Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Villainess? Esteemed Daughter (3)

༺ Villianess? Esteemed Daughter (3) ༻



The current Academy’s Student Council President, Demian Connor. He was born as the third son of a Viscount family, one of the many common viscounts. Because of his weird position as the third son, he was a normal son of a noble family that dreamt of becoming a Civil Servant.


His brother, the oldest son, was going to inherit the title, so as the third son, he had to choose his own path. That’s why he’d decided he wanted to become a Civil Servant, and that was the reason why he’d become the Academy’s Student Council President.


Unlike the clubs that aimed to make connections, the Student Council roles were traditionally run by students aspiring to become  Civil Servants. That was the reason why students with an ambiguous status in their families often become members of the Student Council. Thanks to that, they could get a glimpse of what it was like to be a Civil Servant.


However, Demian had no complaints regarding that. This was a path that he’d chosen, and his current struggles would become a valuable experience for the future. Since graduates from the Student Council often went on to become Civil Servants, the Imperial Administration tended to give extra points if you’d been part of the Student Council while seeking a job as a Civil Servant in the Empire.


But since last year, when Demian became a 2nd-year student, life in the Student Council has worsened.


“I’m Marghetta Valenti. Nice to meet you, seniors.”


The Student Council was full of nobles that weren’t relevant in society. In such a place, someone important had appeared.


Demian almost collapsed after the Duke’s esteemed daughter appeared. The only reason he could withstand it was because his mind had become stronger over the past year.


Unfortunately for Demian, despite being recognized for his abilities and becoming the vice president, he was assigned the role of taking care of the new first-year students who had joined the student council. Upon realizing this fact, Demian felt like he wanted to sit down and cry. 


He even complained to the Student Council President, but he was silenced with just one sentence.


“Then do you want me to refuse the Duke’s daughter?”


Demian cried inwardly. 


After that, he went to the Student Council’s room every day as if he were going to war. He also fervently prayed, begging for another day to pass safely, and begging for the noble lady to lose interest and leave the student council on her own.  But unfortunately, she came every single day.


As time went by, an atmosphere was created during a student council gathering where the first-year students asked why they joined the student council. It was pure coincidence, but everyone gathered there was curious about one person’s answer. 


“There’s someone in the Administration that I know. I want to see that person, so I was wondering if I should also become a Civil Servant.”


Demian fell into thought while looking at the Duke’s daughter, who answered with a smile. Wasn’t it easier to call that person rather than becoming a Civil Servant?


‘I don’t know who it is, but I really don’t like him…’


That day, Demian sincerely resented an unknown Administration Official. 


Nevertheless, in the midst of his misfortune, the Duke’s daughter went through her student council life without incidents and even showed some respect for the senior members. Of course, from the seniors’ perspective, having a Duke’s daughter as their junior was a form of severe violence, but overall, it was uneventful. 


That’s how a year had passed, and Demian became the Student Council President. Now he just had to graduate, and he wouldn’t see the Duke’s daughter ever again. He wouldn’t need to walk on top of a blade anymore. With the image of himself entering the Imperial Administration upon graduation, Damien persevered with unwavering determination. 


However, it seemed like that dream would end today.


‘Oh, Emperor, Enen, please, please!’


In front of Demian’s eyes, the man flipped through the documents submitted by the Student Council. Demian looked at the death reaper the Duke’s daughter had suddenly brought and shut his eyes tightly once more.


The current Ministry of Finance’s Executive Manager that was currently working in the Academy as a Prosecutor, Carl Krasius. Demian wanted to become a Civil Servant, so there was no way he wouldn’t know his name.


The Emperor’s hunting dog, the Crown Prince’s sword, and the Ministry of Finance’s crazy dog. He was the obedient servant of the Royal Family who barked when ordered to and bit when commanded to bite.  The notoriety he’d gained the past 2 years was truly impressive.


The Prosecutor’s Executive Manager was the one who tore down the Asilon Marquis’s family, the person who was the biggest supporter of the 2nd Prince and a relative of the Empress. Apart from the five Ducal families, they were absolutely untouchable, and this man tore them apart.


For nobles, a rank demotion was worse than losing their status. After giving him such a punishment, they said that Carl Krasius walked off while making fun of him. After that, the family’s lord committed suicide because of the humiliation.


…And that person was going through his work. 




‘Dear God…’


The Prosecutor’s Executive Manager was going through the reports. Demian and the other Student Council members trembled as if they were prisoners standing before the executioner’s block.  Only the Duke’s daughter had a relaxed smile.


“Not bad.”




After an eternity of time passed, Demian exclaimed in surprise after he heard a positive verdict. He closed his mouth after realizing his mistake, but the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager didn’t seem to mind.


“There are some mistakes, but it isn’t anything huge. I think you could take the exam to become a Civil Servant right now.”


At the Prosecutor’s declaration of innocence,  the atmosphere relaxed. Especially the Manager and the Accountant, who looked like they were about to burst into tears at any moment. It was then that Demian could sigh in relief.


“Your name is Demian Connor?”


“Yes, yes! That’s correct!”


Demian had just sighed in relief, but after hearing the voice, he became nervous again. However, the Prosecutor took a card from his pocket, jotting something down on the back. 


“Take it.”


“Ah, yes.”


Demian carefully accepted the card. On the back, his own name and the signature of the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager were written.


“Are you going to take the Civil Servant exam after you graduate? There’s no need to do that. If you go to the branch you want and present that, they’ll probably give you a suitable position.”


Demian’s eyes widened. Although he’d become part of the Student Council at his own will, he hadn’t made that decision because he liked it. His position as a Viscount’s 3rd son wasn’t that great, and that’s why he decided to become a Civil Servant. He’d become part of the Student Council because of the extra points.


However, a golden connection had appeared in front of him. Although he said it would be a ‘suitable’ position, if it were a recommendation of the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager, it would be faster to count the unavailable positions rather than the ones he could. Even more, if it was in the Ministry of Finance. 


“Thank you!”


Demian bowed and expressed his thanks to the Prosecutor’s Executive Manager. It was clear that the rumors he’d heard until now had been lies. There was no way a person like this was so evil.


“Doing your best while working for the Empire is enough to show your gratitude.” 


See, he’s someone truly admirable.


* * *


I looked with pity at the Student Council President, who was trembling in fear. Unless there was embezzlement, I was planning to let him go, even if there were some troubles. From the President’s perspective, it was a true stroke of misfortune, struck by Marghetta’s mischief. 


‘Oh, not bad.’


However, it wasn’t necessary.  Although I wasn’t the typical Prosecutor’s Executive Manager, I had still seen and heard a lot these past two years. I could easily go through the reports. However, the more I looked into it, the more decent it seemed. 


Of course, there were some lacking parts, but these were things that he’d naturally improve as he began working as a Civil Servant. It’s actually quite good? 


‘Was he called Demian Connor?’


I looked at the Student Council President with a newfound interest. I’ve found a useful gem. It would be convenient to have someone like him, especially since he aspires to become a Civil Servant. 


That’s why I wrote a recommendation.


Because this reserve slave, no, gem, shouldn’t change his opinion and give up on the Civil Servant exam. If I provide a recommendation letter like this, it’s a done deal. After all, receiving it and not using it was considered rude.


“Thank you!”


The President seemed moved too, bowing in gratitude. Well, I’m even more grateful. There should be more useful slaves like him so I can retire faster. If it was for my retirement, turning one of my business cards into a recommendation was nothing.


Woah! Civil Servant! Cheaper than a presentation card!


With that, the sudden inspection concluded with a satisfying result for both the President and me.


I left the student council room, leaving the President, who was saluting me with effusiveness behind, along with the other Student Council members that were looking at me with longing eyes.  I feel like I knew what the other members wanted.


Yes, I know that he probably hasn’t made that alone. Don’t worry. Once the time comes, I’ll also write recommendation letters for you, even if you don’t want to. If you try to escape, I’ll catch you and bring you to the Ministry of Finance.


“Thanks, Sir Carl. See you tomorrow.”


“Yes? Tomorrow?”


“The preparations aren’t over yet. So I’d be grateful if you could check it every time something changes.”


Marghetta, who followed me outside,  said while smiling. I had no choice but to nod. If Marghetta went to Louise, things would get bothersome, so I had no choice but to accept.


“Would the same time tomorrow work for you?” 


“If you wait for me in the clubroom, I’ll go.”


“That’s an honor.”


The esteemed daughter of the Duke coming to pick me up? It’s an honor.


As I burst into laughter, Marghetta also started to laugh.

  * * *


And on that night, after classes and club hours were over.


– I heard you met my daughter.


“Ah, yes.”


My knees involuntarily buckled, and my head gradually lowered. In front of me was the face of a man who appeared through the glowing communication device. 


– How intriguing. You’d talked as if you weren’t going to see her anymore. 




The Iron-blooded Duke had suddenly called me.


…To commit suicide, drinking poison will be faster than hanging yourself… right? 






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