Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Tearful Tasting Event (1)

༺ Tearful Tasting Event (1) ༻




  Being taken by Marghetta because he was the Prosecutor was tiring. But sadly, he was also the advisor of the Pastry Club. 


  In the morning I had to check the Student Council balance; in the afternoon I had to see what the Pastry Club planned to do in the Exposition.


  ‘A concurrent employment is inhuman.’


  I had avoided doing concurrent employment even at the Empire’s Ministry of Finance, where workers were exploited. I never would have imagined I would do this in the Academy. I hope the Exposition ends as soon as possible.


  Although my body was okay, my mind was tired. While I was sitting, I could see the club’s members talking with each other. You all are overflowing with energy; it would be great if there were Magic that allowed you to lend your energy to others. Was it because I overworked myself in my teenage years? I felt my energy levels had decreased even though I was only in my twenties. 


  Those six were busy preparing for the Exhibition regardless of how tired I was.


  “I think it would be better to have a wider variety. I feel that just cookies aren’t enough. Something’s missing.”


  Although Tannian had said it softly, it was clear what he was thinking. If they just offered cookies, people would end up taking Louise’s. So they should also make other things.


  “I can also make cakes or bread.”


  “Louise, focus on the cookies. Leave the rest to us.”


  Rutis quickly stopped Louise. They’d instead learn to make stuff than leave things to Louise. Those bastards were planning to use Louise’s cookies as a throwing card.


  ‘They don’t think about their tastebuds.’


  They didn’t consider that their tastebuds were too refined. But considering most visitors would be nobles, it was a reasonable choice.


  At first, I thought they were so picky with food because they were princes. But that didn’t explain why even Erich couldn’t eat Louise’s cookies. Was the average tastebud of a noble that luxurious? I’m not sure since I’m not an average noble.


  Anyway, the other club members nodded at Rutis’s idea. After all, everyone doing their part looked better than just leaving everything to Louise. Although the real reason was completely different.


  That’s how the baking hour, where the scent of flour could be smelled.

There’s so much flour that I feel like it will enter my nose. Taking flour via the nose looks weird, so don’t send the flour flying this way.


  It felt refreshing seeing other things besides cookies. Were they really the pastry club’s guys who couldn’t bake anything until recently? I couldn’t help but be surprised. It would be great if their common sense also increased to this level.


  “It’s better than expected, and we could perfectly sell it during the Exposition.


  That was Erich’s reaction after eating a piece of bread; it seemed to suit his tastebuds. Maybe he was being generous because he was the one who made it, but it didn’t matter in reality. These were snacks made and sold by influential people, so no one was brave enough to complain about the taste.


  In that sense, it wouldn’t be a problem even if they only sold Louise’s cookies. After all, no one would be able to tell who was the one that had made them. Thinking about that makes me feel that they’ve struggled pointlessly.


  I ate a bit of the cake, which was only slightly different from what Louise made. Let’s just leave meaning in the fact that they’ve made a varied menu.


  “Oppa, how is it?”


  Louise looked at me trying the new items. They needed my approval; after all, I was the advisor, and I nodded. Well, they weren’t bad.


  “It’s okay. I don’t think there’s any issue with you selling them.”


  “But haven’t you only tasted the cake? Please try the other things too.”


  After saying that, Rutis put a piece of bread before me. No thanks. If you guys are selling it, people would still buy them even if you sold flour and butter.




  “There’s too much…”


  I didn’t notice it at first glance. But thinking I needed to taste everything made me realize there was too much food. Guys, the advisor wasn’t a bread-eating guinea pig. 


  “It’s hard to make an honest judgment since we were the ones that made it. That’s why we think you should be the one to tell us how it is.”


  “I see.”


  I couldn’t think of how to refute Lather’s words. But wasn’t it too much for me to eat all the food the six had made?


  After feeling the eyes of the six, my hands silently moved. Once again, it seemed like I wouldn’t need to have dinner.


  “Now that I think about it. Isn’t once not enough?”


  While I was eating, Demon Mouth Rutis began to speak again. 


  You bastard, what are you going to say now?


  “Cookies are one thing. But it’s our first time making these other things. Although they may be good now, there’s no guarantee they’ll be okay during the Exhibition.”


  “You’re right.”


  “That’s why we should keep making them. I’m sure they’ll taste better once our hands get used to it.”


  Rutis and Lather looked at me. Ainter, who was behind me, said while laughing.


  “It seems like the advisor is going to struggle.”


  And then, the club members began making bread as if they were machines.


  “How about this?”


  “It’s okay.”


  “What about this?”


  “Not bad.”


  “Is this also good?”




  Although six people were offering, only one was demanding. The Gold Duke would have screamed if he saw what was going on. Such an amount of food was enough to kill a person.


   The club members began whispering to each other while they looked at me eating.


  “He says everything’s okay. So I’m not sure if that’s the case.”


  “Now that I think about it, brother has always ate everything.”


  “Hmm, we’ve picked the wrong person to taste.”


  ‘You sons of bitches.’


  I angrily glared at the club members. Sadly, they weren’t people I could overwhelm with strength. So I did my best to calm down; no, I think that at least Erich should be okay.


  I barely managed to finish the bread and hit the table. Let’s leave the bullshit here.


  These bastards.


  “This was enough. Let’s leave it here for today.”


  If you’ve understood, fuck off.


  I waved my hands and told them to go away. It was only then that the club members began to leave beside Louise.




  What, what happened?


  Louise had never been the last to leave the room. Because, after all, those five were always willing to wait for her. I saw Louise saying something to the others. Did she tell them to leave first?


  With my wary eyes, Louise took out a small box from her bag. As I received that, she began playing with her hair while making a shy expression.


  “Oppa… Seemed tired recently, and I heard this tea is good for fatigue. So I’ve brought it.”




  I was moved. To think there would be someone this considerate among the club members who didn’t know how much I was struggling.


  ‘If the others were half as considerate as her.’


  Just being here made me tired; on top of that, to make things worse, I was also being dragged around by Marghetta. I thought I was hiding it well, but it seemed like Louise noticed. As expected, Louise was a perfect kid who’s done nothing wrong. The guilty ones were the other five.




  As I replied with a smile, Louise also smiled.






  I got up to put the tea jar next to the cookie ones when I heard Louise calling me.


  “If something happens, feel free to tell me! If it’s for oppa, I’ll help you with anything!”


  Then she bowed and left the clubroom. I couldn’t help but laugh at those words.


  ‘Did I look that tired?’


  To think that I’d hear that from a kid who’d just become an adult. I was feeling guilty. Was it that obvious? There’s no way.


  I stared blankly at the door before turning my gaze away. Although it was hard to believe, it was true that Louise figured out my inner thoughts.


  But besides that, I had to prepare for the visitor that would be arriving soon. He was the one who was going to help me get rid of such a vast amount of snacks, after all.


  While I was thinking that, I heard someone knocking on the door.


– Knock, knock.




  A man opened the door and bowed.


  “Have you been doing well, Prosecutor?”


  “Of course. How about you, Sir Villar?”


  So you’re here. My daily victim.


  I received Villar with a warm smile. 


  There are things that your Prince made among these snacks, so you should also eat them. Isn’t that only fair? 





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