. 


After reaching the Student Council’s room, Marghetta knocked a few times but then opened the door before anyone replied. If she was going to do that, was there a point to knocking, then?


Anyway, I glanced inside the student council room and saw that there were already six people gathered. The student council consists of seven people, including Marghetta. I hadn’t paid much attention because I had no interest in it, but I didn’t expect to meet all of them like this. This is quite awkward. 


“Vice President, who’s that person outside?”


The male student sitting at the front seat, probably the Student Council’s President, looked in my direction with a hint of awkwardness.


  What’s this? How come that the people that asked for my help react like this? Marghetta went to get me, so it should be obvious who I am.


“It’s the pastry club’s Advisor, Sir Carl Krasius. I brought him to ask him for advice regarding the budget of the club fair.”


As soon as those words were spoken, my eyes met with the President, who was seated at the front. Only then did he seem to notice my face, and his eyes trembled uncontrollably. Looking around, the reactions of the other five members were similar. 


Hey, don’t tell me…


“Mar, wasn’t it agreed upon by the Student Council to listen to my advice?” 




Her response seemed to imply, ‘Why do I need anyone’s agreement on something I’ve decided?’ 


Ah, yes, she is someone like that. 


I had forgotten about Duke Valenti’s daughter had my way-type personality.


At Marghetta’s clueless reaction, I looked towards the Student Council’s President.


His face had turned pale and his body hardened. For the Student Council’s President, this was probably an unexpected struggle. The Duke’s daughter, whom he was already struggling with, had brought the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager. That action could be interpreted as ‘I brought him because I don’t like you.’


However, it was a misunderstanding. I stayed locked in the clubroom because I felt my presence would put too much pressure on the students. I’d lived a low-profile life, and I haven’t met anyone besides the club members. If I knew this was something solely done by Marghetta, I wouldn’t have come with such a light feeling…


Feeling apologetic, I gave a slight nod, and the President tightly closed his eyes. 


Hey, what are you thinking? That’s not it.


I barely managed not to sigh. I thought that if I sighed in this situation, the President would stick his head to the ground. 






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